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Qliphothic Magic’s Most Advanced Full-Color Guide To Performing Self-Initiation With The 22 Demonic Guardians Of The Tunnels Of Set… Unlock The Finale To Asenath Mason’s Qliphothic Trilogy

  •   Tunnels of Set: A 305-page, full-color, master grimoire
  •   The Tree of Qliphoth: A natural brass ritual amulet
  •   Author & Illustrator Asenath Mason
  •   Editor: Timothy
  •   Sample eBook: Ch. 12 - Lafcursiax
  •   Global Shipping: Receive in two weeks or less
Asenath Mason

In Tunnels of Set, you're going to receive:

  • 22 new, full-page, color portraits of the Guardians
  • 25 clairvoyantly channeled Tunnel & Spirit sigils
  • 305-page, advanced grimoire for self-initiation
  • Group-verified guided gnosis experiences
  • The all-new Tree of Qliphoth brass amulet
  • 100% exclusive and uncensored for Qliphothic Magicians and Left Hand Pathworkers


Original price was: $399.Current price is: $299.
  • Tunnels of Set – Leather Edition
  • The Tree of Qliphoth – Brass Amulet
  • First & Limited Edition
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Original price was: $557.Current price is: $299.
  • Qliphothic Meditations
  • Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations
  • Tunnels of Set
  • 3 books in 1 black leather hardback
  • 594 pages, 7×10 trim size
  • First & limited edition
  • First Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Black Leather & Gold Foil
  • 305 pages, color printed
  • First Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Scarlet Cloth & Gold Foil
  • 305 pages, color printed

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The Complete Tunnels of Set contains: (1) Tunnels of Set in leather edition, (2) The Tree of Qliphoth amulet. The amulet measures at 4" tall x 2" wide in natural brass metal.

First edition in a strictly limited quantity on a first come basis.

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Peer Reviews

  • In Tunnels of Set, Asenath Mason completes her Qliphothic Trilogy, the most in-depth exploration of its kind. With her typical style, she goes into details and nuances to flesh out the Sitra Ahra. Her work in this field is unparalleled in its depth, and the vision it completes, along with the other two books in the series, is of a mesmerizing dark beauty.

    Bill Duvendack, author of Qliphothic Astrology
  • One of her most impressive works is, without a doubt, the exploration of the Tunnels of Set. This time Asenath comes through with a powerful and deep exploration of each one of the 22 tunnels, taking us on a voyage to the primal regions of the void. The experimentations and diverse methods of workings in this grimoire offer us an enigmatic map of realities that transcends any human perception. The methods of connecting with each of the 22 tunnels, and being devoured by the spectral seals and mysterious gnosis, are revealed here. Asenath's most powerful representation of the tunnels and the elements will submerge you in a deep cave of the Qliphothic labyrinths, bathed by the Qliphoth tree, its primigenian wisdom revealed in this amazing grimoire!

    Edgar Kerval, author of Herbarium Diabolicum
  • Once again, Asenath delivers a highly-compelling and practical grimoire of the nightside forces! The Tunnels are described in dazzling detail, their rituals straightforward and incredibly effective. A must-have for anyone wanting to explore the Qliphothic Realm in all its twists and turns.

    Denerah Erzebet, author of Rites of Astaroth

Dear Friend,

I would like to present my new book Tunnels of Set, which is the third and the final volume in The Qliphothic Trilogy. Together with my other two grimoires, Qliphothic Meditations and Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations, this series covers the entire Dark Tree and lays down a coherent and applicable system of approaching the Qliphoth from the perspective of modern magic. Here we will take a glimpse at what is included in the book and how it is connected with the previous two volumes.

This book has been on my mind ever since I started writing about the Dark Tree and the magic of the Qliphoth. In Qliphothic Meditations and Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations I covered methods and techniques to work with the eleven Qliphothic realms and their demon rulers, but these two seem incomplete without including the pathways connecting the particular spheres. The labyrinths of tunnels and paths existing in between the particular realms on the Dark Tree are as important in the self-initiatory process as are the realms themselves. In this book, which is the third in the series and the last on the subject, I have included all that missing information. This makes the presentation of my working system complete and this also concludes my writings on Qliphothic magic.

