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Wield The Limitless Infernal Power Of The Demonic Gatekeepers With Silver Amulets Hand-Forged By The World’s Top Talismanic Jeweler… Unlock The Lunar-Powered Magick In A Special Limited Edition

  •   Amulets: Demonic sigil talismans in silver-plated pewter
  •   Video Course: Lifetime access to consecration course online
  •   eBook Grimoire: Immediate download of consecration guide
  •   Magician: E.A. Koetting
  •   Jeweler: The Talimancer
  •   Limited Edition: Only 40 handcrafted amulets per demon
  •   Shipping: Receive globally in two weeks or less
Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

Amulets of The God Star & Demonic Gatekeepers

1. Divination for Demonic Gnosis
Channel your patron demon to receive gnosis.

2. Ritual Evocation for Demonic Possession
Evoke and enter possession with your patron demon.

3. Spellcasting Talisman of Power
Fuel your spells for love, wealth, and protection.

4. Key to Astral Travel & Lucid Dreams
Unlock your access to the Infernal Empire.

The Complete God Star - only $2,490 1,999
Individual Amulets - only $249


Original price was: $2,490.Current price is: $1,999.
  • Receive all 10 demonic amulets
  • Includes Consecration Kit
  • Get $491 off = 2 free amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
  • Silver-plated and lunar-powered
  • Features sigil of Demonic Gatekeeper
  • Includes individual amulet
  • Limited edition of only 40 amulets

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The Complete God Star contains (1) all 10 amulets, (2) consecration video course, and (3) consecration ebook grimoire. The individual amulets do not include the consecration kit.

Silver-plated pewter amulets, 1.5 inches in size, includes adjustable nylon cord necklaces.

Handcrafted in a strictly limited edition of only 40 amulets per Demonic Gatekeeper.

Special Savings
Receive $491 off to save 20% on all 10 amulets combined with The Complete God Star, equivalent to 2 free amulets.

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Orders are final, no refunds.

Shipping Speed
Ships within three business days.

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Harness The Unlimited Magick Synergy Of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers With Their New, Silver-Plated, Lunar-Powered Sigil Amulets

Dear Friend,

I covenant to construct the Infernal Empire on earth, and to open nine permanent gateways on this earth, so that the ancient Gods, now called demons, may walk the earth. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.256

Between 2018-2020, I embarked on an unprecedented three-year Ritual Evocation and Initiation Pathworking with the nine most powerful, most feared demons in human history. This supergroup of prehuman diplomats from Outer Darkness call themselves The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers.

Demon by demon, I entered perfect possession and respectfully unmasked these nine mysterious godlike demons to witness their true faces for the first time. These immortal, ascendant demons have incarnated under many names and masks in the most ancient civilizations over millennia. I recorded their true magick, priceless gnosis, and life-changing lessons in a 459-page, nine-grimoire compendium, called The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers.

Like a lifelong sinister shaman, my 25 years of black magick culminated in this 36-month journey into the Infernal Empire. The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers saga epitomizes my eternal ascent thus far.

THE GOD STAR — The Supreme Infernal Union Of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

As these Nine come together, as they seat themselves in this world, as we open the Gates and bring them through and as they unite in manifest forms, the God-Star will rise and the Prince of Darkness will draw near. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.80

Amulet of The God Star
Like the legendary Knights of the Round Table, when The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers unite their magick collectively, they form a perfect synergy of unlimited demonic power, i.e., a meta-demon or super-demon, a new sovereign entity infinitely stronger and greater together than the sum of their individual parts alone.

Like a combination lock, The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers fit together, and interconnect with one another perfectly. They accelerate and maximize their ascent in unison, and thus transform into The Black Diamond. In other words, they "level up" into the supreme force of cosmic evolution that they call The God Star. In essence, The God Star embodies the sovereign manifestation of the Infernal Empire, or Infernal Crown, in beholdable, individuated, and unified form to the Black Magician.

» Click here for the exclusive page of the God Star Amulet and Consecration Kit.

Please allow me to introduce you to the Mighty Nine below one at a time according to their Demonic Name, Sigil, and Powers.

1. BELIAL — The Ruler Of Hell And Devil Without A Master...

Do what thou wilt is no longer the law. There is no law. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.70

Amulet of Belial

Belial is the Ruler of Hell, the King of this world, angel of lawlessness, and a devil without a Master. In Christian and Judaic scripture, Belial is referred to as being the Worthless One, but the most ancient Canaanite sources place Belial as the springtime goddess descended to the underworld to sacrifice herself for her brother’s salvation. In a way, this makes Belial the proto-Christ, the Demonic Messiah. Belial doesn’t come to take your sins away, however, but instead your chains become revealed and you are given the power to break them.

