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An Initiatory Guide To The 45 Most Adept Lords Of The Undead And Sinister Science To Inherit Their Dark Gifts For Apotheosis In The Vampiric Chain

  •   Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism: From Antique to Modern Times
  •   Video Course: Lifetime access to online video courses
  •   Author: N.D. Blackwood
  •   Illustrator: Jack Blackwood
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Sample eBook: Download two free chapters
  •   Advisory Warning: This grimoire does not condone violence and is for readers of age 18+ only.
N.D. Blackwood

In the new Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism, you'll learn:

  • Encyclopedic guide to the 45 most adept Lords and Gods of the Undead in occult history
  • Clairvoyant portraits of the Undead Masters illustrated and channeled by human hand
  • Sinister science to inherit the Dark Gifts of each Immortal for apotheosis in the Vampiric Chain
  • Real hardcore history of the Vampiric Arts from Ancient Sumer to the European Renaissance
  • Initiatory gnosis of author N.D. Blackwood from his possession with all 45 Lords of the Undead


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Peer Reviews

  • N.D. Blackwood’s new Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism is a massive grimoire of the the Undead Masters, Lords and Ladies of the Vampiric Chain, and the Gods of Apotheosis. Unlike a traditional encyclopedia, every chapter of this big tome serves as its own pathworking, complete with step-by-step ritual instructions, magickal invocations, and vibratory words of power to unlock the Dark Gifts of the Draculean Chain and access your full Nighttime Powers. I never imagined that such a complete grimoire of Magick Vampirism could ever be written, but N.D. Blackwood has brought it into existence!

    E.A. Koetting, author of The Protection Magick Spellbook
  • After his successful attempt in his masterpiece Scholomance to preserve and spread the medieval tradition of European Vampirism, N.D. Blackwood now delivers a thick encyclopedia of the Undead Masters with dozens of Adept names from across the globe. This big book provides us a large quantity of Chain entities, immortal gods, and new rituals that will guide the Aspirant in this dangerous Current. The author shares with us his personal experiences with some of the Undead Lords and enlighten us with his precious gnosis. We may discover that we already live near one of these sinister beings…

    Alexander L.M., author of Mantvs & Atanatize
  • Once again, N.D. Blackwood has crafted a commendable grimoire that serves as a practical and essential guide to the study of Vampirism, for individuals immersing themselves in the Vampiric current. In this book, N.D. Blackwood acquaints us with prominent Vampiric Masters from world history, offering essential rituals to summon these ancient, formidable beings directly. By engaging in these rituals, individuals can forge enduring relationships with these Master’s and benefit from their ageless wisdom.

    For those drawn to this current and the prospect of immortality, I strongly urge you to harness the potential within these pages to enrich your life. Personally, I was enraptured by this grimoire and wholeheartedly recommend it to any individual seeking to enhance their Vampiric practice.

    Maggie Moon, author of The Protection Magick Spellbook

Dear Friend,

The initiatory guide that you're about to discover, Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism, is truly unique and historic in the Chain of Vampirism. Many grimoires such as The Ars Goetia and The Lemegeton exist, giving the exact names, sigils, and procedures for communing with demonic entities. However, a massive encyclopædic grimoire of the Undead Masters like mine has never existed in the lineage of the Blood Pool until now.

My first grimoire, Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead, presented a magickal system of Vampirism based on over a decade of personal research. In the grimoire, I unveiled the different aspects of the Necromantic current, known today as Vampirism, and having as its objective the Quest for Immortality.

With my second grimoire, Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon, it became my mission to accurately transmit the old teachings inherited from my private mentors within the Green Order. In it, I presented the Draculean Initiation system as it was practiced by our Elders in previous centuries, through the Dark Gift and the Sacred Magic of Abramelin. This book revealed Vampiric Magick as it was practiced in Europe since the age of Emperor Sigismund and Barbara de Cilly, while giving a complete system of initiation into the Art of the Strigois. In the second part, I unveiled the Brotherhood of the Night, a non-exhaustive list of 15 beings who had lived a human existence, and who, having freed themselves from it through Undead Magick, had gained an astral form of Immortality.

