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Let Me Perform REAL Magick For You, So You Get REAL Results… Let The World’s Most Powerful Black Magician Evoke Demons To Command Changes In Your Life… And You Can WATCH Online

  •   Ritual For Hire: Magick to command changes in your life
  •   Personal Consultation: Preliminary email discussion
  •   Video Proof: Receive a video recording of my performance
  •   Confidentiality: We absolutely never share your personal information
  •   Limited Availability: Accepts a limited number of clients
E.A. Koetting

Love & Sex

  • Transform your crush into your sex pet
  • Get your ex-lover back into a relationship
  • Finally fall in love with yourself

Abundance & Prosperity

  • Forge alliance with high-powered wealth demon
  • Receive a life-changing windfall of prosperity
  • Raise your empire out of nothing & maximize it


  • Bulletproof defense against baneful magick
  • Exorcism of predatory demons, ghosts & people
  • Complete eradication of toxic energy

Spiritual Ascent

  • Evoke any demon or angel to forge a blood pact
  • Experience deification of your psyche & energy
  • Skyrocket the power of your magick

From: $799.50 / month for 2 months

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$799.50 / month for 2 months
  • 2 equal monthly payments

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Limited availability based on schedule.

Payment Plan
Complete your tuition in one installment, or in equal installments over two months.

Use a valid debit or credit card. You may also use Paypal. To do so, click the Book Now button.

Once you book your appointment, E.A. will contact you privately about your goals. Then he'll perform the magick, and give a video documenting it.

All orders are final. There are no refunds on this item.

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Peer Reviews

  • I just want to put it out there that if anyone is considering signing up for E.A.'s Ritual Bootcamp, it is everything he said it would be. It is 100% a path to dark ascent. It has skyrocketed my ritual experiences.

    J.S. Garrett, Georgia
  • E.A. Koetting's bootcamp took me over that line I could not cross on my own. he made a good magician great. I say that with confidence, not arrogance. Through magick, I secured a better career. I have made pacts with Demons in my temple and have talked with them on other realms. E.A. showed me how to fine-tune my workings. Everything is customized for you. What more could you ask for? It was a great experience and I hope to go back some day. If you are serious about improving your skills in magick, you should strongly consider attending the Ritual Bootcamp. You won't be disappointed.

    Mark G., Richmond, VA
  • I recently came off of E.A.'s Bootcamp, and I learned more in three days than I learned anywhere else. This really should be your first stop along the way. You will not be disappointed.

    Robert M., Manassas, VA

Dear Friend,

Are you in any of the following situations? Because if you are, I have exactly the solutions you need...

Have you lost the love of your life, and will do anything to get them back... or worse, you still haven't met the love of your life, and you're worried sick that you never will?

Are you unemployed, carrying unbearable debt, or facing bankruptcy, and desperate for financial relief?

Are you in life-threatening danger from physical abuse, black magick, or astral vampirism, and need immediate self-defense?

Would you love for an advanced sorcerer to evoke a demon for you, help awaken your psychic abilities, or initiate you into advanced magick?

I was in several of these situations myself years ago, and it would've been extremely helpful if there was a real magician available to help me personally.

What if you could hire ME to perform ritual magick for YOU, so we can FINALLY solve your problems, and get the life you want?

Because now you can...

I'm About To Do Something I SWORE I'd Never Do...

I'm officially available to perform custom magick ritual, and generate MAXIMUM results.

Want me to perform a custom magick ritual for you, then here's what you need to know...

Here's How This Works

1. Place your order now.

I strongly encourage you to lock this in RIGHT NOW - or as soon as you can - because I'm only taking a limited number of clients.

2. I'll contact you personally to confirm it.

I'll touch base within 48 hours to learn about your specific goals, explain the kind of magick I'll use, and provide a timeline for my results.

3. I'll provide VIDEO PROOF that I performed your magick.

That's right. I'm actually going to FILM my ritual magick, and give the video to you, so you can see undeniable visual proof that I fulfilled my side of the deal.

I know that there are scam artists, and charlatans, out there who would take your money without ever performing any magick.

I want you to feel SAFE AND COMFORTABLE with my work. I'm recording my ritual and letting you watch afterward to give you the extended care you deserve. Feel free to replicate my ritual yourself!

My attitude is, if my magick's effective, why hide it? I'm not a fraud.

My 100% Personal GUARANTEE To You

I am going to do everything in my power to provide the best results I can.

That being said, you'll need to take responsibility for helping the manifestation of your desires. For example, if you to want find new employment, you'll still need to apply for job openings, and my magick will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE the chances of you getting hired. Think of it as teamwork.

So go ahead and select the service you want up above, so we can get started RIGHT NOW!

Whichever you choose, whichever you need, I'm here to help you succeed, and get your life in order, the way you want.

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

Meet The Author

E.A. Koetting

E.A. Koetting authored eight classic grimoires on black magick, and co-created Become A Living God, where he has helped hundreds of thousands of magicians to experience Ascent.