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Learn The Dark Art Of War To Disarm Any Attacker With A Handbook On Invincibility Magick… An Armory Of Protection Spells To Bind Your Enemies, Defang Vampires, And Return Curses To Senders

  •   The Protection Magick Spellbook: The World Domination Series, 4
  •   The Protection Magick Course: Lifetime access to online video course
  •   Coauthors: E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon & Zeraphina Angelus
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Sample eBook: Download "Introduction" ebook
  •   Global Shipping: Ships within two business days
E.A. Koetting

The Protection Magick Spellbook features:

  • E.A. Koetting - Codex Invictus: Invincibility
  • Maggie Moon - The Book of Disenchantments
  • Zeraphina A. - Spiritual Weaponry & Wellness

In our magick handbook on self-defense, you'll learn:

  • The covert Dark Art of Invincibility Magick
  • Effective binding spells to disarm your assailant
  • Expert curse-reversal to return to sender
  • How to liberate your body from psychic vampires
  • A guide to perfect hygiene for your energy body
  • A battle-proven armory of 30+ protection spells
  • How to create, deploy, program, and fortify force fields of impenetrable spiritual protection


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  • Lifetime access to training course
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  • Black leather hardback grimoire
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  • 3 complete grimoires in 300 pages
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  • Black cloth hardback grimoire
  • First and limited edition
  • 3 complete grimoires in 300 pages

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The Complete Protection Magick tier features: (1) The Protection Magick Spellbook in leather hardback, and (2) The Protection Magick Course online.

Leather & cloth hardback in strictly limited edition on a first come basis.

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Peer Reviews

  • I’ve read many books, grimoires, and guides that relate to spiritual protection, magickal defense, and the maintenance of one’s own metaphysical hygiene. Yet, this is by far the best culmination of information and techniques, ranging from some of the most unique and powerful methods of spiritual wellness and fortification of one’s spiritual protection from any and all kinds of harm, danger, or negative repercussions. No matter what level of development you’re at, whether it’s beginner, intermediate, or adept, this is still a handbook I’d definitely recommend. From now on, whenever I’m asked about a recommendation for this category of magick, this will be my go-to spellbook. Congratulations to E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon and Zeraphina Angelus for creating such a outstanding tome.

    Conner Kendall, author of The Black Magician's Handbook
  • As Magus of The Order of Phosphorus and High Priest (Archon) of the first recognized Luciferian church established officially in the United States by the Government in 2014, expanding Luciferian philosophy and magickal practice has been an immense and rewarding task that offers wonderful results via initiation for some serious Black Adepts. One of these individuals who embody uniquely, the Luciferian current is Priestess Maggie Moon. I have had contact with Maggie for many years and have watched her ascend and with blazing consistency, move the wheel of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis forward.

    Maggie possesses all the elements required to enhance and illuminate her Black Flame in a way that I have envisioned: it is uniquely her own, having a sense for adaptation and expansion. I consider Priestess Maggie Moon to be a balanced Luciferian Witch who has much to offer to those seeking initiation upon the Left-Hand Path.

    I highly recommend this grimoire and encourage you to proceed upon the path: adapting and expanding the Adversarial Current in your own unique form. The 11 Points of Power is the foundation upon which this may be ever so!

    Michael W. Ford, author of Apotheosis
  • I am always delighted to discover a new groundbreaking grimoire by E.A. Koetting, and this one is no exception. This self-defense compendium brings together three seasoned-veteran black witches in a single grimoire, offering a much-needed guide to Protection Magick. Absolutely all areas of this field are covered, from perceiving and locating curses, to nullifying them, to binding the baneful magician who sent them. I personally recommend the Red Ribbon Binding Spell, an old classic protective antidote that medieval witches had passed down Central Europe for generations. If you feel under attack, or need protection from vampirism, my specialty, then I would urge you to study The Protection Magick Spellbook. It will undoubtedly facilitate the immersion of the reader in the domain of Protective Magick.

    N.D. Blackwood, author of Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you seven deadly-serious questions that can save not only your sanity and peace of mind, but they can also save your life. Please be fully honest with yourself and answer these below...

  • Have you been cursed?
  • Do you feel like a specific person is trying to attack you magically, obsessing about you, wishing harm upon you, or trying to interfere with you spiritually in any way?
  • Has someone been casting spells on you to harm you through their magick?
  • Are you worried that somebody has performed Baneful Magick against you, or even controlling spells, to compel you to act in ways or feel things that normally wouldn't?
  • Are there spiritual forces working against you?
  • Is a jealous partner trying to sabotage your life without them?
  • Has a violent neighbor or coworker targeted you and tormented your peace of life?

What If One Simple Spell Can Detect ANY Curse Wielded Against You?

These might seem like theoretical or philosophical questions, but there's a way that you can find out for sure. In fact, what if one simple spell can detect any curse that's being wielded against you, or any spiritual energy that is working against your betterment?

What if I showed you a really simple and effective spell that can bind another magician, witch, or sorcerer from ever being able to use Baneful Magick against you? What if the spell was completely safe to use, because it would not harm the person working against you, it would not return any energy to them, and they would never know that you did it? Would that not be the ULTIMATE, most covert, protection spell?

