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Ignite The Torch Of Your Eternal Ascent With A Sinister Guide To Performing Self-Deification… Embark On The Baphometic Journey Through The Underworld For Transfiguration Into Godhood

  •   The Deification Magick Spellbook: The World Domination Series, 3
  •   The Deification Magick Course: Key lessons and uncensored rituals
  •   Coauthors: E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus & Martin McGreggor
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Sample eBook: Download chapter 7 for free
  •   Global Shipping: Ships within two business days
E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, A. Vitimus & M. McGreggor

The Deification Magick Spellbook features 4 complete blasphemous grimoires on the Ascent to Godhood by top sinister authors worldwide:

  • E.A. Koetting - Rituals for Anti-Transmigratory Ascent
  • N.D. Blackwood - The Vampire's Handbook: Self-Initiation Without a Master
  • Andrieh Vitimus - Adversarial Magic: Breaking Your Constraints to Godhood
  • Martin McGreggor - Blasphemies of the Ascendant: Discovering the God Within

Become who you truly are as a Living God or Goddess, and thus commit the worst possible sin.


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The Complete Deification Magick tier features: (1) The Deification Magick Spellbook in leather hardback and (2) The Deification Magick online courses.

Leather & cloth hardback in strictly limited edition on a first come basis.

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Peer Reviews

  • Since my debut in the Occult, the creation of the Body of Black Light has been my highest personal obsession. In this grimoire, I wanted to share with you one of the most powerful magick experimentations I ever had, years ago and a step-by-step curriculum to replicate it. It's goal is to manifest, by yourself and without the assistance of any deity or god, the creation of a spiritual vehicle capable of containing your consciousness. Strangely, this working perfectly coincides with the conclusions of E.A Koetting when it comes to the Immortality of the Self, and his own work on how you can take freedom from so-called "Creation" and cheat the process of life, death, and rebirth. With this Spellbook, also featuring Andrieh Vitimus and Martin McGreggor, you open the gates to new Working Operations for black magicians hungry for power over Ascent.

    N.D. Blackwood, author of The Vampire's Handbook
  • An inspired addition to the World Domination Series, The Deification Magick Spellbook is a comprehensive guide to discovering and unleashing the God within. Andrieh Vitimus’ rites, along with the rituals I have provided, establish a process for unlocking the Godlike powers within all of Humanity. N.D. Blackwood and E.A. Koetting have developed effective, practical magick for the application of those powers within the real, living world. This is not only a handbook for Ascension, but also a practical manual for real-world witchcraft. Claims are often made about the dark and dangerous rituals held within modern grimoires, but little more is offered than cheap theatrics. Undeniably, this work holds some of the most powerful, blasphemous, and outright dangerous rites for Alchemy of the self ever conceived. You will be tested. Refuse to relent!

    Martin McGreggor, author of Paths to Satan
  • This tome is a collection of impressive grimoires that act as a blueprint for the improvement of one's own spiritual performance, magickal capacity, and metaphysical anatomy. Each author brings something special and unique to the table, and all information and guides interlocking together as one. In unison and even separate, this information will serve the magician well upon their Path of Spiritual Evolution, Ascent and Apotheosis toward Self-Deification. Don't just read the words but immerse yourself into them, practice the rites and exercises to experience the true unfolding of one's own potential Godhood. I must extend my congratulations to E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus, and Martin McGreggor for their work.

    Conner Kendall, author of The Black Magician's Handbook

Dear Friend,

In 2011, when I first co-founded Become A Living God, my partner Timothy and I opened an online forum. Within a couple months, it became the most popular worldwide community for hardcore black magicians, demonologists, Satanists, witches, and Vampires to share their uncensored knowledge in the unified struggle for human power and freedom.

These solitary souls clearly needed a sense of community, a place where they belong, without prejudice or shame from authoritarian traditions.

For millennia, fearless sorcerers and witches of the Left Hand Path have suffered alienation and violent persecution from tyrants — and it still occurs today, whether through scapegoating crimes onto innocent black magicians like me, or through suppression of free speech and free association in theocratic nations.

