What Is The World’s Most Powerful Magick Spell? Find Out This Summer… Today’s Best Magick For Tomorrow’s Great Magicians

  • open-book-top-viewAnthology of Sorcery 3: The World’s Most Powerful Spells
  • chat (1)Authors: 22 magicians, sorcerers & witches
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E.A. Koetting

In Anthology of Sorcery 3, you will learn:

  • Belial’s Rage by E.A. Koetting
  • The Mirror of Lilith by Asenath Mason
  • Sonic Structure of Incantations by S. Ben Qayin
  • Zagan Rite by S. Connolly
  • The Eye of Odin by Asbjörn Torvol
  • Altering Fate Through Drugaskan by Kurtis Joseph
  • The Love Spell That Made Me Believe in Magic by Levdy DePure
  • Conjuring Wealth by M. King
  • Destroying Your Enemy by Baron V.P.
  • And 13 more…

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Anthology of Sorcery 3: Book of Spells - 8/28

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E.A. Koetting

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