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BREAKING: World Renowned Astrologer Unlocks The Left Hand Path’s First Codex Of Qliphothic Astrology… Find Your TRUE Patron Demon With The New Occult Science Of Demonic Astrology

  •   Grimoire: Qliphothic Astrology in leather & cloth
  •   Course: 4 hours of expanded classes streaming online
  •   Reading: A 30-minute demonic astrology reading
  •   Author: Bill Duvendack
  •   Foreword & Illustrator: Asenath Mason
  •   Editor: Timothy
  •   Sample: Download
Bill Duvendack

In Qliphothic Astrology, you will learn:

  • Essential history of occult astrology from Mesopotamia & Ancient Greece to modern time
  • A 100% Left Hand Path guide to magick of the Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Hours & more
  • New breakthrough codex of astrology behind the Demonic Kings & Queens of the Qliphoth
  • Highly advanced grimoire unlocking the demonic astrology behind the 22 Tunnels of Set
  • Step-by-step worksheets & tables to precisely formulate Demonic Birth Charts for anyone
  • Clairvoyantly received sigils, portraits & gnosis from spirit orders who gatekeep the Tunnels


Original price was: $577.Current price is: $299.
  • Grimoire – Leather Edition
  • Personal Astrology Reading – 30 Minutes
  • Class 1 – Understanding the Qliphoth
  • Class 2 – The 5 Pillars of Astrology
  • Class 3 – A Guide to Evocation & Pacts
  • Get $278 off to save 48%
  • Limited edition in black leather
  • Gold foil stamp
  • 232 pages
  • Limited edition in black cloth
  • Gold foil stamp
  • 232 pages

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Qliphothic Astrology book, companion courses online, and 30-minute demonic astrology reading.

Limited edition available on a first come basis.

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Peer Reviews

  • You are holding in your hands a complete guide to the astrology of the Qliphoth that will introduce you step by step to the study and practice of the Dark Tree from the perspective of the oldest science of mankind. This is a unique approach to the Qliphothic Qabalah, which you will not find anywhere else in this depth and with so much detail.

    Asenath Mason, author of Qliphothic Meditations
  • Bill's occult innovation, Qliphothic Astrology, helps the Adept to carve in his/her soul the Shadowside more precisely. The Adept will transcend the veil of illusions in this mortal, physical plane and find their place among the Astral Kingdoms. I strongly recommend the work of Bill Duvendack to anyone who searches and strives to carry the Black Flame in their life.

    Edgar Kerval, author of QLIPHOTH
  • Perhaps the most important features in this codex are the correspondences between astrology, the Infernal Realms, and their Lords. Utilizing these associations is extremely valuable to all black magicians whom aspire to pathwork the Qliphoth fully.

    Orlee Stewart, author of Black Magician's Guide to the Goetia
  • Bill Duvendack has successfully bridged the Realms, Orders and Arch-Demons of the Qliphoth into the subject of Astrology. His insights allow the Black Magician to dissect themselves in way that gives greater control over themselves by knowing what demons are intimately connected to them and in what way they are connected. This self-knowledge which can be deciphered to the desired degree is priceless for the serious student of the Qliphoth. I highly recommend this book for both beginners and advanced students of the Qliphoth alike.

    Enoch B. Petrucelly author of The Black Witch
  • I never took astrology seriously and always viewed it as hare-brained fortune telling. Bill has revolutionized my opinion on astrology and helped me to finally respect it as the "mother of all magick" and true backbone of witchcraft as an ancient science. It shocked me that no author had formulated or discovered a Left Hand Path guide to Qliphothic Astrology. I consider it an honor to help Bill pioneer this new magick.

    Timothy, author of Black Magick Manifesto
  • I have always hated math, therefore, I never studied astrology. But I love this new book by Bill Duvendack, Qliphothic Astrology. He doesn't place the emphasis of astrology on the math, but more on the Qliphothic Demonology and magick behind the astrology. My favorite part of this book is where he gets into the real workings of the different Tunnels of Set, taking off from where Kenneth Grant left off, and pushing that knowledge forward. He applies the mysteries of the stars to your rituals, to your black magick, to the Left Hand Path, and to the Shadow Work that you're engaging in.

