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Find Your True Self, Perfect Lover & Path To Wealth With This Ancient Occult Science… You’re About To Learn The Secret “X Factor” To Ascent That Most People Will Go To Their Graves Without Knowing…

  •   Advanced Astrology Reading: Live chat on Messenger, Skype & phone
  •   Personal Horoscope eBook: Full charts & reading in PDF file
  •   Quality Guarantee: Consultant has proven experience
  •   Limited Availability: Consultant accepts clients on first come basis
Bill Duvendack

With my Advanced Astrology Reading, you will:

  • Unmask your True Self and Purpose in this life
  • Decode your perfect love match and love type
  • "Strike gold" and find your path to wealth
  • Know what the New Year holds in advance
  • Discover past lives, karmic threads, and urgent life lessons of this incarnation


  • 60+ minute live reading together online
  • Your natal charts & reading in eBook
  • My private email for follow-up help
  • 60+ minute live reading together online
  • Your love charts & reading in eBook
  • My private email for follow-up help
  • 60+ minute live reading together online
  • Your wealth charts & reading in eBook
  • My private email for follow-up help
  • 60+ minute live reading together online
  • Your new year charts & reading in eBook
  • My private email for follow-up help
  • 60+ minute live reading together online
  • Your esoteric charts & reading in eBook
  • My private email for follow-up help

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Dear Friend,

Over the last thirty years, I have become an internationally known astrologer, magical author, and occult counselor. Through my numerous appearances on television and radio, I have become an on-demand astrologer and psychic confidant to many people just like you who need urgent insights into their confusing life circumstances.

My name is Bill Duvendack. Let me exorcize a few ghosts that haunt astrology right now:

  • Have you ever read a horoscope but found it to be absurdly wrong?
  • Have you ever considered those "one size fits all" horoscopes found in blogs and newspapers to be a fraud?
  • Does it seem antiquated and harebrained to obsess over elaborate planet and star alignments when you live here on planet Earth?

Believe it or not, I fully sympathize because you're completely right! If I did not know any better, I would share these same complaints. These fake 1-800-Psychic hotlines and goofy Facebook horoscope memes have ruined astrology... but hopefully not forever.

Let me save you from fakes, cheats, and charlatans, and introduce you to one simple premise that revolutionized my entire life.

My "Conversion" From A Full-Fledged Hater Of Astrology Into A World Class Reader Of This Ancient Occult Science

As a child, I wished to become an astronomer because I loved watching the night sky. But in my teenage years, I found out that most astronomers sit around in sterile offices and almost never actually look at stars and planets in the night sky, so I lost my aspiration of astronomy as an occupation. My love of stars caused me to peek at weekly horoscopes in newspapers, but strangely they always seemed completely wrong. At that point in my life, I waved astrology off as a parlor fraud.

Fast forward approximately twenty years and a dear friend of mine insisted I take a closer look at astrology but this time as an ancient occult science — not just a scattershot "one size fits all" magazine column. I gave it another shot but this time with a genuine intellect, and it completely astounded me.

Quit frankly, I "converted" from hater to lover overnight and never looked back. Now I literally orient my entire life to align with these magical planetary and astral forces that carry my ascent.

Magical And Physical Forces Of The Sun, Moon, And Planets Dominate Your Life And You Probably Never Even Knew It

The entire history of life on earth from the earliest religion to modern times has been oriented around solar, lunar, and planetary movement. These are called days, seasons, and years. Humanity as a civilization takes the fundamental premise of astrology as a given, but does not recognize it as such.

Did you know that many medical studies have proven that astronomical events — movements, shifts, and alignments of heavenly bodies — immediately affect human psychology, mood, and life altogether. Below you will find an excerpt out a national medical study on the lunar cycle:

Human and animal physiology are subject to seasonal, lunar, and circadian rhythms. The lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate. Admittance to hospitals and emergency units because of various causes correlated with moon phases. In addition, other events associated with human behavior, such as traffic accidents, crimes, and suicides, appeared to be influenced by the lunar cycle.

Here's The Secret "X Factor" That Most People Will Never Know... How To Let Cosmic Astrological Forces Ignite Your ASCENT Instead Of Your Demise

Ancient magicians possessed a remarkably intuitive knowledge of this secret "X factor" that affected humanity, namely astronomical forces. They figured out astonishingly accurate and helpful formulae to interpret and chart out these forces and their affects. These formulae have become known as astrology.

Furthermore, modern astrologers have innovated this early technology into a contemporary science that can provide priceless insights into life circumstances today.

Here's how YOU can let these indomitable cosmic forces ignite your ASCENT instead of your demise.

Reading #1: Know Your TRUE SELF For The First Time With A Birth Chart Reading - Natal Horoscope

Ask any astrologer and they will tell you that every human needs interpretation of their Natal Chart first. A natal chart also called a birth chart lays the groundwork for your entire life astrologically. It reveals an entire snapshot of the heavens, pinpointing where planets sat at your time of birth, and how they interacted with one another. This highly revealing chart lets your see a backdrop of your entire incarnation. It allows you to look into every area of your life, and breaks it down in a clear, delineated manner. You will learn:

  • Your true spiritual path and purpose in this incarnation
  • How to ascend and cope with life as a unique individual
  • How the world and people in your life secretly view you
  • Discover hidden skills and talents that you need to awaken
  • Occupations and directions in life most appropriate to you

If you have never experienced an astrology reading, then I strongly suggest that you book this life-changing horoscope with me first. Or, if you have experienced an astrology reading elsewhere previously, but would like to receive my occult interpretation in particular, then you may book this one.

