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Embark On A Magical Journey With Lilith, Samael, And The Demonic Kings & Queens… Let My Infernal Grimoire Initiate You Into Qliphothic Magic…

  •   Qliphothic Meditations: Grimoire of the Demonic Hierarchy
  •   Qliphothic Star Amulet: Talisman necklace in polished silver
  •   Qliphothic Magic Circle: Features 11 spirit sigils
  •   Author: Asenath Mason
  •   Editor: Timothy
  •   Global Shipping: Receive in 2 weeks or less
  •   Sample Chapter: The Tree of Qliphoth
Asenath Mason

In Qliphothic Meditations, you will learn:

  • Ritual system for self-initiation into the current of Qliphothic Magic
  • How to contact the Demonic Gods: Lilith, Samael, Choronzon, Lucifer & more
  • How to harness the energy of the Dark Tree
  • Forbidden rites for self-deification
  • Secret knowledge of the Qliphoth from my 15+ years of experience...


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  • Qliphothic Meditations – Black Leather
  • Qliphothic Star Amulet – Silver Talisman
  • Qliphothic Magic Circle – Ritual Circle
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  • Qliphothic Meditations
  • Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations
  • Tunnels of Set
  • 3 books in 1 black leather hardback
  • 594 pages, 7×10 trim size
  • First & limited edition
  • Black leather
  • Gold foil cover artwork
  • Black ribbon bookmark
  • 196 pages
  • Limited edition
  • Scarlet cloth
  • Gold foil cover artwork
  • Black ribbon bookmark
  • 196 pages
  • Limited edition
  • Almost sold out

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The Complete Qliphothic Magic package contains: (1) Qliphothic Meditations in leather edition, (2)Qliphothic Star Amulet, and (3) Qliphothic Magic Circle.

This is a second edition of only 100 deluxe prints and 100 standard prints, available on a first come basis.

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Peer Reviews

  • Qliphothic Meditations is a deep journey through the zones of power of Qliphothic sorcery. Its praxis, gnosis and primal maps are gathered into a powerful grimoire that opens consciousness for the energies of the Dark Tree. This grimoire is an initiatory map into the womb of Qliphothic mysteries so that we may finally manifest our seeds of immortality through the dark tunnels and primal atavisms that can be accessed through this book.

    Edgar KervalAuthor
  • Asenath Mason provides the serious occult student with a chthonic tome of gnosis and wisdom that continues her work of Qliphothic exploration and revelation. Pushing the boundaries of revelations, she delectably delivers the wisdom of the night to those that dare to walk the path of flames. Secrets that are contained herein have already caused ripples through the consensual paradigm we all share, and may its dark light continue to grow and infest.

    Bill DuvendackAuthor
  • She's done it!! Asenath has managed to journey into the depths of the night-side to create a kick-ass guide of self-initiation through the Tree of Death. I had no doubt that my sister could tackle the task of condensing such an elusive subject into a manageable system that any practicing magician could work with. There's no doubt in my mind that this will go down in history as one of the greatest tomes ever written.

    M. KingAuthor

Discover Why I Devoted My Life To Qliphothic Magic... And Why I Find It More Inspiring And Empowering Than Any Other Path...

Dear Magician,

My work with the Qliphoth began over 15 years ago, when I was introduced to the subject through the writings of Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley, and other magicians who peered into the dark side of the Tree of Life and shared the results of their work through their publications.

The idea of a shadow realm existing behind the veil of the world as we know it has always fascinated me, and after studying many magical systems and traditions, I found that the Tree of Qliphoth was truly the path I sought - the path offering individual power instead of submission to any higher forces, leading to concrete and tangible results in a relatively short time, advocating freedom, individuality, and self-awareness.

What also appealed to me was that the forces of the Dark Tree could be approached both by magical techniques and through psychological interpretation, thus providing an applicable map of self-initiation for a modern practitioner. I've never been fond of old systems of ceremonial magic that often include ridiculously complicated formulas or require dozens of tools and ingredients to perform a single spell; grimoires that provide instructions in an obscure language and call for the monotheistic god as the source of power; or magical traditions that promote blind worship and obedience to gods, leaving no place for creativity or independent thinking. Those magical systems may have appealed to magicians of their times, but we live in the 21st century, and I believe that the key to power and growth lies not within the study and application of the old ways but in rediscovering and adapting them to the modern paradigm. This is how I approach the forces of the Qliphoth in my own practice, and this is also what you will find in my Qliphothic Meditations.

Who Will Love This And Who Will Hate This...

I've written this book for other practitioners like myself - for those who seek growth and initiation through simple but effective methods of work, those who don't fear to tear down the veil of prejudice concealing the power of spirits and deities of the Dark Tree, and those who don't want to rely on blind faith or obscure dogmas and prefer a magical system that will inspire and challenge them on every single step on the path.

True story... our first printer deemed this grimoire "too immoral and controversial" and terminated their agreement at the last minute

This is not your grandmother's Wicca nor witchcraft for children. The naïve innocence of their white magic does not appear in the pages of this taboo grimoire, which would certainly horrify them. Its intoxicating sorcery ushers you into the most forbidden realms of the Tree of Death, where the Demonic Kings and Queens live.

Are you a courageous explorer? Do you find beauty in darkness? Are you an ally of the Left Hand Path? If so, then you will feel at home here. You will feel like you belong for the first time and fall in love with the Qliphothic spirits.

