Ignite The Magical Fire Of Luciferian Gnosis… Explore The Masks Of Lucifer And Connect With His Eleven Most Inspiring God-Forms

  •   Awakening Lucifer: Best-selling grimoire of 2017
  •   Portraits & Sigils: Original artwork of Lucifer
  •   Coauthors: Asenath Mason & Bill Duvendack
  •   Editor: Timothy
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  •   Sample Chapter: Melek Taus: The Peacock God
Asenath Mason

In Awakening Lucifer, you will learn:

  • 11 gnostic masks of the Luciferian Archetype
  • How to ignite the Magic of Luciferian Gnosis
  • Modern initiation rites into the Current
  • Key breakthroughs in demonic etymology
  • Ways to harness Luciferian Sorcery to ascend on the path of self-deification
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Peer Reviews

  • Diane-Awakening-Lucifer

    There is power behind the words. This book is for serious occultists and those seeking communion, self-initiation and ultimately the wisdom/gnosis that comes with it. Awakening Lucifer brings a deeper understanding of the Lucifer archetype and along with it something new and exciting for both the reader the future. Would absolutely recommend!!

    Diane NarrawayAuthoress
  • Edgar Kerval

    This magnificent grimoire is an inner call to self-illumination and apotheosis through powerful explorations, transforming the spirit into a vessel of the Luciferian essence in flesh, with the purpose to learn to operate on this plane as gods and goddesses and open astral gates in diverse magickal workings. Awakening Lucifer is a symbol of self-liberation and inner devotion transcending into self-perfection in every stage of life.

    Edgar KervalAuthor
  • Awakening Lucifer presents a fresh viewpoint on many of the old myths and Luciferian archetypes. This book is for those who want a deeper understanding of the many faces of Lucifer and how this figure relates to mankind. By delving into the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian legends, this book takes the reader beyond the Biblical fallen angel. It’s a beautiful grimoire written by two highly respected occultists!

    Laurie PenumatikosAuthoress

Hail Lucifer… The Ultimate Archetype Of Spiritual Illumination, Empowerment And Freedom

Dear Friend,

Lucifer as a Magical Spirit and Spiritual Archetype has become remarkably popular these days! Magicians all around the world turn their gaze to this mysterious figure as more and more people seek Luciferian Gnosis on their Path of Ascent.

  • Have you always wanted to explore the Magic of Lucifer, but did not know how?
  • Or have you already entered the Current, but would like help to connect the dots between the ancient god-forms to maximize your pathworking?

I am pleased to present Awakening Lucifer, a grimoire formulated to ignite Luciferian Gnosis with 11 of the most empowering archetypal god-forms in history. This is my first book written together with an amazing author and spiritual teacher, Bill Duvendack. Bill is an internationally known psychic, presenter, and author of four published books.

This groundbreaking book is a modern grimoire of Left Hand Path magic, written as a follow-up to Rites of Lucifer, with the purpose of exploring Luciferian Gnosis in greater depth. Following the discussion of Lucifer’s masks, titles, and attributes, Awakening Lucifer examines deities, spirits, and mythological figures related to the Luciferian ethos and symbolism, focusing on manifestations of the archetype in various cultural contexts, getting to the roots of selected legends and folklore, and exploring similarities and differences between Luciferian characters around the world. The material contained in here is inspired by and derived from the works of the Temple of Ascending Flame, but it has been expanded and revised to be accessible to those that may not be familiar with the working structure of the temple. Methods of work presented here are similar to those included in Rites of Lucifer as well, but they are organized into a coherent ritual system, which you can use as a starting point in your explorations of the Luciferian archetype.

Unmask The Eleven Most Inspiring God-Forms Of Lucifer In World History

You will find eleven chapters in this tome that shine light on the most inspiring god-forms of the Luciferian Archetype across cultures and from a variety of perspectives. Not only will you find new breakthroughs in etymology and history, but you will also find magical rituals and workings that allow you to make contact with him, and act as a channel for his light into the world. Ranging from Melek Taus to Shiva, no matter your spiritual paradigm, you will find ways to work with him that are in line with who you are and what you seek.

