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Finally… YOU Can Learn The Fiercely Guarded Secrets Of Initiation Into Vodoun Magick And Harness The Godlike Power Of The Loa…

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E.A. Koetting

In Haitian Vodoun Initiation, you will learn:

  • The most fiercely guarded Rites of Initiation
  • How to undergo possession with the Loa for ecstatic visionary experiences
  • The Magick Formulas behind the most powerful Voodoo curses, spells & powders
  • How to fashion altars, idols & talismans to harness the hottest energies of the Loa
  • Uncensored knowledge and in-depth exploration of Vodoun Magick

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Original price was: $327.Current price is: $297.
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Peer Reviews

  • It has been quite a wild journey to illustrate the Loa for this Vodoun grimoire. To my peril, I ignored warnings that artwork opens a gateway to the Loa's Current. Beyond my immediate astonishment, I found true meaning underlying the imagery and formed an intimate union with these spirits. As they say, "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

    Adrián FuentesFounder of re-robot
  • The Spider & The Green Butterfly is a truly fascinating book, both visually and in its content, forming a powerful expression of gnosis that for a long time has been available only to few and is now given to anyone with a sincere desire to learn from the Loa themselves. It will serve as a guide both to a beginner and a more experienced practitioner, overthrowing taboos and challenging the reader to delve into the darkest mysteries of this forbidden path of initiation. I'm honored to be a part of this amazing book with my artwork, and I'm sure that many will profit from the simple but powerful methods and techniques included in this unique grimoire.

    Asenath MasonAuthor
  • The information within The Spider & the Green Butterfly presents the working processes of Voudon sorcery without the religious walls that prevent access to the power. This is the main reason for the current controversy regarding this work. Voudon has been veiled with lies which have been fed by the media to prevent anyone from harnessing the efficiency of this current. Now the information is being released by one of the world’s most powerful sorcerers to date, and the power will indeed be usurped by all who would dare open this book to apply the principles presented within it.

    Kurtis JosephAuthor

Dear Friend,

  • Are you White, Hispanic, or Asian? Have you ever worried that you could not truly perform Voodoo because of your race?
  • Are you Black? Have you ever worried that you were not “African enough” to perform authentic Vodoun Magick?
  • Would you hate to pay tens of thousands of dollars for occult initiations?
  • Are you turned off by the idea of immigration to Haiti for 18 years of indentured servitude under an Houngan?
  • Would you like a magick way to enter the Current of the Loa, but without the racism, ridiculous costs, and initiatory slavery?

If you answered YES, then I sympathize because I felt the exact same way when I first discovered Vodoun—the Haitian name for Voodoo. I could feel in my heart the need to learn this Path of Magick, but the absurd hurdles and hassles in order to undergo initiation seemed impossible to fulfill.

Before now, to receive formal initiation into Vodoun, a magician needed to either become a glorified slave in Haiti for two decades, or just bribe the Houngan with $30,000 to skip the bullshit. In other words, it became a racket.

Guess what? The Spirits of Vodoun—called the Loa—could not care less about those manmade demands. In fact, I personally discovered through my own possession experiences that you can invoke The Spirits on your own without a priest.

That’s right. The human priests are just a “third wheel” in the relationship.

Save 18 Years And $30,000 With This Live Demonstration Of The Most Powerful Rituals, Initiations, Spells, Curses, Altars, Talismans, Powders, And More

Episode 1: Backwards Initiation

Now Episode One of the video course is called Backwards Initiation. In this episode, I begin by exposing the lies about initiation. You see, you're told that you can't have this power. You can't call the Loa, you can't possess these secrets unless you are initiated by a priest into the religion of Vodoun. This is a complete lie. In this episode of the video course, I expose this lie for what it is and I tell you the truth about initiation, which is that true magickal initiation is not delivered by some priest, but is delivered by the Loa. Only the Loa can truly initiate you into this current.