For example, I literally cannot ship a demonic grimoire to half of the planet, because the customs guards would immediately intercept the shipment, the brutal police would arrest the magician, and the cruel judge would sentence them to death. In fact, I frequently receive emails from black magicians in the Middle East, pleading with me to send them ebooks that they can access privately.

Question 1. What Is The Worst, Most Evil Blasphemy In The World?

Have you ever wondered...

What is the worst blasphemy that you can commit as a black magician? What is the most evil act of heresy that you can commit as a sorcerer or witch?

As a lifelong demonic magician, I have often reflected on the meaning of sin, blasphemy, heresy, and even crime. One day, it dawned on me that the single worst, most evil act of blasphemy that

Question 2. What Is The Top, Most Powerful Freedom In The World?

As the inverse of the previous question, have you ever wondered...

What is the highest form of empowerment as a black magician? What is the most powerful act of freedom as a sorcerer or witch?

Surprise — believe it or not, both questions possess the same answer. To reformulate it into an equation:

The worst, most evil blasphemy = the highest, most powerful freedom.

To Become A Living God — To Perform The Magick Of Self-Deification In The Ascent To Godhood Through The Descent To Devilhood

To answer clearly and unequivocally: the worst, most evil heresy in the world is for you to become your own god. This means to perform the magick of Self-Deification.

By the dialectical logic of unified opposites, the Ascent to Godhood necessarily equates to a Descent to Devilhood. In other words, when you embark on your quest of Self-Deification, you must pass through Hell to enter Heaven. You must penetrate the Underworld to access the Overworld.

The more you become a living God, the more you become a living Devil, because you commit the most sinful blasphemy to deify yourself.

Smashing The Chains Of The First Commandment Forever — "Thou Shalt Have No Gods Before Me"

In 2017, My partner Timothy authored a bombshell booklet called Black Magick Manifesto that illuminates this exact premise. You can see a main passage highlighted below.

Black magick is composed of the most heretical people on Earth. As heretics they not only annihilate the orthodox concept of god, they dance on its ashes and become their own gods instead. This solitary act — to become one’s own god — makes up the tallest and greatest heresy a human being can do.

The reader will recall the First Commandment of Christianity: "thou shalt have no gods before me." Disbelief in their deity comprises the worst act of heresy. However, black magicians take it one step further: they become gods.

The Ascent to Godhood mercilessly eviscerates the entire paradigm of fake divinity. Sorcery endangers the divine with total extinction. —Timothy, Black Magick Manifesto, p.22

Smash the chains that bind you, to free the God inside you. Let your First Commandment become, "I am my own God, and have no other gods before me."

Grimoire 1. E.A. Koetting — Rituals For Anti-Transmigratory Ascent

In my contribution to The Deification Magick Spellbook, I reveal the priceless practices, proven spells, and hardcore ceremonies that are vital to awakening your Self-Godhood. My written contribution is entitled Rituals for Anti-Transmigratory Ascent.

Demystifying "Transmigration Of The Soul" From White Magic

Let me explain exactly what title means. Most religions and spiritualities adhere to a common belief in the “transmigration of the soul,” that the most inner essence of who we are is eternal, and that the eternal Self migrates from incarnation to incarnation until it reaches absolute perfection, usually by adhering to certain prescriptions or prohibitions. At the end of this process, this innermost eternal self is released from the prison of material duality, at which point the self is taken back into the heart of the eternal, back home to Source.

I have quite literally been there, done that, and I found the Heart of the Eternal to be lacking. I found limitless love and mercy to be pleasant, but impossible to wrap my hands around, impossible to take back to my incarnate form without feeling like transcendence was a complete waste of my time.

In fact, it is.

Transcendence is the great return to the original Source, and not only is this great divine recycling of souls not interesting to me, it is also not necessary.

As we work our magick towards our individual personal goals, we are learning how to wield the powers of the gods, we are taking fate into our own hands every step of the way, and we can indeed use these gifts and these powers to totally liberate our own selves from anything that would try to conquer us.

In this text, I am not offering you spells for transcending your miserable life. Instead, I am giving you the tools to own your own Eternal Self, and to become the commander of your own reality. These are not mystical meditations to reach higher consciousness, but these are tools and weapons for you to wield in your life right now.

