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You’re About To Learn Secrets That Most Magicians Will Never Know About Spirits Of The Dead… Learn To Perform Rituals To Master The Crossroads Of The Afterlife With The Gods And Goddess Of Death

  •   THE NECROMANCER: Path of the Descended Masters
  •   DEATH MAGICK: 3-hour Q&A course with Conner & E.A. Koetting
  •   Author: Conner Kendall
  •   Illustrator: Aserial Krabat
  •   Cover: Juan Padron
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Copyeditor: Orlee Stewart
  •   Sample eBook: Ch. 2 - The Foundations of Necromantic Preparation
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Conner Kendall

In THE NECROMANCER, you will learn...

  • Dangers of necromancy & proven safeguards
  • How to construct and consecrate high-powered Tools of Death, Altar & Temple
  • Traditional, necromantic, and hybrid approaches to gnosis with Santa Muerte, Saint of Death
  • Recipe for the Necromantic Elixir of Azrael
  • Science of utilizing necromantic Spirit Traps
  • Blood Moon Invocation of Death Queen, Az Jahi
  • 5 gnosis initiations with Az Jahi and Druj Nasu
  • Azazel, Abaddon & Beelzebub's death magick rituals and Azazel's "Devil Masks"
  • Eye of Death with Anuas the Descended Master
  • Vessels to summon the Devouring Jinns & Nergal
  • Ereshkigal's Rites of Exorcism for Dead Spirits
  • Necromantic Yoga & Black Steeple Meditation to magnify vital prana power


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  • The Necromancer – Hardback Grimoire
  • Death Magick – Video Course
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  • Hardback Grimoire
  • 305 Pages
  • First Edition

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"THE NECROMANCER" in laminated hardback and "DEATH MAGICK" streaming online, both by Conner Kendall and featuring E.A. Koetting

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Peer Reviews

  • This grimoire is a first of its kind, a single tome that explores nearly everything imaginable for the application and exploration of death magick, the underworld, and the arts of necromancy. As the author digs deep into each topic it becomes clear that he is willing to travel to regions within his psyche and within the spiritual dimensions that nearly anyone else would be paralyzed by, and from his reports on his experiences it is also clear that it would be an incorrect assumption to think that he does not fear these things, but rather that he fears them deeply, to the core, and it pushes his obsession even further.

    E.A. Koetting, author of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers
  • Conner Kendall’s book on necromancy provides a creative and unconventional approach to those who are serious practitioners of the death current and it also introduces new students to the world of the dead. In his book, Conner reveals countless rituals and personal techniques from his extensive experiences working with the dead and various spirits and gods of dearth. This book is not for the faint of heart as in editing the text, I was visited by terrifying spirits that dwell within this tome by simply reading it. It contains more than the average grimoire as Conner shares his real life experiences of traveling and exploring the world of death, a testament to the incredible secrets of power which await those who are willing to transcend through the dark and dirty horrors of necromancy. This book will unlock dark worlds that are for the brave and those who wish to overcome and gain power from our greatest fear: death.

    Orlee Stewart, author of Tarot Mastery Course
  • C.Kendall has created a true masterpiece & guidebook about real Necromantic sorcery that has never been written before in all of human history. And I'm not just saying that because I want you to buy it. If you are interested in the death current and you care about your personal development as a practitioner of the LHP, You need to invest into yourself by getting your hands on this book. Conner has written the most authentic Grimoire of necromancy, cutting out unnecessary page-fillers & bullshit, cutting right to the chase by giving you the tools and techniques necessary to usher in your path of apotheosis with the descended masters.

    Aserial Krabat, featured illustrator

Dear Friend,

Death scares every mortal human, even the strongest black magician.

Death remains the ultimate mystery to the uninitiated. Does life exist after death? Can you contact spirits of the dead? Can a black magician or witch summon the forces of death magick to accelerate their ascent toward immortality in life?

Early on in my magick journey, I discovered a couple priceless epiphanies that revolutionized my pathworking with Necromancy forever...

  • What if you became magick allies with the Gods & Goddess of Death instead of alienating and hating them?
  • What if you entered into magick gnosis with the Death Current, instead of fearing and fleeing from it?
  • What if you became the MASTER of death itself, would you not become the MASTER of life too?

The Gods and Goddesses of Death referred to Necromancy as The Path of the Descended Masters.

I walk you through my new grimoire, The Necromancer, chapter by chapter below in order to introduce you to the life-changing magick you will learn.


