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Unlock The Third And Final Volume Of The Draconian Trilogy With All-New “A Star Called Winter”… Experience Direct Gnosis With The Goddess In This Uncensored Living Grimoire

  •   Author of initiatory grimoires in the Draconian Tradition
  •   Initiate of the Temple of Ascending Flame with Asenath Mason
  •   A Star Called Winter: Volume 3 of The Draconian Trilogy
  •   The Draconian Trilogy: All three grimoires in one
  •   Sample eBook: Chapter One
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Denerah Erzebet

In A Star Called Winter, you'll learn...

  • Learn the occult principles of Mythical Mutation, Supernatural Selection & Ecstatic Delusion
  • Self-initiate to unveil your own pantheon in the Eternal Conservatory of Creative Perfection
  • Create your own Magick Map with a series of Tarot, Enochian & Goetic correspondences
  • The Goddess commands, "You are your own grimoire" — learn how to invest in yourself
  • Meticulous scrutiny of key Germanic & Pagan myths and etymology to awaken godforms


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The Draconian Trilogy contains the three volumes in one graphic hardback, featuring (1) Star Called Winter, (2) The Eleventh Degree, and (3) VOVIN. The three volumes exist individually in graphic hardback too.

First-come basis in limited edition leather and cloth editions

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Peer Reviews

  • Denerah’s writings are inspired and evocative in their content and style. The new release, “A Star Called Winter,” brings a fresh perspective on many concepts in the Draconian Tradition, providing valuable insights into the less and more known aspects of this magical gnosis. If you enjoyed the author’s previous books as much as I did, I am sure that you will find the new grimoire exciting to study and empowering in your personal work as well!

    Asenath Mason, Founder of Temple of Ascending Flame
  • As a dedicated member of the Temple of Ascending Flame, Denerah has written an unflinchingly honest, very brave, thoughtful, and personal literary work regarding their journey into spiritual philosophy, occult studies, Draconian  Magick, and UFO studies as well.  It is curiously interesting to see how Denerah was able to artistically connect the threads of these disparate topics to be able to weave a very informative and beautiful image of this spiritual journey that he has undertaken. I am also lucky to count Denerah as to being a very good occult studies associate of mine and am looking forward to seeing all of their future work efforts unfold in the coming months and years.


    Greywolf, Initiate of Temple of Ascending Flame

Dear Changelings,

I am pleased to present you A Star Called Winter, the third volume of our Draconian Trilogy. I say “our” since this book is a conversation between lover and beloved, mortal and immortal, hero and Valkyrie—a wonderful journey through the winding forests of memory, fate, and dreaming towards the unveiling of a true, timeless, and primordial wisdom.

After The Eleventh Degree, Astaroth took hold and insisted that one must stop “writing about” magic and instead become magic—much like the bards, poets, composers, and artists of classical Europe, whose total life-work provides a living tradition whereby we may remember and restore true wisdom, undeniable beauty, and timeless strength.

Indeed, humanity finds itself confused and conflicted amidst ridiculous social agendas, political nonsense, and false narratives about society and religion—this is what you get when humanity tries to secularize a world that is essentially spiritual! Without this source, all truth gets distorted by increasingly-delusional feats of intellectual masturbation.

We Are Led Back To Our True Selves As Spirit To Embrace The God Or Goddess At The Heart Of Our Existence...

The only way to ascend is to affirm a world that is pure and primordial, without reactionary opposition or compromise through psychological “explanations” for occult phenomena. Instead, we are led to remember our true selves as Spirit, and with absolute conviction therein, strive to embrace the god or goddess at the heart of our existence, the very star that shines in the depths of our souls.

For this reason, you will find many esoteric interpretations of Norse, Celtic, and Greek myth as they correspond to the principles of The Eleventh Degree—including but not limited to the Three Powers, Relocation, and Esoteric Eugenics. Furthermore, the goetic spirits have been restored to their pagan originals, so that one may work from the source and not through the lens of distorted history. Likewise, all methods are displaced from ceremonial magic and properly located as an intuitive, devotional, and mystical path wherein magic is the root of an all-encompassing life, rather than a separate “practice” coexisting alongside materialistic science.

