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Experience The World’s Most Empowering Demonic Tarot Reading With The Dark Gods And Goddesses From The Tree Of Qliphoth… Let The Demons Of The Left Hand Path Guide Your Magick Ascent

  •   Qliphothic Tarot & Astrology: Live reading with video chat
  •   Confidentiality: We take your privacy very seriously
  •   Quality Guarantee: Consultant has decades of proven experience
  •   Limited Availability: Consultant accepts clients on first-come basis
Bill Duvendack

With a Qliphothic Tarot & Astrology Readings, you will receive three main powers:

1. Dominate Destiny: Learn your true destiny and your path to success to dominate it.

2. Demonic Matchmaking: Discover exactly which Qliphothic Demons & Demonesses will best empower you and why.

3. Find Yourself: Discover your real self and purpose in this life, and unlock hidden talents and skills.


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  • 60-minute Qliphothic tarot reading
  • 60-minute Qliphothic astrology reading
  • Get $100 off to save 25%
  • Best for truly dedicated clients
  • 60-minute Qliphothic tarot reading
  • Perfect for first-time & serious clients
  • 30-minute Qliphothic tarot reading
  • Perfect for recurring clients
  • 60-minute Qliphothic astrology reading
  • Perfect for first-time & serious clients
  • 30-minute Qliphothic astrology reading
  • Perfect for recurring clients

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Receive a one-hour personal tarot reading with the Oraculum Leviathan deck by the co-designer of the Draconian tarot, Bill Duvendack.

Limited availability on a first come basis

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever experienced a situation like this? Tell me honestly...

Does it feel like every time you log on Facebook or Instagram, you have received 1,000 notifications from strangers asking you to follow their new "tarot business," calling themselves "psychic," and flashing their tarot cards — but you know in the back of your head that they only discovered magick a few months ago?

Do you feel like a powerful tarot reading could clarify your path of magick ascent, but feel "turned off" by the white magical traditions and prejudices commonly found in New Age witchcraft?

Lesson #1: Match Styles — Not All Tarot Readings Are Created Equal

Not all tarot readings are created equal. You need to find the RIGHT tarot reader with the RIGHT deck from the RIGHT current. In other words, you need to find a tarot style that matches yours.

For example, a Qliphothic magician would receive 10 times more help from a Qliphothic tarot reading than from a Wiccan tarot reading. This might sound like a no-brainer, but new magicians often overlook this. They mistakenly believe that "all tarot readings are created equal."

While I strongly believe in political equality, I do not believe in tarot equality. If you needed eye surgery, you would see an eye doctor, not a foot doctor. A Left Hand Path magician will do MUCH better with a Left Hand Path tarot reader.

Lesson #2: Date Up, Not Down

To use street slang, never "date down." In other words, never seek out a tarot reading from a less powerful magician. When it comes to divination systems like tarot and astrology, you need to "date up." Dating up means that you only seek help from magicians who know more than you.

These two lessons may sound a little bit arrogant, but they will save you from YEARS of hassle and confusion, and let you immediately find a tarot reader who can provide you a lifechanging gnosis experience.

New Advancements In Qliphothic Magick — How Asenath Mason And I Pioneered The First Left Hand Path Tarot & Astrology Systems For The Draconian Tradition Exclusively

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Bill Duvendack, and I have performed Qliphothic Tarot & Astrology readings for 25 years. I have received the privilege of performing divination for clients from all walks of life around the world, from actors and musicians to black magicians and witches, to corporate executives and athletes.

Over the last quarter century, I carefully pioneered two entirely new divination systems exclusively for the Left Hand Path:

  • Qliphothic Tarot: Readings that channel gnosis from the Gods & Goddesses who reside on the Tree of Death, i.e., demonic tarot
  • Qliphothic Astrology: Readings that reveal your patron demons and provide exact insights on navigating the Qliphothic Spheres & Tunnels of Set

In 2019, my wife Asenath mason and I finally released these breakthrough systems in leather grimoires, online courses, and tarot decks to let aspiring magicians like you tap into this newfound power. Quite frankly, they have caused a historic "paradigm shift" in Left Hand Path divination, because no demonic divination systems like mine had existed previously in the Draconian Tradition.

The groundbreaking tarot system, called Oraculum Leviathan, features all-new, entirely original, demonic tarot cards channeled in ritual gnosis with the Qliphothic Gods and Goddesses reigning over the Tree of Death.

Note: You can place an order for the tarot deck and grimoire right here, and the astrology grimoire and course right here.

As my two Qliphothic divination systems have become increasingly prominent among black magicians, I have received a flood of requests to perform tarot and astrology readings with them for the general population. Therefore, let me declare for the first time: you can now book a Qliphothic Tarot & Astrology experience with me.

Experience High Gnosis And Demonic Revelation With The Creator Of Oraculum Leviathan Himself

Truthfully, you find yourself in a very RARE circumstance right now. You can receive a complete tarot reading with the creator of the tarot deck himself — ME.

You cannot "date up" higher than this. Harness my lifelong knowledge of tarot and demonology. I am here to help you plan the next level and direction of your life through the use of the tarot. Spiritually, my background is a wide tapestry of various paradigms and disciplines, and in a reading, they are all brought through when applicable to help you make the right decisions about how to proceed going forward.

Qliphothic Tarot Reveals Your DESTINY — Not Your FATE

Too many times, people think a tarot reading is something that is destined to happen, when in reality a good tarot reading only gives you insight on how to proceed. It does NOT tell you that certain things are set in stone! After all, we live in a free will zone, and our choices can take us in line with cosmic order or against it, depending on what we choose. The readings I bring through emphasize personal empowerment, not victimhood to the whims of fate.

Book Your Oraculum Leviathan Tarot Experience Right Now And Receive:

  60-Minute Reading A complete gnosis for new clients
  30-Minute Reading A check-up for returning clients
  Facebook, Google & Skype Available in video, audio & text chat
  Confidentiality Guarantee I take your privacy very seriously

You can book your confidential Qliphothic Tarot Reading with me in either a 60-minute or 30-minute experience. If this entails your first tarot reading with me, then I would prefer that you book an hour-long session together, because it allows me to provide you a truly complete gnosis experience. Then, you can come back to receive another reading in a new season of your life, I can perform a 30-minute reading

Length Of Tarot & Astrology Experience

  • 60-Minute Gnosis: For new clients who need a complete gnosis experience
  • 30-Minute Gnosis: For returning clients who need an update or check up

Location Of Tarot Experience

You and I can connect on any of these popular apps below. Do not worry, you will provide your username, email, and birth time & date at checkout.

  Facebook Messenger & Skype: Most convenient, most helpful, and 100% free

  Email: If you cannot speak English clearly or prefer maximum privacy, then I can perform your tarot reading by email

Sessions are available in two different time increments, half an hour or an hour. The main difference between the two is the amount of material we will cover, but rest assured, not matter which way you choose, we will address your query and discuss applicable solutions and ways to proceed. I am flexible when it comes to how we meet as well, and we can meet via Skype, Zoom, Wire, Facebook Messenger video, or another platform, if you desire it and it is reasonable.

I urge you to book your Draconian tarot reading with me at your earliest possibility, because more magicians than ever fill my calendar right now.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this, and take you to your next level!

Darkest Blessings,


Meet The Author

Bill Duvendack

Lifelong magician and champion of the Left Hand Path, Bill has authored numerous grimoires on Egyptian Magick, Luciferianism, Enochian Magick and Qliphothic astrology.