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  •   THE NECROMANCER: Path of the Descended Masters
  •   Author: Conner Kendall
  •   Illustrator: Aserial Krabat
  •   Cover: Juan Padron
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Copyeditor: Orlee Stewart

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  • Dangers of necromancy & proven safeguards
  • How to construct and consecrate high-powered Tools of Death, Altar & Temple
  • Traditional, necromantic, and hybrid approaches to gnosis with Santa Muerte, Saint of Death
  • Recipe for the Necromantic Elixir of Azrael
  • Science of utilizing necromantic Spirit Traps
  • Blood Moon Invocation of Death Queen, Az Jahi
  • 5 gnosis initiations with Az Jahi and Druj Nasu
  • Azazel, Abaddon & Beelzebub’s death magick rituals and Azazel’s “Devil Masks”
  • Eye of Death with Anuas the Descended Master
  • Vessels to summon the Devouring Jinns & Nergal
  • Ereshkigal’s Rites of Exorcism for Dead Spirits
  • Necromantic Yoga & Black Steeple Meditation to magnify vital prana power

Conner Kendall became a black magician upon discovering the Spirit World as a child. He has dedicated his life to demonology, necromancy, Luciferianism, Satanism, the Ahrimanic and Adversarial currents. C. Kendall aspires to liberate himself and his fellow brothers and sisters of humankind, to shatter the shackles of slavery, kill the false prophetic gurus, and push forth a new era of innovation and evolution.

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