When you undergo a Birth Chart reading, you meet your True Self and learn your TRUE PURPOSE for the first time in your life.

Reading #2: Discover PERFECT LOVE In A Relationship With A Love Chart Reading - Synastry Horoscope

In a relationship reading, I analyze two charts together: you and your lover. This allows me to interpret your precise areas of compatibility and incompatibility, and provide exact suggestions to resolve them to increase your connection. Astrologers call this a synastry horoscope. In a love reading, you will learn:

  • Which traits you and your lover are good at, and which you're bad at
  • Where each lover prefers to place their energy, i.e., homebody vs workaholic
  • What get your partner's blood flowing, both sexually and spiritually
  • How you and your lover can ascend and cope with every area of life

When you undergo a Love Chart reading, you will discover the meaning of TRUE LOVE in a relationship for the first time in your life.

Reading #3: Find Your PATH TO WEALTH With A Money Chart Reading - Wealth Horoscope

A prudent astrologer can mine an abundance of golden knowledge from your chart that clarifies your path to wealth in this life. A wealth horoscope will disclose helpful insights into money, investing, occupations, and a multitude of factors that either ignite your ascent or cause your demise. In a wealth reading, I probe three astrological houses to help you "strike gold".

  • Helpful insights into how you handle money - identify "blind spots"
  • Where you "strike gold" - where your money is most likely to come from
  • Discernment on your day to day routine
  • The best possible work environment for you
  • How to maximize your long-term development as an investor, business professional, and entrepreneur

Reading #4: New Year. New You. Find Out What This Upcoming Year Holds In A Birthday Chart - Solar Return Horoscope

Did you just complete another trip around the sun? Happy birthday! Happy solar return!

Many truth-seekers book a birthday chart a.k.a. solar return chart to see what the upcoming year holds for them at their new age. I calculate this horoscope in alignment with when the Sun crosses the exact same spot again that it crossed when you were born.

Reading #5: Discover Your Past Lives, Karma, And Life Lessons In This Incarnation With An Esoteric Chart - Soul Journey Horoscope

Demystify your past lives, karmic threads, and urgent life lessons in this current incarnation with an esoteric chart. In this horoscope you will decode your Soul Journey across entire lifetimes.

This rare and unprecedented reading utilizes my decades of knowledge in Theosophy to reveal your truest undercurrent and deepest forces at this moment in your Soul Journey.

See the face you had before you were born in an Esoteric Chart reading.

Book Your Advanced Astrology Reading Right Now And You'll Receive:

  Advanced Astrology Reading A 60+ minute session together
  Personal Horoscope eBook Full charts & reading in PDF file
  Messenger, Skype & Google Available on your preferred chat app
  Confidentiality Guarantee I take your privacy very seriously

Here's how this works:

  1. Book your reading on my calendar right now.
  2. I cast and read your horoscope in a confidential 60+ minute session. Of course, I will answer any comments or concerns that you might like to share.
  3. I provide your entire horoscope in an eBook to look over at your convenience and save in your records.

Requirement: My calendar will allow you to provide the time, day, month, year, and city of your birth when you book your reading. You need to provide as much of this as you know.

Astrological Forces Are Like A Fire Hose... When Harnessed, They Put Out Fires And Save Lives — When Neglected, They Wreak Havoc

To use an analogy, view astrological forces like a fire hose. When you harness them, they can put out fires and save lives. When you neglect them, they wreak havoc and cause trouble in your life.

Muggles have neglected astrology for millennia and wonder why their lives fall in and out of ruin with the seasons, with the tides, with the alignments and cycles of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. But YOU can nip these forces in the bud and discover how to let them ignite and carry your ascent, instead of cause your demise.

Astrology is an ancient occult science. Much more exists to astrology than your Sun sign and a "one size fits all" magazine horoscope. I aspire to bring more astrological knowledge to the forefront in order to enlighten as many truth-seekers as possible.

Let My 30 Years Of Ritual Experience With Qliphothic Magic And Nightside Witchcraft Provide A Rare & Unprecedented Astrology Reading You Cannot Find Anywhere Else

Over the years I have innovated a Qliphothic Astrology designed to accommodate Left Hand Path magicians and witches. With my highly unusual background in "forbidden" occultism, my readings feature a perspective that you cannot find anywhere else — whereas other astrologists normally possess a traditional "love and light" worldview.

Moreover, I tend to provide hyper-personal readings that elaborate your horoscope to an extent that no one else can. This occurs due to decades of divination with astrology as an occupation.

Lastly, I believe very strongly in grounding my counsel. I concentrate on real world tools and techniques that you can utilize right now. I like down to earth terms and illustrations — not hairy fairy, pie in the sky, mumbo jumbo.

Astrology will unleash your own inner power in your life. It will empower you to create the kind of life you desire. I would consider it an honor to cast your horoscope, and welcome you to book your reading with me today.



Meet The Author

Bill Duvendack

Lifelong magician and champion of the Left Hand Path, Bill has authored numerous grimoires on Egyptian Magick, Luciferianism, Enochian Magick and Qliphothic astrology.