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Jumpstart Your Dark Spiritual Ascent With The Best Handbook On Performing Black Magick For Serious Beginners… Discover Humanity’s Most Liberating, Empowering & Rewarding Spirituality

  •   The Black Magician's Handbook: Hardback grimoire
  •   The Black Magician's Q&A: Lifetime online access
  •   Author: Conner Kendall
  •   Foreword: E.A. Koetting
  •   Cover: Juan J. Padron
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Sample eBook: Introduction
  •   Global Shipping: Ships within 5 business days
Conner Kendall

In The Black Magician's Handbook, you'll learn...

New magicians always ask me, "Conner, what's the best book on black magick for beginners?"

Jumpstart your eternal ascent with the BEST handbook on performing black magick for serious beginners. Discover humanity’s most liberating, empowering, and rewarding spirituality with my new guide to the Left Hand Path for new magicians.

  • Foreword by author E.A. Koetting
  • Ch. 1 - The Foundation of the Black Magician
  • Ch. 2 - Beginning to Walk the Sorcerous Path
  • Ch. 3 - The Protective Fortress of the Dark Magi
  • Ch. 4 - Ignite the Ancient Powers of Sorcery
  • Ch. 5 - The Temple of the Otherworld Awaits
  • Ch. 6 - The Spells & Rites of the Black Magician
  • Ch. 7 - Symbols of Sorcerous Power & Potential
  • Ch. 8 - No Sacred Cows & Forsaking Dogma


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  • The Black Magician’s Handbook – Hardback Grimoire
  • The Black Magician’s Q&A – Featuring E.A. Koetting
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  • Hardback Grimoire
  • 236 Pages
  • First Edition

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The Black Magician's Handbook in laminated hardback and video course, both by Conner Kendall and featuring E.A. Koetting.

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Dear Friend,

Every day, I receive frequently asked questions from new aspiring magicians on my TikTok and Discord accounts.

In fact, I have received one same question in particular almost every day from the moment that I released my first breakthrough grimoire on dark necromantic ascent, The Necromancer: Path of the Descended Masters.

Both young and old alike, new magicians always ask me...

Conner, what is the best book for me to get started with Black Magick? What is the best introduction to the Left Hand Path? Where can I learn the need-to-know essentials in one place?

Truthfully, for years I never quite knew the exactly right answer. Of course, I always urge new magicians to study The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting and any grimoires by authors with Become A Living God. However, over time it became my passionate mission to author the world's BEST handbook on black magick for serious beginners to immediately jumpstart their lifelong spiritual ascent — no previous knowledge or experience required.

You see, few to no helpful introductions exist on Black Magick and the Left Hand Path in general for a very specific reason. It's not a conspiracy per se, it's just capitalism. Traditionally, mainstream printing houses and book chains have never carried demonic grimoires on hardcore black magick, because it would terrify vanilla religious people, i.e., the majority of the population. Do not forget, Western religions have criminalized magick and persecuted witches for millennia.

With the rise of the internet, pioneering black magicians like me and E.A. Koetting have smashed the "glass ceiling" on demonology and "come out of the closet" on living openly as sorcerers. We do not hide in the shadows, we do not study in secrecy, we do not perform ritual in fear any longer.

Dear reader, you look at the first and earliest generations of truly free black magicians. And it has become high time that you receive the best, most complete introduction to sorcery — an all-in-one handbook that you literally cannot find in any corporate book chain, or anywhere else.


Contained herein is the introductory piece of this written work, conveying the exact reason this book was made. What one can expect from practically applying the information, and more can be found within this opening section.

Why The Left Hand Path & Black Magick?

Here in this section I break found why black magick and the left hand path truly is the most liberating, rewarding and empowering spiritual path. Whilst simultaneously explaining the origin of the terms 'left hand path' and 'right hand path'. This eye opening information reveals and sheds light on all that should be known before stepping upon the path.

What Is A Black Magician?

What is a black magician, why become a black magician and what is the spiritual phenomenon that is 'the black magician'.

Chapter 1. The Foundation Of The Black Magician

In the first chapter we dive into the practical required and necessary applicable skills that the black magician should have, along with a variety of techniques and methods to work on these skills. These skills serve the black magician well ensuring that even the newest of beginners can apply these skills to any and every magickal workings they may have in the future, for guaranteed results.

