Let The Garretts Perform A “Reverse Baptism” To Free Your Soul From The Spiritual Slavery And Evil Indoctrination Of Right-Hand Religions Forever… Experience A Rebirth In Blood Of The Adversary

  •   The Reverse Baptism: Ritual to free your soul from religious slavery
  •   Rite of Blasphemy: Preliminary ritual to prime your self-deification
  •   Coins of Satan: Sigil talisman consecrated in Blood of the Adversary
  •   Special Sacrifice: Direct gnosis with Satan for demonic familiars
  •   Confidentiality: We never share your personal information
  •   Limited Availability: This ritual closes midnight February 20

With The Reverse Baptism Ritual, you will:

  • Free your soul from slavery of religious tyranny
  • Exorcise the slave-god of your childhood religion
  • Reprogram your subconscious for self-deification
  • Receive demonic familiars from Satan himself
  • Undergo a life-changing Satanic baptism with Shemyaza, Belial, and Satan for a spiritual rebirth

When you place your order, we will contact you by email within 48 hours for your name and birthday.

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The Reverse Baptism Ritual

Dear Friend,

The metaphysical mad scientists, J.S. and Barbie Garrett, here — please answer these questions below to diagnose the health of your soul…

  • Did your parents force you into an oppressive religion without your consent as a vulnerable child?
  • Have you apostatized the religion, but your family still tries to shame and threaten you back into the oppressive religion?
  • Have the crazy lies and evil indoctrination of a religion ever harmed your mental health, traumatized your emotions, or ruined your relationships?
  • Has a religious fanatic ever threatened, stalked, or assaulted you?
  • Have you renounced your childhood religion, but still worry and fear that the slave-god will punish you as a black magician in the afterlife?
  • Have you ever felt ashamed or guilty of your basic human needs and healthy animal instincts, because your ex-religion called them “sinful” and “dirty”?

If you answered “yes,” then you are not alone. Why? Because we also experienced these atrocities in our personal lives. Through our magick alliance with Satan and the Demonic Gatekeepers, we have healed and transformed into strong, out-of-the-closet, black magicians who left their evil childhood religions a long time ago.

Despite millennia of political engineering and ruthless propaganda, more free spirits than ever in history have awoken to the spiritual slavery of fascist, right-hand religions like Christianity and Islam — to name only the two biggest, but MANY more exist. Even if you never underwent baptism into a religion, the evil tyranny has factually harmed your psyche, energy body, and aura, simply from living among the slaves on the prison planet.

As a black magician, two high-powered rituals can free your soul and unleash your self-deification: the Rite of Blasphemy and Reverse Baptism Ritual.

Rite of Blasphemy: To declare your freedom and independence from the slave-gods and their tyrannical religions.

Reverse Baptism Ritual: To execrate and desecrate the baptism of your ex-religion, to deindoctrinate your subconscious and reprogram it for self-deification, and to experience a full rebirth with Blood of the Adversary.

Reprogram Your Subconscious And Uncage Your Soul From The Invisible Prison Of Spiritual Fascism, A.K.A. Right-Hand Religions

Child psychologists often warn, “Children are like sponges. They absorb everything around them.” Forced indoctrination of a child into an evil religion can damage their brain development into an independent, free-thinking adult. In fact, many adults never evolve out of their childhood indoctrination. They live as a slave from cradle to grave.

Quite simply, we consider it a form of child abuse to militantly brainwash a vulnerable child into a religion that disempowers, shames, and enslaves them spiritually.

The mainstream religions of the world entail a form of spiritual fascism. Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Scientology, Hinduism, and MANY more religions have divided and conquered the human species through enslavement of men, women, and children in genocidal death cults. Regardless of whether you have participated in a religion, the Reverse Baptism Ritual will help to unlock your ascent.

The Blasphemous Origin Of The Reverse Baptism And How My Satanic Initiation Became “The Best Decision I Ever Made”

Our Reverse Baptism Ritual, a.k.a. Satanic Initiation, was created out of the absolute necessity to find freedom from the spiritual bondage that was forced upon me, Barbie, from my Christian upbringing, which began when I was baptized at the age of 8 years old without giving consent. After learning about magick on the Left Hand Path, I had successful rituals but continued to be held back by fear. My husband, J.S., was obtaining big leaps of freedom from working with deities such as Belial and Satan. Yet, I couldn’t even be in the room when those energies descended. I would become overwhelmed with anxiety and panic attacks that would consume me. So, my darling partner performed a Reverse Baptism and Satanic Initiation on my behalf. This was done with the intent to free me from any physical or spiritual forces that would oppress, constrain, or control me in any way. It was the beginning of my true ascent to Godhood and the best decision I ever made.