Chapter 1. The Pathless Path

Chapter One is called The Pathless Path. Indeed, the Left Hand Path is a pathless path, and it is a path that we each must walk alone. There are many things that you must discover for yourself along your journey, but there are also some very vital things that you need to know as you are actively chasing your own Ascent.

The first and possibly most important question that you need to answer is, "What is your destiny?" We’ve heard our whole lives about having a destiny, a special purpose in life, but it is always something eternally out of reach. In this first chapter I give you exact methods to discover your own personal destiny, and to match that with your Purpose. Ideas like destiny and purpose will finally have real meaning to you as you apply my simple suggestions in uncovering yours.

Chapter One also reveals another vital piece of knowledge: growth is painful. Extreme growth can be extremely painful, and infinite growth can be infinitely painful. This final Infinite Painfulness is best described as The Dark Night of the Soul. If you pursue this path, you are guaranteed to experience not one Dark Night of the Soul, but many. This is where most Magickal Pilgrims give up, or slide backwards, or self-destruct completely.

In Chapter One I give you all of the hard realities of the Dark Night of the Soul, and life-saving insights in how to Ascend the Pyramid of Pain. Most importantly I give you ways to not only survive the worst things that could ever happen to you, but I also show you how to use the momentum of your lowest fall to bring you out of it soaring higher than ever before.

Chapter 2. Meditations

Chapter Two is Meditations, and begins with 3 simple meditations:

  1. Intentional Breathing
  2. Meditative Gazing
  3. Mantra Meditations

All three are given with complete instructions, and for the final of the three, the mantras “Aum,” “Om,” “Sat Nam,” and “Soham Akaal” are given.

We then take meditation much deeper with the Blue Ray Meditation. The Blue Ray Meditation requires extreme magickal focus and discipline, and can completely open anyone’s third eye within 2 weeks with daily practice. Mental clarity sharpens, as does memory and recall, hearing, smell, and vision are often reported to improve to supernatural degrees, and the purifying powers of the Indigo Flames of the active third eye cleanse the entire being of all blockages.

Chapter 3. Grounding & Centering

Chapter Three is Grounding and Centering. Grounding is a spiritual practice that tethers you to the earth. It doesn’t pull you back down, but it grounds you so, like a kite, you’re able to fly high without losing your mind and floating away. When you’re grounded and centered, you’re not going to feel imbalanced.

Centering is a practice that draws you to be here now, in the present moment, so you’re not living in the future, worrying about things that you’re afraid will happen, and you’re not living in the past, dwelling on things that you wish hadn’t happened. After a few seconds of centering, you’re right here, right now, grounded in the earth, centered in your own body.

These are two of the most effective techniques for continuous magickal protection and clarity, and I give you instructions that make them simple to learn and easy to master!

Chapter 4. Scrying Spells & Enhancing Scrying Success With Mepsitahl

Chapter Four is called Scrying Spells. In this chapter, I give you my most in-depth written instruction ever on how to scry into various magick devices such as a scrying mirror, a crystal ball, a pool of water, or even a cup of water, and the very air in front of you!

Scrying actuates the First Godlike Power of Omniscience. If you truly would like undeniable, irrepressible, life-changing experiences with spirits, then you must see through your Third Eye with scrying. I became a master of open-eyed scrying over two decades ago, and have figured out multiple scrying rites that black magicians have proven powerful through trials.

Along with the adept instruction, I also provide an unbeatable Spell for Enhancing Scrying Success in which the Neptunian spirit Mepsitahl personally awakens your vision right in front of you.

Secret Truth: Invoking spirits who oversee scrying will skyrocket your power — this seems like a no-brainer to me, but most magicians never even bother with it. And I know the most helpful spirit for you to invoke...

Chapter 5. The King's Rite

Chapter Five is The King’s Rite, and in it I give the step-by-step directions for a daily ritual of self empowerment that can give you the power to transmute and transform anything that life throws at you. This is a four step ritual:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Power
  3. Fear
  4. Rebirth

...and this chapter lays them all out so that you can use this ritual every day starting now.

