A Wealth & Prestige Rite To Raise Your Empire Out Of Nothing And Increase It Exponentially And Limitlessly… You’ll Receive Life-Changing Windfall From Azazel’s Demon Of Wealth, Suhn’Tal’Ock

  •   Wealth & Prestige Rite: Ritual to raise your empire
  •   Personal Consultation: Preliminary 20-minute discussion
  •   Photograph Proof: Receive photographs of my ritual remains
  •   Confidentiality: We never share your personal information
  •   Limited Availability: Accepts a limited number of clients

With a Wealth & Prestige Rite, you will:

  • Forge alliance with wealth demon Suhn’Tal’ock
  • Receive a life-changing windfall of prosperity
  • Raise your empire out of nothing and it increase it exponentially and limitlessly
  • Experience deification of your psyche & energy

When you place your order, I contact you within 48 hours to arrange our consultation.

    • 20-minute personal consultation
    • Complete ritual performance
    • Photograph recording of ritual
    • Follow-up email consultation

    • 60 minutes in length
    • 100% confidential video chat
    • Facebook, Skype, telephone
    • 30 minutes in length
    • 100% confidential video chat
    • Facebook, Skype, telephone
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Peer Reviews

  • 1/31/19 – Hi Jesse, a quick follow up on a few astonishing results in January after the ritual on December, 9th… (1) I won the executive of the month award and annual bonus. (2) I got offered a better a higher paid position in [redacted]. (3) THIS IS AMAZING!!! I got called from the leader of the new [redacted] Party in [redacted] and invited to attend the Congress of [redacted] in 3 weeks. The leader of the party will provide everything for me and has invited me to attend even the private dinner with him, the heads of the party, the former leader of the [redacted], the former [redacted] and a few members of the [redacted]. I will be in charge with getting them featured on the international press.

    POWER & EMPIRE! Thank you Jesse. Be great!

    “There is a how for every impossible.”

    4/31/19 – Just to update you on a few issues. After the ritual on December, 9th (1) I was featured on the New Zealand Herald (the main newspaper in New Zealand) in January; (2) I did consulting to Members of the Italian Parliament and spent the entire permanence with them (including lunch and dinner) in February; (3) Last weekend I was asked to write an article on the second major newspaper in Italy; and (4) last night I found an investor that, as a consequence of this article, is pledging to invest 5k per month in my business for the next few months and available to raise the investment if some amazing results are shown. We still need to discuss the shares but there shouldn’t be any problem. Rock ‘n Roll!!!!! “There is a how for every impossible”

  • Hey JS, first off, thank you, thank you, and thank you. Second, holy shit, holy shit and holy shit. The day of the ritual this energy pulse felt like a converging of two worlds over top one another till both were merged together. In my meditation that day, Lucifer came to stand in front of me and said “now you can move forward, this will become a lightning rod for spiritual energy to be channelled through your body”. I have not felt this little of pain in my back in over a decade. The pain in my pelvis, upper thigh and lower rib cage is almost gone completely, with the pain so close to the surface and no longer feeling like my joints and bones are getting chewed away 24/7. Today in meditation I felt a surge of energy in my base chakra I have never felt, like someone was holding a huge air blower and just cleaning out cobwebs allowing it to move freely again. This has truly been a world altering experience.

    Shannon K.
  • Hails! The effects of the rite have been amazing so far, and it seems to keep getting better. I knew without a doubt it worked the day after the ritual because I was awake for over 19 hours and still felt full of energy. It felt like the feeling of being at the peak of my energy for the day, which usually only lasted a few hours before the rite, but the feeling was constant now. Watching the video last night seemed to make it even more intense. It seems to have made me a lot more attractive to women also. Thank you again for everything and for showing me more power than I ever knew was possible. I will now command the powers of magick with more confidence than ever. I look forward to learning from you more in the future. I don’t want this feeling and power to ever to end, so I have to learn this rite. And I think the video is really cool. It’s very inspiring, motivating and empowering.

    Miguel H.

Dear Friend,

I am the Metaphysical Mad Scientist, JS Garrett. I would like to introduce you to a completely new ritual of black magick that has flooded my life with power.

I call it the Wealth & Prestige Rite. This is NOT a traditional money spell where you light a candle and wish upon a star. You will not find this in any grimoire, and no other living magician knows it — I guarantee this because I have evoked mainstream wealth angels and talked to top magicians myself. This confidential ritual contains a Priceless Secret that took over ten years of painful trial and error to formulate in my demonic laboratory.

And I reveal it now for the first time ever…

How I Struck Gold And Discovered The True Source Of Power, Wealth, And Prestige

Firstly, I consider this Wealth & Prestige Rite very dear to my heart for a personal reason. In order to explain, let me introduce you to my younger “hard working” self….

Ten years ago as a much younger man, I clocked out of my construction crew dead tired one evening, and drank a beer with a childhood friend at a neighborhood dive bar. He had become an accountant in college, so I would always complain that I hated swinging hammers, I hated digging ditches, and that I basically hated my life.

On that night, he finally looked me dead in the eyes and said one simple phrase that completely transformed my life: Work smarter, not harder.

While that might seem common sense to you today, no one in my life had ever provided honest counsel like this to me back then. In that moment, his simple phrase struck me like a lightning bolt. It allowed me to discover a Priceless Secret as a black magician. And through trial and error with high-powered demons, I have formulated a wealth and prestige ritual unlike any other in history.

