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Become Fluent In A Universal Demonic Tongue With My Infernal Dictionary And Learn To Navigate The Stellar Outlands Beyond The Qliphothic Spheres With My Advanced Astral Travel Guide & Grimoire

    •   The Black Witch A Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue
    •   Video Course: 5 hours of teaching, demonstration & interviews
    •   Forum Membership: Helpful discussion with other magicians
    •   Author: Enoch B. Petrucelly
    •   Foreword: V.K. Jehannum
    •   Editor: Timothy Donaghue
    •   Global Shipping: 2-3 weeks by location

Enoch B. Petrucelly

In The Black Witch, you'll learn:

  • A full-length dictionary of the demonic tongue
  • A masterful guide to the Outlander Demons
  • An astral map of the Stellar Outland Gateways
  • A full grimoire of possession & evocation rites
  • Live demonstrations of calls, incantations, evocations, conjurations & spells in the tongue
  • The 100% true stories of how I received this infernal tongue & discovery of new magick with it


  • Online Course – Lifetime Access
  • Master Grimoire – Both Hardback & eBook
  • 505 pages of ritual, dictionary & experiences
  • 100% authentic demonic language, sigils & portraits
  • Master Grimoire – Hardback Edition
  • 505 pages of ritual, dictionary & experiences
  • 100% authentic demonic language, sigils & portraits

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The Black Witch bundle entails (1) both a hardback & ebook grimoire, and (2) lifetime access to online course.

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Peer Reviews

  • Fortunately, there are black magickians willing to channel the true nature of the Nightside and present the spheres and their spirits as what they truly are, and Enoch B. Petrucelly is preeminent among them. His rare and fantastic insights shed a much needed light on the Black Plane of Chaos. Petrucelly bears a great testament to the transformative power of the Nightside. He carries a wise yet gentle demeanor and he’s quite possibly the swollest black magickian in the game. I hope you enjoy reading one of the best grimoires I’ve ever studied, and I wish I could be there to watch you try to pronounce A’ano’nin and Tzuflifu.

    V.K. Jehannum, author of Abaddon
  • Enoch’s words of power provide occultists with incredible magical gateways which go beyond the confines of ordinary reality. Through his work of persevering through ultimate darkness, Enoch has created a unique system of magick derived from communication with the spirits themselves. His demonic language evokes the most potent keys of initiation wherein the magician is able to transform reality by accessing alternate dimensions through the mysteries of the demonic world. The demonic tongue is not simply a language; it is a formula to transmute the cohesion of life beyond linear time to absorb and retain such revelations into practical application. This information is valuable to all seekers of the greatest mysteries and the hidden aspects of our very existence.

    Orlee Stewart, author of A Black Magician's Guide to the Ars Goetia

Dear Friend,

For over eight years now, I have performed morning meditation and nighttime ritual every day. This means, I have entered my magick circle, closed my eyes, and opened my soul to the Spirit World over 6,000 times now. Performing magick ritual has become second nature to me, like breathing air.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Enoch B. Petrucelly, but you can call me Enoch.

I Am Not Ashamed To Admit This...

I vividly recall that when I meditated my first time, it felt... forced.

It felt... fake.

it felt... awkward, and to be completely honest, I hated it and I sucked.

When I performed my first demonic evocation, I worried that my experience had occurred in my imagination only, that it was not "real" and called myself "stupid" for even trying.

In hindsight, I suffered from a psychological condition called: Ritual Anxiety and Self-Sabotage.

So, I considered quitting. Perhaps magick was not for everyone?

Cut to months in the future. One winter day here in Maine, I took a long hike through my neighboring woods. As a lifelong health nut and amateur bodybuilder, I have always viewed the world through a fitness lens. I reflected back on my first time lifting weights — that also had felt forced and awkward, and it even left my muscles sore. It finally dawned on me that an undeniable similarity exists between magick and lifting weights, namely, they both require chronic ritual, i.e., daily performance.