    E.A. Koetting author of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers saga

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a couple personal questions. Remain honest with yourself as you answer them.

  • Do you hate math? Do the complicated equations and esoteric formulas of astrology stress you out?
  • Are you scared to believe in astrology because it would rob you of free will?
  • Does it bother you when magicians blame astrology for their personal failures and problems in life?
  • Are you skeptical that public horoscopes use "cold reading" and "mentalism" to trick gullible people?
  • Do you consider astrology a giant waste of time, like the "juice isn't worth the squeeze" to learn fancy charts and tables?

Why do I ask? Because when I first discovered magick, I shared these same fears. I worried that the "determinism" and "fatalism" of astrology would rob me of free will, and that I would use it as an excuse to rationalize my failures in life.

Not only that, but as an avowed Qliphothic Magician and demonologist, why would I even learn astrology? Aren't horoscopes just hocus pocus for New Agers and white magicians? At that time, no Left Hand Path astrology existed and it seemed pointless.

Looking back in hindsight today, let me tell you that my assumptions and prejudices were absurdly false. A black magician and witch can harness the magick of astrology to elevate their gnosis further than I had ever imagined. Here, let me explain why...

A New Milestone In Demonology That Takes The Early Qliphothic Magick Of Kenneth Grant & Aleister Crowley To The Next Level — Harness The Science Of Demonic Astrology To Navigate The Qliphothic Spheres & Tunnels Of Set With The Highest Precision

In modern times, a serious disconnect exists between astrology and magick, and it has caused a schism between both astrologers and magicians. This is a very recent division from a historical perspective, and it has ripped the backbone out of magick systems and lost their true origins and foundations.

This explains why I have penned this advanced codex in order to merge ancient astrology and Qliphothic demonology, and bring balance back to modern sorcery. It is high time to take astrology beyond the stereotypical "fortune telling" paradigm and treat it with the respect it deserves.

Bottom line: You can harness the knowledge and forces of astrology to accelerate your progress with Left Hand Pathworking and advance your study of demonology. Moreover, astrology saves you from YEARS of confusion and wasted time pathworking spirits that contradict you in essence.

To summarize, when you unlock Qliphothic Astrology, you will become part of the "one percent" of top magicians who learn three priceless powers:

  • Power One: Formulate a birth chart that matches you and anyone else with patron and matron demons related naturally by birth
  • Power Two: Masterfully navigate the Qliphoth and Tunnels of Set with the highest possible precision
  • Power Three: Know the right times to perform the right rituals with the right spirits.

These three big powers: (1) demonic birth chart, (2) masterful navigation, and (3) correct correspondences — they transform you from basic to advanced, from dabbler to serious, from the 99% to the 1%.

Why does astrology matter? Because time rules everyone and everything in this physical plane. All things come to be and pass away through time, including YOU. For example, tantric Hindus view Kali as both the mother goddess and death goddess simultaneously. Her name literally means time in Sanskrit. The exact chronology of movements, distances, and alignments of the planets and stars affect your energy inescapably and beyond comprehension. By and large, the Left Hand Path has neglected this reservoir of wisdom and power.

My pioneering grimoire and codex, Qliphothic Astrology, places the backbone back in magick again — it saves the true origin and foundation of witchcraft.

Learn The "Mother Of All Magick" And Backbone Of Witchcraft — My 232-Page Codex Of Demonic Astrology Places You In The 1% Of Magicians Who Actually Know The RIGHT Times To Perform The RIGHT Rituals With The RIGHT Spirits And WHY

This 232-page codex & grimoire features bleeding edge knowledge of astrology that any black magician can harness to elevate their gnosis with the Demonic Kings & Queens further than ever — whether Qliphothic, Goetic, or new traditions:

