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  •   Confidentiality: We take your privacy very seriously
  •   Quality Guarantee: Consultant has decades of proven experience
  •   Limited Availability: Consultant accepts clients on first-come basis

In a Tarot & Pendulum Reading, you’ll receive:

  • Magick guidance for your spiritual ascent
  • A highly-accurate divination reading
  • Key divination for love magick, wealth magick, health and wellness, baneful magick, and more
  • Key insights into your past, present, and future
  • Share private concerns in strict secrecy
  • Includes a FREE pendulum reading too
    • A full hour-long session together
    • 10-card reading with Celtic Cross spread
    • Includes free pendulum reading too
    • My most powerful & inspiring experience
    • Perfect for first-time & serious clients
    • Get $9 off to save 6% with hour-long reading
    • A 30-minute session together
    • Tarot spread for spiritual guidance
    • Includes free pendulum reading too
    • Perfect for recurring clients
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Dear Friend,

Tarot is a spiritual language. As the cards speak the truths of the spirits, I will translate their magick messages to you.

I have been reading Tarot and performing Pendulum Divination to seek answers and guidance from the Spirit World and the deities I work with, since I was thirteen years old. I have a natural ability to see beyond the generic meanings attributed to the cards and find the deepest meanings and interpretations, meant specifically to guide the person I’m reading for.

With a Tarot and Pendulum Reading, you’ll receive:

  • A highly accurate and in-depth reading
  • Clarity and advice on the options available to you in the areas of your life you wish to focus on or improve
  • Spiritual guidance on your past, present, and future journey
  • Ask and discuss anything in total confidence

For your convenience, you can book either a simple 30-minute reading or complex 60-minute reading as seen below.

Your Simple Reading For 30 Minutes

For simple readings I can perform any of the following options:

1. A Yes/No 7-Card Spread

You can receive a Yes/No 7-Card Spread that gives an answer to a specific question or dilemma. This reading is comprised of a ‘question’ card, symbolizing the querent or specific situation they’re concerned about, two cards detailing what will help the situation and two indicating what will be a hindrance or should be avoided. Lastly two cards are drawn to symbolize the outcome if a particular direction is taken, or choice is made.

2. A 6-Card Guidance Spread

A 6-Card Spread gives spiritual guidance on you, your relationships, finances, career, health, and travel opportunities.

3. A 7-Card Horseshoe Spread

A 7-Card Horseshoe Spread to provide clarity on a specific problem and the best course of action to follow. This includes representation of past, present, future, best course of action, how other people will influence the matter, obstacles and the outcome.

Your Complex Reading For A Full Hour

For your complex one-hour reading, I will perform tarot magick with the Celtic Cross Spread.

A 10-Card Celtic Cross Spread

For complex readings I perform the Celtic Cross Spread which is a traditional 10-Card Spread focusing on giving an in-depth analysis of a specific situation or problem and providing guidance to the querent on how to best navigate it. There is no difference in the quality of the reading I will give whether it is a simple or complex session. The difference is simply in the time available to go into more depth on the guidance and messages presented to me through the cards from the spirit world.

How To Unlock Hidden Meaning From The Language Of The Spirits For Life-Changing Guidance In Your Personal Spiritual Ascent

Not all tarot readings are created equal. While it has become popular to learn the traditional meanings of the cards, those of us with psychic ability are able to look beyond those one-dimensional meanings and intuitively see the deeper meanings applicable to the querent. I have had this magick ability since childhood and often shock my clients with the precise accuracy of my interpretations of their readings.

We all need guidance through the dangers of our life path — allow me to share the messages I receive through the tarot cards from the Spirit World to help guide you in your spiritual ascent.

Book Your Tarot & Pendulum Reading Right Now And Receive:

  60-Min Tarot Readings A full hour private session together
  30-Min Tarot Readings A half hour private session together
  Messenger, Skype & Zoom Available in video, audio & text chat
  Confidentiality Guarantee I take your privacy very seriously

Join me in real time on any of your favorite online apps with a video chat, audio chat, or even email. When you book your tarot reading, the cart will allow you to identify your preferred hour, day, and app from the available calendar.

Sessions are available in two different time increments, a full hour and a half-hour. The main difference between the two is the amount of material we will cover, but rest assured, not matter which way you choose, we will address your query and discuss applicable solutions and ways to proceed.

Again, tarot is a spiritual language — the language of the Spirit World. As the card speak their truths, I remain there to translate their message to you.

I will see you in the Tarot and Pendulum Reading…

Darkest Blessings,

Peer Reviews From Real Magicians

During all my career as a magician, I have rarely been impressed by readings of any sort. Most practitioners tend to only give you general indications that could pretty much be valid for anyone undertaking the consultation, and when you try to enter the details of your problem, they lose themselves.

My experience with Zeraphina Angelus was the first time someone was really able to describe my situation with details that could not be explained by other means that the supernatural. During our consultation Zeraphina was able to find the weak points in my life and offers a realistic and precise vision of the future, based on my own choices.
I could not recommend her enough.”

N.D. Blackwood

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