I'm going to tell you the true story of my immersion into Haitian Vodoun. I've only put bits and pieces of this whole story out there. I've only really mentioned it and hinted at it, but in this episode, I tell you exactly what happened with me, how I became initiated into Haitian Vodoun, and what that experience was like. I give you exact instructions on what you can do to start your own path in Haitian Vodoun and connect with these Loa.

Episode 2: On The Threshold

Episode Two is called On the Threshold and in this episode, I teach you and show you how to go about your first initiation. Not by some priest, but by Papa Legba, the Father of the Loa. I'm also going to teach you an uncrossing or a curse removing spell.

This is one of the most powerful spells and I start out with it, because a lot of people have no idea what kinds of energies are attached to them. What kinds of entities are seeking out their misfortune, or what sorts of sorcerers have already put curses or spells on them, and so the first rule of spell that I teach you, is how to remove these curses and uncross yourself. I also guide you into a meditation and an inner vision quest that will bring you to the crossroads, where you can meet with the spirits and meet with your own true inner-self.

Episode 3: Initiations

Episode Three is called Initiations. In this episode, I discuss Magickal Initiation versus Religious Rites of Passage, so when you go to Haiti, or Africa, or even somewhere in the Western World to be initiated into Haitian Vodoun or Voodoo by a priest... that's a religious rite of passage

That's not a magickal initiation. Magickal initiation can only occur in a magickal state and is only given by the Loa, themselves. Not by a priest or an intermediary. I also perform a ritual of calling down Loko, the Loa of the Earth, and I teach you about going to the places that the Loa are at, rather than just expecting them to come to you. How to find them, how to find their powerful, magickal places, and how to use those in your own ceremonies. In this episode, I teal you altar consecration and construction. How to make your altar, how to set up your altar, what sorts of candles to have on there, what sorts of relics and items you can have on your altar, and also the consecration of the altar. How to take a simple table and turn it into a magickal living altar

I also teach you how to make gris-gris or spell bags. These are little pouches that hold different herbs, stones, even animal body parts that are then empowered and possessed by the Loa, by the spirits of Voodoo. These gris-gris are some of the most powerful talismans that you can carry, you can have. I'm going to teach you how to make them yourself and how to empower them with all of the essence of the Loa that you're calling. Finally, I teach you veves of power. Working with veves, which a veve is similar to a sigil in that it is the symbol of the spirit or the Loa that you're working with. I teach you how to draw the veves and how to create a veves with three hands, as I was told, which is creating it with your right and your left hand, as well as your center hand, which is all symbolic and I discuss this in great detail in this episode.

Episode 4: Love And War

Episode Four is called Love and War, because I deal with the entities Erzulie and Ogoun. Erzulie is the Loa of love, passion and art. I teach you how to call her down for powerful love spells, for rituals of creativity, or for the simple invocation of that feminine essence. Then I teach you how to work with Ogoun, the Loa of leadership, strength and warfare. I get into one of the most forbidden taboo subjects in the entire field of magick, which is blood sacrifice. I discuss the theory of it, the ethics of it, but most importantly, I teach you how to practice it. How to use blood sacrifice to work with the Loa.

Episode 5: Floodgates

Episode Five is Floodgates. This is where the floodgates, indeed, are burst wide open. In this episode, you'll learn how to hear the voices of the spirits as they speak to you.

That you'll be able to discern their voices, know what they're saying, and know what you need to do. I'm going to teach you how to make your own asson. The asson is a ritual rattle that actually is possessed by all of the Loa. I'm going to show you how to make this and how to use it. How to will the asson to command all spirits.

Episode 6: Beneath The Waters

Episode Six: Beneath the Waters. Once the floodgates are opened and you're rushed into the current, you will be pulled underneath the waters, being pulled into the spirit, itself. Agwe is Loa of water and I had some frightening, frightening experiences working with Agwe when he showed me his tremendous power. You see, Agwe has the power of the magick of peace, harmony and creativity. However, he also has a destructive side. Just as water if turned violent, can destroy anything in its path.