It is the need to reestablish Magic as Science that inspires the chapters devoted to Maria Orsic and the Vril Society. Research relating to German flying saucers (Haunebu), Antarctica Base, Aldebaran, and Anti-Gravity are woven into Pagan and Typhonian archetypes in a revival of the supreme science formerly-practiced in civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Babylon. In fact, the Vril Society is the culmination of Initiation as a harmonious integration of science, art, ethics, and spirituality. This wisdom is both the power and principle of the Eternal Race.

Previous subjects from Vovin are developed now that their full implications have been revealed. These include the Three Dragons of Yamatu, the Astral Temple and its three Paths (Serpent, Spider and Syren). Also included: a full account of the celestial Kingdom of Silenia, whose Winged Watchers offer guidance to those who recognize perfection in non-terrestrial lifeforms. The entire praxis of Draconian magic is established upon the three pillars of Mantra, Yantra, and Mudra, corresponding to the three art forms in Wagnerian drama (Music, Dance, and Poetry). Through this aesthetic combination, the magician is given a practical approach to creativity informed by their spiritual ideal.

As a result, Goddess takes center stage, being the sole author of this entire book. While she inspires me to write “technical matters for those below,” her “interruptions” yearn in favor of a dialogue between gods and men, the only way it ever was and the way it will always be. Whereas previous books sought to instruct, A Star Called Winter seeks to inspire!

In the section below, we will examine the contents of The Draconian Trilogy by grouping several chapters according to its prevailing theme, many of which resurface throughout these three books. As a result of continuous research, these themes undergo several modifications, as our wisdom expands to include all that was once held sacred by our noble predecessors.

A Complete Breakdown Of "A Star Called Winter" Chapter By Chapter — Third & Final Volume Of The Draconian Trilogy

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the contents of A Star Called Winter. This chapter-by-chapter summary will give the reader a clear insight into how previous-themes are elaborated, and how timeless values are obtained therefrom.

Chapter 1: The Fresh Air Of Spring

Here we observe context setting, where it becomes clear that this book is a conversation between a goddess and the author. Also, the main theme of the book is introduced: Memory, or more specifically, the conscious act of Remembering. In fact, it is only by reassembling various strands of one’s experiences—crystalized in an archetypal significance across time—that one’s entire magical universe reveals itself. Here, one learns how to fathom their basic elemental “ancestry”, realizing we are all Changelings or incarnations of spiritual energy of varying natures.

Chapter 2: Remember The River

In this chapter various childhood experiences are examined and symbolized with reference to gematria, astrology, and tarot. By corresponding our seemingly-trivial memories with supreme meaning, we uncover powerful magical techniques fueled by our inner impulse—these leading to the writing of the personal grimoire, and contact with personal guides, familiars, and folk on the Other Side.

Chapter 3: The Forgotten Queen

The previous chapter reaches a climax in the exposition of the N(A)ION as the supreme formula of the Nameless Substratum. A qabalistic and phonetic analysis is provided, along with methods whereby these energies are brought to empower all rituals with the sanction of the pure life-force.

Chapter 4: For The New World

Here we are shown the structure of the Eleventh Degree as embodied and transmitted through various esoteric orders including Temple of Ascending Flame, Vril Society, Malvrinski Institute, and Syren Manor. As a result, the Adept is given an initiatory map comprising of lodges both astral and physical, in order to chart their progress and direct rituals towards the appropriate vessel.

Chapter 5: Nocturne

This chapter becomes rather poetic, using “twilight language” or cryptic metaphor to illustrate the profound impact of sexuality, adolescence, and religion in the awakening of spiritual powers in human beings. Here we find poems written by the author, as well as some startling interpretations of William Blake’s prophetic Book of Urizen.

Chapter 6: Strange Lady

Here the phenomenon of puberty is discussed in relation to erotic magic, and how we must use our erotic preferences in ritual work, being careful not to degenerate in crude physicality, while emphasizing the archetypal elements as being more important.