In that moment of epiphany, magick snapped into place in my life — I needed to treat magick like I treated fitness, i.e., let it become a normal part of my everyday life. Over the next eight years, day by day, ritual by ritual, little by little, I traveled farther and farther into demonic evocation and astral travel, to a point where I have now transcribed an entire universal demonic language and charted entire hidden realms of the astral plane.

How Did A Bodybuilder "Meathead" Like Me Receive A Universal Demonic Tongue From Lucifer The Light Bearer? Why On Earth Would Lucifer Channel An Advanced Magick Language Through A Witch Like Me?

How in the hell did I — a weight-lifting "meathead", a completely "ordinary" male witch as far as I know — inherit a universally accessible demonic tongue from Lucifer the Enlightener a.k.a. the Light Bearer? If you asked me this question eight years ago, I would have shrugged, called you "crazy" and even called it "impossible." I would have called myself a "liar."

But the REAL truth might surprise you...

Here, I will tell you the secret reason why Lucifer gave The Daemon Tongue to me.

Why did Lucifer channel The Daemon Tongue to ME in ritual gnosis?

Because I asked for it.

Let me mirror this question back at YOU now.

Why have YOU not inherited a Qliphothic tongue from Lucifer?

Because you have probably never asked for it.

I know, I know. It sounds simplistic, but it's true. Many magicians see a closed door and assume it to be locked, whereas I tried opening the door, and to my surprise, it opened wide.

I suspect that I have inherited this tongue mainly because I ASKED to receive it early on in my Qliphothic Gnosis, and symbol by symbol, sound by sound, I channeled this glyphic language and accompanied rituals into my Book of Shadows over several years — this Book of Shadows transformed into a master-grimoire, The Black Witch.

Then, I cross-verified my grimoire-dictionary with other black magicians whom I respect, for example, V.K. Jehannum, and these sorcerers found that it opened entirely new areas of discovery in their ascent too.

And today, I give The Daemon Tongue to you.

Transmitting A Universal Demonic Tongue... Becoming Fluent In A Common Spirit Language And Normalizing A Glyphic Alphabet

The Daemon Tongue is aesthetically similar in feel to the Enochian Angelic Language. It is not however angelic, but innately demonic and universal. It is a revealed language insofar as it was received by me glyph by glyph directly from Lucifer in ritual gnosis over several years. Furthermore, it is a practical Language in that it expresses power in a practical sense, not a social sense. It exists to perform demonic magick literally, not necessarily to socialize with demons conversationally.

Examples of practical language uses:

  • To open gateways that access the Stellar Outlands and Qliphothic Spheres
  • To recite and enhance ritual calls, invokations & evokations
  • To formulate, cast, and empower spells
  • To craft personalized sigils, seals, and talismans
  • To charge chakras, heighten kundalini, and magnify energy
  • To escalate spirit possession and strengthen pacts
  • To ignite astral projection and navigate travels to a kingdom & realm

Quite literally, the possibilities are only limited by the skills of the witch or sorcerer. As an analogy, it would help to compare this demonic language as a chain of master keys that a magician may use to unlock and empower any aspect of ritual magick.

The language taps into the Void itself and allows one to manifest their will quickly and without a long buildup of energy required as in English invokations etc. The Daemon Tongue gives the initiate immediate and easy access to the Qliphothic Gateways, the Tunnels of Set and the newly channeled Stellar Outland Gates.

The powers that The Daemon Tongue can unlock are limited once again only by the initiate his or herself. For me it is most effective as a tool or transformation and spiritual growth. The witch may gain powerful abilities to alter themselves in any way that they desire. They may alter their very personalities and even gain tremendous Power over their own ascent in the world. This can be a painful process depending on what obstacles are in your path. For me, I had many spiritual and psychic obstacles that I had to overcome. This was very difficult at times, but the rewards are well worth the trouble. The Daemon Tongue shines in the way it opens Gateways into your very self or into any sphere of existence that you can think of. The more power that you gain in this way, the more keys are handed to the Initiate by their Daimon or whomever their demonic spirit guides may be.