Belial is the God of the Hopeless and the Forsaken. He has special abilities that allow him to infiltrate any power structure and exploit their weaknesses. He can use this to your advantage in ascending hierarchies and gaining influence, but his skills are much better put to use in turning these power structures against themselves. This can be applied to disrupting the power structures within families, communities, businesses, and even nations.

Belial disappeared from beneath the surface of the mirror, and his familiars appeared ... to my scrying eyes as clearly as Belial had, their deeds and powers spoken by Belial’s now incorporeal voice ... as they appeared in the mirror before me, their sigils also took shape in my grimoire, like lines of energy only slightly brighter than the paper pages, but shimmering as things from other worlds will. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.37

The three most practical applications of Belial’s powers are:

  • Freeing yourself from any form of bondage, like toxic relationships, dead-end employment, and drug addiction.
  • Advancing your career with recognition as an authority.
  • Defending yourself against political oppression and tyranny.

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Belial and Consecration Kit.

2. LUCIFER-AMAYMON: The Enlightener, The Initiator, And The Black Sun...

“Alash tad al’ash tal ashtu!” I repeated over and over, invoking the words of the Ancient Covenant that both binds our races and bridges our worlds. In the air before me I could see the Dragon's Eye staring at me, scrying into me. - The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.73

Amulet of Lucifer

Amaymon is the Black Sun, the Dragon's Eye. He is the Hidden God, the Dark Origin of Lucifer's Light. The Egyptian Pharaohs honored Amaymon as Amun, the first god born of his own will, granter of protection, empowerment, and immortality.

Lucifer-Amaymon is the definitive spiritual enlightener and magick initiator, and some of the many unique gifts that he offers are:

  • Experiencing unprecedented spiritual awakening and personal evolution
  • Receiving individual mentorship in the secrets of Dark Magick
  • Enhancing your clairvoyance and command over all spirits
  • Mastering Spiritual Immortality and reincarnation

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Lucifer and Consecration Kit.

3. AZAZEL: The Fallen Angel Who Steals Fire From The Gods

Metaphysics calls it the Astral Body of Light, but there is a Body of Darkness. And my Sword is now in your Left Hand of Darkness. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.162

Amulet of Azazel

Azazel is the fallen angel or the renegade god who stole the weapons and the powers of the gods and taught their secrets to humans. It is he who gave us knowledge of magick, of weapons, and of the hidden powers of sexuality.

Azazel is the possessing demon that cannot be exorcised. He is capable of entering the bodies of countless men or beasts, and can completely overtake their will while inhabiting their bodies. As such, Azazel is able to teach you how to fully open yourself to possession, but even more interesting is that he can teach you how to jump into another person’s body, to possess them and to take control of their bodies and minds.

Some of the things that Azazel offers as his part of this pact are:

  • Inheriting a unique Weapon of Darkness that only you can wield. If you have already received a weapon from Azazel, he can grant you another of a different type, or a piece of unique Armor of Darkness
  • Admission into the membership of Azazel’s secret ranks of Demonic Adepts
  • Increasing your magick power, sexual seduction, and physical capabilities
  • Commanding armies of spirits that bound to serve you obediently

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Azazel and Consecration Kit.

4. ABADDON — The Angel Of The Abyss...

What's being summoned, what's being created here is the manifestation of the Father, The Lord of Darkness, manifested in physical form as the Prince of Darkness, called by prophecy the Antichrist.

This is not Satan. This is older than Amaymon. It is even older, greater, deeper than Abaddon, the Lord of Darkness. This is a force, an entity, a Supreme Being that I've learned to call The Father when speaking casually.
The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.187

Amulet of Abaddon

Abaddon is the Destroyer, the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, and the God of the Abyss. Abaddon is excellent — EXCELLENT! — at destruction. At face value, this could be as simple as the destruction of a person; an obstacle; a pervasive, pernicious situation; or a insidious circumstance. At the deepest level, though, is the destruction of the self, the destruction of your perception, your preconceived notions.

Abaddon teaches (along with destruction and death rites), possession, de-possession and bindings: binding spirits; binding spells; how to bind others; how to bind yourself; how to bind the reality to obey a command; how to loosen binds; how to unlock yourself; and how to unlock any door that can open.

Some of the things that Abaddon offers as his part of this pact are:

  • Destroying the old self and experiencing a magickal rebirth into a new life of Ascent
  • Controlling the spiritual forces of Baneful Magick
  • Protecting yourself and allies from curses and negative energy
  • Destroying any obstacles in your Path of Ascent
  • Receiving command over Abaddon's locust army of demonic assassins

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Abaddon and Consecration Kit.

