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Unmask The Sinister Science And Occult History Of The Vampiric Arts From The Order Of The Dragon… Receive The Dark Gift Of The Drakul For Apotheosis In The Draculean Chain Of Undead Vampiric Adepts

  •   Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon
  •   Video Course: Lifetime access to online video courses
  •   Author: N.D. Blackwood
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Cover Illustrator: Joey Myers
  •   Sample eBook: Download three free chapters
  •   Global Shipping: Ships within two business days
  •   Advisory Warning: This grimoire does not condone violence and is for readers of age 18+ only.
N.D. Blackwood

In Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon, you'll learn:

  • Occult science of transcending physical death
  • Transmortality in the Body of Black Light
  • Dark Gift of The Drakul: the Ascended Being
  • Union with the Adepts of the Vampiric Chain
  • Dark yoga from Inner Teachings of Green Order
  • Sinister gnosis with The Unknown Superiors, Vampiric Lords, and Wanderer der Nacht
  • Become a member in The Brotherhood of Night
  • Real hardcore history of the Vampiric Arts from Order of the Dragon and European Renaissance


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Peer Reviews

  • After his highly-acclaimed first book, Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead, author N.D Blackwood returns back from the elder-temple caves to explore Initiatic Vampirism through his new grimoire, Scholomance: Order of the Dragon. The true essence of Vampirism is the initiatory imperative to shapeshift forms to transcend the physical body, and to immortalize the soul with ritual techniques never revealed before Scholomance. The Path of the Dragon is an experiential and explorative path where the adept focuses on traversing astral temples and the great void. This opens a nexus between the Adept and Drakul, the Vampiric forces of the Nightside. The book is a must for all those interested in the mysteries of Vampirism from an initiatory basis, astral workings, evocations, rituals, and its use for a daily basic process. I strongly recommend this pioneering grimoire by N.D. Blackwood.

    Edgar Kerval, author of Gateways of Necromancy
  • Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon by N.D. Blackwood offers the most in-depth look at true sinister Vampirism from within the most exclusive European orders and Vampiric cults that have ever existed. Blackwood reveals the secret teachings of the ancient Vampire Lords, providing step-by-step instructions in blood magick, psychic vampirism, communion with the Undead, evocation of vampiric servitors, and rituals of Vampiric ascension with the Drakul.

    Through Scholomance, N.D. Blackwood brings to light secrets and practices of Vampirism that I never dreamed would be revealed publicly. These ancient arts have been kept from the masses for a reason, and I have no doubt that this work is now coming to light for a very good reason!

    E.A. Koetting, author of The Wealth Magick Spellbook
  • From the very opening chapter of Scholomance, I immediately realized I was biting into the living pulse of gnosis of the Damned — a pulse that pours into us from the deepest artery of Initiation, rooted in the earliest Vampiric Strain. Blackwood casts aside the eclipse that has veiled the ancient history of the magical school of the Dracúl.

    A epoch-making work, Scholomance answers the unending hunger of the Strain, present in the astral nexus that, like a shadow hand, guided you dear reader to this work. Blackwood not only provides a full historical account of its inner workings and secrets, but charts a course to its heart through the modern world's most forbidden sites, where the Adept can directly reconnect with the rich Undead Current.

    Scholomance empowers the true Seeker with not only the rites and spells of the Vampiric Strain and Black Flame, but a complete modernize curriculum on how to cultivate the required skill set needed for success. Of course, Blackwood honestly warns of the full costs and challenges you encounter when you venture to become an Initiate in the School of the Devil.

    Adam Nox, the Witch-King

Dear Friend

Several years ago, I penned the first words to my book Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead. For me, it was a necessary step toward preserving my historic Vampiric work. Working for years on the possibility of physical immortality with magick, I am interested in all subjects, whether scientific or occult, allowing me to achieve it. Draugadróttinn was therefore conceived as a treasury of my magical techniques, a work to safeguard all the teachings received during the last two decades in the field of Initiatic Vampirism. Publishing the book in English seemed to me an additional way to guarantee the preservation of this timeless knowledge.

