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The Undead Masters Ritual With N.D. Blackwood & E.A. Koetting

  •   The Undead Masters Ritual: Certified pacts with Lords of the Undead
  •   Unholiday: Performance on The Night of St. Andrew, Nov 30
  •   Ritualists: N.D. Blackwood & E.A. Koetting
  •   Ritual Orientation: Watch preliminary ritual in members area
  •   Video Proof: Watch live recordings of the performances Dec 3
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of experiences

With The Undead Masters Ritual, you'll receive:

  • Receive the Dark Gifts of Initiatory Vampirism through power of the Undead Masters
  • Transcend the traditional human cycle of reincarnation and transmigration
  • Unlock the true ancient magick of Sântandrei, a.k.a. St. Andrew, the Master of Wolves
  • Ignite the Black Fire and Mastery of Astral Travel
  • Awaken the Body of Black Light and claim your link in the Vampiric Chain

This ritual has closed.

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Certified initiation ritual pacts with the Undead Masters by ritualists N.D. Blackwood and E.A. Koetting on The Night of St. Andrew, November 30.

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Peer Reviews

  • N.D. Blackwood’s new Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism is a massive grimoire of the the Undead Masters, Lords and Ladies of the Vampiric Chain, and the Gods of Apotheosis. Unlike a traditional encyclopedia, every chapter of this big tome serves as its own pathworking, complete with step-by-step ritual instructions, magickal invocations, and vibratory words of power to unlock the Dark Gifts of the Draculean Chain and access your full Nighttime Powers. I never imagined that such a complete grimoire of Magick Vampirism could ever be written, but N.D. Blackwood has brought it into existence!

    E.A. Koetting, author of The Protection Magick Spellbook
  • After his successful attempt in his masterpiece Scholomance to preserve and spread the medieval tradition of European Vampirism, N.D. Blackwood now delivers a thick encyclopedia of the Undead Masters with dozens of Adept names from across the globe. This big book provides us a large quantity of Chain entities, immortal gods, and new rituals that will guide the Aspirant in this dangerous Current. The author shares with us his personal experiences with some of the Undead Lords and enlighten us with his precious gnosis. We may discover that we already live near one of these sinister beings…

    Alexander L.M., author of Mantvs & Atanatize
  • Once again, N.D. Blackwood has crafted a commendable grimoire that serves as a practical and essential guide to the study of Vampirism, for individuals immersing themselves in the Vampiric current. In this book, N.D. Blackwood acquaints us with prominent Vampiric Masters from world history, offering essential rituals to summon these ancient, formidable beings directly. By engaging in these rituals, individuals can forge enduring relationships with these Master’s and benefit from their ageless wisdom.

    For those drawn to this current and the prospect of immortality, I strongly urge you to harness the potential within these pages to enrich your life. Personally, I was enraptured by this grimoire and wholeheartedly recommend it to any individual seeking to enhance their Vampiric practice.

    Maggie Moon, author of The Protection Magick Spellbook

Dear Friend,

To honor the special occasion of Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism, I'm honored that hardcore black magician E.A. Koetting will join me again in our third Vampiric Initiation Ritual on the cursed night of Saint Andrew, November 30th. For those new to Vampirism, this ritual summons the Dark Gifts of the Adept Lords of the Vampiric Chain like no other in history. For those already immersed in the Blood Pool, this deepens your Initiation in the Vampiric Strain further than ever and heightens your Dark Gifts.

Immortality and entry into the Vampiric Strain were assured by a pact with Undead Adepts of past centuries. The combined rituals will anchor you to the Undead Current of Vampirism straight to the source, while taking you under the tutelage as an Apprentice of the most Adept Lords of the Draculean Strain.

Participation into this ritual will not only change your life, but the alignment of your spiritual destiny. For those who embark on the path of the Vampiric Pact, there is no way back. The pact will align the vibratory rate of the practitioner with that of the undead members of the Strain of Vampires, gradually transforming him into one of their own. The astral and mental bodies of the Adept then undergo a process of crystallization, thus provoking a phenomenon of definitive rupture with their superior bodies.

How The 4 Demonic Kings Of The Undead Nourish The Body Of The Adept To Return From The Dead

E.A. Koetting here, for my part of the ritual, I will evoke Paimon, Oriens, Ariton, and Amaymon. These are the Four Demonic Kings of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin, and by summoning them into my temple and into your life, these Undead Kings will gather around you, initiating you into the Mysteries of Immortality. The grimoire, written during the Renaissance, teaches us that in order to return from the dead, the body of the Adept must be nourished by the elemental spirits of each cardinal direction, which can only be accomplished through the power of the four great princes.