My Decades In The Trenches As A Black Magician On All Sides Of Magickal Warfare

Over the last two decades as a worldwide black magician, I’ve been on all sides of fighting in all-out magickal warfare — performing Baneful Magick and also Protection Magick against attacks with it. From years in the trenches of demonic evocation, I possess an armory of bulletproof protection spells that can save not only your life, but the life of your loved ones and community. My battle-proven, self-defense magick will not only help you to stay on the Path of Ascent, but you will receive invincible spiritual protection — so you can finally put your mind at ease and keep your energy at work in creating the life of your dreams.

Would you like to hear 3 of my personal experiences in the battle trenches of Baneful Magick? For example, would you like to hear about the first time a witch ever cursed me and what I did to immediately neutralize it? Let me share 3 absolutely true stories of how Protection Magick saved my life in my worst moments of chaos, confusion, and despair. Because if you feel like a specific person is trying to attack you magically, obsessing about you, wishing harm upon you, or trying to interfere with you spiritually in any way, then you need real-world Protection Magick right now.

3 Absolutely True Stories Of How Protection Magick Saved My Life From Curses, Attacks, And A Mad God In Moments Of Crisis

Protection Story 1. Trent — As a 15-year-old budding magician, I drew the jealousy of a self-proclaimed Wiccan classmate, named Trent. The night after a sour exchange of insults one day in class, Trent became the first person to ever try to curse me. Lying on my bed listening to music, nearly falling asleep, an oppressive force manifested in front of me, at ceiling height, and pressed down on me. The evening went from a normal night like any other, to suddenly fighting to breathe while a black cloud smothered me. I was able to fight through it enough to grab some red ribbon and perform my all-time favorite Red Ribbon Binding Spell, and the attack stopped. The next time I heard from Trent, he was furious and desperate, saying that none of his magick was working anymore, and that everything was backfiring. I’ve kept that spell and have used it ever since.

Protection Story 2. Azag-Thoth & The Necronomicon — While I was still figuring out how to successfully evoke spirits, my friends and I had gotten copies of The Necronomicon, and we attempted a summoning of Azag-Thoth, the Blind Mad God, who is so chaotic that his sigil is not given and it is said that he should never ever be summoned. We summoned him regardless, and barely escaped with our lives.

It was a warm summer night without a cloud in the sky… until we started the conjurations... thunder, lightning, and shrieking wind assaulting us, followed by our offering bowl exploding into shards. All four of us knew at the same time that we had summoned something that we could not control, and all four of us knew that it wanted to destroy us. We ran down the mountain towards home, being chased by the storm and by an invisible monster that we could not see, but that we could hear and we most definitely could feel just behind us. Inside the house, matters became even worse, as shadow figures slammed against the door and rattled the windows. I turned back to The Necronomicon, using the Purification and Banishing Spell and the Invocation of the Goddess Ishtar prayer. With each line that I spoke, the storm calmed, the assault diminished, and whatever was trying to get us never did get us… although none of us slept a wink that night.

Protection Story 3. Homelessness & Energy Fields — I spent some of my youth homeless in Las Vegas, my safety in constant threat from criminals, other homeless people older and stronger than me, as well as from the police, who would regularly assault and rob you if they could get away with it. This is when I met my first mentor, Baba Maharaja. He taught me many practices that I still use to this day, but the one thing I insisted that he teach me was how to use the spiritual sciences for protection. He taught me how to create a magickal energy field around me, like a bubble of light, inside of which I would always be safe. I used this practice and would have thugs strangely avoid me, I would notice people would look at me and through me as if they couldn’t see me, and have had police receive emergency calls pulling them away from me. Not just a few times, but dozens of times.

These absolutely true stories of how Protection Magick saved me from spiritual danger only scratch the surface. I share many more and even better stories in The Protection Magick Spellbook grimoire and video course too.

An Armory Of Battle-Proven Self-Defense Rituals And Magick Weapons That Have Stood The Test Of Time And Thrived On Centuries Of Natural Selection By Sorcerers And Witches

Neutralizing curses, dissolving black clouds of misfortune, and unlocking sabotage spells are only the beginning of the full application of Protection Magick. Whether you know it or not, each and every one of us is under severe psychic assault, not only from hateful sorcerers, but from all manner of spiritual forces attempting to manipulate us, to steal our energy, and to drag us into absolute misery.

True autonomy is only possible when you are fully protected. Only when you have effective and reliable spiritual self-defense, can you begin to create the life and reality that you desire the most. Without Protection Magick, everything that you are working for can be destroyed within seconds. With the right protection, you will become invincible.

I, E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon, and Zeraphina Angelus feel honored to present The Protection Magick Spellbook, the 4th spellbook in The World Domination Series. This is the only book in existence containing all of the spells that you will need to protect yourself and all that you love from any spiritual attack. I personally guarantee to you, through my decades in the trenches of Baneful Magick, that these spells have proven themselves powerful and effective again and again in my life.

And the simplicity of the spells might shock you. But do not let that confuse you. The simplest magick is almost always the most powerful.

Spellbook 1. E.A. Koetting - Codex Invictus: Invincibility Through Sorcery

The spells in this book have not only kept me alive: they allow me to turn every curse into a blessing, to transform every obstacle into a bridge, and to remain autonomous, my own self directing my Destiny. The invincibility offered herein delivers Liberation. Once you know that you cannot be destroyed, what would you do? Once you understand that the only thing that can stop you is yourself, what will you do?