Contained herein the introduction is some background into myself as well as what led me to this path.

Ch. 1 - Dangers Of Necromancy

In the first chapter we decipher the dark and treacherous art of necromancy. We analyze the assumptions that practitioners of magick face when beginning their journey into the world of death. We explore the lies and misconceptions that surround this practice in a wicked veil of forbidden sorcery. We also will uncover the real dangers that are hidden within this mysterious current, why dangerous scenarios can occur, and how to deal with them in order to learn how to traverse this perilous path and harness the power of necromancy for dark ascent. This chapter also uncovers the necromantic essence known as death essence. We learn of its beneficial and negative roles in necromantic sorcery, how to deal master working with death essence, how to intensify one's own spiritual immunity through it, and the alchemical transmutation of the brotherhood of the black and white cloth.

Ch. 2 - The Foundation Of Necromantic Preparation

In this second chapter, I reveal the process of rising from a place of desperation to the path of the necromancer. Herein are the preparations that the walker of this path will need to perform. This chapter contains the preliminary invocation, necromantic baptism, creation of the necromantic altar, construction of the necromantic nexus, and necromantic devotion to the trinity of the saint, the angel and the goddess of death. This chapter contains the necessary methods to prepare the internal self for the energies, powers, forces and magick contained within this current of death.

Once the internal and external preparations are made, I provide prayers one can use to invite these forces to invade you and your life, creating the ultimate spark to ignite this whole process. These are all valid preparations that were delivered to me by the descended master Anuas through my journey with him.

Ch. 3 - Tools Of Death

The aspiring necromancer will discover innovative tools for the current of death, and how to construct, consecrate and activate them. We discuss the Blade of Death, the ritualistic dagger as an externalization of the necromancer and the powers they wield. This chapter also reveals the Skull of Death ritual relic, a ritualistic idol which will be the centerpiece of the dead altar, acting as a necromantic vessel for all the powers, energies and forces that the necromancer will encounter and work with. I also provide an invocation of the powers of death. Contained in this chapter is also a game changing evocation of Azrael, the Angel of Death. Azrael delivers his gnosis on the book of Dead Names, and how the necromancer may gain their very own name to become receptive and open to these forces, and awaken the true necromancer within.

Ch. 4 - Santa Muerte: Working With The Saint Of Death

Now we will learn about Santa Muerte, the Saint and Archangel of Death. I explain the symbolism of her various robes and iconography, all of which are significant in working with this extremely powerful spirit of death itself. Covered here are various methods one can choose as their approach to work with her in their necromantic practice, a traditional approach, the necromantic approach, and the hybrid approach. I will teach you how to create your own Santa Muerte oil that is used for working with her, how to create your own prayer beads for her and how to consecrate them, information on prayers, offerings that are appropriate for Santa Muerte, and spells for love, money, destruction of enemies, and more.

Ch. 5 - Azrael: The Death Current

This chapter opens up with the teachings of Azrael’s sorcery, starting with the concoction known as the Necromantic Elixir. I explain why you should create it, the potent power contained within it and how to apply it into your practice. In this chapter is a Saturnian invocation that is geared towards removing the limitations of the rising necromancer, breaking the shackles of your limitations and restrictions, as well as devious spirit traps for the more lethal and less cooperative spirits. This chapter teaches how to trap a wandering shade spirit, empower it and work with it. I share my ritual called the Rite of the Dead Soul, which Azrael gave me for the sake of igniting the true potential of the necromancer, reaping intense spiritual empowerment to bring you one step closer to the state of necromantic godhood. This is followed by a list of very powerful necromantic spirits, their sigils, names and the unique method for evoking these spirits. Following that are various documented journeys through many different underworlds and abodes of death, and my encounters with the spirit San’sanunar. This chapter contains a catalogue of necromantic spirits that I have discovered, their names, sigils, attributes, and methods for evoking them.

Ch. 6. - Az Jahi: The Dark Goddess, Queen Of Death, Destruction, Vampirism & Darkness

Chapter six opens with my Blood Moon invocation, a documented evocation of Az Jahi, and an aligning ritual with this dark goddess called the Kiss of Az Jahi. I provide invocations of The Druj Nasu, the dark Legion of Decay. Included are instructions for crafting the Decaying Candle to cause a massive decay of every fiber of your target. Following this is a baneful curse, titled The Baneful Droning Infection. Learn the crooked method of lucid dreaming with the Druj Nasu known as The Druj Larvae Dreaming Method. Learn to travel the spiritual world through the dreamscape, to obtain revelations and prophecy, to enhance your spiritual faculties and commune with this Legion.