Paimon is the expert of persuasion and influence, and is able to raise a man from a beggar to a king. It is said that these powers of self-transformation even extend beyond this world, raising a man from a corpse to a God! In this ritual, Paimon will be evoked in the North.

Oriens is King of the East, and will be summoned in that direction. He has power over all riches and nobility, praise and dignity, but for this working it is his power over resurrection that we seek, sinking us into the metaphorical grave and then raising us up from the Earth into Immortality.

Amaymon is normally called in the East, but in the Abramelin Rite he has been displaced by Oriens, thrusting this venomous King into the Realm of Fire, causing a manifestation of Amaymon much more aggressive than ever before. Amaymon will breathe his venomous breath imbued with the hot winds of hell, which will enter our nostrils and begin a reptilian transformation of ourselves from the inside out. Amaymon will awaken The Dragon’s Eye, giving us the sight and mind of the Immortals.

It is said that calling Ariton can be fatal to the magician, and it is indeed this spiritual fatality that we seek, to deal the fatal blow to our mortal selves, symbolically sacrificing who we once were to make room for who we are to Become! Like Oriens, Ariton also has power over resurrection, reviving the spiritual corpse in the very same instant of death. Having rulership over the waters, Ariton is called in the west. Of course, this is not a real death, but purely astral magick.

Call Upon The Red Countess To Inflame Your Body Of Black Light

At the same time, I, N.D. Blackwood, will call upon the Undead of the Dragon lineage, and from the Black Flames of the Draculean Chain, he will evoke the most terrifying among them. This entity is known by many names within the Adept lodges: the Red Countess, She who feeds on the spirit, the three-clawed dragon, the Lady with the dagger. However, during her existence in the flesh, she was known as Countess Elizabeth Báthory.

Submissive to the Supreme Lord of the Undead, who reigns at the peak of the farthest midnight, she teaches Immortality through possession, offering those not only the transference of their essence into the Body of Black Light but also the capacity to temporarily transfer their consciousness into an incarnated being.

The Red Countess, Bathory, is also known for her rejuvenation abilities. Incarnate Adepts working describe how their bodies regain athletic abilities and an unexpected vitality during her possession. Some claim that the visions received are nightmarish, but the abilities developed enable them to transcend their physical limitations. During this ritual, N.D. will ask the Red Countess and the Undead who make up her Chain to stand by your side and bestow their Dark Gifts upon you, permanently heightening your abilities in terms of Vampiric absorption, rejuvenation, and transference, and for the most Adept, the power to possess a living being.

Unlock The True Ancient Meaning And Magick Power Of Sântandrei, The Master Of Wolves

In Romanian magic, winter officially begins on Saint Andrew's Day, when werewolves and vampires, who are thought to represent evil and malevolent energies, are said to come out to play on Earth. For these reasons, St. Andrew's Night can easily be compared to the classic Western Halloween. This magick night is one that is strongly marked by sacred, supernatural, and mystical manifestations. For the Adepts of the Undead tradition, this night radiates with the powers of those whom we evoke.

The ancient Dacians, the ancestors of Romanians, used to honor another deity known as Sântandrei, the master of wolves. The wolves formed packs of 12 on November 30th to go hunting and get ready for the harsh winter, which also signaled the end of fall and the start of winter. In light of this, the ceremonies had a special significance for the Day of the Wolves and were closely related to it.

In Romanian traditional culture, the Strigois (vampires) and Varcolacs (werewolves) emerge from their graves and battle one another with weapons taken from people's homes at borders, crossroads, and other unclean locations. It is important to conduct our Grand Rite and evoke the presence of the Lords of all Strigois on this cursed night.

Receive A Secret Grimoire And Live Recordings Of The Vampiric Initiation Rituals To Seal The Sign Of The Undead Masters Upon Your Life November 30th

E.A. Koetting and I will synchronize our rituals, performing them in unison on the cursed night of Saint Andrews, November 30th. As a Lord of Lycanthropy, St. Andrew is the protector of wolves in Romania. He will descend upon earth at midnight to share in the prey with every wolf. The cosmic order becomes deeply disturbed during the night, and the Spirits of the Dead and Vampires roam the Earthly Plane, scouring the living and their vital essence.

On your side, we recommend keeping your meditation on the ritual night as simple as possible. Light a black candle, gaze into the flame, steady your breath, and absorb all of the power and energy of this ritual.

When you sign up, you'll immediately receive a secret grimoire of your Initiation in the exclusive members area. Once we have processed the video footage of our rituals, you will receive the ritual recordings by email and in the members area too by December 3rd. Watch the video alone and in the darkness, taking note of all that is channeled, and of the impressions and communications that you receive.

As you step into your new existence as a Vampire, get ready for a transformation that will keep paying off for lifetimes...


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