Let Four Of The World’s Top Black Magicians Perform Their Deification Magick Rituals With The Infernal Masters To Ignite Your Permanent Ascent On January 26th As Venus Enters Into Pisces

  •   The Deification Magick Rituals: Certified pacts with Infernal Masters
  •   Unholiday: Performance on January 26 as Venus enters Pisces
  •   Ritualists: E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus & Martin McGreggor
  •   Ritual Orientation: Receive a Ritual Orientation eBook
  •   Video Proof: Watch live recordings of the performances by Feb 1
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of experiences

With The Deification Magick Rituals, you’ll receive:

  • 1. E.A. Koetting — Commander-In-Chief Ritual and Evocation of Satan and Azazel
  • 2. N.D. Blackwood — Evocation of the Goddess of Vampirism and Queen of Night, Lilith
  • 3. Andrieh Vitimus — Evocation of Nyx the Goddess of Night, Shadow & Darkness
  • 4. Martin McGreggor — Evocation of the Runic Grigori for God Discovery

This ritual has closed.

The Deification Magick Rituals

Peer Reviews

  • Since my debut in the Occult, the creation of the Body of Black Light has been my highest personal obsession. In this grimoire, I wanted to share with you one of the most powerful magick experimentations I ever had, years ago and a step-by-step curriculum to replicate it. It’s goal is to manifest, by yourself and without the assistance of any deity or god, the creation of a spiritual vehicle capable of containing your consciousness. Strangely, this working perfectly coincides with the conclusions of E.A Koetting when it comes to the Immortality of the Self, and his own work on how you can take freedom from so-called “Creation” and cheat the process of life, death, and rebirth. With this Spellbook, also featuring Andrieh Vitimus and Martin McGreggor, you open the gates to new Working Operations for black magicians hungry for power over Ascent.

    N.D. Blackwood, author of The Vampire’s Handbook
  • An inspired addition to the World Domination Series, The Deification Magick Spellbook is a comprehensive guide to discovering and unleashing the God within. Andrieh Vitimus’ rites, along with the rituals I have provided, establish a process for unlocking the Godlike powers within all of Humanity. N.D. Blackwood and E.A. Koetting have developed effective, practical magick for the application of those powers within the real, living world. This is not only a handbook for Ascension, but also a practical manual for real-world witchcraft. Claims are often made about the dark and dangerous rituals held within modern grimoires, but little more is offered than cheap theatrics. Undeniably, this work holds some of the most powerful, blasphemous, and outright dangerous rites for Alchemy of the self ever conceived. You will be tested. Refuse to relent!

    Martin McGreggor, author of Paths to Satan
  • This tome is a collection of impressive grimoires that act as a blueprint for the improvement of one’s own spiritual performance, magickal capacity, and metaphysical anatomy. Each author brings something special and unique to the table, and all information and guides interlocking together as one. In unison and even separate, this information will serve the magician well upon their Path of Spiritual Evolution, Ascent and Apotheosis toward Self-Deification. Don’t just read the words but immerse yourself into them, practice the rites and exercises to experience the true unfolding of one’s own potential Godhood. I must extend my congratulations to E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus, and Martin McGreggor for their work.

    Conner Kendall, author of The Black Magician’s Handbook

Dear Friend,

Together in unison, we four black magicians, E.A. Koetting, N.D. Blackwood, Andrieh Vitimus, and Martin McGreggor, will evoke an unbridled firestorm of permanent transformative change in your life. We will implant a permanent magick link between you and the forces of Self-Deification to ignite the Torch of your Ascent.

All four fearless sorcerers will perform The Deification Magick Rituals on your behalf on January 26th, when Venus enters into Pisces, after exiting the first Mercury Retrograde of 2023. This is the perfect Astral Crossroads for beginning new ventures, starting a new path in life, doubling-down on your current practices, and for finding the path that is best for you.

We have both been preparing carefully for these specific Deification Rituals for months, summoning our most trusted demonic allies to awaken your greatest abilities and seal their guidance upon your life.

Ritual 1. E.A. Koetting — Commander-In-Chief & Evocation Of Satan & Azazel

I, E.A. Koetting, will begin by performing my Commander-In-Chief Ritual, followed by an opening of the Gates of Hell and calling forth of Satan, and then a full evocation of Azazel, to awaken and guide those whom are named, and to kindle the Black Flame into an Infernal Conflagration of self-transformation!

Ritual 2. N.D. Blackwood — The Queen Of Night & Goddess Of Vampirism, Lilith

Lilith, Goddess of Vampirism, you know my darkest desires.
On this night, my will is to link myself to your Current,
And receive the unification of dragons.

The Vampiric Adept and ritualist N.D. Blackwood will call upon Queen of the Night and Goddess of Vampirism, Lilith herself, in the Blood Prayer to receive her Dark Gift.

Ritual 3. Andrieh Vitimus — Nyx Goddess Of Night

Andrieh Vitimus will become a living portal to Nyx, Goddess of Night, Shadow, and Darkness and implant a link between the the Goddess and the Magician.

Ritual 4. Martin McGreggor — Evocation Of The Runic Grigori

Martin McGreggor will evoke the magick powers and demons of the Runic Grigori to help you to discover the God within through blasphemies of the ascendant.

We will all film our rituals live in real time, so you can see and hear everything that happens, and receive any channeled insights that come through us from the Spirit World into the Physical Plane. By February 1, we will both send you a video link by email and also post it to the members area.

The Deification Magick Rituals are not fully sealed until you watch the Rituals video, as doing so confirms that you willfully accept these spiritual forces into your life. In addition to completing the energetic circuit of these powers into your life, the Ritual video will also provide you with essential channeled information as well as simple magick instructions to conclude the Ritual on your end, if necessary.

I call the Gates of the Infernal Empire to open unto me,
and for this Infernal Pact to be accepted.
May the Infernal Masters seal their sign Eternal.

As clarified, we have been preparing our unholy temples weeks in advance of The Deification Magick Ritual, ensuring that the Mass Working will be conducted in the utmost demonic conditions. We fearless sorcerers will bring your personal name before these Infernal Masters and seal their sign upon your life forever, and as you accept it on your end, it will be sealed Eternal. In the Black Flame, your old self will burn to cinders and your new self will rise again as the One True God.

Godlike Power,

Become A Living God