I'll show you how you can go beneath the waters of spirit. How to fully lose yourself to the spirit. What I also ended up learning and teaching in this episode as I was making it, was that if there is a true secret, the Loa themselves with safeguard that secret. I know that I don't need to worry about offending the Loa by revealing something they didn't want me to reveal, because in this episode, it is very clear. The Loa do not want you to reveal something, as Agwe specifically did not me to reveal a specific veve that he gave me. They will not let you reveal that.

Episode 7: The Black Flame

Episode Seven is The Black Flame. In this, I teach you how to walk through the back doors to the crossroads. Rather than working only with Legba to open the doors to the crossroads, that you try to work with Kalfu.

You're going to learn Met Kalfu's black pin trick. This is one of the most powerful spells that I was ever taught in Haitian Vodoun and I was taught it directly by Met Kalfu, which is a simple ritual of making a puppet or a doll out of clay that you pull from the river. Possessing a black pin with Kalfu, himself, and inserting it into the third eye of the doll, and thereby, inserting it into the third eye of the person that you're trying to affect. Through doing this, you can inject any thought, any desire into that person's mind, and they will literally become your slave. Also in this episode, I teach and I demonstrate how to involve Dumballah, the serpent Loa, the fiery serpent that swallows you, and once in his body, it will take you on the road beyond death.

Episode 8: The Black King

Episode Eight is The Black King. In this episode, you're going to learn how you can actually trap spirits in jars. You can do this with most spirits. I teach you how to do this by actually trapping a part of your own soul in a jar. Through this, you're going to be able to empty out who you think you are, in order to invoke who you really are, being your Met Tet, the master of your head, the one Loa that is destined to be entwined with you. You can also use this method to trap spirits of the dead or even spirits of the living. You're also going to learn how to make and use Maman Brigitte's World Vanish Water. This is a water that literally makes this world that you can see, the physical world, the world of illusions, vanish before your eyes.

You will see through the illusion and you will see the world that really exists behind all of that. You're also going to learn the dreaded Chicken-Foot Curse. I'm going to tell you, even though I teach this step by step in this episode, do not use this chicken foot curse unless you are absolutely certain you want it to work. You're also going to learn how to make and read chicken bones, which is an ancient Congo form of divination. As well as making, using, and activating spirit fetish dolls that you can trap spirits in, or even create spirits, and link them to these specific fetish dolls.

Episode 9: Lords Of Death

Episode Nine is Lords of Death, where you'll learn how to call down the barons of death, Baron Samedi, Baron Cimetière, and Baron Kriminel.

You're going to learn how to make of the most powerful totems that you will ever use, which is the guinea cross. This is a cross that is, in itself, the doorway to the crossroads, and you're going to learn how to make a pitchfork, which is not just a simple pitchfork, but it is a tool that can call any spirit, any Loa under your command. This is a secret Vodoun black magick method. I was told never, ever to reveal either of these to the public, but in this episode, I definitely reveal every step that you're going to need to make these. I'm also going to teach you how you can rouse the spirits of the dead from their slumber, and I take you to a cemetery, where I rouse the spirit of a dead girl. A young dead girl, who has been dead for over a hundred years, and as soon as I perform the ritual, you can hear the wind blowing.

You can even hear her voice speak in the wind, as she asks me to not disturb her bones, but gives me the things that I need, that I came for. Finally, I'm going to teach you about Prince Zandor, the evil Loa of Black Magick. At the end of this episode, I offer an invitation to all who are ready to take it. To come under the banner of Prince Zandor, proclaiming the Prince of Darkness as your father, and forever changing your destiny as a Black Magickian.

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E.A. Koetting authored eight classic grimoires on black magick, and co-created Become A Living God, where he has helped hundreds of thousands of magicians to experience Ascent.