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Ars Zoetia: The Triadic Alchemy Of Satan…
A New System Of Demonic Alchemy Delivered By Satan On Walpurgisnacht… Learn To Perform The Triadic Alchemy Of The Adversarial Mind

  •   Ars Zoetia: The Triadic Alchemy of Satan
  •   Video Course: Lifetime access to online video courses
  •   The Grand Rite of Satan: Performed on Wolf Moon, Jan 25
  •   Coauthors: E.A. Koetting & Martin McGreggor
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Sample eBook: Download a free chapter
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E.A. Koetting & Martin McGreggor

What is Ars Zoetia?
Ars Zoetia pioneers a new system of Demonic Alchemy delivered by Satan on Walpurgisnacht, as both an evolution and perversion of Ars Goetia.

How does Ars Zoetia work?
We have extracted magick elements of power from Master Demons and recombined them into entirely new demonic allies who serve you faithfully.

How do you perform Ars Zoetia?
Wield your own Alchemical Prescriptions from a Master Table of 155 Demonic Elements for unique Words of Power and Litanies. Utilize magick idolatry and pyromancy to house and deploy Master Demons.

Why perform Ars Zoetia?
Employ the Triadic Alchemy of Satan to magnify your magick and pioneer new rituals. Ars Zoetia improves real life with the most powerful Demonic Masters.


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Dear Friend,

We have discovered a new, more powerful, demonic alchemy that pioneers a paradigm shift in magick ascent, called Ars Zoetia: Triadic Alchemy of Satan.

Hi, I’m E.A. Koetting, occult author and Left Hand Path pioneer, and I am joined in this work by author, Satanist, and lifelong black magician, Martin McGreggor.

Martin and I met years ago and immediately started out on a mutual quest to Presence Satan in our lives, and to receive from Him a great work that we could deliver to the world in His name.

Where Did Ars Zoetia Come From?

On Walpurgisnacht of 2022, Satan delivered Ars Zoetia to us both, as we each sat inside of our burning Triangles of Reckoning, scribbling Satan’s dictations for the execution of His Infernal Alchemy.

For the following two years we experimented with what we had been given, turning the raw point-by-point instructions into a fully workable magickal system unlike anything that has ever existed. The rituals of Ars Zoetia are tethered to established ancient practices, but arranged in a sequence and pattern that unlocks more power — and more precision in directing that power — than any other magickal system.

Despite the complex magickal mechanics involved in this alchemy, Martin and I have successfully made it extremely simple to interface with. The step-by-step magickal process is easy to understand and can be undertaken by anyone courageous enough to put this demonic alchemy into practice.

What Is Ars Zoetia?

Zoetic Alchemy is a sorcerous art in which the essential elements of power are extracted from specific demons and recombined to form specialized infernal spells. This magickal system utilizes specific meditations, satanic pyromancy, idolatry, and demonic incantation, each practice twisted and desecrated by The Adversarial Mind.

Goetia is the magick of death. Zoetia is the magick of life!

Zoetia is not an adaptation of Goetia, but Zoetia is both a perversion and evolution of Goetia. Zoetia is a sorcerous art that harnesses the infernal power of demons and then integrates it into your personal life. Spirits are not kept at bay, but are instead consumed—internalized, so that they may work their alchemical changes from within the worker for the enhancement of life.

How Do You Perform Ars Zoetia?

Armed with Ars Zoetia, you can create your own Alchemical Prescriptions, choosing from a Master Table of 155 Demonic Elements. Through the Zoetic threefold process of alchemy — Loding, Reckoning, and Working — you merge your chosen Demonic Elements to create a new Infernal Spirit with powers and abilities that are simply inaccessible by any other means.

Why Perform Ars Zoetia?

Most importantly, Ars Zoetia is demonic magick aimed at improving your life. In fact, this is very meaning of the term Zoetic Alchemy — the Magical Process for Transformation of Life. Employ the Triadic Alchemy of Satan to magnify your magick rituals or pioneer new ritual initiations.

Let me introduce you Ars Zoetia chapter by chapter to show you the ins and outs of the new complete system of demonic alchemy.

The New Complete Master-System Of Demonic Magick And Alchemy Delivered By Satan On Walpurgisnacht With E.A. Koetting And Martin McGreggor


Chapter 1. The Preparations

E.A. Koetting starts off this chapter on the necessary preparations for Ars Zoetia by discussing his own preparations for this work, both immediately before it, as well as preparations that have been underway in his life for decades. E.A. recalls the moment that he made the choice to stand beside Satan, and all of the consequences that have arisen from that choice.

Along with his personal stories of defeat and conquest, EA shares incantations of power given to him by Satan, as well as channeled prophecies from The Devil, many of which have already been fulfilled.