You'll see straight to the point instructions and guides on energy sensitivity and manipulation, auric awareness, the mechanics and utilization of the spiritual/astral senses. Along with the key to trance work going deeper into altered states of awareness and consciousness. Take control of the energy within and around you, open your spiritual eyes and ears, fall through the rings of reality in trance and begin to hear the voices of spirits echoing from beyond.

Chapter 2. Beginning To Walk The Crooked Sorcerous Path

Step upon the sorcerous and magickal path and learn self initiation, begin connecting with the ancient powers of magick. Learn methods of consecration, banishing, cleansing, and uncover secret sorcerous recipes and concoctions. Begin awakening the powers of magick within you and within your temple/ritual space, imbue every candle, athame and ritualistic tool with its own unique power and function. Magick is alive and now you begin to use this living omnipresent force in a very real and tangible way.

Through these methods one will not only learn how to activate and awaken dormant physical objects with power, but simultaneously how to push unwanted spiritual energies/entities/forces from yourself, objects and any location/area with unbelievable ease and precision.

Chapter 3. The Fortress Of The Dark Magi: Magickal Defense & Protection

As you embark further in your magickal development one must fortify their spiritual protections and defenses from the many dangers that lurk around us at all times. Learn how to keep your household energetically/spiritually cleansed and protected. Call upon the spiritual forces of protection to envelop and encapsulate you through invocation techniques of bringing the power of Asaruludu, the Ancient Sumerian and Akkadian spirit of perfect protection and safety. In order to fortify and solidify one's own personal defenses and protections.

Learn a secret ritual given to me by an ascended master on how to adorn yourself in a spiritual armor, unlike any other kind of protection you're ever likely to come across. Simultaneously you'll learn the spiritual/magickal art of warding and shielding. Creating energetic and astral barriers/wards and shields around oneself, loved ones, objects and even areas.

Chapter 4. Ignite The Ancient Powers Of Magick & Sorcery

Contained herein this section are important pieces of information, such as specific spiritual principles which are fundamental to one's own life, development, ascent and spiritual growth. Simultaneously learn the methods of candle magick to manifest one's own desires through the gateway of fire and flame. You'll find step-by-step techniques, methods and a full breakdown of the two summoning magickal branches referred to as evocation and invocation.

These invocation and evocation methods are truly universally applied meaning the same method can be applied to summon literally anything. Demons, angels, jinns, elementals, planetary and elemental beings, gods, goddesses, spirits and so much more. There is also a potent preliminary invocation to be performed to prepare the magician to become 'the divine operator' filling them with a substantial amount of spiritual energy, power and authority for the greatest of magick. For in that temporal moment the human magician is transfigured and acts as the divine architect and rearranges reality in any shape or way that they desire.

Chapter 5. The Temple Of The Otherworld Awaits You

In this section I touch on soul travel, the spiritual science and art of leaving the body and traversing all the spiritual realms, planes, dimensions and words. I demystify this spiritual science and simultaneously clear up the misconceptions. One here will learn about the subtle bodies, the spiritual planes (spiritual cosmology).

Herein are a variety of methods and techniques to prepare the traveller and every fibre of their being to take flight into the eternal spiritual landscape which awaits them. Uncover secret gateways into the spiritual planes and learn the methods of activating and traveling into them.

Simultaneously learn the magick one can perform in these other planes such as building your astral temple, astral shape-shifting. Explore the akashic records, exercise the powers of attraction in the casual plane to rearrange physical reality. In the mental plane become the eternal mind and manifest from the powers of thought front the mental plane directly into the physical. Enter into outer darkness and call forth any and all devils, demons and infernal denizens to commune with you, revealing their secrets and so much more.

Chapter 6. The Spells & Rites Of The Black Magician

Learn how to create what's known as a 'magickal board' which acts as the most customizable, creative and powerful spiritual altar there is. Learn methods of money magick which utilizes the elemental/planetary power of the earth to unearth riches, create abundance, success and wealth. Wield the powers of love magick, through these sorcerous rites and spells, beauty, attraction, lust and magnetism shall be at your disposal to use however you see fit. Create a concoction referred to as 'The Essence Of Magnetism & Attraction' a powerful love magick tool in add into any magicians arsenal.

Call upon the ancient goddess Astarte for a ritual for self love to recover from low self-esteem, insecurity, negativity and heal from trauma through this magnificent ritual. Uncover my newest and improved version of one of my most successful rituals known as The Rite of the Heartagram calling upon the powers of love and unity, in order to create a romantic/sexual union between any two individuals of your choosing.

Learn how to destroy and remove any barrier and blockage of any kind, be it spiritual or even physical with the power of the ancient demonic King Vine, in order to surpass any restrictions, boundaries and limitations in your life.