Chapter 6. Hunting God

Chapter Six is called Hunting God, and I named it that because in this chapter I identify the Three Powers of Supreme Godhood:

  • Godlike Power 1: Omniscience with Divination
  • Godlike Power 2: Omnipotence with Evocation
  • Godlike Power 3: Omnipresence with Soul Travel

And I show you how to unlock, access, and master these Three Godlike Powers through the Magick Arts of Divination, Evocation, and Soul Travel, further than ever.

Chapter 7. The Eye Of Power — The Anatomy & Dynamics Of The Third Eye Chakra

Chapter Seven is The Eye of Power. This chapter goes deep into the anatomy and power dynamics of the Third Eye Chakra. In it, I reveal the secret astral mechanics of the Third Eye within rituals of black magick, and introduce you to the 3 Lenses of the Third Eye. Then, in conclusion, I show you my exact method for awakening and opening all 3 Lenses of your Third Eye.

All of that is just my contribution to this spellbook. N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus, and Martin McGreggor go just as hard, if not harder, with their contributions to this groundbreaking work.

Grimoire 2. N.D. Blackwood — The Vampire's Handbook: Self-Initiation Without A Master

After the success of Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon and Draugadrottin: Lord of the Undead, I feel truly honored to be invited by my friend E.A Koetting to participate in writing a new grimoire called The Vampire's Handbook: Self-Initiation Without a Master. Special for  The Deification Magick Spellbook, I wanted to transcribe one of the most potent and life-changing experiences that I have ever had as an Adept of the Vampiric Arts.

The book that I'm presenting contains a treasury of Initiatory Vampiric Magick techniques and demonic rituals, the results of which are as powerful as they are uncertain. Furthermore, I combine the works of my practice with the work of my now decreased brothers in the Art. Before entering these pages, it is important for me to underline that this practice should be regarded as highly dangerous and should always be approached with sober caution. Always be humble when dealing with the Unknown Superiors, but never doubt your own determination to access a form of superior power, no matter how low the inverted Path of Descent could bring you. One day, your life may depend on it.

A Priceless Treasury Of Exercise Results From 4 Adepts With Decades Of Experience In The Vampiric Arts, Indigenous Root Shamanism, And Modern Clinical Psychiatry

The proven methodology of my book, The Vampire's Handbook, is the result of the collective work of four Adepts of the Luciferian Current. Through the course of this grimoire, I reconstructed as faithfully as possible the records from the experiences that my companions and I had carried out about fifteen years ago, and translated them into English. The occult exercises are broken down into several "thresholds" of practice, each allowing you to awaken psychic faculties specific to the Path of Vampirism.

  1. The first Adept is a clinical psychiatrist and expert in the field of Magia Sexualis, initiated in the Brazilian methods, which he passed to the coven.
  2. The second Adept is a master of the Vampiric Arts and High Ceremonial Magic, initiated into the mysteries of Necromancy and Satanism within lodges of Northern Europe.
  3. The third Adept is an indigenous practitioner of root shamanism in Southeast Asia, merging his native rites with medieval Dark Jinn Majic of Islam in Indonesia.
  4. As for me, the fourth Adept, I brought to the sinister coven my extremely rare Initiatory Vampirism of the Green Order, having inherited their magick rubric from the Order of the Dragon, a.k.a. Societas Draconistarum, in Central Europe.

The Secret Keys To Fueling The Vehicle Of Immortal Consciousness For Post-Mortem Practice

There are a number of grimoires and books dealing with Ascent, contact with divine beings, and the various evocation processes allowing one to rise among them. Some of my own writings on the topic of Vampirism, notably Scholomance, largely addresses a Necromantic practice, whose purpose is to pact with the powers that rule beyond the grave, in order to become one of them.

The priceless text that I deliver to you here offers a different approach to the process of creating an Immortal body, traditionally known as the Body of Black Light. The work is a six-step curriculum designed to progressively transform the Adept into a self-made Vampire. Its objective is neither more, nor less, than obtaining the Immortality of transhuman consciousness. However, my treatment of the Dark Art differs from the older works previously published in this field — there will be no question of calling on the assistance of deities, demons, or spirits to lend you a hand or take you under their patronage. Your work will be the only key to your success.