The First Encyclopædia Of 45 Vampiric Lords And Masters Of The Undead In The Antique History Of The Draculean Chain

Over the last couple years, my pioneering magick of the Blood Pool became the subject of hundreds of emails, conversations, and consultations with fellow Black Magicians. This motivation brought me to author this new third grimoire, Encyclopædia of Vampirism — to innovate the first  encyclopædia of 45 Vampiric Adepts and Undead Masters in occult history.

From the Egyptian myth of Osiris, to certain Nordic and pre-Celtic mysteries, my mentors in the Green Order carried out priceless research and rituals across magickal traditions, awakening their ancient powers and the knowledge of their distant and ancient civilizations. Many them asserted a common origin in their traditions of Immortality, asserting that this was the fruit of prehistoric gnosis, whether inherited from pagan deities, or even having come from outside the confines of our universe.

Dear reader, you must recognize that the commonalities across ancient and medieval civilizations in their Quest for Immortality almost always features the magick of the Vampire. While the differences in their cultures gave different faces to the Undead Adepts, the underlying Quest for Immortality remained ever present.

This unprecedented encyclopædia has compiled works of my own, my deceased predecessors, and my living comrades. Every one of the 45 Lords of the Undead presented in this grimoire will possess all the documentation and records of magick innate to them, and an initiatory ritual to work with them.

I present every one of the Adepts with their Vampiric characteristics, and offer different pathworkings for the Initiates to venture into the Draculean Chain and rise on the Path of Spiritual Immortality. Their priceless teachings can be worked individually as a standalone spirit, or they can combine into the current of your lifelong Vampiric working. I present the complete table of the Undead Masters with whom you will commune in Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism below. Please know that this does not even scratch the surface of the 45 Adepts...

Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism
1. Modern Systems & Traditional Black Magick p.15
2. The Vampire p.19
3. Tools of Power p.23
The Grand Encyclopædia
4. Tiamat: The Dragon Goddess & Mother of Predators p.37
5. Mot: The Omnipresent Undead One p.43
6. Akhkharu: The Great Shadow of Sumer p.51
7. Cladh Hallan: Cult of the Winged Ones p.57
8. Astovidad: The Night Flyer of Persia p.65
9. Pazuzu: King of the Lilûs p.73
10. Labartu: Who Howls Like a Furious Hound p.81
11. Lilitu: She Who Ignites Desire p.87
12. Nergal: Vampiric God of War p.93
13. Osiris: God of the Undead in Ancient Egypt p.103
14. Unas: Pharaoh Who Devours the Gods p.111
15. Lykaon: The First Werewolves of Ancient Greece p.119
16. Achilles: The Undefeated One p.125
17. Lamia: The Serpent Queen p.131
18. Noctulius: God of the Night p.139
19. Zalmoxis: Father of the Strigois p.149
20. The Varcolac: Wolves Who Feed on the Sun & Moon p.153
21. Ker Ys: The Sunken City p.157
22. Daoist Immortals: The Eternal Magicians p.165
23. Abhartach: The Vampire of Slaghtaverty p.173
24. Taira No Masakado: The Immortal of Feudal Japan p.181
25. Glamr: The Draugr Mythos of Iceland p.185
26. Þráinn King of Valland: The Witch King of Valland p.193
27. The Wild Hunt: The Phantom Hunters of Wotan p.201
28. Baron of Brecy: The Blood Knight p.207
29. The Dearg-Due: The Red Blood-Sucker of Ireland p.215
30. Camazotz: The Death Bat & Bat Men of Mesoamerica p.221
31. The Lord of the Forest: 15th Century France p.229
32. The Barbaro: Dark Lords of the Venetian Lagoon p.237
33. Barbara de Cilli: Mistress of the Order of the Dragon p.245
34. Dracula: The Voivode Lord of the Undead p.251
35. Karakoncolos: The Night the Witches Fly p.261
36. The Baobhan Sith: Vampirism in Scotland p.269
37. Zsofia Seredy: The Eternal Lady of Krasna Horka p.275
38. The Dark One: The Black Swordsman p.281
39. Peter Plogojowitz: The Strigoi of Kisilova p.287
40. Arno Paole: The Bloodthirster of Serbia p.293
41. Jure Grando: The Black Shadow of Kringa p.301
42. Sava Savanović: The Immortal of Zarozje p.309
43. Giacomo Casanova: The Occultist of Venice p.317
44. Elizabeth Demidoff: The Vampire Baroness & Her Prize p.325
45. Count Borolojovak: The Gentleman of Darkness p.333
46. The Sellala: The Mauritanian Bloodline p.337
47. Elias: Keeper of the Witch City p.343
48. Oricham the Dark: Last Master of the Order of the Dragon p.349
N.D. Blackwood p.353
Become A Living God p.355

What Are The Dark Gifts Of The Draculean Chain And The Body Of Black Light? How Does An Initiate Become An Adept In Apotheosis With The Lords Of The Undead?

