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Let The Top Vampiric Adepts N.D. Blackwood And E.A. Koetting Certify A Ritual Initiation Pact For You To Receive The Dark Gift Of The Dracúl On The Cursed Night Of Saint Andrew November 30th…

  •   The Dark Gift Ritual: Certified initiation pacts with The Drakul
  •   Unholiday: Performance on The Night of St. Andrew, Nov 30
  •   Ritualists: N.D. Blackwood & E.A. Koetting
  •   Ritual Orientation: Watch preliminary ritual in members area
  •   Video Proof: Watch live recordings of the performances Dec 3
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of experiences
N.D. Blackwood

With The Dark Gift Ritual, you'll receive:

  • Receive the Dark Gift of Initiatory Vampirism through power of the Drakul
  • Transcend the traditional human cycle of reincarnation and transmigration
  • Unlock the true ancient magick of Sântandrei, a.k.a. St. Andrew, the Master of Wolves
  • Ignite the Black Fire and Mastery of Astral Travel
  • Awaken the Body of Black Light and claim your link in the Vampiric Chain

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Certified initiation ritual pact with The Drakul by ritualists N.D. Blackwood and E.A. Koetting on The Night of St. Andrew, November 30.

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Peer Reviews

  • After his highly-acclaimed first book, Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead, author N.D Blackwood returns back from the elder-temple caves to explore Initiatic Vampirism through his new grimoire, Scholomance: Order of the Dragon. The true essence of Vampirism is the initiatory imperative to shapeshift forms to transcend the physical body, and to immortalize the soul with ritual techniques never revealed before Scholomance. The Path of the Dragon is an experiential and explorative path where the adept focuses on traversing astral temples and the great void. This opens a nexus between the Adept and Drakul, the Vampiric forces of the Nightside. The book is a must for all those interested in the mysteries of Vampirism from an initiatory basis, astral workings, evocations, rituals, and its use for a daily basic process. I strongly recommend this pioneering grimoire by N.D. Blackwood.

    Edgar Kerval, author of Gateways of Necromancy
  • Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon by N.D. Blackwood offers the most in-depth look at true sinister Vampirism from within the most exclusive European orders and Vampiric cults that have ever existed. Blackwood reveals the secret teachings of the ancient Vampire Lords, providing step-by-step instructions in blood magick, psychic vampirism, communion with the Undead, evocation of vampiric servitors, and rituals of Vampiric ascension with the Drakul.

    Through Scholomance, N.D. Blackwood brings to light secrets and practices of Vampirism that I never dreamed would be revealed publicly. These ancient arts have been kept from the masses for a reason, and I have no doubt that this work is now coming to light for a very good reason!

    E.A. Koetting, author of The Wealth Magick Spellbook
  • From the very opening chapter of Scholomance, I immediately realized I was biting into the living pulse of gnosis of the Damned — a pulse that pours into us from the deepest artery of Initiation, rooted in the earliest Vampiric Strain. Blackwood casts aside the eclipse that has veiled the ancient history of the magical school of the Dracúl.

    A epoch-making work, Scholomance answers the unending hunger of the Strain, present in the astral nexus that, like a shadow hand, guided you dear reader to this work. Blackwood not only provides a full historical account of its inner workings and secrets, but charts a course to its heart through the modern world's most forbidden sites, where the Adept can directly reconnect with the rich Undead Current.

    Scholomance empowers the true Seeker with not only the rites and spells of the Vampiric Strain and Black Flame, but a complete modernize curriculum on how to cultivate the required skill set needed for success. Of course, Blackwood honestly warns of the full costs and challenges you encounter when you venture to become an Initiate in the School of the Devil.

    Adam Nox, the Witch-King

Dear Friend,

Immortality and entry into the Vampiric Strain were assured by a pact with Undead Adepts of past centuries, one of the most famous amongst them being the Dracúl himself.

For the special occasion of the Scholomance release, E.A. Koetting and I will be performing the most powerful ritual of initiation that a Vampiric Adept can undertake, that of The Dark Gift. During the night of this blasphemous rite, we will evoke the Masters, the members of the Chain of Adepts, sons of great Dracúl, and have them initiate you as one of their own.

Participation into this ritual will not only change your life, but the alignment of your spiritual destiny. For those who embark on the path of the Vampiric Pact, there is no way back. The pact will align the vibratory rate of the practitioner with that of the undead members of the Strain of Vampires, gradually transforming him into one of their own. The astral and mental bodies of the Adept then undergo a process of crystallization, thus provoking a phenomenon of definitive rupture with their superior bodies—assimilated to the soul by certain Western spiritualists.

Transcending The Traditional Human Cycle of Reincarnation And Transmigration

For the Adept living in their Body of Black Light, the traditional process of reincarnation and transmigration is definitely ruptured, as Initiation within the Strain seals your destiny forever.

After your death, you will live through the followers of the Dragon’s Path. You will taste by their mouth, take pleasure by their body, and will be eternal forever. Your vampiric body will continue its existence on the Astral Plane, strengthening its will and power over the course of years. The eldest vampires, although remembering their earthly existences, are today entities not limited to our planetary sphere.

The pact greatly helps their development, although sustained work is necessary to obtain a perfect mastery. One specific aspect of the Vampiric Strain is a power known within the Green Order under the name of Black Fire. It is a unique phenomenon which can only be transmitted within an initiation ceremony, during which a pact is concluded with the Vampiric Strain. Some solitary practitioners have tried to reproduce this without conclusive results. It is certain, in my opinion, that the appearance of this phenomenon is a consequence of the sorcerer’s vibratory rate of alignment with that of the Strain.

