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Seize The Olympian Fires Of Illumination To Inflame Your Body Of Black Light With The Sacred Art Of Alchemy… Ascend The 4 Pillars Of Alchemy To The Summit Of Apotheosis With Black Light Magic

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L The Alchemist

In Black Light Alchemy, you'll learn how to ascend the 4 Pillars of Alchemy to the Summit of your Godhood...

  • Pillar 1: The Masters of Masters
  • Pillar 2: Spirit Reconstruction & God-Building
  • Pillar 3: The Sacred Alchemy of the Underworld
  • Pillar 4: The Soul Illumination
  • Beyond: From Olympus To Infinity

You'll also learn how to...

  • Perform rituals to evoke the Black Light Flame
  • Summon the Gods & Goddesses of Soul Illumination
  • The true hidden history of Occult Alchemy
  • Practice magic to harness Kundalini Power

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Original price was: $199.Current price is: $179.
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Dear Friend,

Since the dawn of time there have been many myths and legends about people perfecting their bodies. Those who had the elixir to lasting life. The ones who could transmute lead into gold — the rare ones known as The Alchemists.

Many ideas are out there in what Alchemy is, therefore let me clarify on record the true meaning as I have experienced it — Alchemy is the magical process of transformation, also known as Ascent, but more.

Alchemy is a transmutation of multiple etheric materials and energies together creating a new, better, more powerful essence. Equivalent exchange must be had in order to get what you desire to manifest. With my help, you will dial in exactly how to harness the Law of Equivalent Exchange to maximize your Spiritual Ascent through Alchemy.

I spent my entire life putting together all the fruits I've learned into a comprehensive formula of rituals, Divine Alchemy, key lessons taught from lifelong mentors, and spirit entities that helped sculpted together this Black Light Alchemy video course.

Why Black Light Alchemy Fuels The Spirit Illumination Of Anyone Whom Dares Touch It

This 4.5-hour program is the streamlined process I went through and the outlook gained. The Black Light Alchemy program helps you see the vision of your true self within. An internal and external audit of all the stains in your life that no longer serve you. The Black Light Alchemy program will also give you the power to not only see the stains in your life but the power to eliminate them. During the program, you will find out your true purpose, gain self-actualization, experience self-renewal, unlock your hidden potential, and sharpen any traits you desire. Black Light Alchemy will bring you ways to jump leaps and bounds towards your goals and full transformation.

Let The 4 Pillars Of Black Light Alchemy Raise You To The Summit Of Your Eternal Ascent

Black Light Alchemy is the way to not only see that all reality can be bent, but the realization that anyone can bend it. You will go through each pillar at the speed in which you feel is right. There is no time frame or way for you to transform yourself with this Black Light Fire.

The exclusive video course will initiate you in Black Light Alchemy with the 4 Pillars of Alchemy. I introduce you to these one by one below...

Pillar 1 — The Masters Of Masters

Pillar One is the Master of Masters Pillar, where you will learn the power of self-love, exercises to increase magical potency and ways to manipulate your reality. This Pillar focuses deeply on learning about ways to improve magic, and to understand that you are magic itself. As you attune yourself and cast magic you then start to see and recognize when omens occur.

  • Ch. 1 - The Sacred Fruits of Black Light Alchemy
  • Ch. 2 - Creating Your Own Black Light Experience
  • Ch. 3 - The Transformation Through the Gateway
  • Ch. 4 - The Ultimate Promise to Yourself
  • Ch. 5 - Understanding the Code of the Matrix
  • Ch. 6 - Ways of Being with Meditation
  • Ch. 7 - Magic Working & Aligning to Your Higher Will
  • Ch. 8 - Nature's Magic & Building Prana
  • Ch. 9 - The Beginners Guide to Qi-Gong
  • Ch. 10 - The Energetic Difference of Clean Water
  • Ch. 11 - How to Keep Your Energetic Aura Clear
  • Ch. 12 - Step by Step Before All Rituals
  • Ch. 13 - A Taste of My Journey with Duke Sallos
  • Ch. 14 - Aura Transformation with Duke Sallos
  • Ch. 15 - Ritual of Self-Love & Altering Personal Reflection
  • Ch. 16 - How the Great Marquis Orias Works in the Shadows
  • Ch. 17 - Consecration of the Cat Idol
  • Ch. 18 - Ritual of Manipulation & Mind Control with Marquis Orias

Pillar 2 — Spirit Reconstruction & God-Building

Second Pillar guides you through Spirit Healing and Reframing. This Pillar dives deep into self-healing and personal reflection. When you heal from past traumas, you can then go forward with full confidence in the correct direction. As well as opening your third-eye to see spirits and learn about secrets of ancient history. Once you see that the world has programmed us to believe a certain way, then you can undo the wiring and see yourself for what you are: A God.

