How To Perform The Most Dangerously Powerful Rituals Of Saturnian Necromancy… Harness The Demonic Forces Of Black Magick To Exploit The Spirits Of The Dead

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Dante Abiel

The Most Evil Grimoire of Necromancy
Europe • Haiti • Africa


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Necromantic Sorcery: The Forbidden Rites of Death Magick

Banned from 3 magick orders. Received 2 death threats. And suffered temporary insanity… All for YOU to learn the secrets of Death Magick

In Necromantic Sorcery, You’ll Learn:

  • Rituals for evoking the Gods of Death – ch. 6
  • How to eternally bind and feed souls – ch. 3
  • How to open the Gates of Damnation through animal sacrifice, vampirism, and cannibalism – ch. 8
  • Ancient methods of Afrikan divination – ch. 10
  • Infernal rites of perfect possession by the 1,000 Damned Souls – ch. 4
  • Vodoun practices of soul reincarnation, body reanimation, and physical immortality – ch. 6
  • The necromantic pathworking of the Trees of Life, Death, and Rebirth – ch. 4
  • Rituals for pulling spirits out of bodies and graves
  • The ultimate invocation of Death Essence – ch. 4
  • And that’s JUST the fucking start…

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Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this program, I’ve priced the real leather edition at only $199, and it comes with my autographed secret sigil bookmark, and consecrated death dirt. Or you can get just the fine cloth edition for only $99. And if you get 2 or more of either edition, you’ll get 15% off. Each book is almost 300 pages showing you exactly how to perform the most dangerously powerful rituals of necromancy.

Necromantic Sorcery is the FIRST grimoire to ever expose the most evil mysteries of death magick from the Western, Haitian Vodoun, and Afrikan Kongo root currents. In it, you are going to learn the most extreme rituals for shamelessly exploiting the magick of the dead, and experiencing the damnation of Demonic Descent on the Left Hand Path.

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