— "Introduction," Codex Invictus

Spellbook 1. E.A. Koetting - Codex Invictus: Invincibility
Introduction p.13
Ch. 1 - Protect Your Energy p.15
Ch. 2 - Red Ribbon Bindings p.31
Ch. 3 - Force Field Barriers p.37
Ch. 4 - Necronomicon Banishings & Bindings p.47
Ch. 5 - Catholic Exorcism & Satanic Perversions p.77
Bibliography p.91

Let me walk you through each chapter of my Codex Invictus: Invincibility Through Sorcery.

Chapter 1. Protect Your Energy

The opening chapter of Codex Invictus focuses on protecting your energy as a constant ongoing measure to avoid being directly hit by harmful energy being sent your way. The following are the areas of highest vulnerability, and for each of them I provide several ways that you can protect your energy in these circumstances:

Vulnerability 1. People — Nothing can upset your energy quite like other people. Even if a person doesn’t have ill-intentions towards you, another person’s negative energy can suck the life out of an entire room, and if left unchecked can actually harm the people around them, illnesses and accidents growing more frequent as our own energy levels plummet. In this section, I give you complete instructions on how to:

  • Fortify your energy — inspect that no cracks in the armor exist
  • Own your space — own every square foot of your house, temple, and more
  • Cut out repeat offenders — those who have become dead weight
  • Selectively engage — whomever deserves your wrath
  • Selectively disengage — whomever you can spare

Vulnerability 2. Places — Different places have different energies, and it is vital to not only become aware of your energetic environment, but to become proficient at working with the energy of different places, or shielding yourself from it. In this chapter, I teach you how to:

  • Find or create a sacred space — that you own energetically
  • Carrying protective amulets or relics — to protect yourself in the field
  • Magickal situational awareness — for knowing threats to your safety
  • How to read the energy of the room

Vulnerability 3. Media — What we pay attention to the most will be what impacts our energy the most. A great amount of media appeals to the lower vibrations and lesser virtues of humanity, constantly stimulating outrage, jealousy, and helplessness. If you are serious about protecting your energy, you MUST be the one who controls where you invest your Time and Attention, and you must put into action the defensive measures given in this text to protect your energy whether you are out in public or in your living room.

Vulnerability 4. Behaviors — Most of the time, we aren’t being cursed by black magicians, but our life is suffering from our own unchecked behaviors. Most of the time, we won’t even notice that we are hemorrhaging our own energy and lifeforce through simple acts of self-sabotage, resulting in essentially cursing ourselves unconsciously. I provide guidelines so you can tell the difference, and take proactive measures to restoring yourself and your life to full operation!

Vulnerability 5. Gurus and Disciples — No greater vampirism can be found than the relationship of Guru and Disciple. The Disciple is impotent and blind without the guidance of the Guru. The Guru is omnipotent and omniscient, and is attached to nothing… other than his Disciples. This doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from and offer teachings to each other, but the precautions given in this section do need to be seriously considered and employed.

Chapter 2. Red Ribbon Binding Spells

The two principal spells presented in this chapter are my two all-time favorite binding spells, and two of the earliest spells that I learned. A binding spell is a rite of magick that stops an attacker from being able to affect you with malevolent or baneful energy.

A binding spell is a rite of magick that stops an attacker from being able to perform baneful magick against you.

  • Binding Spell 1: To bind a person who is working against you.
  • Binding Spell 2: To bind curses or negative effects that are already on you.

These two simple-but-powerful spells compose my First Line of Defense against any magickal attack or spiritual oppression, and nearly 80% of the time, no further defensive spells are needed.

After teaching these two effective binding spells, I then teach you how they both can be broken, in case anyone tries to use them against you!

Chapter 3. Force Field Barriers

In the Force Field Barriers chapter, I provide instructions on how to create, deploy, program, fortify, and dissolve magickal force-field barriers. These methods largely utilize your magickal imagination and physiological connection with the energy within and around your own body. Once mastered, you will be able to immediately create a defensive shield that will protect you from any incoming attacks.

A force field is a magickal barrier that you can deploy, program, and fortify to create a defensive shield that protects you from attacks.

While these force-field barriers can be morphed to any shape and design that you choose, the two that I teach in this chapter are

  • Force Field 1. Sphere of protection — like a magickal bubble that you can place around yourself, your home, vehicle, or other space.
  • Force Field 2. Protective energy walls — to block attacks or barricade energy from a specific direction.

Chapter 4. Necronomicon Banishings & Bindings

When spiritual assault comes, not from another human, but from the spirit world itself, I have found a few specific spells given in The Necronomicon to be the most effective. Whether I’ve had to deal with psychic pests throwing poltergeist tantrums, or ancient gods attacking me with bloodlust, the strange rites in this chapter have literally saved my life.

Five rituals are given in extreme detail in this chapter, along with my personal experiences with them:

  • The Conjuration of the Fire God
  • The Conjuration of the Watcher
  • Invocation of the Goddess Ishtar
  • The Evocation of Azag Thoth
  • Purification and Banishing

Chapter 5. Catholic Exorcism & Satanic Perversions

Unwanted spirit possession of your body is the most extreme form of psychic attack, but it, too, can be defended against. In this final chapter of Codex Invictus, called Catholic Exorcism and Satanic Perversions, I provide the most effective ritual of exorcism known to man, The Catholic Rite of Exorcism, taken from the book Roman Ritual, and is the rite employed by The Catholic Order of Exorcists.

