22 Of The Most Hardcore Black Magicians Reveal Their Favorite, Most Life-Changing Rituals…
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  • open-book-top-viewAnthology of Sorcery 3: The world’s most powerful magick spells
  • open-book-top-viewThird Anniversary Edition: Books 1, 2 & 3 in one leather compendium
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingAuthors: 22 top magicians, sorcerers & witches
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E.A. Koetting

In Anthology of Sorcery 3, you will learn:

  • Belial’s Rage by E.A. Koetting
  • The Mirror of Lilith by Asenath Mason
  • Sonic Incantations by S. Ben Qayin
  • Rite of Zagan by S. Connolly
  • Alter Fate By Drugaskan by Kurtis Joseph
  • The Eye of Odin by Asbjörn Torvol
  • The Endless Curse by Andrieh Vitimus
  • The Love Spell That Made Me Believe in Magic by Levdy DePure
  • Conjuring Wealth by M. King
  • And 13 more magick spells by top authors

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Anthology of Sorcery 3 - 8/29

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a few questions. They might sound grandiose at first, but hear me out…

  • What is the most powerful spell in the world?
  • What is the most life-changing ritual a magician can perform?
  • What is the greatest magick available to humanity?
  • What undeniable experiences caused top magicians to believe in magick?

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why have you discovered magick, when so many other people did not?
  • And why have you identified with black magick?

As obsessive as it sounds, these mysteries keep me awake at night. I need to know their answers otherwise I cannot fall asleep. I cannot tell you the number of times I have passed out in my ritual chamber, lost in clairvoyant divination with spirits on a mission to find out!

Let Me Divulge My Childhood Trauma So You Understand My Obsession

Let me divulge a little bit of my childhood trauma so you can sympathize with me…

I was born to a single mother who gave me up for adoption. No one seemed to love me as I was shuffled between physically abusive foster homes for years. By an ironic twist of fate, I finally landed under the custody of a fire and brimstone Christian pastor. At age 12, I discovered Ouija boards and would perform candle magick in my closet behind his back. It immediately became clear that only black magick would provide the escape I needed, when nothing else could.

If sorcery can provide hopes and dreams to a desperate 12 year old boy locked away in his bedroom… then it can literally help anyone regardless of sex, race, nationality, or age.

I found out in my twenties that the Demonic Gatekeepers interceded on my behalf as a child and ushered me to magick. In fact, they have disclosed to me the exact manner in which they will affect and shape the rest of my life in precise detail.

The Demonic Gatekeepers Usher Humanity Into The Next Stage Of Evolution… And Almost Certainly Ushered YOU To The Left Hand Path

Why did you come here?

Reflect back on every stone you stepped upon to reach this place…

I imagine that a series of undeniably synchronistic circumstances brought you…

You may or may night like to hear this, but the Demonic Gatekeepers have escorted you here from the astral plane, placing every stone in front of your foot so you never lost the path—not a Christian guardian angel, nor a New Age spirit guide… a fucking astral demon!

I know. I know. It sounds crazy, but…

You did not find it by mistake, and nothing happens by accident in the world of magick. When you knock on the door, it knocks back stronger. Because the astral world envelopes this physical world.

Anthology Of Sorcery 3 Looks And Feels Like A Classic Grimoire Of The Darkest Witchcraft… Like A Magick Cookbook Filled With The Greatest Recipes For Ascent.

We currently release Book Three of Anthology of Sorcery.

  • May 20, 2014 – Anthology of SorcerySold Out
  • July 7, 2015 – Anthology of Sorcery 2Sold Out
  • August 29, 2017 – Anthology of Sorcery 3 – Coming Soon

Many, many great magicians from every continent on the planet submitted essays to disclose their favorite, most life-changing magick rituals over the last three years. For this volume particularly, we have accepted only 22 of the most exceptional authors, all of whom united together with the mutual aspiration to formulate The Most Powerful Book Of Spells In Human History.

Anthology 3 reimagines the medieval style of a classical grimoire of witchcraft, like what a trespasser would find in a haunted cabin in the forest where a witch lived. The magician could open it and drag their finger down the table of contents to find the exact spell they need to help an area of their life, e.g., love, sex, money, law, curses, health, ascent, etc.

Essentially, 22 top sorcerers have collaborated on a magick cookbook filled with their favorites recipes to change the world.

Tablet Of Authors & Magick

E.A. Koetting Belial’s Rage
Asenath Mason The Mirror of Lilith
S. Ben Qayin The Sonic Structure of Incantations
S. Connolly Rite of Zagan
Kurtis Joseph Altering Fate By Drugaskan
Asbjörn Torvol The Eye of Odin
Astrid Torvol Tyr’s Justice
Andrieh Vitimus The Curse of Endless Discord…
M. King Conjuring Wealth
Levdy Depure The Love Spell That Made Me Believe in Magic
Baron von Pfaffenhofen Destroying Your Enemy’s Centre of Gravity
Somnus Dreadwood The Végnïszak Hidretehk Rite
Kimmo Kivi Ancient Finnish Spells
J.S. Garrett The Rite of Deification
Cody Magus Rite of the Werewolf
Charles W. Cosimano The Ritual of Psionics
J.D. Temple The Primordial Abundance of Mighty Jupiter
D.W. Romano Ritual for Dark Spiritual Ascent
T.S. Thomas Gateway to Evocation
Rein Sharpe The Ugly Stick
J.A. Perez Dark Intentions
Harry Forneus Forgiveness Spell

The Third Anniversary Edition… 57 Authors And Three Books In One Historic Leather Compendium

Anthology of Sorcery 1 & 2 are sold out. People have scrambled to find copies at ten times the original price on auction over the last couple years.

