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ASMODEUS: The Lord Of Lust, Compendium 8
The Official Uncensored Demonic Grimoire On How To Perform The Most Dangerously Powerful Love Magick In History – For Consenting Adults Only

  •   The Black Dragon Pact: Asmoday's Inferno Rite by E.A. Koetting, Sept 17
  •   Compendium of Asmodeus: Group grimoire in leather & cloth editions
  •   Pathworking of Asmodeus: Lifetime online access to companion course
  •   Coauthors: E.A. Koetting, S. Connolly, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart, J.D. Temple, Conner Kendall, Winter Laake, Zeraphina Angelus, Xag Darklight & C.H. Richard
  •   Foreword & Editor: Timothy
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  •   Sample eBook: Ch. 3 - Spells for Love & Lust
Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

ASMODEUS: The Lord of Lust, Compendium 8

  • E.A. Koetting - The Grimoire of Asmoday
  • S. Connolly - Grimorium Asmodeus
  • Edgar Kerval - Beyond the Gate of Burning Fire
  • Bill Duvendack - Asmodeus: Lord of the Jinn
  • Orlee Stewart - The Forbidden Fruit
  • J.D. Temple - Enter Asmodeus
  • Conner Kendall - The Dark King of Fire
  • Winter Laake - Nine Angels, Nine Gates
  • Zeraphina Angelus - Union of Lust & Rage
  • Xag Darklight - Vivlion Tun Asmodeus
  • C.H. Richard - Asmoday & the Infernal Children
  • Timothy - Foreword: The Black Rose Revolution

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Peer Reviews

  • In my personal experience with Asmodeus, I’ve found this Daemon’s energy rather playful and joyful, encouraging me to indulge in my passions with wild abandon. Asmodeus has helped me to rekindle my love of hobbies and interests, even things I’m not very good at, that bring me joy. It’s about those things in life that make your heart sing and make you feel like the world is still new and wonderous regardless your age. For me, Asmodeus is joy in the things we’re passionate about, the people and interests that make life worth living. I encourage everyone reading this to work with Asmodeus at least once and allow him to guide you on an exploration of yourself and your deepest desires so that you can go about preparing a plan of action to make what you love your reality.

    S. Connolly, Author & Daemonolatrist
  • The primal fire of Asmodeus ascends through the Tree of Shadows, and under this emanation it’s exalted in the Golachab Qlipha. This primal fire leads us to find the deepest aspects of our self and the ability to manifest it through a process of psychic empowerment. The specific goal is the articulation of the soul, and the will of the adept. This fire is considered black because it is the symbol of the unknown, as an extended part of psyche and subconscious. Magickal workings with Asmodeus are a vast ocean of knowledge, the rising of consciousness, the ascension of spirit and self.

    Edgar Kerval, Author & Qliphothic Magician
  • I have walked almost every path and paradigm I could find and none gave me the calling that the path of the Infernal Empire did. It’s my home, the demons and devils like Asmodeus are my brothers, sisters, and fellow comrades. Looking back on how far I’ve come is incredible to say the least. It was far from easy though, and there is an inner magick that comes into play, an alchemical process not transforming lead into gold, but instead it is a black alchemy.

    Conner Kendall, Author & Sorcerer

Dear Friend,

I will let you in on a guilty secret of mine...

Previously, I never truly liked love magick. I had always felt mixed feelings.

On one hand, I have always known that love magick WORKS from personal experience as a young man. In fact, it often works "too much" and your human subject becomes "crazy in love" — thus bringing a new form of unexpected trouble into your life. However, on the other hand, love magick always felt forced to me.

Why could I joyously show sorcerers how to perform the deadliest baneful magick without any shame, but then suddenly my conscience flip-flopped and felt guilty when I showed those same sorcerers how to perform love magick?

This moral dilemma bothered me.

When the Lord of Lust, Asmodeus, revealed his "Asmoday's True Love Ritual" to me — I confronted him in ritual, divulging my ethical confusion. Over a long "witching hour" gnosis experience, the Lord of Lust resolved my concern, and now I fully support empowering magicians to harness the power of love magick.