The labyrinth of Tunnels that connect the Spheres on the Dark Tree are as important in the self-initiatory process as the Spheres themselves. — Introduction, p.7

Group-Verified Gnosis Experiences By Temple Of Ascending Flame Over Five Years Of Meticulous Peer Review

Like the two previous volumes, the ritual system provided in this book is based on the work of the Temple of Ascending Flame between 2015-2020, combined with my personal explorations of the Dark Tree. In 2019, the temple conducted a project that was a continuation and extension of the Tree of Qliphoth workings from the previous years. As a basis for the project we used the imagery, sigils, and other observations reported by the participants of the previous workings. We wanted to verify the previous experience and provide conditions for manifestation of these forces in the life of each practitioner. The new project contained 22 parts, each one with 6 days of workings, exploring each path on the Qliphothic Tree through sigil work, meditations, invocations, astral travel, and dream magic. This is also what you will find in Tunnels of Set. The results of these workings, together with the original rituals that were used in the project, are all included in the book.

A Clairvoyantly Authored & Illustrated Color Grimoire Of The 22 Demonic Pathways On The Tree Of Qliphoth With A Cosmology Map, Spirit Portraits, Advanced Sigils & More

If you’ve worked with my Qliphothic Meditations and Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations, you will find this volume to be a powerful extension and completion of the entire system. However, this is not a stand-alone work. If you want to work with the Qliphoth successfully, start with the first volume, successively expanding this work by invocations and evocations of the demon kings and queens of Sitra Ahra, and finally by exploration of the Tunnels of Set. This is how I work with this system myself, and this is what I recommend to those who feel drawn to this subject and are not sure where to begin. In the case of the Qliphoth, it is hard to say that anything can be risk-free in this process, but the system presented in all three volumes provides a fairly safe environment for a practitioner to explore the Dark Tree without getting lost in these realms.

Tunnels of Set is the name attributed to 22 paths connecting the realms on the Tree of Qliphoth, corresponding to pathways on the Tree of Life that connect the particular Sephiroth. The first mentions of the tunnels appear in Aleister Crowley’s Liber CCXXXI. On the basis of their sigils and descriptions, other authors and magicians have developed a map of dark pathways connecting Qliphothic realms with one another and intersecting like the threads in the Web of Fates. Among these authors we can mention Kenneth Grant, who described the tunnels in his Nightside of Eden, and Linda Falorio, who designed the tarot deck based on her explorations of the particular pathways. In my book I refer to the information provided by these authors as well, but the greater part of this work is based on my own explorations, both through the work of the Temple of Ascending Flame and through over 20 years of personal experience with the Tree of Qliphoth.

Guardian By Guardian, Tunnel By Tunnel, Sphere By Sphere, You Will Experience The Occult's First Truly Complete Self-Initiation Through Qliphothic Magic Over 305 Pages

Tools and methods needed for the workings presented here keep the working paradigm consistent with the two previous books. Like in the case of Qliphothic Realms and their Demonic Rulers, the Tunnels and their Guardians have to be approached in a specific way and most of these Demons respond best to a particular manner of work and tools applied in the process. This is all explained further in the book itself, and in the particular chapters you will find all necessary instructions to organize this work and advice on how to profit from it in the best way.

 Magical Profiles Of The Tunnel Guardians

Each chapter starts with the Magical Profile of the Guardian, description of the Tunnel itself, and explanation of its powers and influence on the practitioner’s consciousness. It also provides precise information as a divination system on how it corresponds to the Tarot and how to use this knowledge in Tarot practice.