Wamphyrism is the mystical quest for the ego's immortality. The practitioners of modern Vampirism are the descendants of followers of the Cult of the Undead, such as those practiced within the Dragon Lineage, particularly the time when Romania was the bastion of this tradition. In the past, Initiates obtained ascendancy through the realization of a Body of Black Light, which survives physical expiration by feeding on the vital energies of creation. As the Adept practices, they develop an appearance of eternal youth, for they have perfectly integrated two fundamental techniques: the out-of-body experience and the appropriation of vital essence.

Throughout their life, the Initiate is aided in this endeavor by one or several Undead Masters, i.e., Elders who have achieved what they sought to accomplish: the creation of an ascended black-light body. This could be an ancestor, an elder of a lodge, the spirit of a renowned practitioner of the Occult Arts who gained notoriety in their region, or even a deity. Through a subtle process, these entities exchange their own vital essence with their disciples, thereby ensuring their evolution and transforming the latter into beings in their own image. In exchange for this, the Undead Lord is nourished by the vital essence given by the Adept. Night after night, new abilities will emerge in the latter, often differing among Initiates depending on their latent skills. In many cases, this is also accompanied by a physical transformation. In some instances, the bond between the Adept and their Master is so strong that it guarantees eternity, with the former thus joining the latter in the current to perpetually propagate the Draculean Chain.

In my new encyclopedic grimoire, Encyclopedia of Wamphyrism: The Vampiric Chain from Ancient to Modern Times, I have recorded 45 world historic Ascended Beings, from antique civilizations to the present day, as well as the unique rituals that allow the Adept to call them to manifestation. It is the largest book ever written on the subject from an occult point of view. Reading through their initiatory chapters and familiarizing yourself with each of them will empower you to determine whom you would like to chose as your mentor, and enter a pact with that will guarantee your apprenticeship.

Please know that this master-grimoire contains 365 pages and 48 chapters. These humble introductions below give you only the smallest of taste to a few Undead Masters from the massive Encyclopædia. The colossal book itself expands bigly on these Ascended Beings.

Noctulius: The God Of Night

It would be impossible for me to author an occult encyclopedia without giving a most complete chapter to the God of Night, He who Devours, Noctulius. In his grimoire, I reveal to you my own evocation experiences and gnosis with the Initiator, as well as my most secret ritual to establish contact with the Laughter of the Savage. For those willing to undertake this Path, an Iron Heart will be needed, for Noctulius will bring you to the highest form of predatory magick and evolution beyond our sphere of existence.

Tiamat: The Dragon Goddess & Mother of Predators

One of the most ancient Vampiric archetypes can be traced to the Goddess Tiamat, Mother of Darkness, and mother of both demons, and through her blood, of humanity. In the grimoire of this chapter, you will  discover a unique ritual destined to reconnect yourself with your Inner Shadow and commune with the Primordial Dragon. 

Akhkharu: The Great Shadow of Ancient Sumer

One of the first vampires, the Akhkharu, the Great Shadows of ancient Sumer are believed by many to be among the first human to ascend to the Undead status. In this chapter, I provide a ritual that will allow you to call upon this spirits from their immortal lairs, and commune with them. By this sacred ritual, you will exchange a part of your own life essence with them.

Pazuzu: King Of The Lilûs

In this chapter you'll discover the protective function of the Vampiric figure during the Mesopotamian era. Pazuzu is both destroyer and protector against any disease. This chapter contain a ritual destined to craft a talisman of protection, placing you under the constant watch of the Kings of Lilus. 

Mot: The Omnipresent Undead One

In the grimoire of this chapter, I present to you the work of my Adept comrade who specializes in working with Mot, the omnipresent Vampire God, who is both linked to the Undead Current, the Demonic, and Death. The grimoire contains a powerful ritual to start your working inside the current of the Canaan God.