In writing this grimoire, Asmoday urged me to devote a chapter to love spells. I resisted almost as a default position, and the pressure of Asmoday’s silent urging increased. I continued to resist, silently omitting the chapter. The longer I held my position, the more obvious it became that I was hiding from something, using morality as a mask.

Asmoday laid a challenge before me as I have worked through this Gate, and especially as I examined my stance on love spells: “Tell the truth." — p.36

As a lifelong black magician, I have vowed to always tell the truth about magick without censorship or suppression. I have vowed to always respect you as a rational magician, and agreed to tell the truth, letting you think for yourself, forming moral stances by yourself.

"What Is Wrong For Me May Very Well Be Right For You... What Is A Weapon In My Hands May Be A Tool In Yours"

Truthfully, I cannot diagnose your love life without knowing you through a consultation. But I can imagine at least three reasons why a sorcerer or witch would like to unlock the power of love magick.

3 Healthy Reasons To Learn Love Magick

1. Ignite The Romantic Flame In A Relationship
Perhaps your romantic partner has fully consented to you performing love magick with them, and would like to magnify the intensity of the love; many couples perform love magick rituals together every single day.

2. Protect Yourself Against Love Magick
Forewarned is forearmed — perhaps you need to know the real truth about love magick in order to protect yourself against other sorcerers performing it on you or your friends without consent.

3. Fall In Love With Yourself For The First Time
Most importantly, perhaps you need to perform love magick to fall in love with yourself for the first time. People who hate love magick always overlook the fact that many witches and sorcerers still need help in loving and accepting themselves.

My Biggest Breakthrough With Love Magick — Asmodeus Taught Me How To Finally Love Myself... The Ultimate Power Of Love Magick Is In Learning To Love Yourself And Others

My biggest breakthrough with love magick occurred when I finally fell in love with myself and became a better lover. The ultimate power of love magick is not in causing others to love you, but in helping yourself to become better at loving others.

Bottom line: I will not prejudge you and deprive you of this priceless magick, because I would hate if another magician deprived me, simple as that.

Asmoday has compelled me to write this grimoire, to lay out the path for anyone in the world to follow, to use, and enjoy the very thing that I have forbidden myself from indulging in. In doing so, I understand that my morality is mine. What is wrong for me may very well be right for you. What is a weapon in my hands may be a tool in yours. The fact that I have written an entire book on the subject, Baneful Magick, and feel no guilt over the rites therein that can curse a person to death, yet I hesitate with a single chapter on love and lust spells, reveals the fallacy of these instilled morals, and reinforces the ethic towards freedom. — p.43

In summary, Compendium of Asmodeus provides dangerously powerful love magick to you. It works 100%. Is it unethical to use love magick? Possibly — but I cannot force you to use it honorably, and ultimately, you deserve to know. In fact, Asmoday has demanded that I tell you.

Book 1. E.A. Koetting - The Grimoire Of Asmoday
An Uncensored 21,000-Word Guide To Demonic Love Magick That Features An Armory Of Asmoday’s Four Most Dangerously Powerful Love Spells To Trigger Everlasting Unconditional Love And Lust In Your Romantic Partner

You must become the one who is worthy of walking this world hand in hand with the divine one, as the divine one. And that divine one will appear perhaps in many bodies over a span of time, or maybe in one, one that you will call your Twin Flame or Soulmate. — p.79