  • Essential history of occult astrology from Mesopotamia & Ancient Greece to modern time - p.23
  • A Left Hand Path primer on astrology behind the Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Hours & more - p.47
  • A master codex revealing the powerful magick synergies between the (1) Planets, Stars & Elements, (2) Tree of Life, (3) Qliphoth, & (4) Lords of the Qliphoth - p.115
  • A Qliphoth-by-Qliphoth, demon-by-demon guide with accompanied Tree of Qliphoth illustrations - p.104
  • A master Tree of Qliphoth featuring an entire overview of Qliphothic Astrology - p.101
  • Highly progressive codex with tunnel-by-tunnel exploration of astrological correspondences behind the Tunnels of Set - p.121
  • 14 clairvoyantly received sigils and portraits of spirits who dwell in the Tunnels — channeled and illustrated by Asenath Mason - p.121
  • True, real-life, gnosis records and stories from personal pathworking experiences with magician Asenath Mason - p.155
  • A Birth Chart Worksheet and how to formulate your Demonic Chart with birth time & place - p.200

Elevate Your Gnosis Further Than Ever With The First Complete "Master Codex" Of Astrological Correspondences Behind The Demonic Kings & Queens Of The Qliphoth

As it stands today, the Qliphoth can be traced back to the Qabalist Isaac Luria during the sixteenth century. It’s not that he created it per se, as the seeds of it can be found in much earlier material, but rather his line of thinking laid the foundation for a more codified study of the Qliphoth. Even though we can trace the history back to this point, there are seeds of it that can be found as far back as the Zohar and early Hebrew texts that existed long before his time. Depending on who you ask, the Qliphoth is either the back side, or inverse, of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, that is, the roots that lie below the tree — a dark labyrinth reflection of the visible tree.

This simplified, stripped down table below shows exactly which Qliphoth and Demonic Lords you will study with my much larger, complete "master charts" that elucidate the entire matrix of correspondences that you need.

The clairvoyant artist and author Asenath Mason has illustrated Qliphoth by Qliphoth maps with painstaking accuracy. Furthermore, I have written extensive Lord by Lord spirit profiles to match these spheres. With these combined, you will pathwork across the entire Nightside through the Tree of Death with advanced astrology.

You will learn the astrology behind:

# Qliphoth Demonic Lord
1 Thaumiel Satan/Moloch/Lucifer
2 Ghagiel Beelzebub/Adam Belial
3 Satariel Lucifuge Rofocale
4 Gha'ag Sheblah Astaroth
5 Golachab Asmodeus/Nemesis
6 Thagirion Belphegor
7 A'Arab Zaraq Baal/Venus Illegitima/Tubal Cain
8 Samael Adrammelech
9 Gamaliel Lilith & Samael
10 Lilith Naamah

Many magicians quit there. They mistakenly believe that only the Qliphoth and their related Lords exist. A serious black magician knows better, and pathworks much further. In fact, the Qliphothic Spheres are only the beginning...

"Scales Of The Serpent" — The New Frontier Of Discovery... Receive 14 Sigils, Portraits, & Records Of Gnosis That Asenath Mason & I Received From The Native Spirits Who Gatekeep The 22 Tunnels

The occult author Kenneth Grant coined the name, “Tunnels of Set," in his Typhonian series. It refers to the network of paths that connects the Qliphothic Spheres on the Tree of Death. Kenneth himself was inspired by his mentor, Aleister Crowley, in Liber 231, which features his channeled sigils for the Tunnels. In his text, Crowley calls them, “Scales of the Serpent.” Astrally, they function as tunnels and portals between destinations, but psychologically, they are alchemical processes that you undergo to evolve to a higher state.

My grimoire will guide you on a Tunnel by Tunnel journey through all 22 Tunnels of Set to unlock their unique magick, harness power of their spirits, and tap into as much gnosis as possible.

My magickal partner, Asenath, and I embarked on a ritual pathworking through the Tunnels of Set from July 14, 2017 through August 10, 2017. I faithfully recorded my in-depth experiences in a journal whereby I provide my exact encounters with the native spirit-orders who dwell in these tunnels. In addition, Asenath carefully illustrated key sigils that she channeled during ritual. These completely original, new sigils will give you the keys to unlocking the numerous gates at the entrances of the tunnels.

These "Scales of the Serpent" are the current frontier of magick, the "Wild West" of astral territory that needs exploration most.