The ritual began with me desecrating my own childhood Bible. This Bible was immensely important to me, as my grandfather had gifted it to me as a child and he had recently passed away. Just the thought of destroying this gift made my heart hurt. The front cover read:

May this book heal, protect and guide you no matter where the world takes you! Love, Grandpa

I shook and cried and wanted to escape the entire thing, but if I stopped then, there would only be more anxiety, fear and confusion. After I had destroyed the mythical book, J.S. called upon Satan and the demons to completely set me free from the dogmatic Christian slavery of my past. I was covered from head to toe in Adversarial Blood, and began to cry. I have never cried due to fear in my entire life, yet there I was crying like a baby because of this energy force that I had never felt before. I was wondering about all of the fears that the Christians brainwashed me with, were they all going to come true? J.S. asked Satan to inhabit me and set fire to my mind, body, and soul to burn away any invisible chains to liberate me fully. I recall feeling burning hot, as if physically on fire. Satan spoke to me:

You were scared of me? I give you the freedom to decide your destiny, and truly be who you are without any manipulation or directive from anyone or anything else. — The Satan

Satan comforted me, and gave me the freedom to decide my own destiny. My magick skyrocketed after this and I am now on a clear path of ascent and evolution with the help of Satan and the Demonic Empire. You can find the full experience in my essay, “The Satan” in Compendium of Satan.

At the climax of my Reverse Baptism, I hammered a Nail of Death into the heart my Bible, thus stabbing the slave-god himself. I declared proudly:

I renounce the Christian God and reclaim my soul. I shed all fears, anxieties, sadnesses, and any other force that might limit me and the Dragon within me.

I declare war upon any person or entity that may try to control, constrain, or bind me in any way. I reclaim my freedom and declare my Godhood tonight.

I choose to burn my path with Satan. I will do as I will, with no guilt or reservations, and I will make no apologies and have no regrets.

Iamme! Meiam!

  THE REVERSE BAPTISM — A Life-Changing Ritual Exorcism Of The Slave-Gods And Their Religious Tyranny… Also, Featuring A 2.5-Hour Video Course That Shows Step-By-Step How To Perform The Exorcism On Family & Friends

I truly believe that any magician who identifies with the Left Hand Path needs to undergo a Reverse Baptism to unplug from the frequency of spiritual manipulation that our society places upon us through covert and overt brainwashing. To accommodate you, J.S. and I will commence the mass Reverse Baptism at midnight on the morning of February 20, 2021. We will perform ritual evocation of the godlike patron demons: Shemyaza, Belial, and Satan.

Furthermore, we will perform a group exorcism to renounce any hold or bind that religious tyrants have placed upon your soul. I will mark your name with my demonic elixir, Apocalypse Water, in order to wage war against any entity, being, or force that would try to control, enslave, or manipulate you in any way, both now and in the future. We will then arrange a sacrifice of burning flesh and blood upon your behalf to baptize your name and spirit in the Blood of the Adversary.

You will become The Satan — a new race of humans who wield the power of the gods and step into their true destiny as awakened magicians, before the dogmatic slave-god sank his claws into you as a child. As The Satan, you will not be controlled or constrained by anyone, anything, or any god.

Do not worry, this ritual does not “sell your soul” to any entity. Despite the lies of fascist right-hand religions, Satan does not want to own your soul. To the contrary, he demands absolute spiritual freedom for every living human. In summary, this unprecedented ritual reclaims your soul as your own, free to do as you will without regrets or guilt, and it sets you upon a path of personal power and freedom through Blood of the Adversary.

Lastly, both the Advanced and Standard Tiers of the Reverse Baptism Ritual video include a 2.5-hour video course that comes with step-by-step instructions, an overview of the essential implements you will need, and the necessary incantations. It features the full-length, live ritual of my Reverse Baptism by J.S. Garrett, including my Act of Blasphemy, and also pre- and post-ritual discussion. You will receive everything you need to reclaim your soul as your own and to dedicate it to the path of the Adversary. Needless to say, you can perform this Reverse Baptism on your family and friends to carry on the black magick of saving victims from slave-religions.

  THE PRE-RITE OF BLASPHEMY — Your Soul’s Declaration Of Eternal Freedom & Power

In any of the three Tiers, you will receive directions to perform the Pre-Rite of Blasphemy in a micro-course and micro-ebook. These simple materials empower you to perform this ritual by yourself without any trouble.

In a nutshell, you will light your candle, and carefully walk through unplugging from any slave-religion that has brainwashed you, or social dogma that has oppressed you. Then, you will author your Declaration of Freedom, invoke it out loud, and release it into the cosmos with a precise step-by-step rite given in the companion ebook.

Note: this pre-ritual is required to maximize the power of the Exorcism and Reclamation of Souls during the Reverse Baptism Ritual. However, this pre-rite requires very little knowledge of magick and any reasonable magician can perform it without hassle.