  • A painful but necessary "gut check" on the true adversarial nature of The Lord of Darkness, The Black Dragon, and his Chaos to shatter your delusions as a black magician, and open you to true gnosis — p.31
  • My twisted journey of ascent from near-death poverty to magickal fatherhood and how Asmodeus has ignited my long-term vision — p.37
  • The Gate of the Apocalypse — how my nine-goat-skull talisman acts as a pillar of the Infernal Empire in my Temple, and my heart-wrenching experience as The Devil's Idol shattered — p.39
  • Insights into Asmoday's mandate to become the "Idol of your own Worship" — a necessary psychoanalysis to separate the real core self from the false image of self, thus triggering alchemical transformation — p.40
  • E.A.'s 66-stone summoning of Asmoday through "inside-out induction" and encounter with his Vision of the Omnipresent Red and The Dragon's Eye — p.48
  • The Old-Fashioned Love Spell — A complete, step-by-step,  guide to performing a 3:00 AM Witching Hour ritual to command the Creatures of Fire to inflame your human subject with lust and bring them to you —p.53
  • The Rite of Dream Stalking — like the Greek god Zeus shapeshifting to impregnate his concubines, here's exactly how to penetrate any dream, assume any form, and directly command the subconscious of your human subject to need you emotionally — p.56
  • Auto-Erotic Sigil Love Spell — a do-it-yourself guide to harness the transcendent forces of lovemaking and sigil scrying with Asmoday — Personal Note: the immediate power of auto-erotic sigil magick still always shocks me to this day— p.57
  • How to masterfully navigate and fully nullify the dangerous blowback of a romantic subject whose subconscious impulsively rebels against outside forces, along with common real world examples to use as a compass— p.63

This is Asmodeus’ greatest teaching: Find it first within yourself, and then the outside world will appear as a better reflection of a better person. Asmodeus will grant you power to control others endlessly to lead you to the understanding that what you really want and what you really need is to understand yourself, to gain full mastery over yourself, and those who surround you will shift and change in accordance with the values and standards of the person that you can become. — p.67

  • The Ritual of Unbinding — A beautiful execration rite to "cut the ribbons of your former self" and liberate your spirit to dictate the new "story" of your love life, and to incarnate an unconditionally loved version of yourself — p.71
  • The True Love Spell of Asmodeus revealed and recorded for the first time in human history... Discover the true story of my 3:00 AM ritual evocation with Azazel’s left-hand man, Ant’harratu, and how this gnosis experience culminated in this demon-mandated "true love" spell — p.73
  • E.A.’s life-changing face-to-face encounter with the Supreme Goddess in ritual, a.k.a. Glory, Passion, and Everlasting Love, and the soul alchemy that ensues from it — p.77
  • The one TRUE secret to long-lasting love magick — this one secret guarantees to literally ANY sorcerer that their sorcery remains permanent — p.78
  • Priceless insights and indispensable lessons from over 20 years of performing sympathetic love spells and baneful rites — here’s how to magnify the potency of a spell to trigger any human subject, and even better, to trigger your transformation into a god or goddess who does not need love spells to manifest love in the first place

Book 2. S. Connolly - Grimorium Asmodeus
A Classic Guide To The Daemonolatry Of Asmodeus For Magicians To Harness The Infernal Forces Of The "Spirit of Wrath"

Divine intelligence works to help us make better choices, find opportunities, gather strength to accept opportunities, and to face our fears and become better, stronger people, and more able to manifest our wills. This means that Daemonic influence, whether it manifests in a good way, or a bad way, is often in our best interest. — p.85

  • A crash-course in the need-to-know, cross-cultural etymology of Asmodeus from ancient Avestan, Talmudic legends, and Temple of Solomon, to the medieval Renaissance demonology and the Goetia — p.84
  • A down-to-earth summary of how "divine intelligences" operate as "lesson teachers," i.e., why Daemons can act "good" or "evil" in relation to the Magician and their personal needs for higher ascent — p.85
  • An experienced, masterful orientation to accurately aligning your expectations to the reasonable powers and forces of the Daemon — p.86
  • Meditation to Connect with the Asmodai Current — a tried and true, beginner-friendly, self-initiation with an exact guide to using engraved candles, demonic seals, triangles, directions, and demonic enns for your first gnosis with Asmodeus— p.88
  • An introduction to Demonic Enns of modern magick, why they exist alchemically, and how they allow a magician to "tune in" to the essence of a Daemon — p.89
  • 12-point lists of spirit correspondences of Asmodeus, Asmoday, and Amducius — color, incense, metal, planet, dates, directions, enns, and MUCH more — p.91

In my personal experience with Asmodeus, I’ve found this Daemon’s energy rather playful and joyful, encouraging me to indulge in my passions with wild abandon. — p.112