Labartu: She Who Howls Like A Hound

Daughter of the Hight One, Labartu is undeniably one of the most ferocious vampires whom I have encountered in my ascendant work. Uniting with her essence, you will understand the very nature of Baneful Magick and be able to perform the Vampiric Arts second to none.

Astovidad: The Evil Night Flyer

The Night Flyer of ancient Persia is one of the most feared lieutenants of Ahriman, the Lord of the Left Hand Path. Through the ritual of communion with Astovidad delivered in this grimoire, you will be able to easily travel out of your physical body, to explore the Plane of Dreams and invade the dreams of others.

Nergal, Extraterrestrials, And The Outer Gods

There are multiples theories about the origin of Wamphyrism. In this chapter, we will explore the hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin of the Undead Current, and the theories of the Draconic Great Old Ones, or Outer Gods. The ritual revealed in this chapter will attract to you the attention of Beings that ignored your existence until now.

Osiris: The God Of Undeath

Behind the classical myth of Osiris and Seth lies a reality that can be associated with the Undead Current. In this chapter, you will discover the secret magick used by ancient priests to prepare the bodies of the dead for eternity, as it was done for Osiris himself by the hand of his wife Isis. When applied, this ritual technique allows the carnal body to became an anchor on the physical plane for the coming centuries, while the spirit will be free to explore the higher planes.

Pharaoh Unas: Devourer Of The Gods

In this grimoire, you will discover the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh-King who deified into a god after his physical death, through an act of Spiritual Wamphyrism, by feeding upon the essence of the gods themselves. This chapter will present a reconstructed ritual, inspired by The Cannibal Hymn found in the Tomb of Unas, in order to prepare your devouring spirit for eternal life on the Spiritual Plane.

Lykaon: The First Werewolves Of Ancient Greece

Through the story of the first werewolf recorded by ancient Greeks, and the mysteries of the Lykaia festival that was once practiced upon Wolf Mountain, we will explore the practice of Lycanthropy, or shapeshifting your astral body into that of predatory beast, through lunar rays, magickal trance, and sigil magick.

Achilles: The Undefeated One

In the grimoire of this chapter, we will discuss the presence of blood sacrifice in one of the most ancient European text, the Iliad. You will learn about the Cult of Achilles among ancient warriors, from Greek to Roman, how the classical heroes have achieved a form of immortality, and how blood was believed to have properties that feed the hungry gods.

Lamia: The Serpent Queen

You will discover the spiritual figure of Lamia, a formidable Goddess and Initiator, versed in the arts of predatory acts. In the grimoire of this chapter, I will reveal to you my own favorite methodology to enter in communion with her for gnosis of your own too.

Ker Ys: The Sunken City

The magic of Ker Ys, known in Britany as the sunken city, possesses a hidden Vampiric nature, and a strong association with Blood Magick. For decades, this unhallowed place has been the point of attraction of many covens and solitary magician, both for exploring the ruins of the antique city, and projecting themselves on the Plane of Dreams to receive initiation from those who inhabit it. This grimoire will contain my own practice with the Forgotten City, and how you can replicate this experience for yourself.

The Daoist Method Of Immortality

While the Strigoi magick is proper to Eastern Europe, the methodology of immortality that Vampires use has been known all across the earth. In this grimoire, you will learn the similarities between our modern practices and those developed by the Chinese Daoists, such as their common magical traits and differences, and how modern researchers can take inspirations from foreign lands to complete there own.

Abhartach: The Vampire of Slaghtaverty

I will present to you one most terrifying Undead who has ever risen from his grave, Abhartach, an Irish lord said to be un-killable, and who is still nowadays venerated by local Adepts of Black Magick. Based on a classical European grimoire, I will show how Initiates can perform magick to recreate similar effects to those found in Abhartach.

Glamr: The Draugr Mythos Of Iceland

Here will be discussed the figure of the Vampire in the ancient Norse sagas, and how the Draugars came back after death to walk among the livings to terrorize them. The ritual contain in this chapter is extremely dangerous, and calls upon a malign entity with a strong sense of adversarialism and independence.

The Wild Hunt: The Phantom Hunters Of Wotan

Either lead by Wotan, King Arthur, Baron Hellequin, the Wild Hunt is a magical phenomena that is well known all across Europe. A carnival of specters, Vampires, and Undead of all nature, whom roam over the skies, chasing after those they can catch. In this chapter, you will learn the origin of the sorcery from an occult point of view, basing ourselves on the knowledge transmitted by German and Swedish lodges. I will also give a very unique ritual of projection to to join the Hunt and participate in one of the strongest gatherings of the Undead in existence.