Here’s The Priceless Secret… And Don’t Worry, It’s Not Traditional “Hard Work”

Average Joe on a construction crew will insist that hard work and only hard work opens the door to Power, Wealth, and Prestige. He calls it “work ethic” and tells you to “pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” Every day Average Joe will strap on his muddy boots, eat out of a paper bag, and pour concrete. And he will do this forever, because he only knows “hard work.”

Question One — As an experienced contractor myself, I fully agree that hard work matters, but I also know that A LOT of men and women work hard. So let me ask you:

Why does one man receive more Power, Wealth, and Prestige than he could ever use in a lifetime, while another man breaks his back?

Answer One — He works smarter.

Truthfully, this answer might not surprise you, and you have probably heard that saying “work smarter, not harder” a thousand times. To a smart person, this answer does not reveal a secret, but to an Average Joe, it never even occurs to him.

Question Two — What is smart work?

Answer Two — Have you ever seen that television show Breaking Bad? Because this award-winning show answers this question in premise. A high school chemistry teacher named Walter White suffers terminal cancer and needs to leave an inheritance to his wife and kid when he dies. So he desperately uses his chemistry knowledge to become a basement methamphetamine cook. At a certain point, he recognizes that in order to rise to power, he needs to cut out middlemen in his drug ring and cook meth for the top drug lord only.

Thus, to answer Question Two clearly: Working smart means to tap right into the source of Power, Wealth, and Prestige. It means to cut out the middleman.

This begs one last question that has forever transformed my life:

What is the true source of power?

Have You Ever Wondered Why The World’s Most Powerful Corporations Hide Occult Symbols In Their Logos?

As a magician, you have seen it yourself. The most powerful corporations place magick sigils, occult symbols, and spirit names in their logos — the so-called Illuminati.

You and I both know exactly why they do this.

The richest people on planet Earth — truly wealthy people — they tap right into the source of Power, Wealth, and Prestige.

What is the true source?

Black magick — particularly Demons of Wealth.

Azazel’s Ultimate Demon of Wealth Reveals How To Build An Empire…

Over this last decade I have tried every possible idea. I summoned angels of abundance, I cast “good luck” spells, and carried talismans. None of it surprised me.

Needless to say, my mad obsession took me right to black magick — particularly a demonic grimoire called The Book of Azazel from author E.A. Koetting. In it, he discloses a completely new, prehistoric demon named Suhn’Tal’Ock from House of Anatel under Demonic Hierarchy of Azazel.

Suhn’tal’ock is one of Azazel’s strongest leaders, as he possesses not only the knowledge but also the power and the resources to raise an entire empire out of nothing, and to increase it exponentially and limitlessly. — The Book of Azazel, p. 115

Again, a lightning bolt of insight struck me immediately, and I experienced a moment of clarity identical to when my childhood friend told me to work smarter. Previously, I had looked everywhere to find a “money spell” or a “good luck” talisman to do me little “favors.”

I had never even considered an empire. In other words, I underestimated myself! None of my earlier spells helped because I knew in my heart of hearts that I deserved MUCH MUCH better than occasional good luck.

When I finally deified myself — identified as a god who raises an empire — my evocations of Suhn’tal’ock flooded my life with more power than any other spirit and still do today.

It is said that Suhn’tal’ock existed long before the Infernal Empire … that it was through his abilities alone, combined with Azazel’s grand vision, that brought the fullness of the Infernal Empire into existence. — Ibid.

Wealth does not mean little knick knacks. It means LIFE-CHANGING.

Wealth does not mean an Average Joe psychology.  It means POWER AND PRESTIGE first — and then money comes from that.

Suhn’Tal’Ock can do the same for the evocator. Taking the raw visions of the Summoner and bringing them to life in the world. Once the process of building your own empire in the world has begun, repetitive evocations of Suhn’Tal’Ock will help you expand your Empire in every conceivable manner. — Ibid.

At long last, I now unveil my confidential ritual for the first time ever. I am going to perform my Wealth & Prestige Rite and help YOU tap into the true source of power in your life.

Book My Wealth & Prestige Rite Now To Receive A FREE Personal Consultation And A Complete Performance Of The High-Powered Demonic Rite

As always, I consider your happiness my top priority. This means that once you have placed your order, you’ll receive a free 20+ minute consultation prior to the rite. This allows me to probe your brain to see whether you possess necessary psychology to raise your empire — and if you do not, I will provide a helpful meditation to empower you while I perform your ritual. Furthermore, this consultation allows me to figure out your personal life circumstances so that my rite will fulfill your needs exactly.

To summarize this arrangement:

  1. You book your ritual.
  2. I contact you by email to arrange our consultation together.
  3. I perform your rite, photograph my ritual remains, and send it to you.
  4. You may email me anytime with follow-up comments or concerns.

Please Note: I will never guarantee you exactly X amount of money, or Y amount of corporate profits, or Z percentage of investment returns. I am not a financial advisor, nor am I your money manager. However…

I provide you two ironclad guarantees:

  • I will perform my ritual thoroughly, correctly, and at maximum power.
  • It will help you accomplish your goals and undeniably improve your life.

My Wealth & Prestige Rite is for serious people who are genuinely looking to experience deification and raise their empire out of nothing and increase it infinitely and limitlessly. Are you one of those people? If so, book your Wealth & Prestige Rite today…

Work smarter, not harder.



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