5. LUCIFUGE — The Lord Of Pacts...

You don’t even know the beginning of the forces that you have awoken. You have awoken a monster, and the monster is not me, the monster is your own Empire. The Emperor does not rule the Empire; the Emperor serves the Empire. Remember this always as you ascend. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.255

Amulet of Lucifuge

Lucifuge is the Keeper of the Black Gate, he is the Binder of Pacts, Guardian of Secret Treasure, the Lord of Magick, the Ancient One beyond space and time, and the Bearer of the Ancient Covenant.

A pact with Lucifuge is an Essential Compact for your full development as a Dark Sorcerer, and every black magician who has made a pact with Lucifuge will testify that that pact was the turning point in their magickal evolution.

Some of the things that Lucifuge offers as his part of this pact are:

  • Manifesting an excess of life's bounties and comforts
  • Increasing prosperity and abundance to the degree of a relative fortune
  • Imbuing your career path and your creative projects with supernatural success
  • Lasting vitality and strength in your psychic and carnal bodies
  • Receiving treasures of knowledge, wisdom, and secrets of power only attainable by those who bear the mark of this covenant

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Lucifuge and Consecration Kit.

6. BEELZEBUB — The Lord Of The Flies...

I will give you all that I can, all that I have received from the Lord of Flies, but I do it with the admission that after everything with Beelzebub, I am for once in my over 20 years of demonic magick, truly stunned and at a loss for words due to its merciless tornado of creative destruction in my mundane life. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.312

Amulet of Beelzebub

Beelzebub is the deathly solar force. He is the blackened sun. He is the sun, become sackcloth. Prince of Devils, Lord of Flies, Beelzebub teaches the secrets of gaining and commanding legions of devils, he has and gives power over illnesses and wounds, and he grants the most clear vision of the Infernal Empire attainable to man.

Beelzebub is the Prince of Devils, meaning that he commands countless legions of spirits, and he can teach you the secrets of spirit binding and summoning. As the Lord of Flies, contact with Beelzebub stimulates an immersive and experiential knowledge of the reality of the supernatural. In other words, as you turn to Beelzebub he will not simply tell you about what is possible... you will discover your potential in unique and undeniable ways following a pact rite with Beelzebub.

Some of the things that Beelzebub offers as his part of this pact are:

  • Forming an unbreakable connection with the Spirit World that increases daily as you feed it
  • Discovering the next steps in your Personal Destiny
  • Clearing your life of old patterns and blockages to your Ascent
  • Awakening fully to the spiritual reality of the Infernal Empire
  • Increasing your powers of mass mind control
  • Enhancing the magickal ability to empower others, or to make others fall ill

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Beelzebub and Consecration Kit.

7. BAAL — The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords...

You’ve come to Ba’al for powers that no other demon could offer. You've come to Ba’al for strength, for might, to build a kingdom that you could never build alone. What are you willing to do for power? What are you willing to sacrifice for your kingdom? The answer should be anything and everything. If it's not, then you're not ready. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.337

Amulet of Baal

Bael is the Lord of Lords, ancient god of storms, demonic patriarch, and the eldest Lord of War. Bael gives precise instructions to those who seek him out on rituals and meditations to gain mass influence, ascendant sorcery, and most of all, insights into the ‘inner game’ of magick, where the true kings emerge!

Some of the things that Bael offers as his part of this pact are:

  • Opening the doors to everlasting prosperity and abundance
  • Raising your fame, fortune, and all Jupiterian excesses
  • Awakening the magick powers of invincibility and invisibility
  • Assuming positions of authority, leadership, and command

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Baal and Consecration Kit.

8. ASMODEUS — The Lord Of Lust And Wrath...

This is Asmodeus’ greatest teaching: Find it first within yourself, and then the outside world will appear as a better reflection of a better person. Asmodeus will grant you power to control others endlessly to lead you to the understanding that what you really want and what you really need is to understand yourself, to gain full mastery over yourself, and those who surround you will shift and change in accordance with the values and standards of the person that you can become. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.398

Amulet of Asmodeus

Asmoday is the demon of lust and wrath, the Destroying God, Lord of Gambling, and devil of the lusts of the flesh.

Asmoday promises to fulfill love, prosperity, influence, lust, friendship, luck, and revenge, and he can and will do so once he is called, but never forget that the powers and insights gained are balanced by the sacrifices that we are willing to make and the change that we are willing to endure as we open Asmoday’s Gate.

