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The Eleventh Degree: A Draconian Mystic Workbook By Author Denerah Erzebet

  •   The Eleventh Degree: A Draconian Mystic Workbook
  •   Author: Denerah Erzebet
  •   Editor: Timothy
  •   Illustrator: Asenath Mason
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Denerah Erzebet

In The Eleventh Degree, you're going to learn:

  • Unholy Angel, p.8
  • Hyper-Dimensional Desire, p.21
  • Anti-Genesis of Primal Chaos, p.33
  • The Original Goddess of Endless Rites, p.37
  • The Iconography of Instinct, p.45
  • VOVIN - The Power of the Eternal Race, p.49
  • Supernatural Selection, p.77
  • Lucifer In Extension, p.83
  • The Butterfly Princess, p.89
  • The Hourglass of Nyx, p.95
  • The Nameless One, p.101
  • The Eleventh Degree, p.105
  • Dark Brethren, p.113
  • Relocation Magic (Qabalistic Comment), p.141
  • Three Powers 1: Tantric Elements, p.147
  • Three Powers 2: Alchemical Substances, p.153
  • Three Powers 3: Rituals & Methodology, p.161
  • Lebenswerk (Life-Work of the Eternal Race), p.171
  • And MUCH more...



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The Eleventh Degree: Reflections on the Temple of Ascending Flame in hardback and paperback edition

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Peer Reviews

  • From the very opening chapter of Scholomance, I immediately realized I was biting into the living pulse of gnosis of the Damned — a pulse that pours into us from the deepest artery of Initiation, rooted in the earliest Vampiric Strain. Blackwood casts aside the eclipse that has veiled the ancient history of the magical school of the Dracúl.

    A epoch-making work, Scholomance answers the unending hunger of the Strain, present in the astral nexus that, like a shadow hand, guided you dear reader to this work. Blackwood not only provides a full historical account of its inner workings and secrets, but charts a course to its heart through the modern world's most forbidden sites, where the Adept can directly reconnect with the rich Undead Current.

    Scholomance empowers the true Seeker with not only the rites and spells of the Vampiric Strain and Black Flame, but a complete modernize curriculum on how to cultivate the required skill set needed for success. Of course, Blackwood honestly warns of the full costs and challenges you encounter when you venture to become an Initiate in the School of the Devil.

    Adam Nox, the Witch-King
  • It has been quite a wild journey to illustrate the Loa for this Vodoun grimoire. To my peril, I ignored warnings that artwork opens a gateway to the Loa's Current. Beyond my immediate astonishment, I found true meaning underlying the imagery and formed an intimate union with these spirits. As they say, "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

    Adrián FuentesFounder of re-robot
  • In occultism, there is power and there is POWER. There is the power that comes from developing the self that is the most common practice, and there is the power that comes from working with beings of such an immense nature that they are restricted to the land of spirit. In this book, Asenath Mason gives us the tools to access a level of power that is often times hard to achieve. What sets this book apart from others is that this doesn't only address real power, it also lays bare sex magic techniques that have been time-tested and proven, techniques that can achieve the highest levels of success and manifestation. "Rituals of Pleasure" will throw you out of your comfort zone and into a land of perversion, heresy, and ecstasy.

    Bill Duvendack, author of Awakening Lucifer

The Eleventh Degree offers a practical manual of Typhonian sex magic, free of Crowley’s archaic jargon and tedious moralizing. Detailed instructions are given for successful operations of the VIII, IX, and XI degrees of Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) informed and enhanced by Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Tradition, whereby the Adept is gradually initiated by the three primary powers behind all evolution: the Daemon, the Beloved, and the Nameless Substratum. Unlike previous books, The Eleventh Degree extends sex magic beyond the confines of biology, embracing the wider spectrum of erotic ideation. It is only by desiring Some-Thing that anything is achieved, so that only through esoteric evolution may we incarnate new worlds of Instinctive Iconography—the perfected manifestation of all that we desire here, now, and forevermore.

Meet The Author

Denerah Erzebet

Denerah Erzebet is a rising author and initiate of the Temple of Ascending Flame, and specializes in the following methods of Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Tradition: dream work, sigil sorcery, and Otherworldly contact. As a classically-trained composer, Denerah channels Hyperborean majesty through symphonies, concertos, and Wagnerian opera—a total “life-work” for those who recognize the power of the Eternal Race.