  • Asmodai Rites to Find Your Passion — perform this oratory candle ritual to spark your creativity with a call to action like never before. Remember: Asmodeus rules this form of passion. — p.95
  • Two rituals for lovemaking — (1) Drawing Romantic Opportunities with Asmodeus, and (2) Find a Lover with Asmodeus — utilize these "pocket" rites to immediately manifest erotic and romantic fulfillment — p.97
  • A crash-course in classical pact-making, and spiritual legal "bindings" innate to them... here's exactly how to forge an official Daemonic Pact with Asmodeus to flood your life with all you desire — p.101
  • For Asmodeus to Lead you to Wealth & Riches — unlock the magnetic forces of the lodestone to attract an increase of wealth to whomever carries it — p.105
  • A helpful index of divination meanings in sigil magick for clarifying and enlightening your unique gnosis with Asmoday, Amducius, and Asmodeus — p.107
  • Full-length liturgical and meditative orations to honor and extoll these Daemons as your Patrons, i.e., panegyrics — p.109
  • Four priceless suggestions to maximize your ascend with pathworking Asmodeus, and also sage warnings against common psychological harm that can arise from negligence — p.111

Book 3. Edgar Kerval - Beyond The Gate Of Burning Fire
Your Access To The Secret Sabbat Of Black Adepts "Beyond The Gate" Of The Qlipha Golachab As Ruled By King Asmodeus Himself... Here's Everything You Need To Evoke & Soul Travel To The Qliphothic Lord

Many see demons as magical wizards that help us to get even with enemies, make money, love, success, etc. Demons are there to help us in our external affairs when we are new, but our spiritual growth is another area of great importance. — p.133

  • An initiatory introduction to Asmodeus as the diabolic patron of letters, his patronization of historic authors, and his prominence as a "learned master of arts" and scholar at his astrological alma mater  — p.117-8
  • A close analysis of the demonological Family Tree around Asmodeus, with respect to Samael, Lilith, King David, the demoness Igrat, or Naamah and her brother Tubal-Cain — p.118
  • The Genius of Marital Discord — an exposé on the magick of Asmodeus to trigger divorce and separate husband and wife, as the Demon of Wrath, he instigates anger, jealousy, lechery, and revenge — p.118
  • The Rite of Awakening the Primal Shadow — how to invoke the spirit of Asmodeus with self-eroticism by awakening the magickal energy of the Qliphoth Golachab — p.124

The primal fire of Asmodeus ascends through the Tree of Shadows, and under this emanation it’s exalted the Golachab Qlipha. This primal fire leads us to find the deepest aspects of our self and the ability to manifest it through a process of psychic empowerment. The specific goal is the articulation of the soul, and the will of the adept. This fire is considered black because it is the symbol of the unknown, as an extended part of psyche and subconscious. Magickal workings with Asmodeus are a vast ocean of knowledge, the rising of consciousness, the ascension of spirit and self. — p.117

  • The four key instructions to most intimately connecting with Asmodeus in particular — without these, you might NEVER connect and will always insult him — p.126
  • The five critical levels of experiencing demonic contact and how to measure your level of contact in ritual gnosis — p.127
  • The secrets of utilizing a pendulum as a highly convenient form of divination for direct contact and dialog with a spirit — p.132
  • The safest, most reasonable, most rational perspective on forging the healthiest lifelong relationships with Demonic Kings & Queens — p.133

Book 4. Bill Duvendack - Asmodeus: Lord Of The Jinn
EXPOSED! You're About To Uncover The REAL Hidden History Of Asmodeus In Islamic And Zoroastrian Demonology... Here's What The Abrahamic Fundamentalists Do NOT Want You To Know, And What Most Occultists Will NEVER Know

First and foremost, Asmodeus is a spirit of wrath. He stayed this way for centuries, and during this time he was also identified as the King of the Shedim, a group of earthly spirits who we will look at next. They eventually became the foundation for the Jinn. — p.138

