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The Ultimate Ritual To Trigger Irresistible Love In Anyone You Want… Like A Wrecking Ball To The Heart, You Will Ignite Their Sex Drive And Finally Receive The Love You Have Always Deserved

  •   The Ultimate Love Rite: Ritual to manifest the love you deserve
  •   Personal Consultation: Preliminary 20-minute discussion
  •   Photographic Proof: Photographs of the ritual performance
  •   Confidentiality: We never share your personal information
  •   Limited Availability: Accepts a limited number of clients
J.S. Garrett

With The Ultimate Love Rite, you will:

  • Transform your crush into your sex pet
  • Get your ex-lover back into a relationship
  • Trigger self-love for invincible confidence
  • Heal damaged relationships for growth
  • Turn a bitter enemy into a close friend
  • Annihilate past trauma and transgressions
  • Make a creepy stalker fall out of love
  • Influence authority figures in your favor

When you place your order, I contact you by email within 48 hours to arrange your consultation.


  • 20-minute personal consultation
  • Complete ritual performance
  • Follow-up email consultation
  • 60 minutes in length
  • 100% confidential
  • Telephone, Skype, Messenger
  • 30 minutes in length
  • 100% confidential
  • Telephone, Skype, Messenger

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Limited availability based on schedule.

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The consultant will contact you by email within 48 hours of your order to discuss your needs, and then fulfill the rite.

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Peer Reviews

  • Hails! The effects of the rite have been amazing so far, and it seems to keep getting better. I knew without a doubt it worked the day after the ritual because I was awake for over 19 hours and still felt full of energy. It felt like the feeling of being at the peak of my energy for the day, which usually only lasted a few hours before the rite, but the feeling was constant now. Watching the video last night seemed to make it even more intense. It seems to have made me a lot more attractive to women also. Thank you again for everything and for showing me more power than I ever knew was possible. I will now command the powers of magick with more confidence than ever. I look forward to learning from you more in the future. I don't want this feeling and power to ever to end, so I have to learn this rite. And I think the video is really cool. It’s very inspiring, motivating and empowering.

    Miguel H.
  • Hey JS, first off, thank you, thank you, and thank you. Second, holy shit, holy shit and holy shit. The day of the ritual this energy pulse felt like a converging of two worlds over top one another till both were merged together. In my meditation that day, Lucifer came to stand in front of me and said “now you can move forward, this will become a lightning rod for spiritual energy to be channelled through your body”. I have not felt this little of pain in my back in over a decade. The pain in my pelvis, upper thigh and lower rib cage is almost gone completely, with the pain so close to the surface and no longer feeling like my joints and bones are getting chewed away 24/7. Today in meditation I felt a surge of energy in my base chakra I have never felt, like someone was holding a huge air blower and just cleaning out cobwebs allowing it to move freely again. This has truly been a world altering experience.

    Shannon K.
  • The Rite of Deification really worked very well! I feel super energetic, my illness is gone, my psychic powers are so strong that I can scry everything and everyone just thinking about it. This time you made a kind of miracle. I had severe allergies to detergents and other things. They’re completely gone. My illnesses 90% healed, I passed from 6 pills per day to 1 pill per day. I feel electric energy vibrating in my body and astral body. I think next deification rite I will fly in the air I really feel it! I will book another one as soon as I can. Thank you very much.

    Franco F.

Dear Friend,

I am the Metaphysical Mad Scientist.

My name’s J.S. Garrett, and if you’re like me then when you first discovered magick power, you immediately wondered if you could perform sorcery to affect other people, for example, to ignite love and lust in a crush so they become your lover.

I have been completely obsessed with the life-changing miracles of love magick and demonic evocation for a decade now. So much so, that I have innovated an ultra-powerful ritual that swings like a wrecking ball and smashes into a person’s heart. It basically turns the person into your little pet. Why else would my wife adore me?