 Advanced Sigils & Spirit Portraits

Then we have the practical part, starting with the meditation, and you will find a Demonic Sigil and Clairvoyant Portrait of each Guardian. These Sigils serve as a point of ingress both into the Tunnel and into the current of the Guardian and can be used to access both. The portraits are provided here for the purpose of gnosis and providing a starting point for your own visualization and communion with each entity. I have received both the Sigils and Portraits through my personal work with the Tunnel and is explained in regard to both its symbolism and meaning. The way I portrayed them is based on my own visions of these beings as well as descriptions reported by my students and fellow practitioners. Use the portraits as an inspiration, but feel free to be intuitive, creative and imaginative in your work.

 Invocations To Summon The Guardians

Following the Sigil, there is an Invocation to summon the Guardian. Invocations included here serve the same purpose as those presented in the previous two volumes: they open the inner mind for the influence of the Guardian’s energy so that you can experience it, absorb it and make it your own. This way you learn from the Guardians through the direct communion with these entities.

This way you learn from the Guardians through the direct communion with these entities.

 Guided Ritual Pathworkings

Following that, you will find the main Pathworking of every chapter, also known as a guided ritual meditation. The Pathworkings presented here are based on my own explorations of the Tunnels. Personally, I consider these meditations to be the best way to connect with these forces. This is because the atavistic and amorphous nature of these realms often appears too abstract to grasp for the human mind, and most of these tunnels can only be worked with from the space of a deep trance that is compared to a dream experience. Therefore, lucid dreaming skills will come useful here, as well as all kinds of altered states of consciousness and trance techniques, be it through music, relaxation, reversed breathing, or other methods that disable the conscious mind and open access to inner layers of the Self.

 Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming & Dream Work

The last working of each chapter is Dream Work. The Tunnels of Set are often viewed as a network of dream cells in the subconscious mind, and working with them requires certain dreaming skills as well. In the previous work we communed with spirits and deities that are known from mythology, occult books and popular culture. Here we access entities that are generally not worked with by magicians and most of the occult world has never even heard about them - beings that are primal and amorphous, have no connection to the human race, and do not exist as universal egregores. Interacting with them takes much more advanced skills than working with Lilith, Lucifer, or other figures that are generally well known and easily accessible to those who seek contact with them. It also takes different methods, which are largely based on intuition, imagination, clairvoyance, inner insight, visions and fantasies, etc., and dream magic is here one of the most useful tools to contact these beings in their natural environment.

In Tunnels Of Set, You Are Going To Receive A Pioneer's Guide To Navigating The Tree Of Qliphoth Like Never Before In Occult History...

  • An unprecedented, complete 22-pathway guidebook for pioneers to perform self-initiation through the mysterious Tunnels of Set that innovates off earlier pioneers like Kenneth Grant and Aleister Crowley, and evolves Qliphothic Magic to new territory in the 21st century
  • Clairvoyant magical profiles of 22 Demonic Tunnel Guardians, featuring vivid tricolor portraits of their occult humanoid manifestations from ritual gnosis — printed beautifully in full-color ink with eye-popping surrealism
  • Highly advanced sigils received directly from the Demonic Guardians in astral travels and vision quests — these clairvoyant pictograms unite together the most powerful aspects of a spirit for immediate connection — you CANNOT find these priceless talismans anywhere else
  • Proven, charted pathworkings that navigate you through astral traveling and lucid dreaming to these Qliphothic Realms, and enter first-hand gnosis with the Demonic Guardians in their respective locales — double and triple verified by allies within my Temple of Ascending Flame
  • Divination system of correspondences between the Tunnels of Set and Tarot Cards to enlighten you on their magical synergies and empower you to summon forces from the Tunnels of Set in your Qliphoth Tarot Readings — this harnesses breakthrough discoveries and concepts from tarot innovators like Linda Falorio
  • Step-by-step methods of spirit contact from sigil magic, to Guardian invocation, to Pathworking, Dream Work, and more — learn to perform rituals that harness magic of the Tunnels of Set and Tree of Qliphoth for your eternal ascent

You Can See The Exact Demonic Guardians & Tunnels Within The Table Of Contents In "Tunnels Of Set" Below...