  SPECIAL SACRIFICE — Direct Gnosis With Satan To Receive His Demonic Familiars Who Will Aid And Protect Your Ascent

With the Advanced Tier only, you will receive a special personalized sacrifice to Satan on your behalf. This will build your magick relationship with Satan. We will politely ask that he find you worthy to receive his familiar spirits, who will aid and guide your ascent along the Path of Fire.

When the Reverse Baptism Ritual has completed, you will receive a video recording of your personalized sacrifice along with the video recording of the group ritual.

  THE COINS OF SATAN — A Handcrafted Sigil Talisman, Consecrated In Blood Of The Adversary

The beautiful and talented, Elena Lemmy, has forged a gorgeous, handcrafted talisman, the Coins of Satan. The coins feature the Sigil of the Adversary pressed on their obverse, encased in high quality resin, and will undergo consecration in Blood of the Adversary. These Coins will remain an eternal keepsake of the day you finally reclaimed your freedom and power forever. Of course, the consecration of the Coins will appear in the Reverse Baptism Ritual video that you receive.

Here’s Exactly How This Works

When you book The Reverse Baptism, you will immediately receive access to the Members Area featuring the Courses and eBooks related to your particular tier: Advanced, Standard, and Simple — as enumerated below.

1. Book Now

Book the Reverse Baptism Ritual with your preferred Tier right now. This unprecedented group ritual closes on February 20, therefore please act now to guarantee your participation.

2. Receive Immediate Access

Receive immediate access to essential courses and ebooks inside your Members Area by email. Perform the simple, preliminary Rite of Blasphemy by yourself at your convenience in advance of the Reverse Baptism Ritual on February 20.

3. Watch Ritual

A live video recording of the Reverse Baptism Ritual will become available to watch in the Members Area by February 23 as proof of the magick ritual. The Coins of Satan will undergo demonic consecration during the Reverse Baptism Ritual, and will ship February 21.

  Key Dates

  • Today: Book right now for immediate access and the Rite of Blasphemy.
  • February 20: At midnight, we will perform the Reverse Baptism Ritual, including your personalized sacrifice, and consecrate the Coins of Satan.
  • February 21: The Coins of Satan ship globally.
  • February 23: Receive the live recorded video of the Reverse Baptism.

Order The Reverse Baptism RIGHT NOW And You’ll Receive The Essential Video Courses, eBook Ritual Guides, Your Consecrated Coin, And Personalized Sacrifice

1. The Reverse Baptism — Advanced Tier

With the Advanced Tier, you will receive the ultimate experience:

  • Reverse Baptism – Full Ritual – Live February 20, watch February 23
  • Reverse Baptism – Full Course – Watch Now
  • Reverse Baptism – Full eBook – Download Now
  • Pre-Rite of Blasphemy – Mini Course – Watch Now
  • Pre-Rite of Blasphemy – Mini eBook – Download Now
  • Coin of Satan – Consecrated Talisman – Shipping February 21
  • Sacrifice to Satan – Ritual Initiation – Live February 20

2. The Reverse Baptism — Standard Tier

With the Standard Tier, you will receive a complete experience:

  • Reverse Baptism – Full Ritual – Live February 20, watch February 23
  • Reverse Baptism – Full Course – Watch Now
  • Reverse Baptism – Full eBook – Download Now
  • Pre-Rite of Blasphemy – Mini Course – Watch Now
  • Pre-Rite of Blasphemy – Mini eBook – Download Now
  • Coin of Satan – Consecrated Talisman – Shipping February 21

As you can see, the Standard Tier expands upon the Simple Tier, and features the step-by-step video course and ebook of the Reverse Baptism to enhance your experience. Furthermore, you receive a demonically-consecrated Coin of Satan bearing an imprinted sigil of The Adversary upon the obverse, and protected in a case.

3. The Reverse Baptism – Simple Tier

With the Simple Tier, you will receive an essential experience:

  • Reverse Baptism – Full Ritual – Live February 20, watch February 23
  • Pre-Rite of Blasphemy – Mini Course – Watch Now
  • Pre-Rite of Blasphemy – Mini eBook – Download Now

Altogether, we have dramatically lowered the rates of our ritual for hire to help the Reverse Baptism to remain as affordable as possible, to as many people as possible. When you place your order for any Tier, you will automatically save hundreds, if not thousands, with these measurably lower rates. I urge you to act right now, though, as this Reverse Baptism Ritual will close forever on February 20, and our rates will raise back to normal again.

Rise Off Your Knees And Decapitate The Slave-God… Undergo A Life-Changing Satanic Baptism To Free Your Soul And Experience Rebirth As A God In The Flesh

Awaken and rise now…

It has become time to rise off your knees, stand your ground, and fight back against the evil slave-god and his kingdom of lies.

I welcome you to become reborn in the Blood of the Adversary. I welcome you to undergo a life-changing initiation with the Baptism of Satan.

All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

Hail Thyself,

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