I break down the mechanics in each step of the exorcism, explaining how and why the magick works, and how to adapt it to your own faith or magickal system. And then, I provide my own Satanic adaptation or perversion as an example of how this systematic approach to exorcizing unwanted forces from your life can be customized for your circumstances.

Truthfully, my ruthless Codex Invictus: Invincibility Through Sorcery grimoire contains MUCH MORE than these simplified bullet points. The priceless secrets that I have discovered through over 20+ years in the trenches of magick warfare will arm you with ironclad protection to guard your Empire and protect your Eternal Ascent.

Spellbook 2. Maggie Moon - The Book Of Disenchantment

Greetings, I am Maggie Moon, and my contribution to The Protection Magick Spellbook is titled The Book of Disenchantment. It was my sincere desire when writing this grimoire to delve far beyond response-based band-aid style solutions. I have endeavored to not only create a work that provides powerful tried-and-true spells and rituals to ward, protect, reverse, bind, and dissipate crossed influences in one’s life — but to also provide a framework designed to thwart many of these adverse influences long before they ever have a chance to take root and wreak havoc in your life!

Truthfully, my grimoire is absolutely and utterly jam-packed and filled to the brim with the most powerful Protection Magick from my decades of traditional witchcraft. Every one of my Protection Spells has stood the "test of time" and thrived on the natural selection from generations of witches passing their family recipes and rites down matriarchal lineages.

Spellbook 2. Maggie Moon - The Book of Disenchantment
Descend Into the Youniverse p.95
Ch. 1 - Mastering the Unseen p.107
Ch. 2 - The Witchery of Salt & Water p.127
Ch. 3 - Protections Against Psy-Vamps p.137
Ch. 4 - Of Luminous Fire p.145
Ch. 5 - By Fang & Flight p.157
Ch. 6 - By Thorn & Scorn p.169
Ch. 7 - A Melangery of Magick to Aid Your Own Spells p.211
Bibliography p.233

Introduction. Descent Into The Youniverse

When set upon the Path of Self-Mastery, the journey begins within. Turning the eyes inward will lead you to a greater understanding of Self.

Code 1. The Microcosm Within the Macrocosm — “As above so below, as within so without." The principle of correspondence reminds us that the greater and the lesser are similar. By observing one you can gain an awareness of the other, as all are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Similar patterns are repeated on all levels of the cosmos right down to the tiniest sub-atomic substances. Much can be understood when you contemplate the macrocosm as the universe and the microcosm as yourself being part of an interconnected web of universal energy. If you seek to skillfully and deliberately work within the fabrics of reality one must take due time to understand it.

Code 2. The 7 Hermetic Principles — I present you with the 7 Hermetic Principles as keys to the YOUNIVERSE, which serve as tools of Inner Alchemy when applied correctly. The principles can be further understood as mental states of energetic creation and dynamic energies within the seven energy Chakras. The Chakras are connected to both our energetic and physical bodies, and influence the energy meridians within them too. The energy that we emit influences what we manifest outwardly in our realities. We are truly a microcosm within the macrocosm. When the practitioner steps through the gates of the Occult, the descent into oneself truly begins.

Chapter 1. Mastering The Unseen

We all have times when we feel off. In most cases, we do an energetic cleanse of ourselves and our space and all is well again. But, what about those times things don’t cleanse away so easily? Surely it must a curse, right? Maybe, and maybe not! In this chapter, Mastering the Unseen, I share methods to stay grounded and to not give way to irrational suspicion and paranoia toward innocent people. We explore possibilities and concepts to assist with the discernment of actual afflictions and appropriate remedies.

Lesson 1. Psychic or Psychotic? — Sometimes the line between intuition and anxiety can become blurred during times of stress and perceived threat. This can potentially lead to further deterioration within the psyche. An important skill to develop early in one’s practice is the ability to discern between magickal attack and other types of phenomena. Gaining accurate insight as to what is actually occurring is vital for the implementation of an affective remedy. Knowing what you are truly experiencing can prevent a premature spring into action that can potentially trigger a chain of events that will cause more difficulties than benefit, and for no good reason.

Lesson 2. Don’t Be Pompous — There are times when a person can be so high on their pedestal of belief of being untouchable magickally that even when faced with evidence they remain in denial. This mindset can allow an incoming attack to have a greater opportunity to grow and wreak havoc on their lives. Almost anyone can be reached magickally if the conditions are just right. It is important to avoid paranoia whilst being duly diligent.

Lesson 3. Daily Psychic Hygiene Basics — I share methods of cleaning the aura and cutting energy cords to ensure that you are in the most untouchable state that you can possibly be in. Maintaining a consistent practice of good psychic hygiene is essential especially for the Black Adept.

  • 2 step-by-step chakra-balancing rites
  • A guide to the anatomy of energy cords
  • A guide to aura cleansing and scanning
  • 2 rites of clearing and cleansing your aura
  • A candle spell for permanent cord-cutting
  • A rite to sever energy cords
  • How to cut ties with people and their energies

Chapter 2. The Witchery Of Salt & Water

Bath rituals have long been used as remedies for a wide variety of ailments. The cleansing and healing power of salt and water has been revered throughout the ages. Within this chapter, The Witchery of Salt & Water, I share many of my very sought-after ritual salt recipes, along with clarification on the magickal properties of a salt and bath ritual. I finish this chapter with a recipe and the uses for Witches' Black Salt.

