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  •   Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead
  •   Author: N.D. Blackwood
  •   Editor in Chief: Timothy
  •   Copyeditor: Orlee Stewart
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N.D. Blackwood

In Draugadróttinn, you will learn:

  • Rituals of Initiation into true Vampiric Magick
  • The forbidden art and science of the Life Drain
  • Preparations for essential vampiric talismans
  • The real truth about the power of Lycanthropy
  • Gnosis with Ascended Vampires & Dark Gods
  • The occult history of the Path of the Dragon
  • The mysteries of the extraterrestrial ways
  • Vampiric Magick of physical immortality
  • All-in-one guide on witchcraft to conquer death

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Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism: The Vampiric Chain from Ancient to Modern Times

An encyclopedic guide to the 45 most adept Lords and Gods of the Undead, and the sinister science to inherit their Dark Gifts for Vampiric Apotheosis.

The Dark Gift Ritual Of The Drakul

Let top adepts N.D. Blackwood & E.A. Koetting certify a ritual initiation pact for you to receive The Dark Gift of the Dracúl on cursed night of St Andrew, Nov 30.

Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon

Unmask the sinister science and occult history of the Vampiric Arts from The Order of the Dragon. Receive the Dark Gift of The Drakul for apotheosis in the Chain of Adepts.

Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead

Learn the fiercely guarded secrets of advanced Vampire Magick to harness spiritual immortality and conquer death with the Lords of the Undead.