To my surprise, the first print of the book sold out in less than three weeks and the second print in less than three months. Overnight, I was overwhelmed with requests to make contact from practitioners of the Occult Arts worldwide. This work obviously met a demand and filled a void in the domain of Initiatic Vampirism. Among the most frequent questions were those that pertained to the Lineage of the Dragon, the rise of Central European Vampirism, and the enigmatic figure of Vlad III of Wallachia, best known in the Western world by his nickname Dracula.

In the eyes of the Adept of the Sinister Path, the self is the only god who exists. It is for this reason that Vampirism can authentically be qualified as the ultimate Path of Self-Deification.

In Occult Vampirism, the timeless quest for immortality finds its apotheosis in the realization of the Body of Black Light, a psychic vehicle that will survive the demise of the physical body and allow the consciousness of the Adept to continue living eternally on the Astral Plane. A true practitioner of the Vampiric Arts rejects their doom, and instead employs a magical process to transform his astral body into an eternal vehicle.

Behold My New 386-Page Master Grimoire On Initiatic Vampirism With The Drakul Called "Scholomance: The Order Of The Dragon"

Scholomance is a secret school of black magic founded and ruled by the Devil himself. It only admits ten students at a time, wherein the Devil teaches the magic of nature, the language of animals, and spellcasting. At the end of the course cycle, the soul of the tenth pupil is owed to him and becomes a servant to the Devil. — The Drakul, p.51

After careful consideration, I have decided to take up my mighty pen once again to transmit the complete inner teachings of the elite esoteric Green Order, heir to the Order of the Dragon, exactly as I had received the inner teachings years ago — this lengthy curriculum has become the foundation to my new grimoire Scholomance: Order of the Dragon.

As dangerous as it may have been, my first book Draugadróttinn dealt with a progressive method of initiation into Vampirism, during which the practitioner gradually introduces himself to disciplines such as astral travel, the exploration of his atavisms, the encounter with these animal totems, and obviously the drain of vital essences. For the modern magician, such a practice allowed each step to be approached with caution, leaving everyone the luxury of proceeding at their own speed. Although the lived experiences remain forever engraved in the psyche of each one, it was still possible at certain points to renounce the magick and return to mundanity, even if it meant denying one’s own true highest self.

In contrast, the Path of the Dragon, which will be discussed here, does not offer the safety of such a luxury. Scholomance presents the classical European Path of Vampirism, as it was practiced by our forefathers and foremothers, in the most direct and brutal way possible.

"The Vampiric Path As Practiced At The Height Of Glory In 15th Century Eastern Europe At The Time Of The Holy Emperor..."

In this world-historic grimoire, Scholomance: Order of the Dragon, I present the Vampiric Paths as practiced at the height of their glory in the 15th century in Eastern Europe, at the time when the Holy Emperor himself presided over the assembly of witches, and when Vlad the Impaler defended against the invading marches on our continent from his fortress in Arefu. There will be no question of progressive transformation in this work. Initiation is here offered to the most deserving by the hands of an Undead Master. It is brutal and thorough, and there is no turning back.

Those who choose to link their fates to the Dark Lords seal their destinies forever; neither regrets nor crying tears will allow their return to the state of mortality. The weak will be mercilessly devoured by forces that the human mind struggles to conceive. For the victorious few, the powers received in exchange for such a pact are immense and unquantifiable.
Made part of the Vampiric Chain by an indestructible link, the memory and powers of their predecessors will be offered to them. When at the end of a long existence their physical bodies will have ceased to function, their spirits will remain alive, continuing his life on the Astral Plane, feeding on the vital essence of mortal beings and gradually transforming himself into a true dark deity.

Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon consists of three individual books — each of them could stand alone — integrated into one complete master grimoire.

Introduction. The Ascent Of The Vampire And Descent Of The Man... The Forbidden Science Of Transcending Physical Death Through Transmortality In The Body Of Black Light

In the eyes of the adept of the Sinister Path, the self is the only god who exists. It is for this reason that Vampirism can authentically be qualified as the ultimate Path of Self-Deification. — p.29

Death has always been the final frontier imposed upon humanity by the universe. Since the dawn of time, humans have lied to themselves about death, setting up conciliatory belief systems to glorify their mortality. A number of religions resulting from what we are accustomed to call the Right Hand Path, whether Eastern or Western, aim ultimately to a progressive succumbing to our fragile mortal condition and the smallness of humanity in comparison to natural, even supernatural, forces at work in our universe. These religions are no more than the opiate of the masses to cope with the pain of death.