  • Ch. 1 - Reconstruction of the Mind
  • Ch. 2 - Angelic Wisdom Connecting Healing by Raphael
  • Ch. 3 - A Journey to Flow into Divine Healing
  • Ch. 4 - Letting Inner Death Go to Grow
  • Ch. 5 - Sacred Technology of the Caduceus
  • Ch. 6 - Ritual of the Breath of Life with Raphael the Archangel
  • Ch. 7 - Walk of a Cold Reflection
  • Ch. 8 - Benefits of Yoga & Community
  • Ch. 9 - Stretching & Breath of Fire Kundalini Yoga
  • Ch. 10 - The Way of the Infernal Warlord
  • Ch. 11 - Goddess Bune and her Egyptian Past
  • Ch. 12 - Ritual of Golden Light of the Sacred Eye with Duchess Bune
  • Ch. 13 - Remnants & After Effect of the Golden Light

Pillar 3 — The Sacred Alchemy Of The Underworld

Third Pillar you will be able to obliterate any obstacle and transform your self-imagine. This pillar will shake up your reality and transform you with some of the darkest of alchemy. You'll be entering the underworld and will face your true self. Things within yourself which you choose to hide and not confront will be destroyed. Sometimes facing the harsh truth can be painful, but doing nothing about it is worse.

  • Ch. 1 - Inanna, Ishtar & Astarte the Love & War Goddess
  • Ch. 2 - Underworld Synergistic Transcendent Gatekeepers
  • Ch. 3 - Ritual of Chain-Breaking with the Demonic King Belial
  • Ch. 4 - A Massive Way to Charge Anything

Final Pillar 4 — The Soul Illumination

Finally, you arrive at the Illumination Pillar. This will open up new avenues in your magical exploration. You'll grow your resistance to discomfort physically and mentally, and dive deeper into learning about the Master Key created by J.S. Garrett, and working with Shamanism. You'll learn new ways to push yourself towards physical fitness goals and gain the ability to challenge your limitations and ultimately go the distance. Then, you'll be able to sharpen any traits or skills you desire or possess with efficacy.

  • Ch. 1 - Embracing Frozen Discomfort with Serenity
  • Ch. 2 - The Master Key that Unlocks All Doors
  • Ch. 3 - Wisdom and Astral Sight with the Raven Totem
  • Ch. 4 - The Hawk's 100-foot Sight
  • Ch. 5 - Necronomicon’s Warlord of Perfection Lugalabdubur
  • Ch. 6 - Black Web of Mastery Ritual with Lugalabdubur
  • Ch. 7 - Hearing Hercules Call to Adventure & Evolution
  • Ch. 8 - Olympian Fire of Illumination Ritual with Hercules

Post-Pillar 5 — From Olympus To Infinity

In the final Pillar of Alchemy, I conclude the transference of Black Light and initiate you on the nature of the journey from Olympus to Infinity.

  • Conclusion - From Olympus to Infinity

"The Black Light Fire" — Introducing My All-New 41-Page Black Light Alchemy eBook Grimoire For The First Time...

Over the last couple years, I have prepared a powerful alchemical grimoire that boosts your Ascent with Black Light Alchemy, known as The Black Life Fire. The exclusive grimoire gives a key introduction to Alchemy, the ancient history of the occult science, a background into the astral gods, goddesses, and spirits in this video course, and my own personal story of transformation on this lifelong path.

This priceless guide will help you understand all that we will be doing throughout each Pillar of Alchemy, question-free. It will also give you a deep dive into the most ancient magical texts we have of our past. You'll then recognize the fake limits that the world has placed on us as a society, and break those chains, allowing you to stand firm with certainty in your Godhood forever.

  • A Word from the Author, p.7
  • Alchemy’s Roots, p.11
  • Roots of My Tree of Life, p.13
  • What Will You Learn? p.17
  • Pillar 1: The Master of Masters Pillar, p.19
  • Pillar 2: Healing & Reframing Pillar, p.21
  • Third Eye Look into Ancient Past, p.25
  • Pillar 3: Domination & Power Pillar, p.35
  • Pillar 4: Illumination Pillar, p.37

Watch Black Light Alchemy Online Right Now And Receive:

  5 hours of video material Watch immediately online
  Lifetime access Rewatch anywhere anytime
  eBook Grimoire 41 pages full of helpful tips and sigils
  Detailed playlist Find your favorite chapters again
  Forum membership Get support when you need it most

Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this program, I've priced it at only 2 easy monthly payments of $89.50. You can watch my program online from your computer, mobile, or smart television.

This is the most helpful video course on Black Light Alchemy that you'll ever watch. It is going to show you how to seize the Olympian Fires of Illumination to inflame your Body of Black Light and ascend to the summit of your apotheosis, and much much more.

Inherit The Black Light Flame For Yourself... Resurrect The Ancient Truth Of Black Light Alchemy And Forge Your Future With More Power Than Ever

If you have felt the call to break barriers and evolve beyond your imagination, then NOW is the time. I welcome you to learn all my secrets in casting the spells, performing spiritual routines, unlocking priceless gnosis and inheriting the Black Light Flame for yourself.

Now is the time to become a Black Light Olympian and conquer your world.

May the Black Light burn eternally, forever ascending...


Meet The Author

L The Alchemist

Modern pioneer of Black Light Alchemy and Olympian Ascent