Wield The Limitless Infernal Power Of The Demon Lucifer With A Silver-Plated Amulet Hand-Forged By The World’s Top Talismanic Jeweler… Unlock The Lunar-Powered Magick In A Special Limited Edition

  •   Amulet: Demonic sigil talisman in silver-plated pewter
  •   Video Course: Lifetime access to consecration course online
  •   eBook Grimoire: Immediate download of consecration guide
  •   Magician: E.A. Koetting
  •   Jeweler: The Talimancer
  •   Limited Edition: Only 40 handcrafted amulets
  •   Shipping: Receive globally in two weeks or less

The Amulet of Lucifer harnesses key magick powers:

1. Divination for Demonic Gnosis
Channel your patron demon to receive gnosis.

2. Ritual Evocation for Demonic Possession
Evoke and enter possession with your patron demon.

3. Spellcasting Talisman of Power
Fuel your spells for love, wealth, and protection.

4. Key to Astral Travel & Lucid Dreams
Unlock your access to the Infernal Empire.

    • Silver-plated demonic sigil jewelry
    • Lifetime access to video consecration course
    • Download of ebook consecration grimoire
    • Includes adjustable cord necklace
    • Get $50 off to save 14%
    • Silver-plated demonic sigil jewelry
    • Includes adjustable cord necklace
    • Limited edition of only 40 amulets
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Harness The Unlimited Magick Synergy Of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers With Their New, Silver-Plated, Lunar-Powered Sigil Amulets

Dear Friend,

I covenant to construct the Infernal Empire on earth, and to open nine permanent gateways on this earth, so that the ancient Gods, now called demons, may walk the earth. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.256

Between 2018-2020, I embarked on an unprecedented three-year Ritual Evocation and Initiation Pathworking with the nine most powerful, most feared demons in human history. This supergroup of prehuman diplomats from Outer Darkness call themselves The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers.

Demon by demon, I entered perfect possession and respectfully unmasked these nine mysterious godlike demons to witness their true faces for the first time. These immortal, ascendant demons have incarnated under many names and masks in the most ancient civilizations over millennia. I recorded their true magick, priceless gnosis, and life-changing lessons in a 459-page, nine-grimoire compendium, called The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers.

Like a lifelong sinister shaman, my 25 years of black magick culminated in this 36-month journey into the Infernal Empire. The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers saga epitomizes my eternal ascent thus far.

THE GOD STAR — The Supreme Infernal Union Of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

As these Nine come together, as they seat themselves in this world, as we open the Gates and bring them through and as they unite in manifest forms, the God-Star will rise and the Prince of Darkness will draw near. — The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.80

Like the legendary Knights of the Round Table, when The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers unite their magick collectively, they form a perfect synergy of unlimited demonic power, i.e., a meta-demon or super-demon, a new sovereign entity infinitely stronger and greater together than the sum of their individual parts alone.

Like a combination lock, The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers fit together, and interconnect with one another perfectly. They accelerate and maximize their ascent in unison, and thus transform into The Black Diamond. In other words, they “level up” into the supreme force of cosmic evolution that they call The God Star. In essence, The God Star embodies the sovereign manifestation of the Infernal Empire, or Infernal Crown, in beholdable, individuated, and unified form to the Black Magician.

Please allow me to introduce you to the Mighty Nine below one at a time according to their Demonic Name, Sigil, and Powers.

LUCIFER-AMAYMON: The Enlightener, The Initiator, And The Black Sun… Let Lucifer Become Your Ally On Your Lifelong Journey For Spiritual Ascent And Enlightenment

“Alash tad al’ash tal ashtu!” I repeated over and over, invoking the words of the Ancient Covenant that both binds our races and bridges our worlds. In the air before me I could see the Dragon’s Eye staring at me, scrying into me. – The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, p.73

Amulet of Lucifer

Amaymon is the Black Sun, the Dragon’s Eye. He is the Hidden God, the Dark Origin of Lucifer’s Light. The Egyptian Pharaohs honored Amaymon as Amun, the first god born of his own will, granter of protection, empowerment, and immortality.

Lucifer-Amaymon is the definitive spiritual enlightener and magick initiator, and some of the many unique gifts that he offers are:

  • Experiencing unprecedented spiritual awakening and personal evolution
  • Receiving individual mentorship in the secrets of Dark Magick
  • Enhancing your clairvoyance and command over all spirits
  • Mastering Spiritual Immortality and reincarnation

Harness The Full Stack Of Magick Powers And Skyrocket Your Eternal Ascent With The Silver-Plated, Lunar-Powered Talisman

Wield These Magick Powers…

With the Amulet of Lucifer, you’re going to wield these key magick powers…

  • Clairvoyant Divination for Demonic Gnosis: Channel your patron demons to receive priceless gnosis unique to your ascent and relationship with the Demonic Gatekeepers.
  • High-Powered Ritual Evocation for Possession: Invoke, evoke, and enter possession with your patron demons through the gateways of your amulets placed upon your magick circle or temple altar.
  • Spellcasting Talisman for Love, Wealth & Protection: Wield the forces of your patron demons to fuel the day-to-day needs of your spellcasting in every area of your life like ascent, love, wealth, and protection.
  • Key to Astral Travel & Lucid Dreams: Allow the sigil keys to unlock your access to the Demonic Kingdom by triggering astral travel and awakening lucid dreams.

