Receive Key Magick Guidance From A Life-Changing Ritual & Personal Consultation With Scottish Witch Zeraphina Angelus… Unlock The Hidden Secrets Of Your Personal Spiritual Ascent In Live Video Chat

  •   Ritual For Hire: Magick to command changes in your life
  •   Personal Consultation: Video chat on Skype, Zoom & Messenger
  •   Photograph Proof: Receive photographs of my ritual remains
  •   Confidentiality: We take your privacy very seriously
  •   Quality Guarantee: Ritualist has decades of proven experience
  •   Limited Availability: Accepts a limited number of clients

Ritual for Hire & Personal Consultation

  • Connect with your soul mate by help of Lucifer
  • Demonic evocation and pact with any demon
  • Bulletproof protection and cleansing by Lucifer
  • Key guidance for love magick, wealth magick, health and wellness, baneful magick, and more
  • Enlightening magick counsel in strict secrecy
    • Complete ritual performance
    • Photograph recording of ritual
    • Follow-up email consultation
    • Complete ritual performance
    • Photograph recording of ritual
    • Follow-up email consultation
    • Complete ritual performance
    • Photograph recording of ritual
    • Follow-up email consultation
    • A full hour-long session together
    • Video chat on Skype, Messenger & Zoom
    • A half-hour session together
    • Video chat on Skype, Messenger & Zoom
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Greetings, I’m the Scottish Witch, Zeraphina Angelus…

Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about how I came to be on my spiritual path and how I can help you on yours.

I am and always have been a Solitary Witch. Since early childhood everything supernatural has fascinated me. I started learning divination including tarot, crystal ball and pendulum readings in my early teens.  I began my magickal path by learning witchcraft but kept my practices and beliefs secret from those around me.

Being raised in a strict Catholic family, I was taught that I should fear the supernatural and that by embracing it, I was placing my eternal soul in danger. This was in the 90s and before the vast library of knowledge and online support networks we enjoy today. I gained a Master of Arts degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, in which I studied various cultural beliefs and practices on witchcraft and death.

It was in my adulthood that my passion for Magick was rekindled. I started to learn about demonolatry and became obsessed. I knew that Lucifer had been there guiding me all along. I finally understood that it was my destiny to not only embrace the teachings of black magick, but to share that which I learned with others.

I began writing as a contributor to some of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers compendiums and was published in the compendiums of Baal, Asmodeus and Satan. I’m currently working on other projects to be published through Become a Living God in 2022.

I have been offering consultations, readings and rituals for hire through my own website for some time now and am delighted to be offering my services to you, through Become a Living God. I would describe my style as chaos magick. I combine different practices from various cultures and schools of thought, to create my own powerful rituals.  I also work with the Daemonic and have a particular interest in pathworkings with the Gatekeepers.

Connect With Me And You Can

  • Consult with a real Scottish Witch for guidance on your spiritual path
  • Hire me to perform rituals on your behalf for rituals to manifest the changes you seek in your reality
  • Allow me to connect with Lucifer on your behalf to attract your soulmate or remove negative influences from your life
  • Create a pact with a Demon to enhance any area of your life that you wish.
  • Seek guidance from me with a tarot reading or pendulum divination

Receive A Life-Changing Personal Consultation With The Scottish Witch On A Confidential 60- Or 30-Minute Video Chat

How it works — You can book a 60- or 30-minute personal consultation and identify your preferred app like Skype, Messenger, or Zoom. When you do, I’ll contact you by email to confirm it. Then I will meet you at the scheduled time to help in what you wish to learn or discuss.

What kind of assistance is offered — Nothing is off limits, and what we discuss is completely confidential.  We can talk about your specific life circumstances and what you’re looking for assistance with.  I can share my knowledge and experience and help you design your rituals, point you in the right direction if you seek a specific spirit or deity to empower your work or manifest your intent, teach you about practical methods and techniques that you can incorporate, and assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.

