An Innovative Ritual To Awaken Your Godhood And Deify You In The Flesh… Like A Rocket Engine To Propel Your Magick, You’ll Reach A New Level Of Ascent That You Never Dreamed Possible

  •   Rite of Deification: Ritual to awaken your godhood
  •   Personal Consultation: Preliminary 20-minute discussion
  •   Video Proof: Watch recording of my ritual performance
  •   Deification Mastery Course: Watch online with lifetime access
  •   Confidentiality: We never share your personal information
  •   Limited Availability: Accepts a limited number of clients

With a Rite of Deification, you will:

  • Propel your magick to a new level
  • Immediate increases in bio-energy
  • Look and feel younger than ever
  • Supercharge your libido
  • Raise astral vibration, expand your aura, and awaken psychic faculties

When you place your order, I contact you within 48 hours to arrange our consultation.

    • 20-minute personal consultation
    • Ritual performance & video recording
    • Follow-up email consultation
    • Includes online Deification Mastery course
    • 20-minute personal consultation
    • Complete ritual performance
    • Video recording of ritual
    • Follow-up email consultation
    • New online Deification Mastery course
    • Step-by-step live demonstration
    • Watch immediately online
    • Lifetime online access
    • 60 minutes in length
    • 100% confidential
    • Telephone, Skype, Messenger
    • 30 minutes in length
    • 100% confidential
    • Telephone, Skype, Messenger
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Peer Reviews

  • The Rite of Deification really worked very well! I feel super energetic, my illness is gone, my psychic powers are so strong that I can scry everything and everyone just thinking about it. This time you made a kind of miracle. I had severe allergies to detergents and other things. They’re completely gone. My illnesses 90% healed, I passed from 6 pills per day to 1 pill per day. I feel electric energy vibrating in my body and astral body. I think next deification rite I will fly in the air I really feel it! I will book another one as soon as I can. Thank you very much.

    Franco F.
  • Hey JS, first off, thank you, thank you, and thank you. Second, holy shit, holy shit and holy shit. The day of the ritual this energy pulse felt like a converging of two worlds over top one another till both were merged together. In my meditation that day, Lucifer came to stand in front of me and said “now you can move forward, this will become a lightning rod for spiritual energy to be channelled through your body”. I have not felt this little of pain in my back in over a decade. The pain in my pelvis, upper thigh and lower rib cage is almost gone completely, with the pain so close to the surface and no longer feeling like my joints and bones are getting chewed away 24/7. Today in meditation I felt a surge of energy in my base chakra I have never felt, like someone was holding a huge air blower and just cleaning out cobwebs allowing it to move freely again. This has truly been a world altering experience.

    Shannon K.
  • Hails! The effects of the rite have been amazing so far, and it seems to keep getting better. I knew without a doubt it worked the day after the ritual because I was awake for over 19 hours and still felt full of energy. It felt like the feeling of being at the peak of my energy for the day, which usually only lasted a few hours before the rite, but the feeling was constant now. Watching the video last night seemed to make it even more intense. It seems to have made me a lot more attractive to women also. Thank you again for everything and for showing me more power than I ever knew was possible. I will now command the powers of magick with more confidence than ever. I look forward to learning from you more in the future. I don’t want this feeling and power to ever to end, so I have to learn this rite. And I think the video is really cool. It’s very inspiring, motivating and empowering.

    Miguel H.

Dear Magician,

I am the Metaphysical Mad Scientist.

My name’s J.S. Garrett, and I’ve always been obsessed with rediscovering the secrets of the great magicians found in the ancient world. I have dedicated my life to figuring out how they accomplished the seemingly impossible: living for hundreds of years, raising the dead, or summoning storms to wipe out entire armies, to name only a few.

My strongest passion is helping other magicians awaken their inner godhood, helping them to reach a level of power and ascent they never dreamed possible. I have never been a member of a secret magical order, nor learned my techniques from any so-called grand master. I rely solely on a deep spiritual connection that allows me to commune with and learn directly from the spirits themselves. As such, what you are about to experience is by far the most powerful ritual they have ever shared with me. It is my honor to bring to you what I call The Rite of Deification!

The True Meaning Of Deification In The Flesh

Have you ever wondered why historically Gods have demanded blood sacrifice from their followers? It’s because Gods are created and empowered through the act of worship. When a creature dies, it releases a shock wave of life force energy as it leaves the body. When a living creature is sacrificed to an entity, that entity absorbs that life force energy becoming stronger and more powerful with each sacrifice. We humans are gods in the flesh. You are a spirit and you have a body. I perform this ritual by evoking your spirit forth from your body into the triangle. I then make a blood sacrifice directly to your spirit. Allowing it to absorb the life force energy from the sacrifice and carry it back to your body. Literally deifying you as a living god in the flesh.