Wield the powers of baneful magick, uncover the secret recipe of my baneful elixir, the most powerful baneful concoction. Learn methods of chakra poisoning and how to destroy your targets either mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically, coalescing the destructive powers of both Abaddon the destroyer and Beelzebub the lord of flies, for untold annihilation to befall your target. Tap into the power of the dark emotional spectrum, for limitless baneful applications, all of this and more revealed herein.

Chapter 7. Symbols Of Sorcerous Power & Potential

In this section we touch on a variety of sigillic, talismanic, symbols of sorcerous and magickal power. Each one of them with an array of magickal functions, unique energies, powers and array of different applications. Which are guaranteed to improve, empower and radically enhance the magick contained therein. Wield the powers of every qliphothic host, the dark goddess, the queen's of hell, the powers of the void, secret beasts older than the sands of time. Expansion of consciousness, empowerment, consecration, vortices of sexual power. Visions, prophecy, demonic communion, qliphothic immersion, reinforced willpower and so much more can be achieved through these symbols of sorcerous power.

Chapter 8. No Sacred Cows & Forsaking Dogmatic Traditions

Each and every black magician out there that is paving their path, each magician out there who wields the scepter of black magick, each one who rouses forth the powers of darkness and the infernal. Whether knowingly or unknowingly is engaging in unity at global black alchemy. We are literally terraforming the infernal empire here upon the face of the earth, by opening these gateways in between the worlds we are effectively reclaiming our own power and are initiating change in some pretty major ways.

In this chapter, I debunk the old age, nonsensical, and superstitious grimoires of old. Debunking and conveying the obvious fact of their impracticality, their limitations and how this is the practical age of magick, so burn your useless grimoires in the new age magicians liberation from the past. You'll also discover 'magick without tools' how you can without any item, ingredient or material raise your energy and power and create true change and alterations of your own intent and desire.

Learn methods of removing potential negativity, hexes, curses and utilize this uncrossing magick to free yourself and liberate yourself now. Apply the practice of spiritual bathing into your routine, along with a secret concoction applicable for a weekly or monthly spiritual maintenance routine. Free yourself from the spiritual shackles of religious oppression and tyranny, renounce the false troll golem god. Break the astral chains placed upon you by religious conversion, indoctrination and rites such as baptism. Call upon the qliphothic rulers Naamah, Lilith, Samael, Adrammelech, Bael, Belphegor, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Belial, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Satan and Moloch. In order to retrieve one's own soul, potential and the true divine power that lurks within you. Revel in the glory of the infernal forces of liberation and become the only divine authority in your own life. All of this and much more can be found In the section of this work.

You're Going To Learn Thousands Of Closely Guarded Secrets In "The Black Magician's Handbook" That Unleash The Hidden Powers Within You...

In The Black Magician's Handbook, I have cram-packed as much priceless knowledge as I could to give you the ultimate everything-you-need-to-know experience. You truly are going to learn thousands of closely guarded secrets, breakthrough lessons, and powerful rituals to unlock your ascent with Black Magick. You can find a fraction of these below...

  • Finally see, hear, feel, and smell spirits and spiritual reality without long tedious methods.
  • Evoke and invoke any spirit, deity and entity of your choosing.
  • Destroy any physical or spiritual blockage with the power of King Vine.
  • Learn crucial and successful methods for the deepest trance to take you further into the magickal mysteries.
  • Call upon the powers of Abaddon and Beelzebub to poison the chakras of your enemies for their complete annihilation.
  • Uncover secret recipes of talismanic concoctions, banishing elixir, oil of consecration, baneful elixir, magnetism essence and so much more.
  • Leave your physical body and journey into the infinite planes of existence beyond our own.
  • Learn the core fundamental skills and ritual arts crucial to awaken the true power of your magick development.
  • Adorn yourself in spiritual armor made from literal fragments of divinity for unfathomable spiritual protection.
  • Learn important methods of spiritual hygiene of the self, ritual area, and the sanctity of one's own home.
  • Discover methods of astral shapeshifting and building your own astral temple.
  • Discover never-before-seen sigils, talismans, and spiritual gateways to add into your own magickal arsenal.
  • Perform The Rite of the Heartagram to summon the powers of love and attraction for powerful results in your love magick.
  • Easy and effective sigil magick for straight-to-the-point results in one's own magickal desires.
  • Methods of uncrossing and hex-breaking to remove any magickal attack, binding or curse placed upon you.
  • Take back your own power and disconnect from the influence of the false god by performing The Rite of Reclaiming Your Power & Soul embrace individuality and the divine power that lays therein.
  • Warp internal and external energy at will with unbelievable ease.
  • Important metaphysical, spiritual, and magickal principles for the aspiring magician to know when traversing upon their path.
  • Create a Magickal Board — a more powerful and creative variation of an altar for the amplification of the power from your own rituals and spells.
  • Meditations and exercises to expand awareness, raise energy and direct raw tangible internal power.
  • Believe me, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and you will discover a colossal grimoire beneath...

