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How To Harness The Magic Of The Dark Gods… Have The Ultimate Evocation Experience With The First Qliphothic Magic Circle In Occult History

  •   Qliphothic Magic Circle: Features 11 demonic sigils
  •   Qliphothic Star Amulet: Talisman pendant in polished silver
  •   Author: Asenath Mason
  •   Limited Edition: Handcrafted in a limited batch
  •   Shipping: Receive anywhere in two weeks or less
Asenath Mason

With the Qliphothic Magic Circle, you will:

  • Anchor the energies of Sitra Ahra and its Archdemons inside your physical temple
  • Open astral vortex of force with 11 Key Sigils
  • Receive clear transmission from the Spirits
  • Have the ultimate evocation experiences
  • Focus energy for easier astral travel to the Qliphothic Realms


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  • Qliphothic Magic Circle by Asenath Mason
  • The Universal Circle by E.A. Koetting
  • Features rare demonic script channeled
  • Exactly precise geometry
  • Permanent ink on durable fabric
  • Use in rites, hang on wall, and more…
  • Get $77 off to save 20%
  • Classic star & sigil design
  • Permanent ink on durable fabric
  • Use in rites, hang on wall, and more…
  • Handcrafted in limited edition

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The Qliphothic Magic Circle features the classic Qliphothic Star design with 11 key sigils.

This limited edition amulet is available on a first come basis.

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Peer Reviews

  • Qliphothic Meditations is a deep journey through the zones of power of Qliphothic sorcery. Its praxis, gnosis and primal maps are gathered into a powerful grimoire that opens consciousness for the energies of the Dark Tree. This grimoire is an initiatory map into the womb of Qliphothic mysteries so that we may finally manifest our seeds of immortality through the dark tunnels and primal atavisms that can be accessed through this book.

    Edgar KervalAuthor
  • Qliphothic Meditations is a terrifying grimoire, because the Work takes place not within the warded walls of the Temple, but in the limitless reaches of the self. Every detail is revealed for exact rituals to walk the spheres of the Black Sun, coupled with compassionate advice from a Sorceress. I can assure you that the rituals in this text work, and I caution that they are not to be taken lightly, for their ultimate result ignites the black fire of alchemy within the Magician.

    E.A. KoettingAuthor
  • Asenath Mason provides the serious occult student with a chthonic tome of gnosis and wisdom that continues her work of Qliphothic exploration and revelation. Pushing the boundaries of revelations, she delectably delivers the wisdom of the night to those that dare to walk the path of flames. Secrets that are contained herein have already caused ripples through the consensual paradigm we all share, and may its dark light continue to grow and infest.

    Bill DuvendackAuthor

Dear Friend,

Today, I'm happy to unveil demonic artwork of mine that has remained hidden for far too long. I call it the Qliphothic Magic Circle. It acts as a physical anchor in your temple to dramatically heighten the energy of your evocation, possession, divination, astral projection, and pact-making with the Qliphothic deities. The field of magic is still in its infancy, so I can safely say this is the first circle of its kind in occult history.

I designed it to help my own practice of Qliphothic magic and quickly realized it could empower all practitioners. The circle includes sigils of the ten Qliphoth and the hidden Sephira Daath-the Abyss, all inscribed within the eleven pointed star and the Serpent of Chaos. The sigils are derived from my Qliphothic Meditations grimoire, and the whole circle is in black and red colors, reflecting the imagery often employed in rites of Draconian magic. Used together with eleven candles, the circle constitutes a powerful tool for all kinds of Qliphothic sorcery. It will especially come useful in the workings provided in Qliphothic Meditations, but it can as well be employed in any other kind of Qliphothic magic.

This rare and unprecedented magic circle is going to help you to:

  • Access the energies of Sitra Ahra and its ruling archdemons through a powerful vortex of force created by the energies flowing through the sigils. This is especially useful in workings of possession and channeling. You can use the circle to work with a chosen spirit, or all of them at the same time.
  • Harness the powers of the Qliphoth for the purpose of self-initiation.
  • Receive transmissions of the Dark Tree through magical trances and meditations.
  • Take advantage of the focused energies of the Qliphoth to travel to the realms of the Dark Tree, from the Cave of Lilith to the Throne of Lucifer.
  • Empower your invocations and evocations by the force of the Serpent of Chaos, Leviathan, whose magical current will flow naturally while performing any ritual within the circle.
  • Make pacts with the spirits of the Nightside by evoking them through the sigils and in the name of the Qliphothic archdemons.

My Qliphothic Magic Circle pairs excellently with my Qliphothic Star Amulet as they form a synergy and amplify each others power in ritual. I invite you to try them together.

Darkest Blessings,


Meet The Author

Asenath Mason

Asenath is a top occult writer and clairvoyant artist. She has authored over 10 books on magical and esoteric subjects, with a particular focus on Left Hand Path & Luciferian spirituality.