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  •   Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead
  •   Author: N.D. Blackwood
  •   Editor in Chief: Timothy
  •   Copyeditor: Orlee Stewart
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  •   Live: Tuesday, March 23

In Draugadróttinn, you will learn:

  • Rituals of Initiation into true Vampiric Magick
  • The forbidden art and science of the Life Drain
  • Preparations for essential vampiric talismans
  • The real truth about the power of Lycanthropy
  • Gnosis with Ascended Vampires & Dark Gods
  • The occult history of the Path of the Dragon
  • The mysteries of the extraterrestrial ways
  • Vampiric Magick of physical immortality
  • All-in-one guide on witchcraft to conquer death

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My vampiric name, N.D. Blackwood, acts as a magick talisman. “N.D.” invokes my vampiric patrons, Noctulius and Dracúl, and “Blackwood” refers to the neighboring forest wherein I perform rituals of black magick.

N.D. Blackwood

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