Martin McGreggor lays out a rock solid case for the need to rise above the petty and pretentious rituals of the Goetia, and presents Ars Zoetia not as an alternative to Goetia, but as the natural — or supernatural — evolution of magick into the present age, with rituals that we can actually use to make real change in our lives.

Chapter 2. Directed Evolution Of Spirits

Chapter two is dedicated to Beelzebub, and specifically to Beelzebub’s insights into how and why magick is evolving, and why Ars Zoetia has now been given to mankind.

E.A. takes you through the journey that he traveled over the course of several years to come to know Beelzebub as he is… and as he is now becoming! In this chapter, E.A. shares the step-by-step instructions that he used to make a pact with Beelzebub, and provides meditations on activating the Left Eye and Right Eye of Beelzebub.

Through all that is documented in this chapter, Beelzebub is showing us, even through lending us his own eyes, through teaching us his own magick, he is showing us that absolutely everything is in the process of imminent directed evolution… even our world, even our gods, even ourselves.

Chapter 3. Triadic Reciprocity

In this chapter, Martin McGreggor presents one of the most fundamental principles of Zoetia: Triadic Reciprocity.

A triad of three is always employed in order to create a reciprocal relationship and reaction. These triads are applicable to many aspects of the Zoetic system, including spirits, incenses, offerings, and placements. Reciprocity between the triadic elements is designed to generate reactions in the ritual environment, the worker, and the spirits being called upon. Based upon mechanics found in the natural living world, the reactions elicited through these triads help produce natural changes in the worker and their works.

By understanding how each of the three components function, and therefore how they influence or are influenced by the other two, we can realize the power within all of them. Zoetia represents a comprehensive three-part methodology of spiritual alchemy, the individual components of which are highly applicable to other spiritual systems, methods, and paradigms. It is a praxis for going beyond making contact. It goes beyond the discernment of messages, and establishes a systematic process for the alchemization of Satanic guidance and influence into every aspect of life.

E.A. closes out this chapter with directions for Triadic Triangular Evocation, a unique Zoetic approach to demonic evocation that produces significantly more tangible manifestations of any spirit summoned.

Chapter 4. The Ritual Construct

In chapter four, the entire ritual construct for Ars Zoetia is detailed, from start to finish. Each of the elements of Zoetic ritual are thoroughly explained, every necessary tool is named and described, and directions are given for each stage of the process, so that you can confidently construct and successfully execute your own personally-designed Grand Rite of Zoetia!

Chapter 5. The Zoetic Alchemy Of Satan

Chapter five takes all that has been constructed and prepared in the previous chapter and brings it all together in a fiery Grand Rite of Zoetia, in which the idols are incinerated, and the demonic spirit released then enters a flaming Triangle of Reckoning, in which the Sorcerer stands and receives the full power of the working.

In this chapter, the full Zoetic Process is outlined in 6 easy-to-follow steps.

Also given in this chapter is a concordance of the most powerful days and times for Zoetic Alchemy, Zoetic Holidays, Oaths and Pacts, and how to observe Signs and Omens related to your working.

Chapter 6. Table Of Zoetic Elements

This chapter provides the Table of Zoetic Elements. This is a table of 155 Demonic Essences, all of them extracted from the demons of The Goetia as well as other demons, and filtered through strange processes of ciphering and deciphering. Each element represents a specific power or spiritual essence, and contains a unique name. These names are powerful in themselves, whether spoken or even silently meditated upon, they instantly awaken The Dark Force special to that element. When combined in Zoetic Alchemy, these elements merge to create a new Daemon whose entire existence is to bring you that which you have wished for.

Chapter 7. Inverse Transcendental Meditation

In their own initial experiments with Ars Zoetia, both E.A. and Martin discovered a unique form of meditation that is essential for Zoetia, but can also be used in countless other spiritual and occult applications. This meditation inverts the traditional Transcendental Meditation Process, giving you the ability to create an infinite wellspring of energy inside of your own body! Every possible instruction for this meditation is given, along with examples of mantras and incantations that you can pair with your meditation practice.

Chapter 8. The Dragon’s Gift Egg

E.A. Koetting details his very first prescription of Zoetic Alchemy, to receive The Dragon’s Gift Egg. E.A. uses this recounting as an opportunity to illustrate the Zoetic Process in application, revealing not only the successes but also the stumbles that he experienced as he worked the bugs out of the system for the very first time.

Chapter 9. Zoetic Words Of Power

Martin McGreggor explores the theory and the practical application of Zoetic Words of Power, sharing his experiences and experiments with the formula of “Kuzumatokimin” to cultivate The Hunter’s Unequivocable Touch, and “Tokkilariz” to invoke Energy for the Smooth Completion of the Course. Martin exposes the inner engineering of the creation of Zoetic Words of Power.

