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  •   The Black Witch A Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue
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  •   Personal Consultation: 30 minutes of private counseling
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  •   Author: Enoch B. Petrucelly
  •   Foreword: V.K. Jehannum
  •   Editor: Timothy Donaghue

In my master-grimoire, The Black Witch, you’ll learn:

  • A full-length dictionary of the demonic tongue
  • A masterful guide to the Outlander Demons
  • An astral map of the Stellar Outland Gateways
  • A full grimoire of possession & evocation rites
  • Live demonstrations of calls, incantations, evocations, conjurations & spells in the tongue
  • The 100% true stories of how I received this infernal tongue & discovery of new magick with it

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Enoch stumbled upon the practice of Left Hand Path, Black Magick, and Witchcraft after a long childhood and young adult life of being forced to be a Christian. When a terrible tragedy struck in his life, he knew it was time for some major spiritual changes. Enoch knew he needed Witchcraft and Black Magick to heal himself and regain his power and self respect. After seven years of steady Magickal practice, Enoch gained a substantial amount of spiritual power and received powerful knowledge directly from the Demonic about their language that may be used in a wide variety of ways to empower those who seek spiritual advancement in Black Witchcraft and Black Magick.

Enoch’s books are the result of his hard work and dedication, years of consistent Magickal practice, and his building of deep rooted connections with the Infernal Realms and it’s dark denizens. Enoch is no dabbler and his work reflects the real power of Black Magick that is undeniable.

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