Chapter 7: The Winged Watchers

The Kingdom of Silenia, previously discussed in VOVIN, receives a detailed presentation here. The reader may reflect on the choice to Remain or to Relocate, which decides whether they are with the Syrens or the Winged Watchers.

Chapter 8: The White Devil

A Dream Vision offers insights establishing another crucial motif for understanding the following chapters, especially those pertaining to the Spider and Vril Society.

Chapter 9: Daughters Of Eisenach

Goddess Astaroth explains how deities conceive “children” and how their natures are determined. She also offers a full grimoire on the Tarot in a unique method of astral relocation. This carries themes from previous books to their full potential.

Chapter 10: This Kingdom

A total restoration of the Goetia to a pre-christian, pagan source. A combination of mythical lore, etymology, and anthropology is employed in removing “demonizing” traits from otherwise pure and noble spirits.

Chapter 11: The Way Of The Spider

A complete analysis of the Nameless Substratum through the archetype of the Spider, and how Draconian Magic contains three paths that, if properly balanced, grants a key to total success in every ritual operation.

Chapter 12: Measure Of All Truth

Discussions on Nature and what it really means to “need”—with a study of Richard Wagner’s philosophy on the ArtWork of the Future.

Chapter 13. Eternal Conservatory Of Creative Perfection

An overview of classical education and why Tradition is the measure of all truth. For those familiar with Julius Evola, this chapter will provide a great metaphysical framework for deciding what should be achieved with magical ritual, and how power should be used (instead of deceiving oneself with modern distractions and false narratives).

Chapter 14. Maria Orsic & The Vril Society

A full historical and esoteric analysis of the WWII-era Vril Society, a German lodge devoted to channeling primordial energy (Vril/Nameless Substratum) and constructing flying saucers allowing humanity to travel to distant star-systems.

Chapter 15. Mystery Of The Nine

A ritual for contacting the Nine Muse Sisters from Greek myth, which can be used as an effective way of awakening memories, thus bringing us full-circle with the overarching theme of this book.

Chapter 16. Conviction

An epistle showing why the “law of Thelema” is poorly-established on the astral plane, and why we shouldn’t base all current esoteric work on the Aeon of Horus, which is but one among many possible paths, and certainly not the noblest.

Finally, an appendix gathers the most relevant passages from Rites of Astaroth, those approved by Goddess for continued distribution.

The Eleventh Degree: A Draconian Mystic Workbook — A Walk Through The 168 Pages Of Volume 2 From 2021

The Eleventh Degree is divided into four sections.

Parts I, II, and III offer a respective analysis of the three sex-magic degrees of the Ordo Templi Orientis, drawing upon Crowley’s original teachings (including the secret documents published clandestinely by Francis King), and strengthened by equal consideration of Kenneth Grant’s priceless innovations thereupon.

In addition, these are given esoteric interpretations involving astral polarity, invisible forces, and energy “stance” making them useful frameworks for the practicing occultist without the need of a physical partner, or even without the need to explicitly-implicate oneself in biological sex. Here we have a complete initiatory system involving the mutation of the magician’s total being, so that each section is an ascending curriculum going from VIII degree in Part I, IX degree in Part II, and XI degree in Part 3.

The fourth and final part of the book presents a full grimoire for Relocation Magic, understood as both the literal and metaphorical “departure” of the magician for other — and better — worlds. All of the erotic magic taught in this book inspires the magician to work with Esoteric Eugenics and decide what world they want to live in, what sort of “race” they want to breed, and what sort of evils they want to destroy. Once these ideals have been realized (VIII), conceived (IX) and freed of all earthly limitation (XI)—then the magician can join their “offspring” in a self-contained world through use of the Three Powers. By healing various misconceptions, these mostly-related to limited, ego-based sense-perception, the Adept shall recognize perfection in whatever way the beloved wills (magick is about defining Something out of Anything, so this is left to the discretion of the magician and his guiding spirits).

