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J.S. Garrett

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Shemyaza's Master Key Amulet

Blessed by chief demon Shemyaza, empowered by the 200 Watchers, and hand-forged by a world's top talismanic jeweler to unlock gnosis of the Fallen Angels

The Rite Of Deification

An innovative ritual to awaken your godhood and deify you in the flesh. Like a rocket engine for magick, you'll reach a level of ascent you never dreamed possible.

The Ultimate Love Rite

The ultimate ritual to trigger irresistible love in anyone you want. Like a wrecking ball to the heart, you will ignite their sex drive and finally receive the love deserve.

The Reverse Baptism Ritual

Let J.S. Garrett perform a Reverse Baptism to free your soul from the spiritual slavery of your childhood religion forever. Experience a life-changing Satanic Initiation.

Wealth & Prestige Rite

A wealth & prestige rite to raise your empire out of nothing and increase it exponentially and limitlessly. You'll receive life-changing windfall from Azazel's chief demon.