I jam-packed this grimoire with my favorite bath-salt recipes and blends, such as:

  • Hidden Enemy, Reveal Thyself To Me — A ritual bath salt blend to use before scrying or dream work to have enemies revealed
  • Self-Love and Self-Care blends
  • 3 Uncrossing blends — To remove crossed conditions
  • My patented Jinx Remover blend
  • Reverse, Remove, and Protect blend
  • A guide to the magickal properties of salt
  • A salt color chart for clarification and reference
  • A guide to Witches' black salt
  • Step-by-step Bath Salt ritual walkthrough

Chapter 3. Protection Against Psy-Vamps

In Protection Against Psy-Vamps, you'll learn how to protect yourself from the type of psychic vampire that Aton LaVey discusses in “Not all Vampires Suck Blood.” These are individuals who may or may not be aware that they are deficient in energy due to physical or psychosomatic illness. Often, they unknowingly create emotionally charged situations to create their very own feeding ground. We discuss how to protect yourself from them, and the symptoms commonly associated with becoming prey to such a psychic vampire. You'll learn the three keys to safely protecting against Psy-Vamps:

  • How to spot and unmask a Psy-Vamp
  • How to protect yourself from a Psy-Vamp
  • Tell-tale symptoms that a Psy-Vamp has preyed upon you, and how to relieve yourself of it

Chapter 4. Of Luminous Fire

Of Luminous Fire touches on the basics of Ahrimanic Yoga with recommendations on how to further pursue a study of this subject matter for those who are interested. I share discourse on the 11 Luciferian Points of Power, and how to apply them to enter communion with your Daemon. Then, you'll learn two simple-but-powerful Kundalini meditations to rouse the Fire Snake.

  • Ahrimanic Yoga & The 4 Yogas of the Mind — In tangible, practical steps
  • The 11 Luciferian Points of Power — Insights from my private relationship with Michael W. Ford and how to implement the 11 Points of Power
  • Awakening the Fire Snake ritual working
  • Red Fire Snake meditation

Chapter 5. By Fang & Flight

This chapter, By Fang & Flight, will be of particular interest to those that are drawn to the Vampyric Path. The spells contained herein can be utilized by aspiring Vampyres and Members of the Vampiric Chain, a.k.a. The Brotherhood of Night.

  • Invocation of the Devourer — To attune yourself with the mindset of Predatory Spirituality
  • Vampyric Self-Defense Magick — To protect yourself as a Vampyre
  • The Art of Energetic Permutation
  • Seek and Destroy Spell — A spell to determine who is sending negativity your way and how to deal with it
  • Breath of Fresh Air — An exercise of cleansing internal energies simply via the breath
  • To Banish Negativity ritual walkthrough
  • A series of rituals that complete the circuit of energy,  (a) Energetic Transfiguration and Absorption, (b) Energetic Transference, and (c) Energetic Bombardment
  • The Lilith Scrying to Reveal Hidden Enemies ritual
  • Evil Flyers Spell to Bind an Enemy ritual
  • To Become Invisible ritual walkthrough
  • Drinking Divinity ritual — For your Apotheosis

Chapter 6. By Thorn & Scorn

This chapter, By Thorn & Scorn, offers workings with the Spirits of Nature with a traditional witchcraft style. Having a deep respect for the Spirits of Nature is so very important to your craft. Here, I share methods that will assist you to work with the Green Allies, so that you can create powerful magick together.

  • Plant Swaying Charm — A swaying charm seeks permission from the plant to gather part of its body for your magick with a request to imbue the portion that you gather with its sacred virtues that are in alignment with your work.
  • How to atone for offending a nature spirit — Sometimes one can offend a nature spirit and incur their wrath. Being struck by an Elfshot is very serious. The best way to attempt to remedy or minimize the damage is to atone for mistakes made and make things right again.
  • When to cast a Banishing Spell according to the calendar and more
  • An Earth Banishing and how to dispel sorrow

For warding and protection, I introduce you to traditions called, Protections Dark and Wild Witchcraft:

  • Guardians Green and Unseen — Plant allies that will stand as sentinels guarding your space and transmuting the energy around you for your benefit
  • Casting a Circle for Protection ritual — A method of casting a circle for times when you feel inspired to use it for your magickal acts
  • To Protect the Home from Witcheries and Malicious Spirits ritual
  • The Burdock Root Protection talisman
  • The Protection Against Spirits or Witchcraft spell
  • Protection by Fire spell — To harness the infernal element to protect you
  • Protective Servitor spell — To imprint your own spirit to guard you

I show you how to the Arte of Binding those who would do you harm.

  • To Bind a Malicious Tongue self-defense ritual
  • A Poppet to Bind an Enemy protection spell
  • To Bind a Troublemaker protection spell

On the magick of removing and returning curses, I share how to discover who is working against you, how to remove and dispel the energy sent, with methods of causing great torment to those working against you.

  • Disenchantment by Buckthorn ritual
  • Trapping Wand Return to Sender protection spell
  • To Return a Curse with Twigs protection spell
  • To Dispel Slander or a Curse ritual
  • To Remove a Curse with Urine rite
  • To Remove a Curse and Torment the Sender protection ritual
  • 4-Step Return to Sender protection spell

On the matter of curse symptoms and entity attachments, you'll learn:

  • Advanced symptoms of untreated psychic and magickal attack
  • The classic symptoms of an entity attachment

Chapter 7. A Melangery Of Magick To Aid Your Own Spells

In my concluding section, you're going to receive an absolutely massive "kit of magick tools" to further empower your witchy arsenal. For example, you'll learn recipes to keep the energy within the home clear and safe, a discussion surrounding the use of Sigil Magick with your own style and preferences, a lesson in the appropriate employment of Candle Magick to time the spell and align your magick with appropriate influences.