My Friends Warn Me It Feels Like Magick On Steroids

As your spirit is evoked, your body may become disoriented. It is important that you are laying down and relaxed during this time. Most people fall asleep during the ritual, therefore I recommend that the recipient simply lie down and go to bed an hour before hand. As your spirit returns to your body, the amount of energy being absorbed can be slightly overwhelming at first.  When you wake up you may feel floaty and disoriented. This sensation is brief (usually lasting only 30 minutes to an hour at most).

Magicians who underwent my Rite of Deification say they have experienced many of these same great phenomena:

  • You’ll feel more alive than you have ever felt.
  • You’ll notice an increase in energy. You will have less aches and pains. You will look and feel younger.
  • Your sex drive will significantly increase.
  • Raise your astral vibrations and expand your aura.
  • Others around you will notice that something is different about you, but they won’t be able to quite figure it out. You may notice a difference in the way strangers respond to you. They may feel drawn towards you and perceive you as being more attractive.
  • It will enhance your psychic abilities, and when you perform ritual you will notice that you have a whole new well of energy to pull from.
  • It also increases your ability to connect and communicate with the spirit world. It has also been known to activate inherent abilities which are dormant within you. Your body will continue to absorb the energy over a 3 day period, but you will continue to enjoy the benefits of the extra energy for up to 90 days.  However, the Magical and psychic abilities are permanent. Once those doors are opened, they will remain open.

Note:  This ritual affects different people in different ways. People who suffer from ailments often see relief from their condition, but seem not to notice the effects as much as a healthy person. As in, the energy tends to go where it needs to go.

You’ll Receive A FREE Consultation Before The Rite And Also A Full Video Recording Of The Rite… Here’s How I Personally Guarantee Your Happiness

I consider your happiness my top priority. This means that once you have placed your order, you’ll receive a free 30-minute consultation prior to the rite. This allows me to figure out your personal life circumstances so that my rite will fulfill your needs exactly.

To summarize the logistics between us:

  1. You book your ritual.
  2. I contact you by email to arrange our consultation together.
  3. I perform your rite, record it fully, and send it to you.
  4. You may email me anytime with follow-up comments or concerns.

I view the Rite of Deification as a rocket engine that sends you to Mars. It will help to awaken your Godhood and deify you in the flesh. You will reach a new level of Ascent that you never dreamed possible.

BREAKING… Learn To Perform The Highest-Powered Ritual And Reach The Pinnacle Of Ascent With Lifetime Online Access To My All-New Deification Mastery Course

I long believed that my Rite of Deification needed to remain a strict secret. In other words, I would perform it to ignite ascent in other magicians at their request, but NEVER share the exact formula behind my “secret sauce” as they say.

To be completely honest… when I finally listened to your overwhelming demand, it provided an entirely new perspective to me. It became clear that it would help you MORE long term if you learned to perform the Rite of Deification by yourself too, instead of always needing me to perform it.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Therefore, as of right now, you can receive LIFETIME ACCESS to my ever-evolving Deification Mastery course, streaming online right now.

It feature over two hours of user-friendly, step-by-step, do-it-yourself demonstrations where I perform my Rite of Deification from top to bottom with live commentary, priceless suggestions, and experiential insights. In as little as a few hours, you truly can become a MASTER at the Magick of Deification.

It has taken over a decade of trial and error in my “demonic laboratory” to figure out the esoteric formula behind my Rite, and many other sorcerers have tried to rip it off and invent their lesser versions of it… but not one has even come close to matching it.

Order The Rite Of Deification AND Deification Mastery Course RIGHT NOW To Get $100 Off And Save 10%

  Personal Consultation 20-minute preliminary consultation
  Rite of Deification Ritual to awaken your godhood
  Video Proof Watch recording of my ritual performance
  Deification Mastery Course Watch online with lifetime access
  Email Support Follow-up email consultations

Place your order for the Rite of Deification AND Deification Mastery Course right now and I will give you $100 off to save 10%.

You’re about to experience an innovative ritual to awaken your godhood and deify you in the flesh, like a rocket engine to propel your magick, you’ll reach a new level of ascent that you never dreamed possible. Learn the highest-powered, black magick rite available anywhere today, and master in a day what took me a decade.

Book your rite now, so we can address your concerns, and open you to the most innovative forces of magick in this universe.



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