The vibratory energy of the Draculean essence, to which all the members of the Chain are attached, flows throughout the astral body of the Adept of the Chain, in the vessel of the soul, crystallizing it, and truly transforming it into the Body of Black Light. Through the Chain, the adepts of Vampirism are thus linked to one another like a hive.

Above all, it is his etheric double – his astral body – that the Adept nourishes. This astral body is the vehicle that will allow his consciousness to survive beyond death. Throughout his life, the Adept therefore strengthens him by the vital essence of these victims, and by numerous pacts made with other Vampiric beings or infernal powers. By constantly nourishing it, he thus preserves it from the second death. Much like a human being prevents his physical body from dying with a regular supply of water and food. It also makes it autonomous, in order to one day be able to inhabit it fully while its carnal envelope will rest in the tomb. —N.D. Blackwood, Scholomance, p.23

Ultimately, the main principle of this Dark Art was born from the combined work of excellent practitioners in the fields of Nordic Shamanism, sex and love magick, energy alchemy, and Initiatory Vampirism.

The Vampiric Art Of Self-Deification With The Guidance Of A True Adept From The Immortal Path And Member Of The Draculean Chain

Through my own hardcore method, you will learn in the space of a few weeks to increase your auric vitality and sexual attraction, but also your mental and physical faculties. Within a few months of steady work, you would be able to project yourself into the thoughts of others, and live partially out of your physical body and invade the dreams and thoughts of your subjects. You will then be free to explore the world of the Invisible, certain that the mortal release from the physical body will not stop the ascension of the Being you have become and will remain forever.

The Six Thresholds & Post-Mortem Practice For Accelerated Ascent Through Hardcore Descent

To succeed with my method of Vampiric Self-Initiation, I propose to you nothing more than a short everyday training, divided in six steps. It will not take you more than 30 minutes per day, and the results that you will obtain through it will equal, if not surpass, those that you could obtain with years of practice with other forms of Magick. Within a month, you will learn how to over stimulate the libido energy contained in your body and master it, transforming you into a dream-haunting succubus, building night after night your Body of Black Light.

I believe in the Ascent of Man from animal to god. And I will join in this historic mission.

Through the curriculum, you will experience vision of worlds and beings far from human and beyond alien. But my friend, this only scratches the surface. My newest initiatory grimoire, The Vampire's Handbook: Self-Initiation Without a Master, will plunge you into the Immortal Current in a manner that few to none have ever experienced in the human history.

Grimoire 3. Andrieh Vitimus — Adversarial Magic: Breaking Your Constraints To Godhood

Opposition makes the diamond, let’s set the world on hard! —p.81

  • Introduction, p.125
  • Ch. 1 - Ritual of the Beautiful Spark p.129
  • Ch. 2 - Spells to Begin Opposition to the System p.135
  • Ch. 3 - Restructuring the Imagination 163
  • Ch. 4 - Greater Spells of the Nightmarish Opposition p.181

How To Perform Smart Magick For Tactical Godhood Development

Most articles and books on Self-Deification start with the idea of purpose and top-down magical progress. Many Left Hand Path practitioners will reject the spiritual world. Other magicians will despise the world in their Path of Self-Deification or “Godhood Assimilation.” In my first book, Hands-On Chaos Magic, I gave a set of core magical techniques to make any ritual produce real-world results. In my private Shapeshifting Course, I further demonstrated techniques of constant spiritual and reality mutation, getting to real, results-orientated, open-handed magic.

Why would mutating open-handed magic be needed? Isn’t mysticism enough? As a magician who does magic daily, why? The world is changing faster than we can comprehend.

Many people struggle with or cannot figure out their greater purpose because of the changing world. If you start from the premise that without this greater purpose you are lost, then only the fog of nihilistic despair remains. The spark that could be your soul falls to the fallow ground of the hyper-attention-seeking. These consumerist expectations are cast upon you from every angle imaginable in the modern world. Eventually, your limp, impaled, and rotting body will serve as a warning to budding magicians to surrender to the greatest curse of ignorance in the modern age.