Tablet of Set
Introduction p.7
Methods of Work p.21
The Opening of the Web of Fates p.31
I. Amprodias p.39
II. Baratchiel p.51
III. Gargophias p.63
IV. Dagdagiel p.75
V. Hemethterith p.87
VI. Uriens p.99
VII. Zamradiel p.111
VIII. Characith p.123
IX. Temphioth p.135
X. Yamatu p.145
XI. Kurgasiax p.155
XII. Lafcursiax p.167
XIII. Malkunofat p.179
XIV. Niantiel p.191
XV. Saksaksalim p.203
XVI. A’ano’nin p.215
XVII. Parfaxitas p.227
XVIII. Tzuflifu p.239
XIX. Qulielfi p.251
XX. Raflifu p.263
XXI. Shalicu p.275
XXII. Thantifaxath p.287
Bibliography p.299
Asenath Mason p.301
Become A Living God p.303

Featuring The Tree Of Qliphoth In A Brass Amulet Engraved With Demonic Names On The Spheres To Harness Nightside Power

My all-new, hand-crafted Tree of Qliphoth amulet depicts the Qliphothic Realms as they are presented in my grimoires, featuring the ten Qliphothic Spheres and Daath, a.k.a. the Abyss, which is an integral part of my ritual system. It is crafted in natural bronze and measures 4 inches in height. It is not to be hanged, but rather placed on the altar to serve as a focal point for the energies of Sitra Ahra to empower any working presented in all three books in my Qliphothic magic series.

The amulet can be used both as an altar decoration and as a charging plate during your work with Qliphothic forces. To use it as a charging plate, put it underneath another ritual item, the chalice with the sacrament, or a sigil, and focus on directing the summoned energies through it to enhance your connection to the energies and denizens of the Dark Tree. You can also carry it on you as a permanent key to the currents of the Qliphoth, and you can use it for meditation and all kinds of dream work.

Order The Complete Tunnels Of Set RIGHT NOW To Receive "Tunnels Of Set" AND "The Tree Of Qliphoth" At $100 Off To Save 25%

  Tunnels of Set 1st edition, black leather, 305 pages
  The Tree of Qliphoth Natural brass ritual amulet, 4x2"
  Grimoire Guard Velvet bag to protect mint condition
  Global Shipping Receive in two weeks or less

As always, to help as many Qliphothic Magicians as possible to save as much on tuition as possible, I have paired my Tunnels of Set leather edition with The Tree of Qliphoth amulet together in The Complete Tunnels of Set to get you $100 off and save 25% on them. I have lowered their tuition from a normal combined $399 to only $299 to guarantee that this remains more affordable.

Please order right now, because both the leather edition grimoires and natural brass amulets exist in strictly limited editions. My previous grimoires within The Qliphothic Trilogy had sold out and magicians became upset that they could not study my grimoires, therefore please beware that if you do not act soon, you might lose out on their availability forever. I personally welcome you as an aspiring Qliphothic Magician to place your order today, and you will receive it within two weeks or less globally.

In closing, the purpose of my Tunnels of Set grimoire is to introduce the practitioner to the newest, most innovative part of Qliphothic Magic that has not been explored in the two previous volumes or by any other magicians in history — but is necessary for the completion of the path and successful self-initiation through the Qliphothic Tree. Like in my other books, I also explain possible results and consequences of performing these rituals and provide information on what you can expect from these rituals in your day-to-day life.

I hope that all this information will come useful as well as inspiring in your personal work and that you will find yourself transformed and empowered through this journey when it eventually comes to an end!

I will see you in Tunnels of Set...

Darkest Blessings,

Meet The Author

Asenath Mason

Asenath is a top occult writer and clairvoyant artist. She has authored over 10 books on magical and esoteric subjects, with a particular focus on Left Hand Path & Luciferian spirituality.