I also share a discussion of candle signs and omens that can assist you gain a greater perspective on how your spell is progressing. I show you an egg cleansing spell with instructions on divining, or reading, the egg afterward for further insights to causes of afflictions. And the chapter concludes with how to bring everything to a close and dispose of your spell items appropriately.

  • A Circle Casting — This is a general Circle casting ritual for spell workings, meditations, or ritual. I share two methods: the first incorporates Demonic Enns and the second works with Elemental calls.
  • Floor Sweep — A powerful herbal recipe that cleanses the energy within your home, removes unwanted influences, and attracts positive energies.
  • Floor Wash — A recipe that cleanses the energy of the room and provides a barrier of protection from the floor.
  • Room Spray Cleanse — Like sacred smoke in a bottle, if used with the correct intentions, it will cleanse the area and attract beneficial spirits.
  • A guide to the Magick of Sigils for protection
  • A guide to Primal Fire as an Element of Magick — When to use Candle Magick, color associations, preparation, timing spells with the moon, days of the week, or planetary hour
  • Of Candle Signs and Omens — There is meaning behind the way a candle behaves when you are casting a spell. By understanding how to interpret the candle flame and wax remains, it offers you great insight into how likely your spell is to manifest
  • Of Egg Cleanse and Cure — This spell removes crossed conditions, intense negative emotions, and parasitic energetic attachments
  • A Crystal Jar Spell — A powerful protection jar spell to create a barrier of protection.
  • Last but not least, how to safely dispose of the spell talismans and items

Thus far, I have enumerated the absolutely massive arsenal of battle-proven, tried-and-true protection spells that you'll receive in my grimoire, but it really only gives you the tip of the iceberg. In The Book of Disenchantment, you are going to transform from a fledgling into a true master of self-defense and Protection Magick. Hopefully, you can skip the years of suffering through curses and attacks, and jump right to the health and safety instead.

Spellbook 3. Zeraphina Angelus - Spiritual Wellness, Wisdom, And Weaponry

Greetings, I am Zeraphina Angelus, and my contribution to The Protection Magick Spellbook is called Spiritual Wellness, Wisdom & Weaponry.

Spellbook 3. Zeraphina A. - Spiritual Wellness, Wisdom & Weaponry
Introduction p.237
Ch. 1 - My Story p.239
Ch. 2 - Understanding Curses, Negative Energy & Entities p.243
Ch. 3 - The Spiritual Immune System p.247
Ch. 4 - Signs & Symptoms of Curse Energy p.253
Ch. 5 - Determining the Sources of Curse Energy p.257
Ch. 6 - First & Second Lines of Defense p.263
Ch. 7 - Why Curses Can Penetrate Even the Best Protection p.275
Ch. 8 - The Third Line of Defense: Rituals of Spiritual First Aid p.279
Ch. 9 - Long-Term Strategies & Common Sense p.287

Introduction. Why Spiritual Self-Defense Is The Most Important Form Of Magick That You Will Ever Learn

I introduce the topic of spiritual protection and defensive magick, by explaining why it is a crucial discipline that should be learned as the foundation upon which all else is built.

Chapter 1. My Story: How I Learned The Importance Of Spiritual Protection The Hard Way

In the My Story chapter, I describe many of the personal experiences on my magickal path, when I sensed or experienced spiritual threats to my safety, from being overwhelmed by the presence of earth-bound ghosts as a teenager, to the lessons I have learned as an Occultist in the public eye, dealing with everything from conflict and curses to all out spiritual war.   I consider my naivety in the early days of discovering the online occult community and how I had to learn spiritual protection fast, as my life depended on it.

Chapter 2. Understanding Curses, Negative Energy, And Negative Entities

In the second chapter, Understanding Curses, I strip back the concept of the curse, and explain what it is in its raw state as a force of energy. I clarify the ways in which this raw energy can be harnessed and manipulated like a force of nature, to be directed and unleashed through lower and higher forms of magick. I explore the tendency in Western culture to dismiss that which cannot be physically seen, despite the ever-advancing technology and scientific breakthroughs we witness in daily life which also cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Chapter 3. The Spiritual Immune System: Auric Layers, Spiritual Health, And Spiritual Hygiene

In The Spiritual Immune System, I probe the subject of spiritual health and protection, and describe the Theory of the Spiritual Immune System, and why it is important to incorporate spiritual hygiene into daily practices of maintaining wellness and preventing attack. I include:

  • A description of the Auric Layers, their corresponding Chakras and the role of each layer in monitoring and protecting us spiritually.
  • Practices that we can adopt in all aspects of daily life to boost our spiritual immune system, including diet, avoiding certain substances, practicing mindfulness and getting sufficient rest, and the dangers of connecting socially and sexually with people of low vibrational energy.

Chapter 4. 13 Signs And Symptoms Of Curse Energy

I teach you the signs and symptoms to be aware of, which could indicate that you are suffering the effects of psychic attack, curses or an infiltration of negative energy or entities in your life. I list 13 such signs to look out for, in order of likely occurrence and seriousness. I highlight the importance of being vigilant and taking early preventative action to prevent matters from getting steadily worse to the point of being a threat to life.