Here are the three most common questions on this black magick:

  • Can a love spell cause a person to fall in love with you?
  • Can a love spell cause your current partner to love you more?
  • Can a love spell cause an ex to fall back in love with you?

Here are the two most common concerns on this black magick:

  • Is a love spell immoral?
  • Does a love spell wear off?

Lucky for you, I did the “heavy lifting” on this exciting and controversial topic over the last ten years, and I will let you in on a dirty little secret…

The Biological Science Behind Love Magick

Humans are animals. These animals possess a sex drive that runs 24/7 — while both awake and asleep, it literally never turns off. A simple love spell floods their heart and sex chakras so they become overwhelmingly affectionate with you.

Compare it to an automobile. Humans have a two-cylinder engine under the hood: (1) a heart chakra for love, and (2) a sacral chakra for sex. The pistons always fire in these cylinders, but when you press down on the gas pedal, it sends these pistons into overdrive and accelerates their engine. Their car now speeds toward you as their destination.

Inject Your Lover With These Three Magick Drugs And They’ll Become Addicted To You On Every Level

They say a magician never reveals his secrets. I disagree, I will tell you my secret right now: Blood sacrifice, orgasmic fluid, and demonic evocation. Human blood and orgasmic fluid ignite the forces of love magick better than any other sacrifice. And demons fulfill their agreements immediately without apology.

A chakra transmutes energy like a river dam. A dam contains a maximum capacity and when a water load crosses that threshold, the dam breaks and floods. When a sorcerer performs a blood and fluid sacrifice to evoke a love demon, the combined forces cause heart & sacral chakras to orgasm.

Human chakras swell and gush regularly. This cycle does not hurt a person at all, in fact, sex chakras need orgasmic release or a person becomes ill. My love-slave ritual just accelerates and magnifies this orgasmic release on demand.

Drug 1: Their Heart Chakra Causes Them To Fall In Love

The energy and physical sides of the heart reflect each other. As blood passes through the heart organ, the chakra infuses it with clean, nutritious love energy.

Energy Side: The heart chakra receives, transmutes, and pumps out love.
Physical Side: The heart organ receives, transmutes, and pumps out blood.
For this reason, humans intuitively connected their heart organ and the color red with their sense of love and romance. You have heard it a million times:

Loyalty: “Blood runs thicker than water.”
Protection: “I would shed blood for you.”
Recognition: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Sadness: “My heart is broken.”
Romance: “My heart is yours.”

In other words, when a heart chakra floods, the person falls in love.

Drug 2: Their Sacral Chakra Causes Them To Orgasm

Like your heart chakra, your sacral chakra receives, houses, and pumps out sexual energy. This lower chakra infuses pure sex energy into your sexual fluid. When it overflows, you experience an orgasm and either ejaculates, squirts, or drips.

Energy Side: The sacral chakra swells and pumps out sexual energy.
Physical Side: The genitals swell and pump out sexual fluid.
In other words, when a sacral chakra floods, the person has an orgasm.

Sorcerers who perform sex magick specialize in this. As such, they usually experience the most extreme orgasms humanly possible. They can magnify and release orgasmic energy with precision.

Drug 3: Dopamine Causes Physical Addiction

Psychiatrists theorize that addiction occurs due to chemical-biological reasons — not character flaws. When a person becomes excited, their brain injects a shot of addictive chemicals into their neurology. In other words, the brain gives them heroin-like drugs. A sex addiction counselor would explain to you that their patients become addicted to the injections of dopamine from sex, not necessarily the act of sex itself.

Here’s the entire chain of causality:

My favorite demon Astarte floods their chakras with excess energy > their chakras have orgasms > their brain releases dopamine > your lover becomes physically and energetically addicted to you.

When I perform this demonic love spell — and when you perform it yourself too — your lover has figuratively been injected with the world’s most addictive drugs.