Watch An Uncensored Question-And-Answer Through “The Black Magician’s Handbook” Page By Page With Top Sorcerer E.A. Koetting And The Author Conner Kendall Online

World-pioneering black magicians, E.A. Koetting and Conner Kendall, hop into a "deep dive" through the true story, real background, and uncensored magick revealed in The Black Magician's Handbook. This question-and-answer consists of three sections.

In Section One, the two black magicians discuss the secret origins of his grimoire: why he wrote it, what he hopes for its reception, and what some of his initial inspirations were, as well as how his book is perfect for beginners and adepts. We discuss the integration of magickal technologies like radionics, along with traditional practices like channelling, magickal visualization, and developing self-trust.

In Section Two, Conner clarifies attunement with primitive energies, and presents his Ladder of Practices that will lead the magician to success. In this section, the authors establish a cohesive vocabulary of magickal terms and understandings, as well as look into the inner mechanisms of how to get magick to work every time.

In Section Three, Conner and E.A. debate the concepts of magick as an expression of the self, versus magick as a tool of the will, and we find many points in which both concepts converge and align. We also address the growing concerns of Archons becoming hostile and aggressive towards magicians, counterbalancing superstitious god-blaming against self-determinism and godlike responsibility over our own realities. This only gives you a sneak peek into the full-length of breakthrough material that arises out of the uncensored question-and-answer.

Order "The Black Magician's Handbook" Right Now And Get The First Edition Hardback AND Q&A Video Course At 47% Off

  The Black Magician's Handbook 1st edition, graphic hardback, 236 p.
  The Black Magician's Q&A Lifetime access to online material
  Global Shipping Ships within 5 business days

Unlock the newest, most innovative, most complete guide to performing modern Black Magick filled with secrets from ancient civilizations of world history through today. Whether beginner or advanced, discover humanity's most liberating, empowering, and rewarding spirituality to JUMPSTART the next stage of your Dark Ascent right now.

When you place your order for The Black Magician's Handbook and Q&A Companion together, you automatically get $129 off to save 47%. Every individual copy of this hardback prints on demand within four business days, and ships in mint condition internationally. Of course, you'll receive the online Q&A video course immediately.

Modern Pioneer Of Demonic Sorcery, E.A. Koetting, Reveals Why He LOVED The Black Magician's Handbook And Shares Final Advice To The New Adept

Conner Kendall’s The Black Magician’s Handbook serves as a complete manual on the practical applications of ritual magick, the development of the magickal self, and various rites of Ascent and transcendence.

My initial statement on this text must be one of congratulations and admiration for the author, Conner Kendall, for having completed such a task.

What the reader must understand is that this very text does not only represent a transmission of arcane knowledge and the fundamental processes of attaining that knowledge directly; no, this text represents at an even deeper level the author’s completion of a very specific, secret, and nearly unattainable Magickal Initiation.

Conner Kendall may or may not understand the gravity of what this text represents, but I see it as a clear stake in the ground. Conner has successfully laid out his vision of what the Black Magician can become, paired with specific instructions on how they can become it.

My final word of advice before you dive headlong into the mouth of abandonment is this: from one Black Magician to another, do not simply read this book, but as you read allow Conner’s words to take your soul on a journey into the Underworld, and let his words pull you into the heights of Lucifer’s Light. There is much hidden here, revealed in his words, and even more to be revealed beneath the spirit of his words.

I will see you in The Black Magician's Handbook to fly into the Otherworld together...

Darkest Blessings,

Meet The Author

Conner Kendall

Conner Kendall became a black magician upon discovering the Spirit World as a child. He has dedicated his life to demonology, necromancy, Luciferianism, Satanism, the Ahrimanic and Adversarial currents. C. Kendall aspires to liberate himself and his fellow brothers and sisters of humankind, to shatter the shackles of slavery, kill the false prophetic gurus, and push forth a new era of innovation and evolution.