Chapter 5. Determining The Source And Finding The Sender Of Curses And Negative Influences

I describe various sources of curse energy, and common ways of coming into contact with them, including:

  • Physical sources, objects and locations such as haunted items and dwellings
  • Non-living entities, such as earth-bound ghosts, parasitic entities which were never human and the most powerful entities of all, including Demons, Djinn, Gods and Goddesses
  • Humans, as sources of jealousy and "evil eye," to prayer casters of other faiths and those casting intentional magick, including curses towards you

I then describe forms of divination and rituals to help you identify the source of any unwanted negative energy or entity affecting you.

Chapter 6. The First And Second Lines of Defense: Prevention And Early Intervention

Linking back to the Theory of Spiritual Immunity outlined in chapter three, in chapter six I provide the foundational practices that can be incorporated as a preventative measure and consistent defense against spiritual attack and negative energy. I underscore the importance of the environment around us at home and where we spend our time, and how to "clean house" from the mundane steps of decluttering, to methods of spiritual cleansing and clearing. I explore methods such as:

  • Smudging with sage — to clear energy of the ambient environment
  • High vibrational frequency music and the effects of sound on the physical and spiritual body
  • Natural products with protective magickal properties
  • A powerful recipe for Witches’ Salt to absorb negativity
  • Spiritual bathing — I provide a step-by-step guide to the perfect spiritual bath
  • Protective wards like amulets and talismans — this includes a step-by-step guide to a ritual of Elemental Magick, to cleanse and charge your magickal ward of protection.

Chapter 7. Why Curses Can Penetrate Even the Best Protection

Chapter seven describes the ways in which very powerful or very persistent curse energy can breach even the strongest barriers of spiritual protection. This chapter serves as a reminder to maintain vigilance and take action without delay, while at the same time, giving due care and consideration to any method of curse removal which could be considered defensive magick or a counterattack.

Chapter 8. The Third Line Of Defense: Rituals Of Spiritual First Aid

Having covered the prevention and early intervention of spiritual protection in earlier chapters, in The Third Line of Defense, I provide 6 impenetrable rituals of spiritual protection including:

  1. A ritual to remove magickal bindings placed upon you by others
  2. A ritual to bind the enemy and the energy of harm
  3. The deflecting mirror box to cast away negativity
  4. A potent variation on E.A. Koetting’s Red Knot ritual of curse binding and destroying
  5. The Return to Sender Mirror Box spell
  6. Return to Sender — lemon and clove candle spell

Chapter 9. Long-Term Strategies & Common Sense

In my closing chapter, Long-Term Strategies & Common Sense, I highlight the importance of building strong relationships with protective entities, whether these are Ancestral Spirits, Deities with whom you have a natural connection or a pact, or entities specifically known for their powers of protection.

Lastly, I summarize critical common sense to be applied for magickians in relation to the Art of Spiritual War and maintaining a balanced and sensible approach to spiritual safety and wellness. As a final note, I provide the reminder once more of the importance of prevention, early detection and intervention against spiritual attack and baneful energy, wherever and whenever possible.

 We'll Show You EXACTLY How To Perform The Most Vicious And Powerful Binding Spells Across Quimbanda, Black Magick, And More In This 7-Hour Mastery Training Program

In The Protection Magick Course , you'll receive instant access to a lengthy 7-hour mastery training program in high-definition video in the members area. You'll watch me, Maggie, and Zeraphina walk you through performing the Binding Spells, Curse Rites, and Protection Meditations step by step in real time to guarantee that you can replicate their magick too.

Section 1. Pomba Gira's Chicken Foot Binding Spell — "Stop The Feet Of Your Enemies From Moving Against You"

In the opening section of this mastery training course, I teach you the most vicious and powerful Binding Spell I’ve ever used, called Pomba Gira’s Chicken Foot Binding Spell. Of course, Pomba Gira invokes the fierce sorcery of Quimbanda, the hot magick of Brazil.

Pombajira is the consort of Exu, who is the messenger of the Orixas in Candomblé. Known by many names, or avatars, Pombajira is often associated with the number seven, crossroads, graveyards, spirit possession, and witchcraft.

At times, I have referred to this spell as a curse, but the truth is that this is a Binding Spell, insofar as it “stops the feet of our enemies from moving against you.” If the person is not trying to harm you, no harm will come to them. If they are working against you though, this spell will stop at nothing to make them stop!

To fully maximize this Binding Spell, I teach you how to get in contact with an avatar spirit of Pomba Gira, and then how to work this spell against any enemy, no matter how powerful.

Section 2. The Poppet Binding Spell To Restrain Baneful Witches From Working Against You

In section 2, Demonstration of Rites, I walk you through how to utilize many of the purifications, banishings, and bindings given in The Protection Magick Spellbook, and demonstrate them by banishing all unwanted forces from my temple. Once my temple is cleared, I then demonstrate a Poppet Binding Spell to bind baneful witches from working their curses against you.