As far back as human memory recalls, a special second category of men and women has always existed: those who have decided that their disappearance is unacceptable; those who refuse death, ready to defy the laws of reality and the universe to continue their existence, even if it means abandoning or transcending human nature itself.

In Occult Vampirism, the timeless quest for immortality finds its apotheosis in the realization of the Body of Black Light, a psychic vehicle that will survive the demise of the physical body and allow the consciousness of the adept to continue living eternally on the Astral Plane. A true practitioner of the Vampiric Arts rejects their doom, and instead employs a magical process to transform his astral body into an eternal vehicle.

Book 1. The Order Of The Dragon — The Green Order Rituals Of Abramelin The Mage To Awaken And Sharpen Your Magick Powers In The Vampiric Arts

In the first book, you will discover the sinister magick of the Green Order, a society of occultists of the 20th century, the private heirs of the Order of the Dragon — Societas Draconistarum. Following in the footsteps of its members, you will uncover the secret occult truth behind the Dracula mythos, the legend of the central European Strigois and the quest for Immortality.

In the grimoire, you will discover the cryptic genesis of the Vampiric Arts from the golden age of the European Renaissance to the modern era, discovering traditional methodology and techniques that empower you to absorb the life-essence of living beings — allowing you to extend life, to achieve new peaks of health, physical strength, charisma, and finally to enter and live in the Undead condition.

Placing your feet in the footprints of past Adepts, you will learn the history of the different ethnic groups and magick orders who have carried the Vampiric tradition in Europe, from the Order of the Dragon to the British circles of Victorian England.

The Drakul: The Ascended Being & Scholomance

In the original Ritual of the Green Order, a new adept enters into the Vampiric Chain through an entity known as the Drakul or Dracúl, who offers him the Dark Gift of Immortality and the powers of his lineage. While the true nature The Drakul remains a mystery, he is the Eternal Master who binds Initiates together, and after the Dark Gift is transmitted to the adept, the Drakul will live inside him and through him.

According to ancient Romanian legend, Scholomance is a secret school of black magic founded and ruled by the Devil himself. And new discoveries imply that the Devil refers to the Drakul.

How To Evoke Members Of The Vampiric Chain

This first book contains precise rituals that empower you to perform evocation with members of the Vampiric Chain, trans-mortal beings who have achieved a predatory form of longevity in Undeath. Furthermore, for the first time, you will make direct contact with the Drakul or Dracúl, the Ascended Being of the Vampiric Arts.

Communion With Lords Of The Undead

Scholomance begins where Draugadróttinn leaves off. Through a one-year process of initiation, the ambitious Adept will be guided through the ritual where he or she will stand face to face with the Lords of the Undead, and again, enter communion with the Chain of Vampires.

Adepts Of The Vampiric Chain

From this day on, the Adept member of the special class who have overcome Death will become one with these Vampiric guides, and gradually transform into a being evolving upon several realities simultaneously. When the Adept has entered the Vampiric Chain, the psychic powers of witchcraft quickly become natural. The Adept acts as a Gateway for powers into the Material Plane, feeding on the energies of life essence, transforming into a godly shadow who can manipulate the layers of reality, navigating into the dreams of human beings and transcending the limits of reality eternally.

The eldest vampires, although remembering their earthly existences, are today entities not limited to our planetary sphere, and travel upon a variety of different planes.

The Body Of Black Light

In Book One, you will discover exclusive ways to practice energy Vampirism to prolong you own life on the Physical Plane, but also a complete method for the creation of the Body of Black Light — an etheric vehicle which will one day become the receptacle to his conscience, guaranteeing your immortality.