The Dearg-Due: The Red Blood-Sucker of Ireland

Few spirits are more charming that the Dearg Due. In this grimoire, you will discover the Irish magic of the Vampire, and perform a reconstructed ritual to experience this Vampiric Arte from an undead feminine point of view.

The Lord Of The Forest: 15th Century France

I will reveal a truly mysterious entity, called Monsieur de La Forêt by the Southeastern French during the Renaissance. Said to be the Lord of Werewolves, this mystical figure offers the Gift of Lycanthropy to the evocator, through a blasphemous ritual that can only be performed in the wilderness. In this chapter, I divulge the secret methodology used during European Dark Age to obtain the skin of the wolf.

The Venetian Aristocracy Of The Witch City

In this grimoire, you'll uncover the secret magick of the city that Europeans know by the nickname, Witch City. I present you the role played by Initiatic Vampirism inside the local elite nobility, and how occultists of modern time still maintain contact with the Undead Lords, whom still rule from beyond the grave. The ritual presented in this part of the book will allow you to enter into contact with those whom have transcended death through magickal means, in order to become their student.

The Order Of The Dragon

I extoll the esoteric origin of the Christian and Chivalrous order called the Order of the Reversed Dragon, as revealed by the the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage, and how a disciple of this magick used a secret methodology to call back the Emperor’s wife to a certain form a life, Barbara de Cilli. I will reveal the ritual destined to call her back from the realm where she now rules, so you may come face to face with a founder of this legendary order and pioneer of our Dark Art.

Dracula, The Vampiric Strain, And The Dark Gifts

This chapter will contain my work given to me by my predecessors related to the Vampiric Strain or Chain, and all the necessary rituals to receive the Dark Gift of Vampirism, opening inside yourself a permanent portal between you and the Adepts of the past, allowing them to live through you, while your astral Body of Black Light crystallizes into one of them.

The Dark One: The Black Swordsman

One of the most fascinating figures of this grimoire, and one of the most mysterious of the Vampiric Current, is never actually named. Appearing spontaneously to Adepts of experience, this Noctulian being always carries with him a dreadful and martial presence. Through the years, I found a way to approach him, and the benefits of such practice are immenseIn this chapter, I reveal one of my most secret rituals to commune with this entity and learn the secret of combative Vampirism.

How To Create Your Own Vampiric Chain

In this part of the book, you will learn the traditional rituology that will allow a Master Adept to to create his own Vampiric Chain. Kept secret for centuries, it is published for the first time in the English language in the Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism. 

Sava Savanović: The Immortal of Zarozje

One of the most feared spirits of the Balkan region, the grimoire of this chapter contains a ritual to call upon the spirit of the Great Butterfly, a lethal Undead whose thirst continues to terrorize the local residents, more than a century after the disappearance of his physical body.

Giacomo Casanova: The Occultist Of Venice

Here, we will explore the occult work of the famous Italian author from a Vampiric perspective, and talk about the foreign civilization that he describes, living in the center of the earth. I will present to you a ritual to receive guidance before making contact with the Reptile gods.

How To Make Contact With My Own Personal Mentor

In the last chapter of this lengthy master-grimoire, I will teach you how to enter into contact with my own personal mentor. The man once transmitted this profane knowledge to me, and now remains alive in Death, among those whom he once served. This ritual will transplant you in his presence, for you to become his students.

And many many more Ascended Beings, Undead Masters, and Lords and Ladies of the Undead...

 Watch A Real Adept Perform Vampiric Initiation… Black Magicians E.A. Koetting & Adam Nox Guide You Chapter By Chapter Through The Encyclopædia With The Author

Noctulius: The God Of Night And Satanic Vampirism — Featuring E.A. Koetting

In this 90-minute, uncensored question-and-answer, black magician E.A. Koetting and I delve into sensitive topics rarely discussed in grimoires and even less so on camera. Drawing from his own experience with Initiatic Vampirism and comparing it to traditional methods from European occultism, we address the delicate issues surrounding sinister Vampirism practices. We also explore our respective approaches to Noctulius, the God of Night, and how we were each called to the Great Work inside his Undead Current. This section delves into the magick of the Drakul, or Dracula, and the mysterious lineages of Bat-Men who appear to have existed since ancient times in various civilizations. E.A. and I reveal the nature of the feared Strigoi and how it develops within Initiatory rites. Finally, we touch on the connexion and exchange between the Master and their Apprentice within Vampiric Chain of Undead Masters.

