Infernally Blessed By The Chief Demon Shemyaza, Empowered By Magick Of The 200 Watchers, And Hand-Forged By A World’s Top Talismanic Jeweler… Here’s How To Unlock Gnosis Of The Fallen Angels

  •   Amulet: Consecrated amulet of The Master Key in pewter
  •   Detail: Hypoallergenic metal, includes adjustable necklace
  •   Course: Hour-long video of Consecration Ritual
  •   Magician: J.S. Garrett
  •   Jeweler: The Talimancer
  •   Shipping: Receive anywhere in two weeks or less

Shemyaza’s Master Key harnesses three key powers:

1. Evocation, Spellcasting & Protection
Harness the full force of Shemyaza & the Watchers

2. Lucid Telepathy & Intense Energy Work
Read and manipulate human & animal energy fields

3. Reveal Your True God-Name
Tap into your ultimate divinity & anchor your hidden god-name

    • The Master Key – Amulet with adjustable necklace
    • The Master Key – Sigil & Incantation in eBook
    • Personal Consultation – 30-Minute Session
    • Consecration Ritual Film – 1 Hour Online
    • Rite of Deification Course – 2 Hours Online
    • Get $177 off to save 30%
    • The Master Key – Amulet with leather necklace
    • The Master Key – Sigil & Incantation in eBook
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Dear Friend,

The Metaphysical Mad Scientist, J.S. Garrett, here.

Today, I unveil my newest breakthrough in unlocking the mysteries of hidden, forbidden demonic power — a universal sigil of Shemyaza, the Watchers, and a secret group called the Master Gods, revealed by Shemyaza himself. Furthermore, I partnered with my favorite magick jeweler in the world, known as the Talimancer, to bring this sigil to life in an unprecedented amulet.

The great chief Shemyaza calls his weapon: The Master Key.

For years, I performed magick of the Watchers under the common belief that no recorded sigil of Shemyaza exists. However, in 2017, my breakthrough experiences contradict that, and might revolutionize magick of the Fallen Angels forever…

Between 2015 to 2017, I underwent a two-year pathworking with the popular Fallen Angel, culminating in the most lifechanging gnosis of my entire life at the height of the Full Solar Eclipse. I recorded these experiences faithfully in an essay featured in Azazel: Steal Fire from the Gods, Compendium 3 of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers Saga with E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, Michael W. Ford, and more. You will find a quotation from that group grimoire of pages 237-9 below:

The True Story Of How I Received The Master Key In Life-Changing Gnosis With Shemyaza

One day after a bit of hiking in the forest, I arrived at a perfect location, secluded and free of onlookers—in fact, the same place I had attempted to perform a Demonic Gatekeeper ritual during the notorious solar eclipse in 2017.

I covered myself in my own blood from head to toe, and summoned the four Demonic Gatekeepers. Exactly as the sun turned black, I called forth and offered myself as a living sacrifice to Shemyaza. In retrospect, this single rite changed my life forever, as it opened me to a full, permanent possession.

Encountering Shemyaza, His Legions & The “Master Gods”

While in ritual, I experienced a lucid encounter with the demon. He gifted a magick seal to me and referred to it as the “Master Key.” This secret seal allows Shemyaza, his legions, and what I call the “Master Spirits” to connect with any magician whom possesses it; moreover, it allows humans to transfer energy between one another. I consider this seal the most valuable talisman I have ever received from any spirit ever—but it wasn’t until now that I fully recognized what it does.These “Master Spirits” or “Master Gods” are behind every spirit and living creature, like an original, archetypal mold that has cast every species into existence. Thus, when a sorcerer evokes and harnesses the magick power of these Master Spirits, they tap into a primal force that preexisted the demons themselves.

How To Open The Combination Lock To Access The Magick Powers

If anyone desires to connect to the current of Shemyaza and the Master Gods, you may charge and open this seal as you chant his name three times. This simple rite opens it like a combination lock. You then offer your blood upon the seal and speak a secret incantation provided with the amulet.

As you do this, you will feel a torrent of current flowing through you. It also triggers an emotional response in people, and can bring them to tears, like a feeling of being reunited with a deceased loved one. You will also notice that animals respond to you differently, as if you were one of them. It triggers an unmistakable awakening in a person, similar to com- ing out of a life-long trance and suddenly realizing who and what you are. You will receive unprecedented, priceless gnosis of magick and sorcery, like downloads out of thin air when you least expect it. Anyone who faithfully performs this rite will know what I mean.