Ch. 7 - Initiations Of The Master Necromancers

Contained in this chapter are five initiations for the necromancer to pass through the gates of the Death Goddess, to be bestowed the dark blessings of the Blood Moon, and the current of death using the powers of the power of Az Jahi, Druj Nasu and  Astwihad. Each initiation will cause internal and external alterations of the flesh, to transform, liberate and empower the aspiring necromancer. Afterwards, I give the reader my own personal insights on living as a necromancer throughout your daily life. Then I share an exercise called The Steadiness of the Storm meditation, to withstand a balanced and grounded state no matter what comes your way, making you a literal immovable object. This meditation is essential for necromancers to ensure the forces of death do not destroy nor harm you, you will instead maintain your place in the center of this storm.

Ch. 8 - The Infernal Book Of Necromancy, A.K.A. The Demonic Grimoire Of Death

In this chapter we dive deep into infernal necromantic sorcery, working with Azazel, Abaddon and Beelzebub. Included here are powerful demonic invocations. We learn how to create what Azazel calls Devil Masks and how to use them in rituals. I share my Rite of Infernal Destruction, a fierce baneful ritual wherein you constrain the evoked spirit of the actual target of the curse into a triangle, binding them and utterly annihilating them as they become obliterated by the might of your sorcery and Abaddon. I also share how you can call on Abaddon’s destructive abilities for actual beneficial change in your life. Beelzebub appears in this chapter as the Grand Dark Defiler and I give you a ritual which I gained from him during my Gatekeeper pathworking which was never previously released. This ritual creates an alchemical ignition within what he calls The Body of the Living Death God. I also include his infamously powerful chant of Dark Defilement called the Song of Rot, which one can use in a variety of ways for drastic control, power and alteration of any situation for toxic liberation. This chapter also contains a guided meditation with The Lord of Flies, The Rite of The Profane Virus, where Beelzebub allows the necromancer to blossom from the kingdom of putrefaction to increase one's own spiritual immunity to nasty energies and death essence, to give into the spiritual putrefaction and reap benefits from it for your dark power.

Ch. 9 - Anuas: The Dark Descended Master

Here we shall become initiated into the magick of this Descended Master. Learn how to open an acausal gateway through the black sun, and how to enter the dark council of the other descended masters. In this work with Anuas, you’ll learn about the Timeless Iris, the Eye of Death. How to see past the illusions of living, the illusions of reality, expanding your understanding and awareness. Along with another meditative exercise, you’ll also learn how to construct the external Timeless Iris, a ritual relic which acts as a scrying device of the necromancer, a medium to commune with the dead and various ways to use it. Learn how to create portals into other underworlds, domains, and spiritual abodes. Anuas teaches us an alternative method that the necromancer can use to travel into other realms, through portal jars as well as an incense concoction known as The Compelling Scent For The Dead, which is used to bring forth the shades, to incite the spirits of the dead to flock and gravitate to you, along with a ritual to raise the dead from their slumbering graves. This chapter also includes an intense rite to conjure literal Legions of the dead for causing drastic change in your life.

Ch. 10 - The Devouring Jinns Of Death

In this chapter I document my journey of traveling through an Arabian desert, where I met two Arabic men who worked with the Jinn, self-proclaimed Jinn masters and my introduction into the world of the Jinn. Herein are also the several races of the Jinn and information that I provide to the aspiring necromancer on how to work with them. I share my personal experiences of this incredible and insightful journey, as well as what I learned about the nature of the Jinn, the various races of Jinn, and how to contact the Jinn and summon them into vessels. I also discuss the nature of the Qareen, your inner Jinn, how to contact it and the benefits in doing so. In this tome is the forgotten tongue of the Jinn, and I explain how to use these incantations to heal, to cause chaos and discord, to cause lust and love, vampirism and bring forth wealth.

This chapter also contains a renunciation rite, an act of blasphemy used to incite these Jinn and undo the dogmatic religious shackles upon you. I also provide a method called Dark Isolation to commune with the Jinn, and summon the Jinns of the death current into a vessel.

