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VOVIN: Reflections On The Temple Of Ascending Flame By Author Denerah Erzebet

  •   VOVIN: Reflections on the Temple of Ascending Flame
  •   Author: Denerah Erzebet
  •   Editor: Timothy
  •   Illustrator: Asenath Mason
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Denerah Erzebet

In VOVIN, you're going to learn:

  • The Cosmic Draconian Order, p.11
  • Formula of the Trident, p.15
  • Aphorisms on the Abyss, p.17
  • The Book of the Three Dragons, p.23
  • Vampyric Self-Initiation, p.31
  • Vampyric Magick (Theory and Practice), p.37
  • Shadow Walking, p.43
  • Draconian Self-Initiation Ritual, p.63
  • Draconian Masonry (The Ritual Analysis), p.73
  • Sex Magick of the Draconian Order, p.79
  • Energized Intoxication, p.83
  • The Dragon's Voice, p.93
  • The Draconian Ipsissimus, p.107
  • Gnosis from the Meon (Silenia), p.111
  • Alien Invasion (The Silent Antichrist I), p.117
  • Current 718 (Thalarion Consciousness), p.125
  • The Satanic Aethyrs, p.135
  • And MUCH more...



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Vovin: Reflections On The Temple Of Ascending Flame in hardback and paperback edition.

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VOVIN: Reflections on the Temple of Ascending Flame establishes psychic energy as the foundation of practical sorcery and the underlying essence behind all that seems unapparent. Once this power is understood, the magician may slither among the symbolic framework of masonic, vampiric, and Thelemic “super-structures”, knowing that through energized intoxication—all systems can be manipulated and merged into a personal “egregore”. Inspired by her work with the Temple of Ascending Flame, Denerah Erzebet proves that the cosmic Draconian Tradition is alive and evolving.

Meet The Author

Denerah Erzebet

Denerah Erzebet is a rising author and initiate of the Temple of Ascending Flame, and specializes in the following methods of Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Tradition: dream work, sigil sorcery, and Otherworldly contact. As a classically-trained composer, Denerah channels Hyperborean majesty through symphonies, concertos, and Wagnerian opera—a total “life-work” for those who recognize the power of the Eternal Race.