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Become A Genius Of The Left Hand Path… Awaken Your Will To Power With The First Complete Philosophy On Black Magick Ever Written

  •   Black Magick: The Left Hand Path
  •   Hardback Version: Sold out
  •   eBook Version: Download immediately
  •   Author, Illustrator & Editor: Timothy
  • 100% grounded in real philosophy
  • Scientific evidence of the astral plane
  • No toxic religion at all
  • Surgical refutation of White Magick
  • True history of radical freethought
  • Original pioneering ideas available here only



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Peer Reviews

  • At long last, truth has been written. It may frighten you. It may inspire you. The cycle of revelation, revolution, and revision can begin again, pushing toward the next rung of evolution.

    E.A. KoettingAuthor
  • I have found its truths to be rationally undeniable. There is so much confusion over what defines the LHP, and this work clarifies that in a straight forward “in your face” manner. I highly recommend it.

    S. Ben QayinAuthor
  • Timothy has written a laudable book on LHP philosophy and practice. I would highly recommend it above Anton Lavey's Satanic Bible as a staple for any LHP magician's bookshelf.

    S. ConnollyAuthor

Dear Friend,

MY TOUR DE FORCE, Black Magick, incites a Copernican Revolution in magick. I prophesy that sorcerers in the future will view it in retrospect as a crucial watershed event in the history of supernatural theory.

I truly consider this treatise an unprecedented milestone of the Left Hand Path, because it illuminates the full ideology in secular terminology, and grounds it in the enlightened ideas of revolutionary Western Philosophy for the first time ever—rather than the obsolete myths of Abrahamic desert religion. For example, rather than a Tree of Life in Qabbalah, you will discover the Will to Power of Friedrich Nietzsche; instead of monotheistic gnosticism, you will become familiar with the egoism and adversarialism of Max Stirner; instead of karma and threefold rules, you will become acquainted with the secular ethics of Immanuel Kant. In other words, I utterly demolish the irrational and fallacious beliefs of white magick, and advance you into the sublime genius of black magick via concrete Western philosophy.

This 413-page dissertation furnishes logical conclusions to all the notorious inquiries that have perennially confused magicians:

  • How do I undergo spirit possession without faith in religion? If religious mythology is fictional, then why am I able to contact their spirits?
  • What relationship exists between Godhood and Adversarialism? How do I define the ideals of Godhood, and Adversarialism?
  • I identify as an atheist, but acknowledge the supernatural—how do I reconcile this?
  • I despise politics—where does the Left Hand Path stand natively?
  • Why do we call it the Left Hand Path, from where does it originate, and how did it unfold into a Western school of thought?
  • Why does mainstream culture slander black magick as evil? What line of reasoning redeems it as an honorable way of life?
  • People have claimed, "The Left and Right Hand Paths do not exist, only magick exists." What critical tenets differentiate the two ideologies? Why do you consider black magick to be true and white magick to be false? And why defend this duality?
  • Does sorcery possess its own secular ethics, or does it espouse chaos?
  • And conclusions to countless more notorious inquiries...

The Left Hand Path Is More Than Magick... It Exists As A Way Of Life!

What magicians casually refer to as black magick, exists as a way of life by which many souls devote themselves conscientiously. The Left Hand Path is composed of a coherent weltanschauung, or worldview. It merits meticulous study and critique as both a magickal and philosophical school of thought. However, very few intellectuals have given it the scrutiny it requires, and those that did have always hidden it behind the esoteric initiations of obscure occult priesthoods.

In this sense, my text Black Magick attains two milestones: (1) it expounds the path in philosophical terms, not religious; (2) it does so in an exoteric manner, and requires no initiation whatsoever—in fact, it rebels against the outmoded tradition of elitist, esoteric occultism altogether. It champions open, egalitarian enlightenment for every individual.

Welcome to the Age of Enlightenment in black magick.

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Godlike Power,


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