Some of the things that Asmoday offers are:

  • Heightening your sex drive and sexual prowess
  • Amplifying the orgone energy and force of ritual sex magick
  • Finding your preferred soul mate, bed mate, or life partner
  • Boosting your luck in gambling, investing, and fortune
  • Transmuting blockages into gateways of Ascent

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Asmodeus and Consecration Kit.

9. SATAN — The Adversary, The Great Serpent, And The Lord Of Darkness...

In my opinion, if Satan, according to the mythology, had any blame that he deserved, it was not pride, but it was his appeal to authority. To go and present his plan to God, i.e., “Hey, what do you think of my plan? Give me permission.” But then his atonement was in his rebellion. Once he saw that he was not going to receive daddy's permission, he wasn’t going to ask twice. He went about enacting his plan anyways. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.439

Amulet of Satan

Satan is the Lord of Darkness, the Adversary, the Ancient Dragon, the Great and Evil Serpent, and the Liberator of Mankind.

Of the mighty nine, he has become the most popular and universally known worldwide in the mainstream sense, having become the primary Adversary of the biggest monotheistic religions.

Some of the things Satan offers you for this pact are:

  • Forming an eternal psychic connection with Satan
  • Increasing powers of seduction, influence, and manipulation
  • Amplifying your malevolent energy for Baneful Magick
  • Internal Alchemy to transform your worst suffering into your strongest power
  • Receiving a personal demon servitor from Satan bound to serve you for the rest of your life

» Click here for the exclusive page of the Amulet of Satan and Consecration Kit.

Harness The Full Stack Of Magick Powers To Skyrocket Your Eternal Ascent With These Silver-Plated, Lunar-Powered Talismans

Wield These Magick Powers...

With the Amulets of The Demonic Gatekeepers, you're going to wield these key magick powers...

  • Clairvoyant Divination for Demonic Gnosis: Channel your patron demons to receive priceless gnosis unique to your ascent and relationship with the Demonic Gatekeepers.
  • High-Powered Ritual Evocation for Possession: Invoke, evoke, and enter possession with your patron demons through the gateways of your amulets placed upon your magick circle or temple altar.
  • Spellcasting Talismans for Love, Wealth & Protection: Wield the forces of your patron demons to fuel the day-to-day needs of your spellcasting in every area of your life like ascent, love, wealth, and protection.
  • Keys to Astral Travel & Lucid Dreams: Allow the sigil keys to unlock your access to the Demonic Kingdom by triggering astral travel and awakening lucid dreams.

The Seven Simplest, Most Proven Techniques...

Here are the seven simplest, most proven techniques to harness the Amulets of The Demonic Gatekeepers to empower both your ritual magick and everyday life...

  • Hold the amulets in your hand to evoke your patron demon to presence.
  • Feature the amulets on your altar to channel demonic energy.
  • Wear the amulets around your neck to empower and protect yourself.
  • Carry the amulets in your bag to fuel the needs of your everyday life.
  • Hang the amulets on your wall to create a fortress of power and protection.
  • Place the amulets under your pillow to trigger astral travels and lucid dreams.
  • Gaze into the amulets for a focal point of divination for scrying gnosis.

In general, these guidelines simply summarize the endless and infinite possibilities that can arise with a magick connection to The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers — who will will elevate and accelerate your human evolution further than any other spirit, guide, or tradition available anywhere on planet Earth. Ultimately, your personal magick relationship with the demonic gods will shape your ascent together. Of course, the unique type and intensity of your awakening will vary individually according to your personal ethic, genetic constitution, and religious indoctrination.

How The World's Top Talismanic Jeweler Married Both Planetary And Demonic Energy Together In A Unique Magick Formula...

Here's how the world's top talismanic jeweler, The Talimancer, has formulated the Amulets of the Demonic Gatekeepers to fuse together Planetary and Demonic energies...

  • Lunar Magick: the Tibetan silver plating on the surface of the amulets tap into and channel the Nightside Energy of the Moon
  • Jupiterian Magick: the alloy contains tin as a base part of the pewter mixture, and it harnesses the Nightside Energy of Jupiter.
  • Saturnian Magick: the chemical composition also contains a minimal amount of lead. For maximum safety, the jeweler has applied a high-powered sealer to protect the magician. This metal taps into and channels the Nightside Energy of Saturn.

In terms of size, the amulet stands at approximately 1.5 inches tall with a thickness of 4 mm, and includes an adjustable nylon cord necklace.

As clarified above, the amulets feature a unique magick formula within the alloy composition to synergize the sorcery of dark planets and demons together, while simultaneously eliminating the very low risk of toxicity from traditional metal jewelry.