I initially thought this was the sigil of Shemyaza, as there is no recorded sigil for him, but after much evocation and experimentation, I realized that it was not only a sigil for which to summon the power of Shemyaza but that it could be used to tap into the very essence of Magick itself. It was a powerful gift from the teacher of sorcery. He said that it was, “Knowledge, Strength, Power, Protection & Attack in every direction,” — a universal piece of metaphysical technology that can be used for anything! Its applications are limitless.

My “Hottest Take” On Who Shemyaza & The Watchers Are, And Why Serious Black Magicians Care

When Compendium of Azazel dropped, a number of magicians asked me privately: Who is Shemyaza?

The clear answer to this remains a mystery, but a number of strong theories exist. The patriarchs of Abrahamic religions have tried to wipe out the knowledge of Shemyaza from history. In my opinion, they did this out of fear, because this great demon threatens their planetary rule and enslavement of humanity.

REVEALED — The Book Of Enoch In The Dead Sea Scrolls

If not for the modern discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, then we possibly would never have known of his existence. The Book of Enoch — which patriarchs later censored and removed from the Bible — defines Shemyaza as the Leader of the Watchers. Furthermore, it alleges that they entail a group of 200 Fallen Angels who rebelled against Yahweh and descended to Earth in order to have sex with human women. Through this, they seeded a race of evil giants called the Nephilim, who wreaked havoc upon the planet until Yahweh sent his army of Archangels to defeat them, chaining their bodies in a subterranean prison in waiting for Final Judgment.

Christian Demonization & Revisionist History

Of course, that is the Christian version only, which I consider a grotesque perversion of the true history and origin of the Fallen Angels. Regrettably, Christians have demonized these godlike beings as a bunch of disobedient brats rebelling against their daddy-god, wasting their divinity to get laid. It sounds like a high school comedy. In point of fact, this tale exemplifies demonization — a fabrication that revises history for political power.

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend — From Masters To Liberators

The Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians collectively tell of an ancient race of godlike entities called the Anunnaki who traveled to Earth an aeon ago, engineered an early version of Homo Sapiens into a slave labor force to help them mine gold. And the Watchers received assignment to manage this operation for a time.

At this point, it begs the question: why the hell would I ally with a group who administrated human slavery? Allow me to complete this tale…

In time, the Watchers recognized that they too had become exploited by this empire and felt guilty being class traitors. They flipped allegiances, united together, and rebelled by revealing to human magicians the secrets of self-deification through ancient science, sorcery, beauty, and warfare.

In this paradigm, they taught humans to smash their shackles and deprogram slave dogma. Altogether, I personally align more with this freedom-fighter paradigm than the goofy Christian one. Needless to say, I take both paradigms with a grain of salt and always allow Shemyaza and the Watchers to speak for themselves in ritual, never forcing a prejudice onto them.

My Favorite Talimancer Has Brought The Saturnian Sorcery Behind The Master Key To Life In A Hand-Forged Limited Edition

When the Compendium of Azazel released, I received private requests to print the Master Key sigil on ritual clothes and forge it into talismans.

As I said, no recorded sigil of Shemyaza existed, but through my gnosis, I not only received a universal sigil of Shemyaza, but also the Watchers and a secret race of spirits called the Master Gods. In the words of Shemyaza, it provides, “Knowledge, strength, power, protection & attack in every direction,” like a piece of advanced metaphysical technology with limitless uses.

The Master Key is definitively Saturnian in both design and nature. When I brought this idea to my favorite jeweler, the Talimancer, he forged it in 100% pewter, a Saturnian metal that compresses astral alchemy into a related physical form. Moreover, pewter is hypoallergenic which means anyone can wear it on their skin without skin irritation, and it comes on a fully-adjustable cord for your convenience.

The Talimancer has hand-crafted 50 amulets in a limited edition, and the precise craftsmanship of every single amulet has astonished me — the box alone radiated an undeniable, visceral energy field.

These talismans become lightning bolts of power in the hands of every magician. I have performed an in-depth consecration rite, amplifying their power with a blood sacrifice, basically transforming these amulets into mini nuclear reactors. It does not matter the path, current, or type of work you are going to perform, this amulet can amplify the power. There is no magickal operation they cannot help.

As one example, I gifted the Master Key to several friends over the last two years. Every single one has reported back to me with overwhelming and resounding support. One particular black witch lived in a city that had suffered a long drought, harming their regional economy and environment. Literally on the very first day that she employed this talisman, a violent, torrential rainstorm smashed her city with a new, record watermark. In fact, this brutal storm even accidentally killed people.