White Magicians Hate Love Magick Because It *Works* — Not Because It Doesn’t Work

White magicians hate love magick because it works and they know it, or else they wouldn’t hate it. They scare-monger with amusing warnings of hellfire and brimstone or karma. I will nip the two most common concerns I receive in the bud:

Is it immoral? Does it violate karma? Does it rob free will? – Honestly, I don’t know. That’s my whole answer. I will leave ideological concerns like those to religion and philosophy. I’m a diehard sorcerer and will help to fill your life with the sex and love you deserve—because we can.

Does it wear off? – Let me ask you: does sex addiction wear off? Does spiritual love wear off? I would say no.

The Love-Hungry Demon Astarte Will Transform Your Crush Into Your Pet

Everyone has a sex drive. Everyone has a heart chakra and sacral chakra. Everyone has dopamine. If a person is a living breathing human, then Astarte’s Love Slave Rite can affect them on your behalf. Furthermore, it does not matter whether they’re straight, gay, bisexual, or any other orientation. Astarte lives in a realm beyond flesh and cultural norms.

My long journey through love magick finally brought me to the Demon-Goddess of Love & War. I evoked her night after night as she channeled secrets of this diabolical ritual to me. She is going to help you to:

  • Get an ex-lover back: Mend and rejuvenate a doomed relationship
  • Get a new lover: Manifest a new relationship with your ideal person
  • Fall in love with yourself: Admire and accept who you are as a person
  • Turn an enemy into a lover: Dominate and change a person’s emotions
  • Change sexual orientation: Turn a straight person gay and vice verse
  • Make a person fall out of love: Terminate a toxic relationship or harassment
    Influence anyone in your favor: Employers, authorities, business executives, etc.
  • The versatility is endless…

I summon The Goddess of Love and War herself, and offer her a blood sacrifice on your behalf. Petitioning her to ensure the success of the operation, injecting you and your life with her magnificent power and essence, removing the obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness and invigorating the recipients with love and passion. You will begin to see changes immediately!

By harnessing the power of blood sacrifice and spirit evocation I have taken what would otherwise be considered simple folk magick and turned it into a wrecking ball that smashes through the barriers of even the hardest of hearts, instilling feelings of love, passion, and desire. They won’t know what hit them.

Book The Ultimate Love Magick Rite And Receive A FREE Personal Consultation

Free Gift: Personal Consultation – I consider your pleasure my top priority. This means that once you have placed your order, you’ll receive a free 20-minute consultation with me prior to the rite. This allows me to figure out your love-life circumstances so that my rite will fulfill your needs exactly. You can share any comments, concerns, or needs that you believe could help.

How This Works

To summarize the logistics between us:

  1. You book your ritual.
  2. I contact you by email within 48 hours by email to arrange our consultation together.
  3. I perform Astarte’s Love Slave Rite.

Of course, you may email me anytime with follow-up comments or concerns too. I provide personal support to you both pre and post-ritual.

How To Turn Off This Magick If The Person Becomes “Creepy” In Love With You

Not only is this one of the most powerful, it is also one of the safest love spells that you can employ. If at anytime you should wish to terminate the love affair, I can provide an exact, step by step ritual for you to annul the affection, close off their chakras toward you, and divorce yourself from the person permanently.

Just as you can send chakras into overdrive, you can also press down on the brake pedal to decelerate and park them. You can “dry up their supply” of drugs, so to speak.

Please Note: I reserve the right to deny requests depending upon circumstances. For example, I will not help you tear apart a happy family. Nor will I help you seduce your favorite celebrity. This spell is for serious people who are genuinely looking for love and fulfillment, or a resolution to a serious conflict.

Book Astarte’s Love Magick Rite now, and flood your life with the love and sex you’ve always deserved!

The Metaphysical Mad Scientist,



Meet The Author

J.S. Garrett

I am a Metaphysical Mad Scientist. My strongest passion is helping other magicians awaken their inner godhood, helping them to reach a new level of power and ascent.