How To Inflame The Spark From Within The Flesh Suit

Together, we can create a different way by starting with a foundationally different premise. Do most people even have a soul? What if we start from the premise that you do not have a formed soul? Maybe we are only a spark of soul in a flesh suit. A lonely and momentary spark in a sea of darkness. A darkness that isn’t particularly hostile to the spark at first but does constrain and limit the expression of that spark while in the flesh suit. A spark that even for most magicians is fragile, but for those who do not practice any form of spirituality is perhaps even more brittle.

The goal of Self-Deification boils down to Immortality and Reality Manipulation or, if you prefer, reality creation. Most techniques of immortality use top-down approaches of soul engagement to create self-changes. These top-down techniques are quite effective, but we cannot test the end goal. Even in pre-imperial Daoist thought, immortality and the story of the golden peaches implies reincarnation without loss of personality or memories. Indeed, a worthwhile goal but, unfortunately, a goal that is untestable until you are dead. For the purposes of this treatise, let’s leave death on the table. Like so many adversaries, perhaps death itself can guide. Classical immortality is not possible with a mere spark. Death will snuff out a spark. We must build a raging internal fire even to hope to exist past death.

See Empirical Results Immediately Through The Hands-On Magic Of Reality Manipulation

Reality manipulation is testable and possible from within the flesh suit while you are yet living. We can observe and know that reality is changing based on our observable results. We can use our comprehension to test for the changes in our reality. The greater the observable results we can obtain through results-orientated magic, the greater the implied spark we must have. Once we start seeing real-world results from our magical operations, we know that the spark is a flame.

My grimoire Adversarial Magic: Breaking Your Constraints to Godhood contains hundreds of helpful, proven rites of magick technology:

  • Spell of Star-Wishing & Reality Substitution
  • Critical Exploration of Maslow's Hierarchy, Attachment & Change
  • Understanding the Systems of Constraint in the real world
  • Lower Dantian Spell of Cleansing & Grounding
  • Ritual of the Beautiful Spark
  • Lucifer Ritual: Destruction of Complacency or Learned Helplessness
  • Ritual of Sacrifice Creation
  • The Suffocation of Suffering & the Darker Form of Stagnation
  • How to construct Smart Goals for Tactical Godhood development
  • Ritual of Self-Confidence and Other Positive Emotions
  • Rite of Building a Confidence Talisman
  • The Ritual of Envy: Transformation to Earned Pride
  • Spell to Free Imagination & Awaken the Dreamer
  • Ritual of Nyx & The Dark Skies Summoning
  • Ritual of Dream Introduction to Break the Inner World
  • Ritual of Direct Summoning of Morpheus
  • Create Your Own Ritual: A Simplified Framework for Spiritual Summoning Using Your Rarefied Imagination
  • Greater Spells of the Nightmarish Opposition

Starting from a brittle and fragile spark in a sea of darkness feels so disempowering. The metaphor itself feels so hopeless and small. I am presenting a vision where almost everything in the material reality tries to suffocate that spark. If you think about your job, is it really what you want to do? Are friends of convenience friends? A minority may have a different experience, but in the harsh light of honesty, many aspects of reality feel constraining.

Those that feed the illusion of the spark being more than it is, aka a well-formed soul, are probably offended. Self-aggrandizement without evidence of real-world results is, in fact, one of the many adversaries which will destroy the spark. As we shall see, we have many enemies that are adversarial to the spark, both internal, external, and spiritual.

Such a humble beginning for our journey is not the worst place to be. One just needs to accept it and then realize that the difference between a seed and a tree is effort—small steps of progress over time. We need no purposes other than not fading into nothingness. The rest will come.

Grimoire 4. Martin McGreggor — Blasphemies Of The Ascendant: Discovering The God Within

Become A Living God is the only source capable of producing the seminal text on Self-Deification. Too long has this concept been mired in immature ego-aggrandizement by atheists and armchair magicians. Satanic and Daemonic guidance are essential in your pursuit of this goal, but you must be strong and capable enough to call upon their aid.

Are you ready to take the concept of personal godhood seriously? Are you willing to do what it takes to destroy the self, in order to discover the god within? Are you capable of accepting the Mantle of Ascendancy?