What kind of magic you can learn from me — The Left Hand Path in general, candle magick, sympathetic magick, ritual work, meditation, Hoodoo, Luciferian magick, female sorcery, connecting with the Dark Goddess, sex magic, spiritual protection, wealth magick, court and justice rituals, baneful magick, pacts with spirits and many others. 

Let The Scottish Witch Perform A Life-Changing Ritual For Your Spiritual Ascent According To Your Exact Needs

How it works — When you book a custom ritual with me, I’ll contact you within two business day by email to discuss the details of what you expect and how it can be handled. The procedure may involve personal contact with you on Skype before the ritual is performed for certain preparations. We will clarify all your needs in detail until we reach a full agreement. Then I’ll perform the ritual for you and provide a detailed account of the working. Video recordings are not possible at the moment, but I will provide you with the photographs of items used in this work, description of the procedure, and anything else that you may request.

Please note — I’ll always look into your case carefully, and I reserve the right to decline a ritual if what you want is not within the scope of my services. Please read the three available rituals below carefully…

Ritual 1. I Will Evoke Lucifer To Connect You With Your Soul Mate

I believe that everyone has a soulmate and that Lucifer can influence circumstances to remove any blockages between you and them. This allows you to be brought together in the circumstances most conducive to facilitating a romantic connection and long-lasting relationship.

Most love spells and rituals focus on attracting a specific partner.  This ritual allows Lucifer to create a clear path for you to meet the one that you are destined to be with for optimum happiness and fulfillment.  This may be someone that you already know or a person you’re yet to meet.  I designed this very special ritual after meeting my soulmate, with the guidance and blessings of Lucifer and wish to facilitate this opportunity for my clients.

Ritual 2. I Will Evoke The Demon Of Your Choice To Make A Pact That Manifests Your Very Best Life

I will evoke a Demon of your choice and guide you into a pact that will help you manifest your short- and long-term goals, be they spiritual or material. Whether you want prosperity, love, success, knowledge, or power, this all can be obtained through a personal relationship with gods or spirits. No ritual will manifest these things for you overnight, but I will open powerful astral gateways for the influence of the chosen spirit’s or deity’s energy to flow into your life and bring forth what you desire into your personal universe.

I will ask you to describe the guidance you’re looking for from the entity and we can discuss what you will offer in return, for example bi-weekly or monthly rituals of dedication.  We can discuss the types of offerings that are recommended and techniques for connecting with the entity and strengthening your relationship to them.

Ritual 3. I Will Evoke Lucifer In A Protection Ritual For A Spiritual Cleansing To Annihilate All Negative Influences

Inspired by a powerful group ritual I performed on the last Super Blood Moon, I have created this ritual with Lucifer, to remove anything from your life that is standing between you and true happiness.

Sometimes our energy can become blocked by the negative energy of those we interact with on a day-to-day basis, by ill health or by the low vibrational energy of places we visit.  Our energy can be blocked by trauma, stress and by addictive substances. In this ritual, I ask you to tell me what you would like to remove from your life and what you would like to manifest. This can be specific or as general as “remove what is not serving me and replace it with what will serve me.” I petition Lucifer to surround you with his all-powerful light, destroying any negative energy, entities, or obstacles that are hindering you and allowing you to manifest that which will serve you.

Once these negative attachments have been removed, the space that remains will attract an abundance of positive forces in your reality. This could be love, good health, prosperity and abundance and spiritual ascent.  Lucifer has the power to remove all that does not serve you and replace it with all that will.

I will see you in the personal consultation and ritual…

Darkest Blessings,

Peer Reviews From Real Magicians

During all my career as a magician, I have rarely been impressed by readings of any sort. Most practitioners tend to only give you general indications that could pretty much be valid for anyone undertaking the consultation, and when you try to enter the details of your problem, they lose themselves.

My experience with Zeraphina Angelus was the first time someone was really able to describe my situation with details that could not be explained by other means that the supernatural. During our consultation Zeraphina was able to find the weak points in my life and offers a realistic and precise vision of the future, based on my own choices.
I could not recommend her enough.”

N.D. Blackwood

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