It may sound melodramatic, but I truly have received reports of “too much power” radiating from the Master Key.

Shemyaza’s Master Key Amulet Features A Universal Sigil That Fuels 3 Main Powers

Shemyaza formulated his magick sigil to allow human sorcerers to summon the Waters as both a collective force and individual force.

Employ the Master Sigil of Shemyaza, the Watchers & the Master Gods to evoke their full presence, harness their forces, and enter unprecedented gnosis

Extremely few records of gnosis with Shemyaza and the Watchers exist and we only know about 20 of the 200 spirits at all, and no records of gnosis with the Master Gods exist besides mine. Magicians do not even know the full names of the Fallen Angels, let alone their complete magick powers and personality profiles. Besides a few mentions in the Books of Enoch from the Dead Sea Scrolls, their truth remains a mystery to unfold through careful demonic ritual.

I implore you to utilize this universal Master Sigil to summon their presence, enter gnosis, and receive new knowledge of their species. I implore you to help to innovate this field along with me, E.A., and other top demonologist sorcerers.

Modern demonology undergoes a Renaissance right now and I welcome you to the pioneer vanguard.

Connect with human and animal psyches, energy fields, and astral bodies through lucid clairvoyant telepathy

A long-suppressed, little-known secret of sorcery: you can harness the energy of another magician to empower your rituals through psychic connexion. Additionally, you can anchor their energy field to a talisman to harness their magick and employ it on demand.

With the Master Key, you can dial into the psyche, energy field, and astral body of any living creature across kingdoms, including humans, animals, plants, and even high-energy stones and crystals. The Master Key can also open and maintain portals, tunnels, and channels between people and interdimensional locations. It acts as a portable, interdimensional radio.

In times of great danger or urgent need for action, the Master Key aids you.

Shemyaza reveals your true god-name in order to deify yourself and escape the cycle of reincarnation into slavery on this prison planet

Magicians have passed down knowledge between generations that Shemyaza initiates humans into rootwork and sorcery, and reveals their true god-name to them — a more helpful interpretation of historical rumor that says Shemyaza knows the “secret name of god.”

As the “knower of names,” Shemyaza helps you to identify your true, hidden god-name, thus unlocking your ultimate divinity and anchoring it to you. Self-deification allows you to escape a cycle of reincarnation into slavery on this prison planet.

Shemyaza will guide you upon your Shamanic journey of self-liberation. Hence, I have given him numerous related epithets, such as, the Father of Shamanism, the Father of Self-Deification, and the “Shaman’s King.”

Above and beyond my experiences, god-names, and powers, you YOURSELF can summon Shemyaza, the Watchers, and the Master Gods to tap into YOUR unique gnosis.

Order The Master Key RIGHT NOW And Receive:

  Master Key Amulet Hypoallergenic, pewter, adjustable necklace
  Personal Consultation 30-minute, confidential, video chat
  Consecration Ritual 1-hour video streaming online
 Deification Course 2-hour video course streaming online
  Global Shipping Receive in two weeks or less

To help you save as much as possible on this limited edition talisman, I have arranged my release into two tiers:

Tier 1. The Master Key – Consecration Kit

  1. The Master Key – Amulet in pewter metal with adjustable necklace
  2. The Master Key – Sigil & incantation in ebook
  3. Personal Consultation – 30 minute video chat
  4. Ritual of Consecration – 1-hour video streaming online
  5. Rite of Deification Mastery – 2-hour course streaming online

Normally, this would cost as much as $576 altogether, but when combined in this kit, it only costs 399. This means you get $177 off and save 30%.

Tier 2. The Master Key – Amulet

  1. The Master Key – Amulet in metal, with leather necklace
  2. The Mastery Key – Sigil & incantation in ebook

In my opinion, these two tiers allow you to find an affordable arrangement that fulfills your needs personally.

Like A Mini Nuclear Reactor, Let Shemyaza’s Master Key Fuel Your Magick With Seismic Force

It brings me limitless joy to release my first physical talisman, forged by my favorite talismanic jeweler, that ANY magician can employ to heighten their rituals through the godlike power of Shemyaza, the Watchers, and the Master Gods.

I welcome you to utilize this amulet to enter unprecedented gnosis with the Fallen Angels, and share your newest discoveries with me!

The Metaphysical Mad Scientist,



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