I shall have no other gods before Me. When my days darken and my will is tested, I will seek no cause or comfort beyond those of my own design. As waves crash around me and the heavens themselves slam upon my shoulders, no god or man may be called my savior.

For I become as a God upon this Earth, indomitable and relentless in the materialization of my desired reality. — Baphometic Rite of Dissolution, Ch.1

Each chapter in Blasphemies of the Ascendant builds upon the last until you are ready to perform a grand rite that cements your personal deity into reality. I would like to share with you a small preview of what you can expect from each chapter of the grimoire, which ultimately produces a comprehensive system for utilizing Satanic and Daemonic influence to attain a deific self.

Chapter 1. A Baphometic Rite Of Self-Dissolution

This concerted work of Self-Deification you have embarked upon begins with dissolving away the self, so that the deity within may be brought forth. That which you are must be stripped away so that the potential divinity inside you can have a chance to surface. Your ambitions and desires, along with your attachments and your fears, all must be destroyed both figuratively and literally before anything else may be done. Who you are must end. Only then may you discover that which you could become. Accept the Mantle of Ascendancy, but be prepared to accept its responsibility.

Contained in this chapter is the process of identifying these traits within you and establishing physical foci for them. You will craft these foci and then imbue them with the energy of your fears, and ambitions, and attachments, until you have everything needed to create a sacrificial effigy that will be ritualistically obliterated as part of this work.

Chapter 2. Consecration Of External Foci for Baphometic Dissolution

Before your effigy may be sacrificed in the name of your inner deity, all of its components and individual foci must be consecrated. They need to be emotionally and spiritually sanctified by your hands, so that when the time comes to destroy them, it truly becomes a destruction of the self. This chapter provides the recipes, incantations, and processes for the consecration of these external foci. Recipes are included for:

  • Satanic Consecration Incense
  • Incense Oil Drip to produce consecration smoke
  • Satanic Anointing Oil

Chapter 3. Baphometic Effigy Destruction Ritual

With all of your foci consecrated and your effigy constructed, you will then be ready to destroy it at the height of your Baphometic Ritual. This chapter details the necessary tools and ritual construction for this rite, including a personal implement of destruction that will be used to physically obliterate the effigy.

You will also learn the secrets of the Alembic Vertex, a metaphysical construct that focuses Daemonic energy to create alchemical changes within the worker. The final portion of this chapter details how to bring all of these tools and processes together into a destruction ritual that will purge you of all that you are.

Chapter 4. Deific Sigils & Symbolism

In Deific Sigils and Symbolism, I share with you the process of creating a personal deific sigil. Learn the basics of personal sigil construction in order to begin conceptualizing the god within you. After clearing away the humanity that has held you back, it becomes necessary to gradually uncover the details of your personal deity without any kind of subconscious interference.

Starting from symbolism allows you to tap into hidden parts of your being, as well as take advantage of the Daemonic guidance that is being offered throughout the process. This chapter includes practical exercises for creating your own sigil from alphabetical letters, as well as from runes and other sources of occult symbolism.

Chapter 5. A Runic Grimoire Of The Grigori

The Runic Grigori introduces you to the Fallen Angels, or Grigori, who will help guide you through the process of Self-Deification. As Humanity’s original guardians, guides, and teachers, the Grigori have been forever linked to our race and its progress throughout the ages.

In this unprecedented grimoire of Fallen Angels, learn the identity and nature of 30 distinct Grigori, presented in a runic cypher that can be used for the process of personal deific sigil creation. Just as a teacher can often spot talent and ability that we cannot see within ourselves, these Fallen Angels will draw forth from you the Infernal Gifts and abilities you may not be capable of conceiving in yourself. Utilizing the guidance and inspiration offered by the Grigori is an essential part of the Self-Deification process, as well an effective method of spirit work in general.