As we walk his path of shadows and shade, we discover and integrate his light, making ourselves the light we can follow through our trials and tribulations. His is the light of enlightenment, and through working with him, we illuminate ourselves and burn away the shade cast by the disempowering beliefs of the slave systems. We turn our chains to ashes, and we stand purified in his throne room, the true holiest of holies.

Below you will find the table of contents of Awakening Lucifer…

Magic Grimoire
Invocation to Lucifer
Anima Lucifer
Methods of Work
Prometheus: the Bringer of Fire Ch. 1
Melek Taus: the Peacock Angel Ch. 2
Attar: the Son of the Dawn Ch. 3
Shemyaza: the Serpent Angel Ch. 4
Samael: the Prince of Darkness Ch. 5
Lucifuge Rofocale: the Lord of the Night Ch. 6
Lugh: the Shining One Ch. 7
Shiva: the Lord of the Trident Ch. 8
Azazel: the Lord of Transgression Ch. 9
Pan: the Horned One Ch. 10
Janus: the Keeper of the Gates Ch. 11
Spirit Portraits
Dark God of Sitra Ahra
Deliverer of the Profane
Angel of Death
The Evening Star
Fallen Angel
Lord of the Path of Flames

Every chapter contains an introduction to the magical mythology of the chosen god or spirit, explaining why they can be considered a Luciferian Archetype, an ultra-powerful sigil that attunes you to their Current, a guided meditation that takes you on a self-initiatory journey within their realm, and a special invocation to assume the god-form and absorb their powers and qualities. This book presents the Luciferian Archetype and its role in the development of human consciousness across the ages and in various civilizations, focusing on those aspects relevant to the Draconian current so you undergo self-initiation into the Path of the Dragon.

Burn Away The Chains Of Slavery And Bathe Yourself In Spiritual Illumination

In Awakening Lucifer, you’re going to learn:

  • The 11 most empowering gnostic masks of the Luciferian Archetype
  • How to ignite the magic flame of Luciferian Gnosis
  • The exciting daily manifestations to expect from ritual
  • Helpful precautions for the safest and healthiest experiences
  • Modern self-initiation rites into the ancient Current
  • Cutting edge breakthroughs in demonic etymology and ancestry
  • Ways to harness Luciferian Sorcery to ascend on the path of self-deification

Altogether, this unique grimoire provides a life-changing experience of Luciferian Gnosis, presenting Lucifer as a universal archetype existing in many cultures and manifesting through mythological characters worldwide. By working with this material, you will come to deepen your connection with the Luciferian current, revealing black diamonds of forbidden wisdom yours for the taking, so turn the page and enjoy the fruit of the forbidden tree.

Brace yourself for the changes that will manifest in your life as you work your way through this grimoire, because you are most assured to find power accessible to you in ways unimaginable. Many books in the past have claimed to capture the essence of Lucifer, but this unique book is truly a hands-on user’s manual… rather than a ‘read and forget’ book. When you open the cover, make sure that all is in order in your life, because the changes will come, and come quickly, and you will receive the most sinister gnosis of all—the Gnosis of the Dark Light of Lucifer.

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Awakening Lucifer is perhaps the most exciting breakthrough for the Luciferian Current because it unlocks the secrets to Gnosis across the most magical ancient civilizations in world history. I honestly have never felt this happy about a series of books in my life and I welcome you to find out why! But I caution you to act now, because we only printed 100 copies of Awakening Lucifer in leather!

Regrettably, many occult authors write their books while seated on a sofa with their laptops and present their writings as “workable initiatory systems” without even bothering to attempt their own rituals themselves. In contrast to that, our publications are a result of actual practice and they have been tested, explored, expanded, developed, adjusted, polished and verified by dozens of active magicians around the world. This compendium expresses practical aspects of Luciferian Gnosis and a workbook for a modern magician, presenting powerful, yet simple and applicable methods of self-initiatory practice.

Please let me know about your personal experiences.

Darkest Blessings,

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Asenath Mason

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