I consider it nothing less than a tragedy, because they feature the most diverse and unprecedented roster of magickal authors to ever assemble—an unprecedented union of authors we will never witness again.

To honor the Third Anniversary, we have compiled all three grimoires into one complete compendium, entitled the Third Anniversary Edition.

Anthology of Sorcery 1: Inauguration – Sold Out

Book One is lightning in a bottle. It features the ingenious magickal knowledge of five particular authors that I have long admired, as well as 14 other great magicians.

1. Lon Milo DuQuette – Spirit Evocation & Exorcism

2. Robert Bruce – Deep Waters: A Tale of Demonic Possession

3. Michael W. Ford – The Infernal Path of Hekate, and Azazel & the Rephaim

4. Asenath Mason – Pact with Lucifer

5. S. Connolly – Pacts with Daemons

6. Dante Abiel – The Black Trinity

7. Nemo Alius 171 – The Black Order of the Ages

Anthology of Sorcery 2: Revelations – Sold Out

We formulated this entire grimoire on the premise of spirit revelation like a group Book of Shadows.

In Book Two, 18 of the world’s foremost black magicians reveal the uncensored prophecy of immortal gods, demons, and angels for your eternal ascent.

The Third Anniversary Edition allows you to re-discover the priceless knowledge furnished in the first two Anthologies!

We Dedicate This Ultra-Powerful Spellbook To Future Magicians Who Need It Most In The Next Generation

Do you see my grand ambition now? I resolve my childhood trauma when I help future magicians escape from theirs. It closes the loop.

When we elevate both ourselves and future generations, we usher humanity into the next stage of evolution.

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

Most Helpful Magician Reviews

Asenath Mason“The occult arts are more alive now than ever before, and I’m excited to be a part…

By Asenath Mason | Featured Author

I have contributed to all three volumes of the Anthology of Sorcery, but this one is certainly special among them. The idea of a book of spells provided by active magicians, tested and verified through their personal work, shows that the occult arts are more alive now than ever before, and I’m excited to be a part of this amazing grimoire. The variety of spells included in the book, coming from many magical traditions, makes it a unique publication that will be a valuable addition to the library of every serious practitioner.

My article The Mirror of Lilith presents a formula of creating a special mirror to work with the Queen of the Night through dreams and astral magic. You will find there an explanation of how to create the mirror, a spell to activate it and connect it with the astral current of Lilith, and instructions on how it can be used in your magical work once it’s active and ready. This formula will be especially useful to those who follow the path of the Dark Tree and the magic of the Qliphoth, but also those who simply wish to contact Lilith through scrying, astral travel and lucid dreaming.


s-ben-qayin-headshot“Unique insights on magic and how it works…

By S. Ben Qayin | Featured Author

The Sonic Structure of Incantations was meant to be a very informative essay. I personally found that understanding the science behind evocations really helps get better results in the ritual chamber, and wanted to share that gnosis to assist others on their spiritual paths to ascent. I give examples of how sound and ‘Intent’ work together, how evocations, invocations and the like are most effective, and the occult science behind it all. The unique insights on magic and how it works are cutting edge, and what the magic community needs as it evolves into a new era. In this scientific age, magic is now advancing with fresh technique and philosophy, and the methods presented within The Sonic Structure of Incantations is helping to push that boundary ever further.


kurtis-joseph-headshotThe most powerful sorcerers of this Aeon have forged an alliance for the sake of empowering mankind…”

By Kurtis Joseph | Featured Author

It is an honor to be a part of this upcoming third volume of Become A Living Gods upcoming Anthology of Sorcery. This one text out of all three volumes will be the most practical and life changing Anthology to be released to date!

The most powerful sorcerers of this Aeon have forged an alliance for the sake of empowering mankind to shift their realities according to personal will and desire. Through this empowerment the shackles of limitation will crumble and magickians from all walks of life will be able to get back to human evolution in this new age.

My contribution entitled “Altering Fate through Drugaskan” will provide a conceptual and synergistic platform upon which all rites of low magick can be greatly enhanced by harnessing outer darkness as an artistic medium used to mold desire upon this corporeal plane. This rite is not so much a “spell” as it is a method to access the Counter Creative potential of dark matter which lays at the foot of the throne of the world’s first devil Ahriman.

asbjörn-torvol-headshotThe anthology does what no other has done before…”

By Asbjörn Torvol | Featured Author

The Eye of Odin is not only the most significant ritual done in my time practicing magick but the very beginning of my career as an author. Such a powerful ritual that not only packs a punch on impact but also continues to ripple into the future of the practitioner. Even after a year I am still seeing the effects of this ritual in my life. It is not just the awakening of the self, but of a new reality as a whole.

So many great authors have contributed to this masterpiece. One great magician can do amazing things, but several great magicians coming together and putting their work together can accomplish the impossible. The anthology does what no other has done before, grouped together the best and produced a master script of magickal work. This is occult history!

More soon…

Meet The Author

E.A. Koetting

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