20 More Abramelin Rituals Of Vampirism To Master The Black Fire, Lycanthropy, Dream Haunting, Divination, Seduction, Destruction, Material Gain, And Much More…

Through this grimoire, the adept will be introduced to a traditional magick system specific to members of the Order of the Dragon, and to the method of Black Fire, as well as more than 20 unique rituals ranging from the mastery of sinister Lycanthropy, to the haunting of dreams, through the practice of divinatory magic, the arts of seduction, rites of destruction, material gain, and dissimulation specific to the Vampiric tradition.

Book 2. Brotherhood Of The Night — A Sinister Grimoire Of Gnosis With The Undead Chain, The Unknown Superiors, Vampiric Lords, And Wanderer Der Nacht

Even more dangerous are the writings contained in the second book. Here will be unveiled the terrible names of numerous members of the Undead Chain, as well as cursed places where their presence is still tangible. Truthfully, extreme caution must be taken by the Adept who will risk confronting such entities face to face.

The world of the occult is teeming with incalculable thought-forms and egregores, many of whom have attained so-called “divine” stature over the millennia, reinforced by the veneration of generations of worshipers. The entities present in this second book escape completely from this type of classification. In other words, these are not simply god-forms or egregores of pagan deities.

The followers of the Vampiric Path give these members of the Undead Chain many names, for example, Strigoi, Undead Gods, Shadows, Unknown Superiors, Vampire Lords, and so on. Through my works, I refer to these entities often as simply The Chain, The Immortals, and The Undead. Other Adepts have give them the name Brotherhood of the Night or Wanderer der Nacht in German.

"These Undead Entities Were Once Human, But Their Spirits Have Evolved Into A New And Different Nature... They Live, Hunt, And Evolve According To Their Own Rules Beyond The Grave..."

For the most part, these entities were once human, but their spirits have since evolved into a completely new and different nature. Unlike ghosts, they are not reminiscent of a forgotten time, doomed to eternally replay events of their physical life. In regard to their presence when manifesting upon our Physical Plane of existence, they seem to possess the liberty of greater independence than the common species of magick entities, such as demonic or angelic; and they can only with great difficulty be constrained by an evocator due to their willpower often being much stronger than his. These night beings appear to their followers in ritual, as well as to human cattle upon whom they feed at their own pleasure and convenience.

These anarchistic predators live, hunt, and evolve according to their own rules. Having overcome the process of dissolution, these beings remain alive beyond the grave and never stop transforming, evolving, and always collecting personal power necessary for survival within the cosmic jungle.

In this second book, Brotherhood of the Night, I take you on the trail of those whom conquered death, the Elders of Vampirism whose names have marked the history of the Occult. These pages contain precise guidance that allows the ambitious Adept to physically visit every one of these places, and to perform the terrible rituals there to evoke the lords of the places in person. Although it is possible to perform this type of evocation without making the long-distance pilgrimage, a true Adept would jump to do it.

Every one of these places vibrates with a distinct power. Rituals of Black Magick conducted there are extremely intense. Whoever goes there and submits to the trials of the night never returns the same. These places are powerful anchors for astral journeys too. It is therefore in the footsteps of this Brotherhood of the Night that I take you, from the small islands of the Venetian Lagoon, to the rocky spurs of Wallachia, and passing through the black lands of the Kingdom of Hungary. On a journey through life and death to meet terrible and fantastic Beings, you will undergo initiation that will authentically make you something else.

Book 3. The Inner Teachings Of The Green Order — Dark Yoga Of The Heirs To The Order Of The Dragon For Perfect Self-Mastery

The rubric of this training originates with a community of hermits who cloistered in the caves of Mount Cugu in the Southern Carpathians. According to the myth, the Cugu is only supposed to appear once a year, which thus would have allowed the adept to reside there long enough to complete the initiation before returning to civilization. I received the following regiment from my own masters a decade ago.

This complete system of energetic meditation empowers the adept to develop your Body of Black Light through a complete one-year program. During the twelve-month period, you will work on technique allowing a permanent state of lucidity of the mind. You will learn to retain your own vital energy by preventing any forms of energy loss in your daily life, then transmute the energy through a unique form of Vampiric Alchemy. With this program, you will become familiar with your Energetic Double, to transform and reinforce it into a perfect vehicle for your consciousness on the Plane of Dreams. Factually, you cannot find this esoteric rubric of mental perfection anywhere else in the world, as I privately possess one of the last surviving copies of the Inner Teachings of the Green Order.

