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Generation X's Leading Luciferian Magician And One Of The World's Top Demonologists... Welcome To The Official Author Page Of Michael W. Ford

  •   Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Luciferianism
  •   Authors: Michael W. Ford & Hopemarie Ford
  •   Foreword: E.A. Koetting
  •   Illustrators: Kitti Solymosi, Mitchell Nolte, Nestor Avalos, Francesco Ferrara & José Sabogal
  •   Editor: Timothy
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  •   Live: May 7
Michael W. Ford

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  • 11 Points of Power & 4 Pillars of Luciferianism
  • The Sorcerous Words of Power of the Adversary
  • 3 Magick Keys to Ascent on the Left-Hand Path
  • How to summon & incarnate your Daemon
  • How to undergo the Test of the Devil's Mask
  • Key symbols & deific masks of Luciferianism
  • 12 core tools & initiations of Luciferian Magick
  • 9 most powerful ritual circles & triangles
  • REAL truth about Lucifer, Satan, Yahweh & more

The Complete Works of Michael W. Ford

The all-new Infernal Apotheosis Series by Michael Ford, featuring all 9 masterpieces in updated 2nd edition, exclusively available in hardback right here only

Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Luciferianism

Unlock the ultimate beginner's guide to Luciferianism & the Left Hand Path... Become a master of the 11 Luciferian Points of Power to incarnate your Daemon for Apotheosis.