Ch. 11 - Nergal: The Ancient Mesopotamian God Of War & Death

We dive into working with the mighty and lethal Nergal and how to construct a tablet vessel for Nergal, consecrate it and use it for magick rituals and methods with him. I also document my experiences in evocation with Nergal and my soul travel journey through the Netherworld. We learn to work with this ancient Mesopotamian God of death and war, creating and consecrating the tablet vessel for Nergal himself using ancient tablet idolatry and prayer to commune with him. Along with invocations, incantations and how one can utilize the powerful ancient method of prayer to actually cause real manifestation and change in the world. You will also be taught how to call on the inferior demons of Nergal to harness their power in your world, and call on Nergal’s armies so they may serve you with Nergal’s blessing as they would serve him. Perform the invocation of the spirit of battle, the invocation of the Lord of Plague, in order to assume his various attributes within yourself to destroy your enemies without mercy with this baneful magick of ancient warfare.

Ch. 12 - Ereshkigal: The Queen Of Death & Consort Of Nergal

This chapter contains my recorded experiences with Ereshkigal. I explain how to summon this mighty goddess forth, and how to exercise the spirits of the dead by her aid. With her we learn how to exorcise the dead and all types of spirits, using the methods of the Queen of Death, calling upon her expelling hands, along with methods of necromantic healing. I also discuss the piercing hook of the underworld, and the actual myth of Inanna’s descent into the underworld. Construct the physical embodiment of the Hook of Irkalla, a ritualistic tool that is gifted unto the necromancers who work with Ereshkigal. Learn my methods to summon the spirit of the living to manifest before you, use this hook relic to dominate your target, destroy their spiritual body, bind them and enslave them, leading your target to their damnation.

Ch. 13 - The New Era Of Necromancy & Death Magick

This chapter covers the new era of death magick and necromancy, and how necromantic magick is changing, and evolving. Learn how to perform Necromantic Yoga, the unification with death itself, the Black Steeple Meditation and the importance of prana. I explain how to perform pranayama and how this should be a recurring exercise within the life of the necromancer. We then learn the Inanimate language and how this is the universal language spoken by everything and all things, including how you can understand the language and speak it yourself for the ultimate spiritual expansion. The path of the Descended Masters combines all the separate currents of death, converging them within your own darkness, as you have become a living death god.

Learn To Perform Rituals With The Gods & Goddesses Of Death To Master The Afterlife Crossroads With Over 305 Pages Of Hardcore No-Bullshit Necromancy

Tablet of Necromancy
Front Introduction
Ch. 1 Dangers of Necromancy
Ch. 2 The Foundation of Necromantic Preparation
Ch. 3 Tools of Death
Ch. 4 Santa Muerte: Working with the Saint of Death
Ch. 5 The Death Current
Ch. 6 Az Jahi: The Dark Goddess
Ch. 7 Initiations of the Master Necromancers
Ch. 8 The Infernal Book of Necromancy
Ch. 9 Anuas: The Dark Descended Master
Ch. 10 The Devouring Jinns of Death
Ch. 11 Nergal: The Ancient Mesopotamian God of Death & War
Ch. 12 Ereshkigal: The Queen of Death & Consort of Nergal
Ch. 13 New Era of Necromancy & Death Magick

I have authored the most complete guide to ascent with Necromancy available anywhere today. I guarantee you that you cannot find any other grimoire of Death Magick as extensive and experiential as this — I know, because I have consumed every book that I could find on the subject of mastering death in order to master life itself, and received personal help from the top black magicians on the planet.

Top Black Magician E.A. Koetting Guides You On A Chapter-By-Chapter "Deep Dive" In A 3-Hour "Question & Answer" With Me In An Uncensored Video Course

Top black magician and author, E.A. Koetting, guides you through an uncensored, three-hour "deep dive" into the hidden secrets, age-old mysteries, and forbidden magick of necromancy with me in an essential, companion, video course called "DEATH MAGICK."

E.A. Koetting probes my 305-page grimoire page by page to highlight the most priceless innovations to Death Magick in three hour-long sections, as seen below.

Section 1 - Enter The Death Current

In section one of the DEATH MAGICK course, I share his personal life stories which brought him into the world of death and the dead. I tell of several experiences of actually dying and being resuscitated due to my birth defect, the early haunting of my home, and many paranormal experiences. E.A. Koetting and I then dive deeply into a discussion of the magical art of calling forth the dead. We go on to compare my discovery of the secret underlining current of death throughout the keys to black magick and the similarities to E.A. Koetting's discovery of the underlining current of the Lake of Fire.