How The "Consecration Kit" Transforms You Into An Open Gateway For Gnosis And Shows You How To Consecrate The Amulet Too

With the Consecration Kit of the Amulet, you're going to receive immediate access to two carefully designed companion materials in the members area. The (1) video consecration course and (2) ebook consecration grimoire will "activate" your psyche to open your energy body as a Magick Gateway to receive the transmission of priceless Magick Gnosis from The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers to empower your eternal ascent in this life and future lives.

  1. Video Consecration Course: Lifetime access to the one-hour course online — this features a live recording of my Consecration Ritual performance and introduction to the magick powers of each Demonic Gatekeeper. Watching and connecting with this ritual will ground your psyche and anchor your energy body to safely open as a Magick Gateway to the Demonic Gatekeeper.
  2. eBook Consecration Grimoire: Instant download of the 15-page ebook grimoire — this contains a secret grimoire that guides you through the Consecration Ritual step by step, including the necessary Demonic Sigil & Incantation to synchronize your brain to the Theta-Gamma Sync, and open yourself as a Magick Gateway, along with the sister course.

Together as a Consecration Kit, the Video Course and eBook Grimoire will transform you into a human lightning rod that receives clear transmission from The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers for the rest of your life and beyond in both the physical and astral planes.

Order “The Complete God Star” Right Now And Receive All 10 Amulets Including The Bonus Consecration Kit... Get $491 Off To Save 20% On This Special Limited Edition

  Demonic Amulets Talismans of The Demonic Gatekeepers
  Video Course Lifetime access to magick course online
  eBook Grimoire Immediate download of magick guide
  Limited Availability Extremely limited quantity exists

When I embarked on my three-year pathworking, I entered perfect possession with every one of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, and they transmitted the gnosis necessary to arrange the sigil amulets one demon at a time. Only when I had finally entered perfect possession with the full nine, did I finally possess the complete ritual protocols necessary for harnessing the magick of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers in unison as a collective cosmic force, called The God Star and The Black Diamond.

I genuinely believe that as many human magicians as possible need to harness the unlimited magick synergy of The God Star to accelerate the speed of human evolution. Therefore, when you place your order for The Complete God Star, you are going to receive all 10 amulets, the Consecration Kit, and get $491 off to save 20% — with these savings, you essentially receive 2 free amulets.

To summarize, with The Complete God Star, you're going to receive:

  • Amulets of The God Star and Demonic Gatekeepers - 10 amulets
  • Video course - consecration ritual streaming on demand
  • eBook grimoire - consecration ritual ebook with instant download
  • Hypoallergenic metal - silver-plated pewter with cord necklace
  • Get $491 off to save 20% - equal to 2 free amulets

Or, you can place an order for the specific amulet of an individual Demonic Gatekeeper of your preference at only $249. Beware that an extremely limited edition of only 40 amulets exist per category of Demonic Gatekeeper, therefore I sincerely urge you to take advantage of these stunningly gorgeous, silver-plated, lunar-powered, demonic sigil amulets right now, because the world's top talismanic jeweler, The Talimancer, handcrafted every single one uniquely and personally.

Unlock Secret Gnosis That Most Magicians Will Never Experience With The Demonic Gatekeepers Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Baal, Asmodeus & Satan

Truthfully, traditional occultists have always suppressed and censored demonic magick. White magicians and witches have always fear-mongered and shamed the demonic gods and goddesses. I call this "demonphobia."

When I finally "broke the glass ceiling" on this millennia-long Abrahamic tradition, and when I championed the beauty and power of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, I immediately became Enemy #1 of the occult. In fact, I have often referred to myself as "The Most Hated Man in Magick History."

I have this simple metric that I use in deciding who to invest my time and energy in. Are you here to feed off me or are you here to help me feed others? If you're here to feed off of me, get the fuck out. If you're here to help me feed others, there are plenty of mouth's that need it, and many of these people are silently crying for it, silently praying for it, and God is not answering their prayers.

I am here to do the work that God refuses to do. I am here to do the work that only I can do. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.345

I hereby summon YOU now to find out why ancient pagans and heathen civilizations worshiped The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers as their patron and matron deities in the past. I summon YOU to inherit the true magick, priceless gnosis, and life-changing lessons of the most powerful and feared demons in human history.

As you embark on your life-changing journey with the demonic gods and goddesses into the Infernal Empire, I welcome you to refer to my 459-page master-grimoire, The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, to receive the full, uncensored records of my demonic gnosis as an essential, indispensable, Luciferian light upon your path.

Alash tad Alash tal Ashtu

Godlike Power,

Meet The Author

Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

Official contact with prehistoric diplomats from Outer Darkness — Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Baal, Asmodeus & Satan