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Experience The Peak Of Demonic Sex Magic With The Womb Of The Initiatrix In The Forbidden Lilith Ritual Chalice Designed By Sorcerer Asenath Mason

  •   Lilith Ritual Chalice: A nude bust of Lilith & Draconian symbols
  •   Rituals of Pleasure: Sex, Astral Magic & Demonic Possession
  •   Draconian Ritual Book: Companion guide to rituals
  •   Author & Illustrator: Asenath Mason
  •   Foreword: Bill Duvendack
  •   Editor: Timothy
  •   Shipping: Receive anywhere in two weeks or less
  •   Sample Chapter: Feast of Flesh
Asenath Mason

The Lilith Ritual Chalice: Womb of the Initiatrix

  • Ignite your inner fire for Kundalini gnosis
  • Perform orgasm rites to summon demon lovers
  • Become an incubus or succubus yourself
  • Undergo sex initiation with Lilith & Samael
  • Turn your body into a vessel for possession
  • Mix potions of moon blood & orgasmic fluid
  • Techniques of sexual vampirism & feasting
  • Indulge in BDSM, taboos, and kinks in ritual
  • Enter gnosis with the Angels of Prostitution
  • Unholy marriage rites for spirit weddings
  • Give birth to demon children for a spirit family


  • The Lilith Ritual Chalice
  • Rituals of Pleasure - Hardback edition
  • Draconian Ritual Book
  • Get $100 off - save 23%

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The Garden of Lilith includes (1) Rituals of Pleasure cloth edition, (2) Draconian Ritual Workbook paperback, and (3) Lilith Sexual Fluid Chalice

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You're About To Learn The Most Attractive And Unholy Magical Practice Of All Time

Dear Friend,

Sex magic has always been the most attractive and unholy magical practice. It holds great power and potential, but it needs to be understood to be applied successfully. Using sexuality to empower magic and make rituals more effective is an idea that has been present in the Western Esoteric Tradition for ages. However, it has been demonized and hidden for so long that normal magicians have never awakened their true sexual power.

Today we unleash this transcendent force. Finally, it comes out of the closet forever...

Enter The Garden Of Lilith With My New Handcrafted Ritual Talismans - Available To The First 50 Magicians Only


I personally designed a family of three completely new talismans to maximize your gnosis with Rituals of Pleasure—I call it The Garden of Lilith. Altogether, these talismans cause a synergy of energy in your ritual space.  I did not simply "order them" from a New Age catalog — instead I sat and talked with sculptors, aromatherapists, and other artisans to precisely formulate their Lilith symbolism, sexual uses, and Draconian aesthetic.

The Lilith Ritual Chalice - Womb Of The Initiatrix

The Lilith Ritual Chalice was made according to my own design and reflects the symbolism of Lilith that is used throughout all my books. It shows the goddess in her half-human half-serpent form coiling around the pillar of ascent as the primary initiatrix of sexual mysteries. The back of the chalice displays her sigil showing her connection to the realm of Gamaliel on the Dark Side of the Qabalistic Tree. The snakes coiling around the sigil show that we are dealing here with Draconian mysteries, and the eleven-pointed Qliphothic star adorning the bottom part of the chalice refers to her role as the Queen of Sitra Ahra.

Draconian Ritual Book - The Path Of The Dragon

Draconian Ritual Book is essential reading if you work with the ritual system presented in my other books. It will introduce you to the Path of the Dragon; help you establish contact with gods and goddesses that will assist your ascent; and show you how to build your personal temple, prepare tools for your rituals, and arrange your own workings and exercises.

You will also find instructions for cleansing, grounding, and raising the inner Serpent Force. It teaches you how to work with seals and sigils, enhance your magical senses, and to use gates and doorways to the Other Side. Practices such as blood sacrifice and sex magic are discussed in a practical way as well. Lastly, it features a Lexicon by Bill Duvendack to clarify need-to-know concepts, terminology, and spirits related to Left Hand Path magic.

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When you place an order for The Garden of Lilith, you are going to get $100 off and save as much as 20% in contrast to if you placed an order for every good individually. I welcome you to order either The Garden of Lilith or The Lilith Ritual Chalice by itself right now.

  Rituals of Pleasure First edition in hardback, 253 pages
  Draconian Ritual Book Companion workbook, 150 pages
  The Lilith Ritual Chalice A nude bust of Lilith & Draconian symbols
  Grimoire Guard Velvet bag to protect mint condition
  Global Shipping Shipping within two business days

Sex magic is both pleasurable and painful, fun and scary, easy and difficult, fulfilling and frustrating, but most importantly it is powerful and transforming. This book will strip you from all protections, touch you to the core of your being, and expose all your limitations, taboos, fears and personal inhibitions, including those that you never even thought to exist.

Sexual ecstasy is triggered on the physical level, but it may take you to heights and depths of the universe if only you choose to and know how to accomplish this. Sex magic allows you to:

  • Magnify your personal sex force, i.e., orgone energy
  • Enhance your powers of sexual attraction
  • Deepen and lengthen your orgasmic experiences
  • Open access to occult mysteries to help you gain spiritual attainment
  • Commune with astral deities on levels inaccessible to your conscious mind
  • Evoke spirits and aid you in creating your own
  • Confront and integrate your personal Shadow
  • Harmonize your sexuality with your journey of self-deification

We will discuss all these techniques in this book, and I will teach you how to use them in practice. This is a grimoire of sexual sorcery which will show you that sex magic can be one of the most potent paths to power and transcendence and an amazing tool of personal self-deification if only you approach it with an open mind and willingness to learn.

Taste The Forbidden Fruit... Experience The Apex Of Sexual Gnosis And Deification In The Flesh

Open yourself to forces that lie beyond the normal consciousness of an ordinary man and woman. Get to know your body, and be able to raise, direct, and control your sexual energy to experience the apex of sexual gnosis. This is a path for both a magician and mystic, and often combines elements of both.

Magicians have long denied their sexual forces. Come now, harmonize your sexual energy with your personal gnosis and experience deification in the flesh.

Darkest Blessings,

Meet The Author

Asenath Mason

Asenath is a top occult writer and clairvoyant artist. She has authored over 10 books on magical and esoteric subjects, with a particular focus on Left Hand Path & Luciferian spirituality.