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Learn How To Perform Magick IN PERSON… Get The World’s BEST Hands-On Occult Training And ACCELERATE Your Spiritual Ascent In A Weekend Together With Magus E.A. Koetting As Your Guide

  •   Ritual Bootcamp: Life-changing magick pathworking
  •   Weekend Retreat: 8-hour session together every day
  •   In-Person Experience: Join me in St. George, Utah
  •   Lifelong Support: Receive my private email address

In a Ritual Bootcamp with E.A. Koetting, you will:

  • Perform 8 hours of magick with me every day
  • Watch live demonstrations of rituals & spells
  • Ask me absolutely anything in person
  • Receive my lifelong email support
  • Undergo a truly once in a lifetime experience
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Peer Reviews

  • mark-g-ritual-bootcamp-ea-koetting-compressor

    E.A. Koetting’s bootcamp took me over that line I could not cross on my own. he made a good magician great. I say that with confidence, not arrogance. Through magick, I secured a better career. I have made pacts with Demons in my temple and have talked with them on other realms. E.A. showed me how to fine-tune my workings. Everything is customized for you. What more could you ask for? It was a great experience and I hope to go back some day. If you are serious about improving your skills in magick, you should strongly consider attending the Ritual Bootcamp. You won’t be disappointed.

    Mark G., Richmond, VA
  • robert-m-ritual-bootcamp-ea-koetting-compressor

    I recently came off of E.A.’s Bootcamp, and I learned more in three days than I learned anywhere else. This really should be your first stop along the way. You will not be disappointed.

    Robert M., Manassas, VA
  • jesse-g-ritual-bootcamp-ea-koetting-compressor

    I just want to put it out there that if anyone is considering signing up for E.A.’s Ritual Bootcamp, it is everything he said it would be. It is 100% a path to dark ascent. It has skyrocketed my ritual experiences.

    J.S. Garrett, Georgia

Dear Friend,

It happens to everyone, even the best of us…

At some point along your magical journey you hit a brick wall. A sticking point. A dead-end where a ritual fails to work, and suddenly you realize that you have NO IDEA in the world what to do about it…

The all-too-familiar feeling of worry and anxiety returns inside your belly, and you start to feel nervous desperation.

This is a defining moment for you…

You are now at a decision point:

Will you stay committed and do anything it takes to solve your problem… even if it means going beyond yourself to receive help from someone more advanced than you?

Or, will you quit and rationalize your failure in order to protect a weak, little ego?

In my years of teaching magick publicly, I’ve seen a recurring pattern. As you might expect, the magicians who accomplish real feats, and develop real gifts, are the ones who devote their entire lives to magick and refuse give up. These are the same practitioners who come to me with a burning hunger to get help, because they’re SO CLOSE to success they can taste it. These are also the sorcerers and sorceresses who stay late after my seminars to pick my brain for the finest details.

The difference between a winner and loser, is that the winner will put their ego aside, and ask for help from someone who has greater skills. They will seek out counsel and consult real masters.

All the best performers have a mentor who helps them reach the next level. How would you like me to become YOUR mentor?

As an example… Olympic athletes are the best on the planet at their particular sports. These are the elite who set world records, and become legends. And every single one of them has a personal trainer who guides and refines their talent, so they can continue to reach newer, higher peak performances.

High-performance people in EVERY field of endeavor have mentors they consult in order to solve difficult problems and “get the edge”.

You’d be crazy to think you can learn everything on your own through books. When you actually start practicing hard core magick, you quickly discover the priceless value of having a personal consultant standing by to provide expert advice when you need it most.

I’ll Help You “Get The Edge” And Go From Good To GREAT

Now I’m not one to brag or boast, but the truth is I’m an accomplished sorcerer. In fact, I’ve already surpassed many of the most famous magicians who have ever existed. And over the years as word spread of my unprecedented achievements, I started having boutique book publishers and students knocking on my door, pleading for advice.