The course then discusses the principles of the balance of life and death, the dangers of necromancy, and the methods to avoid or overcome the hidden and misunderstood dangers of working the death current. We discuss how this Necromancer grimoire came into existence, and my practice of learning the necromantic baptism and the magick behind all baptisms. We discuss what is called the Mark of Death, an energetic signature for those who arise from death’s water and those who practice the dark arts contained within the grimoire, will bare its mark. The course continues to discuss the alchemical effects of this signature of death upon one's own soul and how that applies to the aspiring necromancer. This section also includes my studies on ghosts, necromantic spirits, the nexus of death, and how to construct the dead altar of this necromantic path for your own magick.

Section 2 - Necromantic Initiation

In section two, ritual Tools of Death are explored and methods of consecration through magical burial are also explained for the necromancer to develop this practice into their own work with the dead. The different kinds of spirits of the underworld are discussed in depth, including an explanation of what a shade or ghost actually is, according to various spiritual systems of death magick. How the dead infest and haunt us is then discussed, including the reasons this can happen and how the dead themselves operate in the world of the living. The potency of the invocations and conjurations of this path contained within the book and how they should be approached is then explained.

The section continues with the Gods of Death and Azrael, the Angel of Death, including how he appeared to me as an indifferent aspect of death and information on this reaping angel’s nature. The path of the Santa Muerte, the Saint if Death is then elaborated upon, including the importance of devotion to her in terms of spiritual communion and sorcery. The difference between devotion and worship, and the profound influence that the Saint of Death has in the author’s life in then explained. The section continues with a spiritual discussion on one's own mortality from the left hand path perspective and how this may be influenced by our possible immortality through A.I. and cybernetics.

Section 3 - A New Age Of Necromancy

In the third section, we uncover Az Jahi, the Dark Goddess, the blood moon, and the secret initiations of the necromancers. We explain the alchemical alteration that the necromancer goes through by the consumption of this dark spirit’s energy and the effects of initiation into her current of death. The section moves onto infernal necromancy, the symbolism of the journey into the underworld, and the life altering experiences I had with the Infernal Empire that saved his life. The powerful demonic rites contained within the tome are explained and I teach the art of the construction of the Devil’s Mask. This creative process will give necromancers an actual ritualistic wearable powerhouse of infernal power which has limitless applications.

Then, the opening of Acausal gateways through the stellar union of Naos, Algol and Dabih are discussed to further the necromancer into their dark alchemical transformation into death itself. I then explain the strange and misunderstood world of the Jinn, and my travels to the desert of Tunisia to meet the masters of these mysterious spirits. Then the ancient death God and Goddess Nergal and Ereshkigal are discussed as part of the necromantic path through Sumerian traditions, including learning how to create the physical hook of Irkalla. After this we reveal the various ways that death magick can be used for baneful as well as benevolent witchcraft, such as healing. Finally, we will elaborate upon the contemporary path of the death current and our rising era of necromancy, as we become living death gods in this world.

Order "THE NECROMANCER" Right Now And You'll Receive The First Edition Hardback AND The "DEATH MAGICK" Course At 35% Off

  THE NECROMANCER 1st edition, graphic hardback, 305 p.
  DEATH MAGICK Lifetime access to online course
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Discover the most advanced, no-holds-barred look into the true black magick of Necromancy from ancient civilizations of world history through modern time. Every individual copy of this laminated hardback prints on demand within 5 business days, and ships in mint condition internationally.

Terms & Conditions: Please know that your hardback grimoire prints on demand, and therefore requires a no-refund policy, thank you for understanding.

To Fully Master LIFE, You Need To Master DEATH Too... The Magick Forces Of Life And Death Are United Together And You CANNOT Dominate One Without The Other

If you love life, then you need to love death too. You cannot master one without the other, as these two forces act simultaneously in harmony. As new life sparks from nature, old life extinguishes to give space. This core principle of black magick and the metaphysics is known as The Unity of Opposites and Creative Destruction.

Only when you have mastered death, can you truly master life. I will see you in THE NECROMANCER.

Darkest Blessings,

Meet The Author

Conner Kendall

Conner Kendall became a black magician upon discovering the Spirit World as a child. He has dedicated his life to demonology, necromancy, Luciferianism, Satanism, the Ahrimanic and Adversarial currents. C. Kendall aspires to liberate himself and his fellow brothers and sisters of humankind, to shatter the shackles of slavery, kill the false prophetic gurus, and push forth a new era of innovation and evolution.