The Vampiric Strains, Chains, And Pools Of The Undead Masters — Featuring The Witch King, a.k.a. Adam Nox

Over two full hours, The Witch King, Adam Nox, and I guide you step by step across the main magick civilizations covered in the Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism grimoire, and put into light the forbidden practices emerging from Initiatic Vampirism in every one of them. Together, we explore the principal differences between the Vampiric Strains, Chains, and Pools, along with their own histories. By drawing on Adam’s personal expertise, we divulge the best ways to integrate each of these practices, many of which date back to ancient times, into the real world of modern life. The Witch King and I delve into the hardcore conditions of Vampiric Immortality and the forbidden nature of the Undead Path through the ages to the present day.

Entering The Noctulian Current, I Perform A Ritual Evocation Of A Superior Unknown, The Dark One

Diving deep into the Noctulian current, I will demonstrate a ritual working that I have never done, the step-by-step evocation of a Superior Unknown. Appearing in the work of different groups and occult circles of different secretive names, the being that I call the Dark One appears under the form of a Strigoi, with a skin as black as night. For those who inherit his magick gnosis, this spirit teacher initiates the Adept in the secret of Immortality throught an Undead Path only available to the most worthy.

In this lengthy section, you can sit front row and watch me perform the live ritual evocation. It will act both as a demonstration and an auto-hypnosis to immerse yourself in the magick at the same time that I practice it. Every primordial step of such a dangerous work will be presented in detail, from the call of the four cardinal powers, to the trance that allows spirit contact and communication with an Ascended Being, to the most important step of all, the Sacrifice with the Undead Master.

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Warning: Encyclopedia of Wamphyrism exists in strictly limited edition. Both of my previous grimoires, Scholomance and Draugadróttinn had sold out in due course. For your safety, I sincerely urge you to place your order right now to unmask the occult science and hidden history of the Vampiric Chain from ancient to modern times.

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2. Encyclopædia Of Vampirism - Leather & Cloth Edition - Save 15%

Receive the advanced grimoire by N.D. Blackwood by itself.

  1. The new grimoire, Encyclopædia of Vampirism, in leather or cloth hardback

How The Dark Gifts Open A Permanent Gateway For The Undead Masters And Why The Initiatic Adept In Their Body Of Black Light Never Becomes Extinct...

Those who receive the Dark Gifts are not simply magicians practicing the Art of Wamphyrism. They have left behind a part of their own humanity to become fully fleshed Strigoi. The pact they make with the Immortal Adepts of the past opens a permanent Gateway. A part of the Immortals lives inside the magician’s physical body, just as a part of magician’s astral body lives among the Immortals in reciprocity.

In the context of the Wamphyre, being able to occupy your astral double is an absolute necessity for those who want to ensure immortality. We must first act on our astral body, make it autonomous, forcing it away from the physical body to wander in the astral plane, and teach it to live without depending on the physical body. When the astral body is perfectly mastered, then consciousness can leave the physical body and come to inhabit its etheric double.

After passing away, the astral body continues to wander in this ocean of collective thoughts, but it has become conscious, and our purest thought mechanisms now inhabit it. The astral body becomes active, conscious, and replaces all the functions of the organism. It begins to live and carries the body with it, like a subtle gas that inflates a canvas balloon. The inert mass, deprived of life, suddenly takes shape and rises in the air. The Adept who lives fully in their astral body, who really lives in their astral body, never becomes extinct.

In my master-grimoire, Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism: The Vampiric Chain from Ancient to Modern Times, I give you a truly rare opportunity to discover the most suppressed and forbidden secrets of The Dark Gifts, The Body of Black Light, and the Draculean Chain of Immortality. Do not let this once-in-an-incarnation initiation slip through your fingers...


Meet The Author

N.D. Blackwood

My vampiric name, N.D. Blackwood, acts as a magick talisman. “N.D.” invokes my vampiric patrons, Noctulius and Dracúl, and “Blackwood” refers to the neighboring forest wherein I perform rituals of black magick.