Uncage The Black Magick From The Order Of The Dragon With A 7-Hour Video Course Featuring Fearless Sorcerers E.A. Koetting, Adam Nox, And N.D. Blackwood

For the first time in the history of Vampirism, you can receive an 8-hour immersion into the Magick of the Dragon. Watch never-before-recorded Rituals of Initiation from the Order of the Dragon and uncensored question-and-answers to reveal the innermost magick secrets of Scholomance. Follow N.D Blackwood as he evokes Those Who Reign Over Death to unleash their magick on this plane.

Sit Front Row At An Uncensored Question-And-Answer On The Vampiric Grimoire "Scholomance" With No-Bullshit Sorcerer E.A. Koetting And The Author N.D. Blackwood — MUST SEE

Together E.A Koetting and N.D Blackwood discuss how the sinister practice of Vampirism can be applied in modern society. This details the very nature of the Astral Plane, how to navigate it precisely, and how Vampiric Adepts create anchors in order to preserve their consciousness in it long after their physical body has expired.

Explore the powers of Vampirism through fascination and how easy it is to dominate the will of another through a process of reverse magnetism and hypnotism. Lastly, discover how the most dangerous powers may be painless to master if you have the audacity to let yourself descend into the dark corners of your mind.

This only scratches the surface of the lengthy, no-nonsense walk through the historically suppressed Vampiric magick of Scholomance.

"Interview With A Vampire" — Join The Witch-King Adam Nox On An Unprecedented "Deep Dive" Into The REAL Truth About The Vampiric Chain, The Brotherhood Of Night & Hidden History Of Vampirism

Receive a complete discussion between N.D Blackwood and Adam Nox, founder of the Cvlt of You, and renowned mentor of Sexual and Black Magick. Together, we will explore in detail the process behind Vampiric Immortality, the sorcery of the Vampiric Chain, and the mechanism behind vital energy consumption. Together, we uncover the misconceptions behind Vampiric practices and the secrets that makes the difference between failure and success in this Dark Art.

Watch The Living Drakul, N.D. Blackwood, Perform The Key Initiation Rites From The Order Of The Dragon Step By Step To GUARANTEE That You Can Reenact Them With Your True Godlike Power

Ritual Gnosis with the Dark Mother, Lilith — I unveil a ritual of communion with Lilith, Mother of Incubi and Succubi, and Mistress of the Vampiric Current. In this ritual, She Who Teaches the Art of the Strigois is evoked and merged with the Adept, blessing him or her with the ecstasy of transformation. This ritual is a must for those who embark on the Vampiric Path, gradually aligning them on the vibration of Lilith, until you are ready to be face to face with the Lords of the Undead, and enter into immortality.

Ritual of Out-of-Body Vampiric Travel — Learn a simple, but extremely powerful ritual to jumpstart out-of-body travel through the Magick of Abramelin the Mage. With this ritual, you will discover how to magnetize the squares to shapeshift your astral body into three different forms exclusive to the Path of the Undead, and employ them for dream invasion.

Ritual of Abramelin Wealth Magick — Furthermore, I perform a ritual step by step that will allow you to manifest wealth through the Black Fire received during Vampiric Initiation.

Ritual of Defense by Spirit Army — Finally, discover a powerful ritual of impregnable defense that will allow you to evoke an army of spirits through the Dark Magick of the Strain. These spirits will remain on guard by your side night and day to protect you against any threat.

Witness Pioneer Sorcerer E.A. Koetting Perform The Dark Gift Ritual Step By Step To GUARANTEE That You Can Reenact Your Initiation With The Dracúl

Ritual Evocation of the Dracúl — E.A. Koetting perform a ritual evocation of the Dracùl, messenger of Zalmoxis and Lord of the Undead. This ritual, also called the Ritual of the Dark Gift, is the apotheosis of Vampiric practice — the transformation of an Adept into the Chain of Immortals. This blasphemous ritual has never been recorded in history... until now.

As preliminary gnosis to your ritual pact to receive The Dark Gift, E.A. Koetting has performed a live ritual of The Dark Gift with the Dracúl. This allows you to connect with full power to the Unknown Superior for maximum gnosis in your own magick experiences.