Long story short, I founded my own professional consulting service, and it’s grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. I never knew how rewarding it could be to help OTHERS follow in my footsteps and climb the ladder of magick success.

So I ask you, what specifically is stopping you from succeeding right now?

What in particular is holding you back?

Tell me, because I guarantee I can help you overcome it.

I guarantee I’ll help you accelerate down the golden-brick road of magick success. I can help you “turn it all around” and escape the inevitable dead-end that forces 9 out of 10 magicians to give up.

A 3-Day Occult “Bootcamp” With E.A. Koetting Deep In The Heart Of The Wild Utah Desert

Nothing beats personal hands-on training with an expert.

In fact, in many traditions of magick, and mystery schools, you’re not even allowed to learn rituals unless you are an initiated member.

In 3 days, I am going to completely transform your entire occult skill set. I will critique your full understanding and performance of ritual magick, from top to bottom, until you are a totally new, turbocharged magician.

For 72 hours straight, you are going to live and breath real magick.

My guarantee to you, is that you will be spiritually exhausted when you leave my training grounds, and need several days of full energetic recuperation. And upon recovery, you’ll be more powerful at ritual magick than you ever imaged possible.

Here’s How This Works

The truth is, I am extremely busy.

I’m developing Become A Living God, filming programs, giving telephone consultations, and raising a family.

But I committed my life to Magick Ascent many years ago, and that includes helping aspiring magicians to experience spiritual growth as well. So I’ve opened up more time in my schedule for private, in-person bootcamp training.

Here are the simple steps to success:

1. Place your order now.

This informs me that you’re actually serious. I strongly encourage you to lock this in RIGHT NOW – or as soon as you can – because I am only taking a limited number of new clients.

2. I’ll contact you personally to confirm it.

I’ll touch base within 48 hours to arrange exact logistics like a convenient time and date for our training, and provide my best recommendations for the most affordable travel and lodging. Furthermore, a simple Google search would provide helpful suggestions too, of course.

3. You’ll join me in Saint George, Utah.

I’ll guide you through the most rigorous 3-day pathworking of your life in the exotic local desert. We’ll accomplish your exact goals, and solve your worst problems, together.

From the moment you complete your order, you become my personal apprentice, and I’ll do whatever it takes for you to succeed with magick and spirituality. You’ll finally make the breakthroughs you’ve always wanted. You’ll achieve a new rock solid confidence, and accelerate your Magick Ascent.

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly what YOU need to know to achieve your lifelong goals with magick
    How to successfully perform a physical evocation with any spirit of your choice
  • The proper way to operate an effective ritual and cast a spell to get REAL results in a certain period of time – without any nasty or unnecessary blowback
  • From my skilled Tarot Reading, an understanding of the influences and forces that are affecting your personality – and how your personality is impacting your life
  • Advice on how to astral project and meet with Ascended Masters inside their temples – and even soul travel beyond the astral plane to enter formlessness and experience the Godmind
  • Valuable tips for overcoming the specific roadblocks you’re personally facing in your own practice of magick at this very moment
  • Ways to improve every single area of your life – feel INVINCIBLE confidence and eliminate any crippling self-doubt and anxiety related to performing magick
  • And much more…

Book Your Ritual Bootcamp, And Receive:

  Ritual Bootcamp 8-hour session together every day
  Weekend Retreat Join me in person in St. George, Utah
  Live Demonstrations Fully personalized counsel & initiation
  Private Email Address Receive lifelong email support

Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this program, I’ve priced it at only $3,999 for three full days of my undivided attention and commitment.

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to solve your immediate problems and reach your peak performance with magick, so you can enjoy the lasting ecstasy of spiritual accomplishment.

I’m totally committed to providing you the best, most powerfully helpful consultation. Get answers to your most burning questions and put a stop to all your troubles. Let me help you get the kind of success with magick that we both know you deserve…

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

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