Unlock The True Ancient Meaning And Magick Power Of Sântandrei, The Master Of Wolves

In Romanian Folklore, winter officially begins on Saint Andrew's Day, when werewolves and vampires, who are thought to represent evil and malevolent energies, are said to come out to play on Earth. For these reasons, St. Andrew's Night can easily be compared to the classic Western Halloween. This magick night is one that is strongly marked by sacred, supernatural, and mystical manifestations. For the Adepts of the Undead tradition, this night radiates with the powers of those whom we evoke.

The ancient Dacians, the ancestors of Romanians, used to honor another deity known as Sântandrei, the master of wolves. The wolves formed packs of 12 on November 30th to go hunting and get ready for the harsh winter, which also signaled the end of fall and the start of winter. In light of this, the ceremonies had a special significance for the Day of the Wolves and were closely related to it.

In Romanian traditional culture, the Strigois (vampires) and Varcolacs (werewolves) emerge from their graves and battle one another with weapons taken from people's homes at borders, crossroads, and other unclean locations.

It is important to conduct our Grand Rite and evoke the presence of the Lord of all Strigois on this cursed night. If you already participated in our first Vampire Initiation Rite performed on Walpurgisnacht 2021, then you will be able to take the Blood Covenant immeasurably deeper and further through this ritual. If this is your first step into your new existence as a Vampire, then get ready for a transformation that will keep paying off for lifetimes.

What Is The Dark Gift Of Initiatory Vampirism And Who Can Receive It?

Those who receive the Dark Gift are not simply magicians practicing the Art of Vampirism. They have left behind a part of their own humanity to become fully fleshed Strigoi. The pact they make with the Immortal Adepts of the past opens a permanent Gateway. A part of the Immortals lives inside the magician’s physical body, just as a part of magician’s astral body lives among the Immortals in reciprocity.

Their contact will reshape the magician, transforming them into a dreadful astral predator. Their aura will slowly adapt to its new condition, creating a form of sinister magnetism and seductive attraction. The Adept develops a glamor of eternal youth, for they have perfectly integrated two fundamental techniques: the out of body experience and the drainage of vital essences. To boost their own powers and feed on those in symbiosis with them, they will develop the ability to consume the energy of other life forms, thus nourishing themself, growing in health and powers as they master this skill.

Once the ritual has been done, they will be forever linked to the Draculean Chain. After the organic physical Death in the future, their life will continue on the other side of the Veil. Linked forever to the other members of the Strain, they will be as Undead as the Undead.

New planes and dimensions will open to explore, as the experience will continue far beyond human life. For the most determined of this species, godhood is the ultimate price.

The Mastery Of Astral Travel

In the context of Vampirism, being able to get out of your body and occupy your astral double is an absolute necessity for those who want to ensure immortality. We must first act on our Astral body, make it autonomous, force it away from the physical body, to wander in the astral plane, and teach it to live without depending on the body. When the astral body is perfectly mastered, consciousness can leave the physical body and come to inhabit its etheric double. After death, the astral body continues to wander in this ocean of collective thoughts, but it has become conscious, and our purest thought mechanisms now inhabit it.

Receiving the Dark Gift will ease your ability to project on the astral plane, and master the art of dreaming. You will become able to invade the dreams of others, influencing them while they sleep.

The Essence Of The Black Fire

Receiving the Dark Gift will activate the power of the Black Fire inside yourself, which is specific to the Bloodline of the Dragon, and this intense energy will allow you to perform one of the darkest and most efficient forms of sorcery. The Black Fire empowers you to perform an exclusive form of magick, described at length in the grimoire, that covers anything a Black Magician can need, from magick of seduction and influence, baneful magick, materialization of wealth, creation of talismans, shapeshifting, Lycanthropy, and more. This is a unique and complete system of magick that can only be mastered by those who are part of the Strain.

Ignite Your Body Of Black Light And Claim Your Link In The Vampiric Chain Of Immortality... Become A Member Of The Brotherhood Of Night With Scholomance

Most of the people who have incorporated Vampirism in their magick practices are only using it as a tool. Very few actually consider how it can be developed much further to its true full potential: a Pathway to Immortality.

Vampirism is one of the most powerful paths you can find. The entities you will meet and deal with are amongst the most powerful you could ever dream to meet. Some of them are not just simple demons, they were once men and women before transcending their humanity and becoming the deadliest predators that exist on the Astral Planes. Others are just inhuman abominations that have nothing to do with our universe and dwell inside our reality with only one goal: feeding. Encountering them is analogous to a nightmare for most human beings. Dealing with them, and becoming their students before rising up as one of their equals will require an incredible amount of will, patience, and certainty in the destiny that awaits you.

In The Dark Gift Ritual on The Night of St. Andrew on November 30, and my uncensored breakthrough grimoire, Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon, I give you a truly rare opportunity to discover the most suppressed and forbidden secrets of The Drakul, The Body of Black Light, and the Vampiric Chain of Immortality. Do not let it pass you by...


Meet The Author

N.D. Blackwood

My vampiric name, N.D. Blackwood, acts as a magick talisman. “N.D.” invokes my vampiric patrons, Noctulius and Dracúl, and “Blackwood” refers to the neighboring forest wherein I perform rituals of black magick.