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Unlock the advanced, no-holds-barred Path of the Dragon with true Vampire Magick from the ancient civilizations of world history through modern time.

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Receive the advanced grimoire by N.D. Blackwood by itself.

  1. The new grimoire, Scholomance, in leather or cloth hardback

What Is The Dark Gift Of Initiatory Vampirism And Who Can Receive It?

Those who receive the Dark Gift are not simply magicians practicing the Art of Vampirism. They have left behind a part of their own humanity to become fully fleshed Strigoi. The pact they make with the Immortal Adepts of the past opens a permanent Gateway. A part of the Immortals lives inside the magician’s physical body, just as a part of magician’s astral body lives among the Immortals in reciprocity.

Their contact will reshape the magician, transforming them into a dreadful astral predator. Their aura will slowly adapt to its new condition, creating a form of sinister magnetism and seductive attraction. The Adept develops a glamor of eternal youth, for they have perfectly integrated two fundamental techniques: the out of body experience and the drainage of vital essences. To boost their own powers and feed on those in symbiosis with them, they will develop the ability to consume the energy of other life forms, thus nourishing themself, growing in health and powers as they master this skill.

Once the ritual has been done, they will be forever linked to the Draculean Chain. After the organic physical Death in the future, their life will continue on the other side of the Veil. Linked forever to the other members of the Strain, they will be as Undead as the Undead.

New planes and dimensions will open to explore, as the experience will continue far beyond human life. For the most determined of this species, godhood is the ultimate price.

The Mastery Of Astral Travel

In the context of Vampirism, being able to get out of your body and occupy your astral double is an absolute necessity for those who want to ensure immortality. We must first act on our Astral body, make it autonomous, force it away from the physical body, to wander in the astral plane, and teach it to live without depending on the body. When the astral body is perfectly mastered, consciousness can leave the physical body and come to inhabit its etheric double. After death, the astral body continues to wander in this ocean of collective thoughts, but it has become conscious, and our purest thought mechanisms now inhabit it.

Receiving the Dark Gift will ease your ability to project on the astral plane, and master the art of dreaming. You will become able to invade the dreams of others, influencing them while they sleep.

The Essence Of The Black Fire

Receiving the Dark Gift will activate the power of the Black Fire inside yourself, which is specific to the Bloodline of the Dragon, and this intense energy will allow you to perform one of the darkest and most efficient forms of sorcery. The Black Fire empowers you to perform an exclusive form of magick, described at length in the grimoire, that covers anything a Black Magician can need, from magick of seduction and influence, baneful magick, materialization of wealth, creation of talismans, shapeshifting, Lycanthropy, and more. This is a unique and complete system of magick that can only be mastered by those who are part of the Strain.

Ignite Your Body Of Black Light And Claim Your Link In The Vampiric Chain Of Immortality... Become A Member Of The Brotherhood Of Night With Scholomance

Most of the people who have incorporated Vampirism in their magick practices are only using it as a tool. Very few actually consider how it can be developed much further to its true full potential: a Pathway to Immortality.

Vampirism is one of the most powerful paths you can find. The entities you will meet and deal with are amongst the most powerful you could ever dream to meet. Some of them are not just simple demons, they were once men and women before transcending their humanity and becoming the deadliest predators that exist on the Astral Planes. Others are just inhuman abominations that have nothing to do with our universe and dwell inside our reality with only one goal: feeding. Encountering them is analogous to a nightmare for most human beings. Dealing with them, and becoming their students before rising up as one of their equals will require an incredible amount of will, patience, and certainty in the destiny that awaits you.

In my uncensored breakthrough grimoire, Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon, I give you a truly rare opportunity to discover the most suppressed and forbidden secrets of The Drakul, The Body of Black Light, and the Vampiric Chain of Immortality. Do not let it pass you by...


Meet The Author

N.D. Blackwood

My vampiric name, N.D. Blackwood, acts as a magick talisman. “N.D.” invokes my vampiric patrons, Noctulius and Dracúl, and “Blackwood” refers to the neighboring forest wherein I perform rituals of black magick.