BONUS 1: Expanded Online Astrology Classes — Enhance Your Knowledge Of Qliphothic Astrology With 4 Additional Hours In 3 Classes On Astro-Demonology

In the Qliphothic Astrology video course, you will receive a lot of bonus material that can greatly enhance your experience with the book. The course will give you a visual way of learning and applying the personal astrological demonic chart that is unique to you in this lifetime. In addition to that though, more information will be given that covers other sections of the book, such as more of a discussion on how and why astrology works, and more clarification and explanation of the tree of Qliphoth. A comprehensive look at how to use the system outlined in section three of the text, clarifying and enhancing the material contained in the book, is also included in the video course, and in addition to this, a more in-depth discussion of Hebrew and other terms that often times get skepticism and spiritual baggage projection from many Left Hand Path practitioners. This particular discussion will be broader in scope than just as it pertains to the book, too, and you may find it can greatly apply to other areas of your spiritual growth and development.

Altogether, these bonus classes entail:

  • Bonus Class #1: Advanced Understanding of Qliphothic Astrology
  • Bonus Class #2: The 5 Pillars of Astrology for Beginners
  • Bonus Class #3: A Guide to Evocation & Pacts With Demons

BONUS 2: Qliphothic Astrology Reading With Me — Let Me Match You With Your True Demonic Allies In A 30-Minute Demonic Birth Chart Reading

Let me JUMPSTART your magickal journey into Qliphothic Astrology with a 30-minute, one-to-one, private, demonic astrology reading on any of your preferred apps:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google
  • Skype

Through the power of your astrological chart, you can learn about the demons that you have an energetic and karmic connection with during this incarnation. Through the power of astrology and the Western Esoteric Tradition, you can learn about the demonic entities you have a natural affinity for working with in this life. Learn about the four major overseers of your life, as well as demons that can assist you with specific areas. We all have certain connections with demons, and angels, during this lifetime, and through this chart appointment you can learn who you connect with, and possibly even validate connections with demons you already have!

Here's how it works: when you place your order for the Qliphothic Astrology kit, you will immediately receive an email that provides a secret link to book your 30-minute astrology reading with me.

Order Qliphothic Astrology RIGHT NOW And Receive:

  Hardback Grimoire Limited edition in leather & cloth
  Online Course 4 hours of streaming video classes on demand
  Personal Reading 30-minute demonic astrology reading
  Grimoire Guard Velvet bag to protect book in mint condition
  Global Shipping Receive in two weeks or less

To help you save as much on tuition as possible, I have combined together my (1) Qliphothic Astrology grimoire, (2) a 30-minute personal reading with me, and (3) three online video classes into a complete kit that jumpstarts your ascent with demonic astrology. This kit gives you almost half-off. You will find your tuition breakdown and savings below:

Normal Tuition & Your Savings Below

  • Qliphothic Astrology in leather edition = normally $179
  • Personal astrology reading with me = normally $199
  • Three online streaming classes = normally $199
  • Total Tuition without discount = $577
  • Discount = 48%
  • Your tuition = only $299
  • Your savings: $278

All in all, I have poured my entire life's passion into this grimoire and codex, and I tried to lower your tuition as much as possible. This arrangement sounds fairly reasonable to me, and I genuinely hope you agree.

As you approach this book, I would like to leave you with a few words of wisdom. If you are a serious magician, then you will come to a point in your journey where it feels time to innovate your own magickal system — above and beyond any magick you learn in my astrology codex or any other grimoire.

I say to that, "Excellent, do it!"

When you formulate your demonic birth chart and pathwork the Qliphoth, you will experience magick uniquely and encounter spirits privately. They will affect your life in a manner relate to you, and you alone. These unique experiences open the door to your new, personal system.

I want each man to cut his own way through the jungle. — Aleister Crowley

An entire book could be written about founding your own paradigm, and while I touched on it in The Metaphysics of Magick chapter, a lot more could still be added to the conversation. In short, get creative, but remember to balance your equations, magically speaking. Enjoy your work going forward, and remember that timing is everything in astrology.

Knowing when to act is as important as knowing how to act.

See you in the grimoire,


Meet The Author

Bill Duvendack

Lifelong magician and champion of the Left Hand Path, Bill has authored numerous grimoires on Egyptian Magick, Luciferianism, Enochian Magick and Qliphothic astrology.