Ignite Expansion Of The Soul And Usher An Influx Of Esoteric Forces… Become An Adept Of The Most Advanced Sorcery, Sabbatic Craft & Sexual Gnosis With 5 Infernal Grimoires By 41 Top Occult Authors

  •   Complete Series Edition: All five opuses in one compendium
  •   New Second Edition: Updated and back from being sold out
  •   Authors: Edgar Kerval, Asenath Mason, S. Connolly & 38 more top authors
  •   Editor: Timothy Donaghue
  •   Illustrators: Over 21 magickal artists
  •   Global Shipping: 2-3 weeks by location

Qliphoth: The Complete Series – $245 99

  • Complete Edition includes all 5 books in 1
  • Featuring the underground genius of 41 international occultists from Germany, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Iceland, United States & more
  • The 5 rawest, uncensored, Nightside grimoires
  • Over 600 pages of advanced sabbatic craft, personal gnosis journals, and adult art
  • FINALLY back from being sold out
    • The Awakening
    • Flesh Totems & Bone Masks
    • Infernal Essence
    • The Draconian Flames
    • The Black Arts
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QLIPHOTH: The Complete Series - All 5 Left Hand Path Opuses


#2 on Amazon Hot New Releases – QLIPHOTH: The Complete Series

QLIPHOTH ignites expansion of the Soul and ushers an influx of esoteric forces into the Adept through sorcery, sabbatic craft, and sexual gnosis. The mission of this Qliphoth Series is to provide you Left Hand Path grimoires, poetry, clairvoyant art, and ritual channelling. This sinister opera emerged over numerous group periodicals that emphasize magick ascent, the Abyss, and ancient demonology. Altogether, this series features 41 top black magicians: Edgar Kerval, Asenath Mason, S. Connolly, and many more…

Opus 1. The Awakening

1. Esoterica – Edgar Kerval
2. Transcendental Shadow Magic – by Dante Miel
3. The Vortex ov the Primigenian Sun – Edgar Kerval
4. The Science of Magic – S. Ben Qayin
5. Antinomian Sorcery & Perfect Nature – Nicholaj Frisvold
6. Holy Mother & Id, Ego, Superego – Black Lotus Kult
7. Sacrament ov the Red Serpent 1 & 2 – Edgar Kerval
8. Nightside Notes 2 – Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule
9. Deific Masks & Luciferian Flame – Frater Malus
10. The Shift Below – Alexander Dray
11. Becoming Hoodoo – Kyle Fite
12. Loki & Azatoth – Ljossál Loðursson
13. A Malkunofat Working – Andi Moon & Sarah Price
14. Gamaliel & Kingdoms of the Lunar Goddess – Daemon Barzai

Opus One stands as a gateway of manifestation and no manifestation, the apotheosis of matter representing the yoni-phallic and solar-lunar spirituality, the subconscious zones veiled by formulae of sorcery and etheric manifestations.

This esoteric journal possesses a sacred elixir formulated in a black atavism of enlightenment and power, hidden behind the scales of the Black Serpent.

Opus 2. Flesh Totems & Bone Masks

1. Sands of Time – Edgar Kerval
2. The Magician as Vampire – Andrew Dixon
3. The Tellvm Scorpionis – R.N. Lant
4. The Arte of Blood – S. Ben Qayin
5. Becoming Hoodoo – Kyle Fite
6. Utilizing Qliphoth to Perfect Being – Angela Edwards
7. Theoretical Demonology in Psychoanalysis – Alexei Dzyuba
8. Zos Kia Cultus by a Lover of Ecstasy – Claudio Carvalho
9. Blackmouth Beach – Sean Woodward

Though the sands of time,
And evocation of primal forces,
Rises from hidden portals,
A gnosis showing us the path.
It enlightens us with ineffable light,
And brings transcendence with its primigenian wisdom.
The scales of the Black Serpent are open,
To show forbidden, poisonous dreams.
Drink this sacred elixir,
Travel beyond time and space.
We are all and none.
We are all the void,
That resides in Qliphothic energies.
Through flesh totems and mask bones,
We rise.