  • A breakthrough understanding of the little-known, rarely-discussed, earlier aspect of Asmodeus as the Ruler of the Jinn — p.137
  • An examination of the first incarnation and etymology of Asmodeus with roots back in Avestan with Zoroastrians and the morphology of deva in Sanskrit Hinduism. — p.138
  • A gallop across the 2,000-year history of Asmodeus as the Spirit of Wrath, while concurrently recognized as King of the Shedim, and therefrom undergoing demonization into the Jinn — p.138
  • The very oldest references to Asmodeus in world literary history, e.g., from the Talmud in Psalms and Deuteronomy to The Second Book of Kings and The Book of Tobit, and more — p.139
  • Analysis of the presence of Asmodeus in medieval references like Malleus Malleficarum and The Goetia through to modern tomes like Dictionnaire Infernal — p.140
  • A no-bullshit exposé on the Shedim and their roots as the Jinn of Islam... receive a thorough etymological, semantic, and gender analysis of the Shedim from Akkadian and also the Elohim, along with their connection to child sacrifice, and their respective creation stories from sacred texts like the Talmud and Zohar — p.144
  • Top notch astrologer, Bill, unlocks the hidden astrological meaning behind the "40 Days of Impersonating Solomon" legend of Asmodeus in Islam — p.147
  • A meticulous examination and cross-referencing between a historic, widely-recognized Jewish Encyclopedia and the The Theosophical Society to calculate the exact relation between Asmodeus, his plausible rulership of the Jinn, and the Devic kingdom in general — p.150
  • Asmodeus The King Ritual — a foundational template for an indefinite ritual pathworking with the Jinn Ruler with a special consideration of jinn appearances and personalities as found in the popular legend Arabian Nights... find the exact step-by-step orations, correspondences, and more  — p.152

Book 5. Orlee Stewart - The Forbidden Fruit
The Ex-Priestess Of A Solar Cult Reveals The Naked Truth About Love Magick... Learn To Unleash The Ultra-Powerful Forces Of Human Transcendence With Shame-Free Love Magick

The Lord of Lust opens a gateway beyond the pleasures of flesh as a transcendental escape beyond our material world of illusions. The power of desire is the force that provokes humanity towards our further incarnations and the cycle of rebirth. — p.157

  • The sinister dynamic of "la petite mort" in regard to the spiritual nature of love, and why embracing inner lust allows accomplishment of the shadow — p.157
  • An occult guide to The Shadow — how to embrace the magick "creatures" of the Dark Side within your subconscious — p.158
  • A sincere diary-like exploration of unique emotional experiences triggered through evocation of Lucifuge, Asmodeus, and more Gatekeepers and how they manifested in day-to-day life — p.159
  • The truth about how Strength and Lust operate in tandem, and the truth about why Aleister Crowley replaced the Strength tarot card with Lust in his Thoth deck — p.161
  • A lengthy magick overview of a blasphemous version of the Catholic Mass — the Gnostic Mass, a.k.a. Liber XV, within the Ecclesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ of Ordo Templi Orientis as designed partly by Aleister Crowley — p.164

Asmodeus, the Lord of Lust, is opening the gateway to our godhood by the means of liberating the power of creation from a place that stirs within the darkness of our cores. The eucharistic cake of light is an excellent example of how the energy of love can be condensed into a physical object and integrated into our bodies. — p.172

  • Orlee's surreal personal experience as the nude Priestess within the Gnostic Mass and her transformation into Nuit, the manifestation of the night sky in goddess form — p.166
  • The exact word-for-word oration of the Priestess as recited from Liber XV — and debriefing of her priceless evolution in overcoming taboos to reclaim her power — p.167
  • The "Active" Cakes of Light — the recipe and ingredients by Aleister Crowley — often containing menstrual fluid, a.k.a. Ingredient X — to transform the energetic powers of love into a "sacred food" to consume in physical form — p.170
  • A modern breakdown of The Book of the Law, how it acted as a foundation to Thelemic philosopher, and why the Age of Horus rebels against traditional religion — p.173
  • The Bloodline of Cain — a ritual to activate the current of vampirism, a.k.a. the "dark gift," as channeled from Lilith and Asmodeus to rend the veil between mundane reality and tantric god forms to advance evolution — p.175