Chapter 10. A Suffocating Spiritual Darkness

E.A. shares his gripping story of how he materialized A Suffocating Spiritual Darkness as only his second Zoetic Prescription, “Awip Az Akin,” and gives you his entire formula along with complete instructions on how to tap into a Dark Force blacker and more powerful than anything he has ever encountered before. Along with instructions on using this formula in standard Zoetic rites, E.A. also gives a three-step instruction on employing a Staff of Power to transmit The Dark Force.

Chapter 11. Zoetic Litanies

Litanies are constructed from numerous strings of triadic Zoetic combinations. They are formed directly from the table of Zoetic spirits, and workers utilize their own discernment and intuition to fill in the contextual meaning between the spirits. In this way, the spirits are not bound to a single interpretation of their meaning, and the worker is able to tailor each Litany specific to their own practice, beliefs, and purpose. Even the structure and order of Zoetic combinations can be altered and designed to fit a worker’s interpretations and purposes for a specific prescription or Litany.

Every detail needed for the creation and oration of Litanies is provided in chapter eleven, along with examples of Litanies that have been tested and proven effective.

Chapter 12. Litany Of Vengeance

Chapter twelve is a brief chapter in which E.A. Koetting shares his Zoetic formula for baneful magick, The Litany of Vengeance. E.A. gives the Words of Power and Demonic Litany that he created as the ultimate invocation of malevolence and bane.

Chapter 13. Foundational Zoetic Alchemy

In chapter thirteen, Martin McGreggor provides full instructions for three prescriptions, designed to be completed over the course of one Zoetic calendar year. While not necessarily a requirement for Zoetic work, completing this initial triad of prescriptions will prepare the alchemist physically, mentally, and spiritually for the rigors of further work, as well as initiate them in the Zoetic process in a structured manner.

Chapter 14. Loded Prescriptions

In the final chapter of Ars Zoetia, E.A. Koetting shares 18 prescriptions that he created for his own Sorceries. These are Loded and ready for use right away, although it is recommended that you undergo the entire Zoetic process to fully unlock and connect with The Dark Force behind each prescription and litany.

 Authors E.A. Koetting & Martin McGreggor Show You How To Perform The Zoetic Alchemy Step By Step With Recorded Rituals And Commentary In A 6-Hour Masterclass

Accompanying this groundbreaking compendium is our fully-integrated Zoetic Alchemy video training course.

Martin McGreggor and I, E.A. Koetting, brought all of our individual research, rituals, and practices of Ars Zoetia and we put them to the test together in person. Live in high definition, Martin and I design a unique prescription of power and demonic litany, we create and consecrate a perverse idol and stone seals which we ignite within the Circle of Sacrifice, and step into the burning Triangle of Reckoning together.

Every single step of the Zoetic Process is filmed, demonstrated, and thoroughly discussed, so that you will know exactly how to work every ritual, how to walk every step, and why each aspect of the Zoetic Process is required.

This video training course features over 5 hours of mesmerizing live ritual, step-by-step in depth instructions and demonstrations, and exhaustive discussions throughout.

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Receive the new complete master-system of demonic alchemy, Ars Zoetia, delivered by Satan with authors E.A. Koetting and Martin McGreggor in either black leather or black cloth hardback. For far too long, you have focused on transcendental realms, afterlife mythologies, and denial of the flesh. It has become time for the magick alchemy of Ars Zoetia to improve your REAL LIFE in this incarnation.

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Receive the new complete master-system of demonic alchemy delivered by Satan with authors E.A. Koetting and Martin McGreggor in either black leather or black cloth hardback.

  1. The new grimoire, Ars Zoetia, in either black leather or black cloth edition in hardback.

Too Long You Have Focused On Transcendent Realms, Afterlives, And Denial Of The Flesh… The Magick Alchemy Of Ars Zoetia Will Improve Your REAL LIFE In This Incarnation

In Ars Zoetia: Triadic Alchemy of Satan, I reveal my first ever experiments with the ascendant demonic magick of Zoetic Alchemy, introduce you to the Prescriptions and Words of Power, and disclose the most powerful discoveries and innovations from performing pyromantic sorcery and blasphemous idolatry with them.

We seek not to conjure Master Demons before us to be commanded. We desire their heat on our necks and their knees on our backs, pushing us forward into the unknown.

Connect with demons using a magickal system that honors the Infernal Lords rather than threatening and abusing them. You will find no protection circles or banishing rituals here, only the fires of transfiguration.

Too many magickal systems are focused on transcendental realms, afterlife mythologies, and denial of the flesh. Ars Zoetia is a magick and alchemy aimed at improving your real life, increasing your power and your capability, and putting the demons to work at turning your world into a paradise of your own choosing.

Meet The Author

E.A. Koetting & Martin McGreggor

Two coauthors of the new guide to the Zoetic Alchemy of Satan — top black magicians E.A. Koetting and Martin McGreggor pioneer the newest magick of eternal ascent.