The First Grimoire Of Its Kind... Qliphothic Meditations

In present time the magic of the Qliphoth is gaining in popularity and you will find many books on the subject, both new and old. Not many of them however, contain applicable methods that can be used to work with the Dark Tree in a practical way, and even if they do, it rarely embraces all eleven Qliphothic realms. The Tree of Qliphoth still remains unexplored, providing a fertile ground for all kinds of experiments and offering power and knowledge to those who set on a magical journey to these realms in search for self-initiation. Such a journey is described in my Qliphothic Meditations. All workings provided here have been tested and verified both through my personal practice and through the work of my ritual friends and partners. If you don't know how to start your practice with the Dark Tree, this book will guide you through the basics of this work, and if you already are an advanced practitioner, this book will show you many new ways to access and use the forces of the Qliphoth to empower your path.

Harness The Forces Of The Dark Gods...

In Qliphothic Meditations, I personally arrange intimate encounters with the numerous male and female Devils whom haunt the 11 Qliphothic Realms native to the Tree of Death. I have created immersive, full-page illustrations of these beautiful and terrifying kingdoms based on my own astral visions, dreams, and meetings with the Dark Gods. You can see the complete table of contents below:

Initiation: Qliphothic Magic
Introduction Ch. 1
The Tree of Qliphoth Ch. 2
Methods of Work Ch. 3
The Key to the Nightside Ch. 4
The Opening Ritual Ch. 5
Grimoire: Sigils & Rites
Lilith: The Queen of the Night Ch. 6
Gamaliel: The Obscene One Ch. 7
Samael: The Poison of God Ch. 8
A'Arab Zaraq: The Raven of Dispersion Ch. 9
Thagairion: The Disputer Ch. 10
Golachab: The Burning One Ch. 11
Gha'agsheblah: The Smiter Ch. 12
Daath: The Abyss Ch. 13
Satariel: The Concealer Ch. 14
Ghagiel: The Hinderer Ch. 15
Thaumiel: The Twin God Ch. 16
Entrance to the Underworld
Cave of Lilith
The Moon of Gamaliel
Vision of Satariel
Tree of Death
The Twin God

The Perfect Talisman To Keep The Energy Of The Dark Gods With You At All Times... The Qliphothic Star Amulet

The amulet available together with Qliphothic Meditations presents the classic Star of the Qliphoth combined with eleven tridents, the keys to the current that is worked with in the book. Unique in its design, the amulet will make an excellent ritual tool for those who wish to empower their work with the forces of the Dark Tree. Beautifully crafted in real silver, the metal with many magical and mystical associations, it can be used as a focal point for any ritual provided in this grimoire, as well as in many other rites of Qliphothic sorcery. Empowered and consecrated through the work of the book, it will serve as a permanent key to the currents of Sitra Ahra.

Our jeweler sized this magical amulet so you can wear around your neck fashionably, hang it in your bedroom or car, or carry it secretly in your shoulder bag... so it always remains close to empower your energy.

Empower Your Rites With The Qliphothic Magic Circle

Designed specifically for practitioners of Qliphothic magic, the circle includes sigils of the ten Qliphoth and the hidden Sephira Daath-The Abyss, inscribed within the eleven pointed star and the Serpent of Chaos, constituting a powerful tool for all kinds of Qliphothic sorcery. With the Qliphothic Circle, you'll be able to:

  • Access the energies of Sitra Ahra and its ruling archdemons through a powerful vortex of force created by the energies flowing through the sigils. This is especially useful in workings of possession and channeling. You can use the circle to work with a chosen spirit or all of them at the same time.
  • Harness the powers of the Qliphoth for the purpose of self-initiation.
  • Receive transmissions of the Dark Tree through magical trances and meditations.
  • Take advantage of the focused energies of the Qliphoth to travel to the realms of the Dark Tree, from the Cave of Lilith to the Throne of Lucifer.
  • Empower your invocations and evocations by the force of the Serpent of Chaos, Leviathan, whose magical current will flow naturally while performing any ritual within the circle.
  • Make pacts with the spirits of the Nightside by evoking them through the sigils and in the name of the Qliphothic archdemons.

Order The Complete Qliphothic Magic Right Now And Receive:

Qliphothic Meditations Limited edition, black leather, 196 pages
Qliphothic Star Amulet Talisman necklace in polished silver
Qliphothic Magic Circle Features 11 key demonic sigils
Grimoire Guard Jewelry bags to preserve mint condition
Global Delivery Receive in 2 weeks or less

Order The Complete Qliphothic Magic right now, which contains the grimoire, amulet, and magic circle in one convenient kit... or you can order each individual magical good at any time. However, our special team of artisans created every item by hand in strictly limited edition, so it would be prudent to act now.

Ultimately, the Qliphothic Meditations workbook will help you attune yourself to the currents of the Qliphoth, show you how to contact the spirits and deities of the Dark Tree and make them allies on your path, and help you to design, organize, and develop your individual work, and much, much more.

This workbook will be followed by another one, Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations, which will contain invocations to the demonic rulers of the Qliphoth and methods of evoking them, exploring their mythology, attributes and powers that can be employed in your personal self-initiatory practice.

I hope you will find the path of the Qliphoth as beautiful and inspiring as it has been for me.

Darkest Blessings,

Meet The Author

Asenath Mason

Asenath is a top occult writer and clairvoyant artist. She has authored over 10 books on magical and esoteric subjects, with a particular focus on Left Hand Path & Luciferian spirituality.