Chapter 6. Spiritual Kamis & The Homes Of The Gods

Kamis of the Japanese Shinto tradition offer you the ability to conceive of further details regarding your personal deity, including the physical environment it exists within, as well as its physical features. Using a three part process, you will discover the environmental and physical Kamis of your inner deity, in addition to the nature of its purpose and place within the universe. Calling upon the powers of three different Grigori, you will be guided into the realm of the God you could become. In this chapter you’ll learn three powerful meditations towards your pursuit:

  • Call Upon Mulciber, Satan’s Architect and Advocate, to Lead You into the Home of Your God
  • Call Upon Lucifer, The Black Flame and Champion of the Fallen, to Show You the Form of Your God
  • Call Upon Satan, Master of All That Is, to Reveal the Soul and Purpose of Your God

Chapter 7. Zoetic Deicidal Sacrifice

Zoetia is a new magical system and ritual construct that can be summed up in a few words: The Path of Living Magic. As such, it is only befitting that the final grand rite in the pursuit of Self-Deification should be a Zoetic ritual. How can one become a god if they still worship another?

In this final section of Blasphemies of the Ascendent, you will construct an altar to your highest god, and then set it alight in an act of Zoetic sacrifice. Turn your back upon your gods and step forth through fire and flame into a new reality, where the magic you carry with you shall determine the nature of your existence.

All Gods Must Perish. Ours Will Be sacrificed.

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This enlightened and uncensored discussion is not so much a presentation as it is a sorcerer’s workshop. The authors of The Deification Magick Spellbook clarify many of the stickiest topics around Self-Deification, including but not limited to: the Dark Night of the Soul, and how to navigate Demonic Ascent; internal and external Alchemy; manifesting the resources needed to ascend; how to maximize the power of black magick; accidents vs. meaningful coincidences; and how to adapt your plan to the evolution of your entire reality with tactical Self-Deification.

Part 2. Key Magickal Instructions By Sorcerers E.A. Koetting, ND Blackwood & Martin MacGregor

N.D. Blackwood - Omnipotence of Spiritual Vampirism: N.D. Blackwood discusses how to use predatory Spiritual Vampirism to enhance your own Body of Darkness, and to awaken Dark Gifts only accessible to the Adepts of Self-Deification. He walks you through how to engage the Art of Drain and to direct the flow of this Blood-Essence towards your Omnipotence.

E.A. Koetting & The Mastery of Self-Deification: E.A. reveals the hidden history of how he discovered that magick spells are not random flickers of power, but that every magick spell is a connective point along an evolving line of a trajectory towards the Self-Mastery of Deification Magick. E.A. carefully instructs you on how to ascend your own Pyramid of Pain, growing stronger from that which could have destroyed you. The insights given here will show you how to convert pain into power and struggle into success.

Martin McGreggor & Blasphemies of the Ascendant: Martin MacGregor shares details of his own backstory, giving personal context to when, how, and why he applied the methods he shares in The Deification Magick Spellbook. He then breaks down his personal sigil, providing the framework for anyone to create their own personal sigil. He walks you through how to utilize the Grigori Runes to their full power, and concludes by explaining the proper construction of the Blazing Beacon, an Infernal ritual device that is a game-changer for any demonic magician.

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From the moment of your birth, the ruling classes of global civilization have bombarded you with deceptive propaganda and toxic indoctrination. The ugly, painful truth is that modern society does not care about you. In fact, the ruling elite view you as a disposable worker and pathetic consumer at best, and a costly slave at worst. To them, you exist strictly to assemble widgets again and again on the factory floor of life from cradle to grave.

You are the sacrificial lamb of modern society, forced upon the altar for slaughter by the ruling elite. You have become both the consumer and the consumed. Your enemy not only hates you, they actively prey on you.

The fearless black magick of Self-Deification empowers you to smash the chains of your oppressor, liberate your soul permanently, and ascend the throne of your own Godhood forever. And together, a new class of free humans are born, a union of Gods, a human Pantheon — Homo Deus.

This weird mutation of humankind on an evolutionary mission, Homo deus emerge from their apish predecessor like a kaleidoscope of butterflies from a cosmic cocoon. Every flap of their wings summoning hurricanes of change around the natural world, they descend further into the abyss than ever, thereby ascending on wings of a new hope. — Timothy, The Antichrist, p.77

Godlike Power,

Meet The Author

E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, A. Vitimus & M. McGreggor

The four coauthors of the supreme guide to the blasphemy of self-deification — top black magicians E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus, and Martin McGreggor pioneer the newest magick of eternal ascent.