VOVIN: Reflections On The Temple Of Ascending Flame — A Guide To The 28 Chapters Of Volume 1 From 2020

Chapters 1-4 include a spiritual overview of the Temple of Ascending Flame in the context of its universal position as repository of primordial energy. Here the “astral temple” is presented for the first time, along with important remarks on initiatory grades in relation to the Draconian Path, these borrowed from the Astrum Argenteum and subsequently-enhanced.

Chapters 6-9 contain all the materials formerly-taught by the Vampyre Cell, a sub-group of the Temple. Here you’ll find all you need to begin experimenting with energy manipulation in conscious ways.

Chapters 10-17 discuss deeper secrets achieved by initiation, these “grades” being independent from any particular order, lodge, or temple currently-operating on earth. In essence, we observe the “non-denominational” gnosis existing objectively throughout all worlds and across all time.

Later chapters in this book are more grimoire-focused, presenting practical rituals involving goetic essences, techniques of energy projection for baneful magic, and unique methods of astral travel in order to replicate and elaborate upon all experiences discussed in previous sections.

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If we take a closer look at pagan legends and heroic sagas, we realize that these were personifications of natural truths and noble ideals that may or may not be “true” in a literal sense. In other words, we may never confirm the existence of a warrior called Beowulf, or a Danish king named Hrolf Kraki… nor shall we ever find evidence of the physical existence of Troy, much less the horse they used to destroy it!

Yet occultists obsess over the need to debate “unverified gnosis” versus historical fact regarding paganism, while never giving a second thought to the “reality” of the Great Old Ones they summon nightly with cheap Necronomicon forgeries.

Paganism is a self-sustaining reality encompassing all Layers of Truth, pervading all “dimensions of reality”. Furthermore, it is a living tradition, meaning that its characters and plot live on through our embodiment thereof. By emulating or reflecting their virtues, we invoke new forms remembered in future generations. By embracing Nature and its incarnated wonders, we establish new bodies for nameless principles whose essence can only be known—and mastered—through the will of their fated gods and goddesses.

Wagner wasn’t inaccurate in his portrayal of Germanic myths—he simply channeled another perspective of Brunnhilde, Siegfried, and Ragnarok. In other words, his story is an “alternate version” offering different insights—no different that the Bible having four Gospels all essentially telling the same story of Jesus and his Apostles!

The Goddess Commands You Create Your Own Magick Map, Because You Are Your Own Grimoire... Invest In Yourself To Thrive On Supernatural Selection

The Draconian Trilogy is a journey, and one must expect contradictions, corrections, and variations as they travel from the first to the third book. Some triumph, others “die” along the way, killed off in a battle for the salvation of the earth! Where do you stand? Where are you asked to stand, and die, as a mark of loyalty to the powers guiding your life?

Much like this threefold saga, you are to unveil your own grimoire of spells taught by the people and places you will encounter in a world of personal enchantment. Actually, we must remember how to enchant ourselves, to become childlike. The strengthening of an inherently-positive thought is the annihilation of a reactionary pessimism. Eventually, nobody will be cynical and nobody needs to play the critic! Invest yourself in beauty and wisdom, and you will no longer need journalists, scientists, and historians telling you what is “real”.

By ascending the layers of truth in A Star Called Winter, you’ll learn how to assimilate mundane life to the magical dimension, creating a total Lifework whose standards will serve as inner virtue, rather than allow yourself to react to another’s lies.

May you be a child again, may you see beauty in everything. After all, the moon is still a place of wonder, because nobody has set foot on its surface.

“Through the Written Word we remind you of greater things—for life is not as good as the Book.”

Only when Life imitates Art and not the other way around, shall we embody all that is pure and loving without the need to find “reason” therein. With conviction burning upon our brows, we realize that all things are always, let them be as such!

Meet The Author

Denerah Erzebet

Denerah Erzebet is a rising author and initiate of the Temple of Ascending Flame, and specializes in the following methods of Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Tradition: dream work, sigil sorcery, and Otherworldly contact. As a classically-trained composer, Denerah channels Hyperborean majesty through symphonies, concertos, and Wagnerian opera—a total “life-work” for those who recognize the power of the Eternal Race.