Part 1 – My Life & The Qliphoth
Ch. 1 - My Redemption Story p.15
Ch. 2 - Introduction p.33
Ch. 3 - Preliminaries for Practice p.37
Ch. 4 - Qliphothic Magick p.51
Ch. 5 - Daemon Tongue p.57
Ch. 6 - Focus Rites p.73
Ch. 7 - Tools & Methods p.89
Ch. 8 - Lilith p.95
Ch. 9 - Gamaliel p.107
Ch. 10 - Samael p.119
Ch. 11 - A'arab Zaraq p.129
Ch. 12 - Thagirion p.143
Ch. 13 - Golachab p.153
Ch. 14 - Gha'agsheblah p.163
Ch. 15 - Daath p.173
Ch. 16 - Satariel p.191
Ch. 17 - Ghagiel p.205
Ch. 18 - Thaumiel p.219

The Stellar Outland Gateways — Navigating A New Frontier Of Magick Beyond The Traditional Qliphoth

These Nine Stellar Outland Gateways are essentially Trans-Qliphothic, yet they are all part of the Sphere of Daath at the same time. They reside in the in-between spaces found on the Tree of Daath. They are boundless and exist in the realms of non-time yet are accessible through the planetary spheres found on the Tree of Daath.

The Nine Stellar Outland Gateways have Rulers that I call Outlanders that act as the Gatekeepers, similar to how the Arch-Demons rule the Qliphoth. These Gatekeepers may be evoked and worked with in the same way as the Arch-Demons as well. One may find themselves journeying through time or witnessing the true forms of the Universe around them, they may gain greater power and psychic abilities that become even more active after they access the Tunnels of Set. The Stellar Outlands are related to the Lovecraftian realms as well as the Qliphothic Spheres. They tie the two together in a way never done before to my knowledge.

Part 2 – The Stellar Outlands
Ch. 19 - Introduction p.231
Ch. 20 - The Outland Called Death p.235
Ch. 21 - The Outland Called Teemhcsd p.241
Ch. 22 - The Outland Called Zhvmv p.251
Ch. 23 - The Outland Called Gaypg p.259
Ch. 24 - The Outland Called Tsvuts p.269
Ch. 25 - The Outland Called Rpty p.277
Ch. 26 - The Outland Called Chws p.285
Ch. 27 - The Outland Called Acd p.291
Ch. 28 - The Outland Called Tbddwe p.299

Possession Work — Words Of Power That Conjure

The Possession work found within my grimoire relies on the use of the Daemon Tongue language to induce possession states. I have selected 11 Arch-Demons and Outlanders whose possession chants are provided in the grimoire. The benefits of undergoing possession are manifold and depend on the powers of the entity whom you are doing possession with. The Witch or Sorcerer is empowered by the attributes and characteristics of the specific entity possessing them; this includes their powers which may be consciously used toward a specific goal during a possession. The possession work found within my book is also very transformative and may alter you permanently, you will never be the same!

Part 3 – Rites of Daemonic Possession
Ch. 29 - Introduction p.309
Ch. 30 - Preliminary Information p.311
Ch. 31 - Possession With Baal p.325
Ch. 32 - Possession With Belial p.329
Ch. 33 - Possession With Naamah p.333
Ch. 34 - Possession With Lilith p.337
Ch. 35 - Possession With Astaroth p.343
Ch. 36 - Possession With Babalon p.347
Ch. 37 - Possession With Lucifuge p.353
Ch. 38 - Possession With Dee p.359
Ch. 39 - Possession With Wtadv p.363
Ch. 40 - Possession With Sdahv p.367
Ch. 41 - Possession With Daers p.371
Ch. 42 - The Rite of Attainment p.375

The Tunnels of Set

The 22 Tunnels of Set are an often overlooked, but very important part of Initiation through the Qliphoth. They are the connecting bridges between the different spheres of the Qliphoth. Without the initiations through them, the Initiate is not getting the full power and benefits of the Qliphothic Sphere-workings done prier. The Tunnels of Set are what make your newly developed powers more effective and usable in the dayside reality and/or the physical plane itself. Each Tunnel of Set has a Powerful Ruler or Sentinel that may be evoked for safe passage and empowerment through the Tunnels of Set. The Sentinels themselves are no joke, they are quite powerful and capable entities in no way inferior to those of the Stellar Outlands and of the Qliphoth.

