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Welcome To The Official Page Of Top Qliphothic Author And Clairvoyant Artist

  •   Author of over 10 grimoires, books & essays on Left Hand Path magic
  •   Artist of channeled demon portraits and sigils
  •   Designer of ritual statues, talismanic jewelry & clothes
Asenath Mason

Welcome to my Official Author page. You'll find my catalog of books, talismans, art, and ritual clothing below. Sign up now to receive:

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The Lilith Ritual Chalice

Experience the peak of demonic sex magic with the Womb of the Initiatrix in the forbidden Lilith ritual chalice...

Qliphothic Magic Circle

Here's how to harness the magic of the Dark Gods. Have the ultimate evocation experience with the first Qliphothic Magic Circle in occult history.

The Harlot & The Prince Of Darkness

Adorn your profane altar with sexual heresy. Invoke the magic of Lilith, Lucifer & Leviathan with this timeless and stunning statue.

Qliphothic Star Amulet

The perfect talisman to keep the magic forces of the Qliphoth with you at all times. Let this beautiful silver amulet empower your life.

Oraculum Leviathan: Draconian Tarot Deck & Grimoire

Unlock the first Draconian Tarot system with an all-new demon-powered deck of 78 sinister cards and guide to gnosis with the Serpent of Chaos.

Personal Initiations - Luciferianism & Qliphothic Magic

Learn hidden secrets of magic from an experienced teacher of Draconian Sorcery. I'll share the wisdom of Lucifer, Lilith & the Dark Gods & Goddesses.

The Qliphothic Trilogy — The Full Series In One

Embark on the ULTIMATE self-initiation with Lilith, Samael, the Qliphothic Kings & Queens, and 22 Guardians of the Tunnels of Set with a complete pioneer's guide.

Rituals Of Pleasure: Sex, Astral Magic & Demonic Possession

Learn the most sinful secrets of sexual sorcery. Unleash the ultra-powerful force of human transcendence with my guilt-free grimoire of modern sex magic.

Tunnels Of Set — A Finale To The Qliphothic Trilogy

Qliphothic Magic’s most advanced full-color guide to performing self-initiation with the 22 Demonic Guardians of the Tunnels of Set. Unlock the finale to the trilogy October 27.

Magic Initiation With Lilith

Experience the apex of sexual gnosis and deification in the flesh. Let me evoke the Queen of Night Lilith to initiate you into sex magic.

The Book of Mephisto: A Left Hand Path Grimoire of the Faustian Tradition

The leading spirit of all Western demonology. Unlock magic of the demon Mephistopheles with a masterful grimoire & guide to occult art of the Faustian Tradition.

Initiation Rituals with Lucifer, Lilith & The Dark Gods

Learn hidden secrets of magic from an experienced teacher of Draconian Sorcery. I'll share the wisdom of Lucifer, Lilith & the Dark Gods & Goddesses.

Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations — Book 2 of The Qliphothic Trilogy

How to perform ritual evocation of the Demonic Kings & Queens. Become a high-powered Qliphothic Magician and forge your infernal path.

Lucifer Sigil Talisman

Ignite the magical fires of Lucifer with his classic occult sigil in a metal talisman.

The Lucifer Chronicles

Sold Out — Hail Lucifer, the ultimate archetype of spiritual illumination, empowerment, and freedom. Get both Awakening Lucifer & Rites of Lucifer in this compendium.

Awakening Lucifer

Ignite the magical fire of Luciferian Gnosis. Explored the masks of Lucifer and connect with his eleven most inspiring god-forms.

Qliphothic Meditations — Book 1 of The Qliphothic Trilogy

Embark on a magical journey with Lilith, Samael, and the Demonic Kings & Queens. Let me infernal grimoire initiate you into Qliphothic Magic.