The philosophy of Thelema as Crowley intended was to embody the literal meaning of the word as the will of god, and that we are god. Therefore, our will is the will of god and it is our duty to live in conjunction with that aspect of ourselves. These factors are affirmed along with the reminder that we are existing on this planet to fulfill our inner desires and lusts as a key aspect of harnessing our own power and potential instead of suppressing it to conform to the expectations of a conservative society. — p.170

Book 6-11 & Foreword. J.D. Temple, Conner Kendall, Winter Laake, Zeraphina Angelus, Xag Darklight, C.H. Richard & Timothy
Unlock 413+ Pages Of Advanced Gnosis And Innovative Modern Sorcery In This Unprecedented Group Grimoire As Dictated By The Lord Of Lust, Featuring The Most Fearless Demonologists, Sorcerers, And Witches From Around The World

  • Book 6. J.D. Temple - Enter Asmodeus: Awakening the God Mouth — p.181
  • Book 7. Conner Kendall - Asmodeus: The Dark King of Fire — p.221
  • Book 8. Winter Laake - Asmodeus: Nine Angels, Nine Gates — p.281
  • Book 9. Zeraphina Angelus - Asmodeus: Infernal Union of Lust & Rage — p.313
  • Book 10. Xag Darklight - Vivlion Tun Asmodeus — p.361
  • Book 11. C.H. Richard – Asmoday & The Infernal Dragon — p.383
  • Foreword. Timothy - Evolutionary Democracy: The Black Rose Revolution — p.9

Believe it or not, this table of contents only shows the tip of the iceberg of the new magick knowledge and pioneering demonology that you will unlock in ASMODEUS: The Lord of Lust, Compendium 8 — a historically unprecedented group grimoire of love and wrath magick with the Ruler of Golachab himself.

THE BLACK DRAGON — A Live Pactworking Of "Asmoday's Inferno Rite" To Trigger Your Romantic Alchemy And Further Your Ascent Into Spiritual Darkness

On the New Moon of September 17th, this ritual is going to call down the Fires of Asmoday into your life and being, transmuting negative experiences and attachments, transforming obstacles in your path into opportunities for Ascent, and igniting your lusts and your magick for you to use in ritual, or in the pleasures of the flesh.

Some of the priceless gifts that Asmoday offers as his part of this Inferno Pact are:

  • Accelerate your Ascent into Spiritual Darkness
  • Immediate increases in bio-energy and vitality
  • Heightened romantic drive and prowess
  • Amplify the power of love magick and spellcasting
  • Boost in luck and gambling
  • Boost in magickal manipulation power
  • Look and feel younger than ever
  • Insights, dreams, and omens guiding your Path of Ascent forward
  • Let go of past trauma and reframe your self-image
  • Transmute blockages to your Ascent
  • And much MORE that only Asmodeus knows...

Most of all, this Pactworking with Asmoday is essential for any magician preparing for a journey into true Spiritual Darkness. Asmoday offers all of the preparation needed, and he will literally open the infernal armory to your disposal.

In exchange for the countless gifts, powers, and abilities that are possible through this ritual, Asmoday requires a sacrifice from the inner self. In order to become the person you need to become, you may need to sacrifice relationships, circumstances, beliefs, and even attitudes that hold you back from your absolute divinity. Once this ritual is performed, these weak links will be revealed, and you will be armed with all magickal power to resolve them.

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Let Asmodeus Initiate You Into True Love Magick And Teach You How To Love Yourself With The Uncensored Guidance Of 11 Top Demonologists Worldwide

As I explained, prior to my pathworking with Asmodeus, I never truly liked love spells. However, the Lord of Lust helped me to recognize that love spells transcend simply "getting laid" and fully transform a magician into a human who naturally manifests true love in people around them. A world full of more humans loving one another sounds like a utopia to me.

My biggest breakthrough with love magick occurred when I finally fell in love with myself and became a better lover — patching over holes and untying knots from past traumas. The ultimate power of love magick is not in causing others to love you, but in helping yourself to become better at loving others.

11 of the world's top sorcerers welcome you to enter gnosis with Asmodeus, the Lord of Lust, and finally let yourself love yourself...

Godlike Power,

Meet The Author

Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

Official contact with prehistoric diplomats from Outer Darkness — Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Baal, Asmodeus & Satan