Part 4 – The Tunnels of Set
Ch. 43 - Introduction p.381
Ch. 44 - Tunnel Twenty-Two: Thantifaxath p.385
Ch. 45 - Tunnel Twenty-One: Shalicu p.389
Ch. 46 - Tunnel Twenty: Raflifu p.393
Ch. 47 - Tunnel Nineteen: Qulielfi p.397
Ch. 48 - Tunnel Eighteen: Tzuflifu p.401
Ch. 49 - Tunnel Seventeen: Parfaxitas p.405
Ch. 50 - Tunnel Sixteen: A’ano’nin p.409
Ch. 51 - Tunnel Fifteen: Saksaksalim p.411
Ch. 52 - Tunnel Fourteen: Niantiel p.413
Ch. 53 - Tunnel Thirteen: Malkunofat p.417
Ch. 54 - Tunnel Twelve: Lafcursiax p.421
Ch. 55 - Tunnel Eleven: Kurgasiax p.425
Ch. 56 - Tunnel Ten: Yamatu p.429
Ch. 57 - The Greater Rite of Attainment p.429
Ch. 58 - Tunnel Nine: Temphioth p.433
Ch. 59 - Tunnel Eight: Characith p.447
Ch. 60 - Tunnel Seven: Zamradiel p.451
Ch. 61 - Tunnel Six: Uriens p.455
Ch. 62 - Tunnel Five: Hemethterith p.457
Ch. 63 - Tunnel Four: Dagdagiel p.461
Ch. 64 - Tunnel Three: Gargophias p.465
Ch. 65 - Tunnel Two: Baratchial p.469
Ch. 66 - Tunnel One: Amprodias p.473

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Place your order for The Complete Black Witch right now and you will receive EVERYTHING you need to harness full power of The Daemon Tongue, the Outlands, and the Outlander Gateways — AND — eliminate any annoying ritual anxiety that MANY witches and sorcerers face, but never admit.

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  1. A dictionary of symbols, definitions, and incantations from The Daemon Tongue
  2. A step-by-step pathworking of rituals and meditations that advance you through the Qliphoth Spheres and Stellar Outlands
  3. A guide to astral traveling the spheres and outlands

My 3-hour video course features pronunciations, demonstrations, and face-to-face lectures that will help you to better navigate this master-grimoire. It also includes two free bonus interviews with me by sorcerers E.A. Koetting and Orlee Stewart.

My 100% No-Frustration, No-Anxiety Guarantee — Take Advantage Of My Eight Years Of Daily Ritual Gnosis With The Outlanders

Like a bodybuilder or olympic athlete, I did not reach a pinnacle of gnosis by myself — I have booked many personal consultations with magicians and authors to probe their brains for hidden secrets, unrevealed knowledge, and personalized counsel.

To completely eradicate any ritual anxiety and confusion, you will receive an online course, whereby I will answer many common questions in high-powered streaming videos.

I NOT let anxiety, confusion, or depression disrupt your ascent as it did mine over eight years ago...

I give you my 100% no-anxiety guarantee. I will see you in the course!

Godlike Power,



Meet The Author

Enoch B. Petrucelly

Enoch's books are the result of his hard work and dedication, years of consistent Magickal practice, and his building of deep rooted connections with the Infernal Realms and it's dark denizens. Enoch is no dabbler and his work reflects the real power of Black Magick that is undeniable.