The Seven Simplest, Most Proven Techniques…

Here are the seven simplest, most proven techniques to harness the Amulet of Lucifer to empower both your ritual magick and everyday life…

  • Hold the amulets in your hand to evoke your patron demon to presence.
  • Feature the amulets on your altar to channel demonic energy.
  • Wear the amulets around your neck to empower and protect yourself.
  • Carry the amulets in your bag to fuel the needs of your everyday life.
  • Hang the amulets on your wall to create a fortress of power and protection.
  • Place the amulets under your pillow to trigger astral travels and lucid dreams.
  • Gaze into the amulets for a focal point of divination for scrying gnosis.

In general, these guidelines simply summarize the endless and infinite possibilities that can arise with a magick connection to your patron demon from The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers — who will will elevate and accelerate your human evolution further than any other spirit, guide, or tradition available anywhere on planet Earth. Ultimately, your personal magick relationship with the demonic gods will shape your ascent together. Of course, the unique type and intensity of your awakening will vary individually according to your personal ethic, genetic constitution, and religious indoctrination.

How The World’s Top Talismanic Jeweler Married Both Planetary And Demonic Energy Together In A Unique Magick Formula…

Here’s how the world’s top talismanic jeweler, The Talimancer, has formulated the Amulet of Lucifer to fuse together Planetary and Demonic energies…

  • Lunar Magick: the Tibetan silver plating on the surface of the amulet taps into and channel the Nightside Energy of the Moon
  • Jupiterian Magick: the alloy contains tin as a base part of the pewter mixture, and it harnesses the Nightside Energy of Jupiter.
  • Saturnian Magick: the chemical composition also contains a minimal amount of lead. For maximum safety, the jeweler has applied a high-powered sealer to protect the magician. This metal taps into and channels the Nightside Energy of Saturn.

In terms of size, the amulet stands at approximately 1.5 inches tall with a thickness of 4 mm, and includes a nylon cord necklace.

As clarified above, the amulet features a unique magick formula within the alloy composition to synergize the sorcery of dark planets and demons together, while simultaneously eliminating the very low risk of toxicity from traditional metal jewelry.

How The “Consecration Kit” Transforms You Into An Open Gateway For Gnosis And Shows You How To Consecrate The Amulet Too

With the Consecration Kit of the Amulet, you’re going to receive immediate access to two carefully designed companion materials in the members area. The (1) video consecration course and (2) ebook consecration grimoire will “activate” your psyche to open your energy body as a Magick Gateway to receive the transmission of priceless Magick Gnosis from The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers to empower your eternal ascent in this life and future lives.

  1. Video Consecration Course: Lifetime access to the one-hour course online — this features a live recording of my Consecration Ritual performance and introduction to the magick powers of each Demonic Gatekeeper. Watching and connecting with this ritual will ground your psyche and anchor your energy body to safely open as a Magick Gateway to the Demonic Gatekeeper.
  2. eBook Consecration Grimoire: Instant download of the 15-page ebook grimoire — this contains a secret grimoire that guides you through the Consecration Ritual step by step, including the necessary Demonic Sigil & Incantation to synchronize your brain to the Theta-Gamma Sync, and open yourself as a Magick Gateway, along with the sister course.

Together as a Consecration Kit, the Video Course and eBook Grimoire will transform you into a human lightning rod that receives clear transmission from The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers for the rest of your life and beyond in both the physical and astral planes.

Order “The Amulet Of Lucifer” With The “Consecration Kit” Right Now To Harness The Full Stack Of Magick Powers… Get $50 Off To Save 14% On This Special Limited Edition

  Amulet of Lucifer Talisman of The Demonic Gatekeeper
  Video Course Lifetime access to magick course online
  eBook Grimoire Immediate download of magick guide
  Limited Availability Extremely limited quantity exists

When I embarked on my three-year pathworking, I entered perfect possession with every one of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, and they transmitted the gnosis necessary to arrange the sigil amulets one demon at a time. Only when I had finally entered perfect possession with the full nine, did I finally possess the complete ritual protocols necessary for harnessing the magick of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers in unison as a collective cosmic force, called The God Star and The Black Diamond.

I genuinely believe that as many human magicians as possible need to harness the unlimited magick synergy of The Demonic Gatekeepers to accelerate the speed of human evolution. Therefore, when you place your order for The Amulet of Lucifer with Consecration Kit, you’re going to receive the Amulet, the Consecration Kit, and get $50 of to save 14%.

  • Amulet of Lucifer – silver-plated, lunar-powered, demonic sigil
  • Video course – consecration ritual streaming on demand
  • eBook grimoire – consecration ritual ebook with instant download
  • Hypoallergenic metal – with adjustable nylon cord necklace
  • Get $50 off – save 14% for a limited time only

Of course, you can also place an order for The Amulet of Lucifer by itself at only $249. Beware that a strictly limited edition of only 40 amulets exist in this design, therefore I sincerely urge you to take advantage of these stunningly gorgeous, silver-plated, lunar-powered, demonic sigil amulets right now, because the world’s top talismanic jeweler, The Talimancer, handcrafted every single one uniquely and personally.

As you embark on your life-changing journey with the demonic gods and goddesses into the Infernal Empire, I welcome you to refer to my 459-page master-grimoire, The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, to receive the full, uncensored records of my demonic gnosis as an essential, indispensable, Luciferian light upon your path.

Alash tad Alash tal Ashtu

Godlike Power,

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