The Sands of Time, A Poem

Opus 4. Infernal Essence

1. Infernal Essence – Edgar Kerval
2. The Rites of Wrath – S. Ben Qayin
3. The Quimbanda Goetia – Carlos Montenegro
4. Exegesis of Gholem Gnozis – Sean Woodward
5. The Ybte Myth Cycle – Lukasz Grochocki
6. Dr. John Montanee – Louie Martinié
7. Nepsis – Tau Palamas
8. The Void’s Womb – Angela Edwards
9. The Forgotten ones of Panphage – Aion 131
10. Golachab & Gasheklah – Cort Williams
11. Rite of the Abyss – Chaos Therion

In the temple and depths of the most obscure abyss of human subconscious, the Black Serpent whispers its wisdom in a sublime dance through ancestral. It evokes lust and madness. Through blood and libations, its names are written in the pillars of primigenian temples, spiraling in descent to primal labyrinths, guiding us to rivers of blood in hidden mysterious lands of the Primordial Kaos.

The full power of transcendence exists beyond human perception, but still connects us magically with hidden realms in the astral plane. Our psyche is transformed into the Black Serpent itself, whereby it feeds through change, creating a new universe in the deepest region of our subconscious. This eternal process manifests in the sinister walker, and he or she unleashes their mighty essence—the inextinguishable black flame.

Moving strongly with a crystal focus of the will via dream pathworkings and evocations, an ocean of diverse paths to be explored in the fields of the gnosis of the black serpent under the seed of its immortal elixirs and intoxicating our beings with the forces which creates and empowers our minds.

Opus 5. The Draconian Flames

1. Draconian Flames – Edgar Kerval
2. Liber 0 – Nemirion 71
3. Children of Cain – Laurie Pneumatikos
4. The Dream Working – Lukasz Grochocki
5. The Vortex of Fire – Asenath Mason
6. Daath – Kabultiloa Zamradiel
7. The Fires of Sat B’Hai – Sean Woodward
8. Tiamat to Dagon – S. Connolly
9. Mastery & Illusion ov Failure – Brian Dempsey
10. Tiamut Fusion & Eiji Possession – Anuki Gabual
11. Tezcatlipoca the Black – N.A:O

Opus 5 is a grimoire focusing on the diverse paths of magick in their full splendor. Our main ambition is to traverse the paths of knowledge via praxis and gnosis.

Draconian Flames unlocks a fifth gateway, it acts as a magick key that an adept wields to transcend the Desert of Amenti, and let the Dragon’s Flames devour him. He or she experiences incarnate visions as the seals of primigenian beauty carry him unto the heart of the Abyss.

I dedicate this fifth book to my brother, Nemirion 71, who has aided my transcendence in a peerless manner. Under veils of the Great Tree with a thousand eyes, he helped me to witness deep visions through ingestion of the most sacred plants.

Opus 6. The Black Arts

1. Magick of the Acausal – Typhon Draconis
2. A Carpathian Working – Lukasz Grochocki
3. A Prayer to Kain – Matthew Wightman
4. The Cyber Vampire – S. Ben Qayin
5. Nephthys: Darkness & Sacrifice – Asenath Mason
6. Dark Witcheries of Keziah Mason – Necro Magickal
7. Ordinary Senses in Evocation – Bo Headlan
8. The Eye of Kal Thalin – Sean Woodward
9. Under the Shadow of Dispersion – Leonard Dewar
10. Shub-Niggarath Necromancies – Necro Magickal
11. Rite of the Three Norns – Asbjorn Torvol
12. The Son of Belial – J.A. Perez
13. Gargophias: Atavisms from the Shadows – Edgar Kerval

Enter Qliphothic Gnosis With The Lucid Visionary Magick Of 11 Top International Artists

In the Black Light of the Great Dragon,


This Qliphoth Compendium features 41 authors: Edgar Kerval, Dante Miel, Sean Woodward, S. Ben Qayin, Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, Black Lotus Kult, Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule, Frater Malus II/XVI, Alexander Dray, Kyle Fite, Ljossál Loðursson, Andi Moon, Sarah Price, Daemon Barzai, Andrew Dixon, R.N. Lant, Angela Edwards, Alexei Dzyuba, Claudio Cesar de Carvalho, Carlos Montenegro, Lukasz Grochocki, Louie Martinié, Tau Palamas, Aion 131, Cort Williams, Chaos Therion, Nemirion 71, Asenath Mason, Kabultiloa Zamradiel, S. Connolly, Brian Dempsey, Anuki Gabual, N:A:O, Typhon Draconis, Matthew Wightman, Necro Magickal, Bo Headlan, Leonard Dewar, Asbjorn Torvol, J.A. Perez

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