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Robert Bruce has innovated the field of astral projection, kundalini energy work, clairvoyance and psychic self-defense for over 40 years.

Robert Bruce

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Astral Projection Mastery

Here's the ultimate guide to instant success with astral projection. Learn how to have an out of body experience in 30 days or less.

Mastering Kundalini & Energy Work

Learn my proven technique to awaken your Kundalini. Here’s how to ignite your chakras, boost your energy and have the ultimate spiritual experience.

Mastering Psychic Self-Defense

Get your "black belt" in psychic self-defense. Learn to perform "martial arts" against vampiric demons, baneful magick, and toxic energy with my battle-proven rituals.

Personal Consultations With Robert Bruce

Receive priceless spiritual counsel with a living master. Let a lifetime of experience with astral projection, energy work, and psychic self-defense solve your problems.