Section 3. A Guided Energy Work Routine Of 5 Limbs In My Backyard Temple

In The Guided Energy Work Routine, I bring you into my literal backyard, where I teach you my daily energy work ritual, drawn from years-long practices of Chi Gong and Falun Gong. The daily exercise consists of 5 Limbs:

  • Initial postures of energy gathering and flow
  • Holding and activating the energetic wheel
  • Moving and balancing Chi along the meridian
  • Completing the full circuit of the energy wheel
  • Activating and strengthening the Godlike Powers

This daily energy work will keep your mind clear, your emotions light and under your command, and will strengthen your energy and your connection with your God-Self.

Section 4. The Science Of Curse Detection And Psychic Self-Defense Against Baneful Magick

Take a front-row seat at this behind-the-scenes, lengthy conversation between myself, E.A. Koetting, and the lifelong demonic witch Zeraphina Angelus, about the anatomy of curses and curse energy, and how to protect you and your loved ones against them.

Having survived the attacks of Baneful Magick in her own life, Zeraphina provides insightful keys into detecting if you are cursed, as well as the psychic mechanisms involved in psychic self-defense. We explore the reports of spirits becoming trapping in people’s auras, and discuss various methods of removing any unwanted spiritual forces from your life.

Section 5. A Super-Armory Of Advanced Cleansing Methods, Vital Power Workouts, And Drinking Of The Atmosphere

I teach you the method of using pain and anger to affect the energetic area of another. I also teach you how to turn your saliva into a venomous poison to strike your enemies rendering them weak and defenseless against you. Furthermore, you’ll learn my personal methods of auric cleansing and empowering as well the powerful breath of fire.

This section truly is jam-packed with various proven methods of cleansing, protection, and strengthening a human auric field. We begin with protective amulets, then a Hag Stone protection, and how to employ the Hag Stone to cleanse the aura and return ill will and curses to the sender. I then teach another simple yet very effective lemon cleansing technique that you are sure to love.

Simple and straight to the point, I reveal to you a type of “road opening” lemon bath, or shower, that ensures clean energy and a strong aura, while removing any blockages from your path. When done it can clear the way for a very successful day. Lastly, you'll discover my secret technique of drawing in the energy of weather storms, or harsh climate, as a source of power to be infused with your will and directed out to achieve your desires.

Section 6. Advanced Candle Magick

I introduce you to the primal nature of the candle flame and how you can use it to active your inner instinctual guide to strengthen your practice. Basic Color associations are discussed, and I give you a technique to assist with the discovery of your own personal color symbolism that can be implemented into your practice. We explore the use of the different styles and shapes of candles and what they are best used for.  I teach methods for effective cleansing, carving, anointing, dressing and charging your spell candles. We also discuss various methods of timing your spells, and then dive into candle signs and omens. We end the session with a talk on how to bring your spell to a close and how to properly dispose of any remaining spell items.

Section 7. Kundalini Yoga Session

In this yoga session, I provide you with a Kundalini attunement to be done for 11 consecutive days to cleanse and strengthen your aura and connect with your Daemon.

We begin the class with the science of Kundalini, followed by a tuning in mantra, then I teach you the Mantra of Protection. We further incorporate movements to awaken the spine and balance the hemispheres of the brain. By balancing the lunar and solar aspects within the to rouse the fire snake within, and connect you with the higher aspects of yourself. When kundalini yoga is practiced with a specific intention, intoning specific words of power, it can be a very effective and powerful means to generate desire change.

Section 8. Spiritual Weaponry, Tools To Detect Curses, And Divination Spying

In the concluding section of the mastery training program, you will receive introduction to the most potent weapons of spiritual protection and aggression. In particular, you will learn the multiple layers of shielding and defense according to your energy body and aura. Along with specific techniques to detect and locate curses, you will learn tarot spying, and how to wield a deflective mirror box and a traditional mirror box. Discover the first and last lines of defense in Protection Magick, as they can save your life.

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I Ask My Deadly Serious Questions One Last Time — Have You Been Cursed? Are You Under Attack? Does An Enemy Obsess Over You? My Protection Magick Spells Can Save Your Life

Like I warned earlier, these may sound like theoretically or intellectual questions, but they are not — they are actually deadly serious warnings.

I have been in the trenches on all sides of magickal warfare over the last couple decades as a worldwide black magician. I have have performed Baneful Magick to punish my enemy, and I have performed Protection Magick to defend myself and my family against Baneful Magick.

I implore you answer these questions honestly one more time:

  • Do you feel like a specific person is trying to attack you magically, obsessing about you, wishing harm upon you, or trying to interfere with you spiritually in any way?
  • Has someone been casting spells on you to harm you through their magick?
  • Are you worried that somebody has performed Baneful Magick against you, or even controlling spells, to compel you to act in ways or feel things that normally wouldn't?
  • Are there spiritual forces working against you?

If the answer is YES, then you need to act NOW, because the forces of Baneful Magick can become worse over time if left unprotected. You need to nip it in the bud right now.

The Protection Magick Spellbook will arm you with bulletproof protection spells that can save not only your life, but the life of your loved ones and community. Again, my battle-proven, self-defense magick not only helps you to stay on the Path of Ascent, but you will receive invincible spiritual protection — so you can finally put your mind at ease and keep your energy at work in creating the life of your dreams.

I will see you in The Protection Magick Spellbook, where I will show you everything you need to know to protect yourself against not only curses, but the people who cursed you.

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

Meet The Author

E.A. Koetting

E.A. Koetting authored eight classic grimoires on black magick, and co-created Become A Living God, where he has helped hundreds of thousands of magicians to experience Ascent.