Satan: The Adversary, Gatekeeper 9
Receive The Cursed Keys Of Hell To Unlock The Ninth & Final Gate… Unite Your Godhood And Beasthood To Trigger Supreme Satanic Gnosis

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Satan: The Adversary, Gatekeeper 9

  • Section 1 – Satan’s Prophecy
  • Section 2 – The Lord of Darkness Speaks
  • Section 3 – The Infernal Empire
  • Section 4 – Incarnations of Darkness
  • Section 5 – Commanding Legions
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Peer Reviews

  • thumbnail-orlee-stewart-compressor

    Through wading into the depths of flame, the old self is burned away to leave what has been left scattered amidst the charred fragments of sanity. We have become as the maggots of the earth. Born of the filthy remains of a dying world to reclaim our dominion over reality, as we become one with that which feeds silently in the darkness. The Lords of the earth are with us and through our dark revelations, we are able to evolve into something different, that which both the celestials and infernals cannot contain alone. This is the process of opening each of the Gateways. We are the worms that survive the pit and our lives are forged by flames. Understanding these mysteries will initiate a spiritual trauma. The life of the practitioner who partakes in this undertaking will become forever changed, as once the following dark path is initiated, Satan will become one with them in infernal union.

    Orlee Stewart, author of The Ars Goetia
  • zeraphina-angelus-compressor

    Satan can liberate us from the shackles of man-made rules to follow a God who would have us love our enemy over ourselves and fear his abandonment more than our slow spiritual decay.  Satan is indeed a fan of man, of the species that we have the power and the potential to become, if we can just wake up.

    Zeraphina Angelus, author of Seeing Fires & Darkness
  • There is power in the name of Satan. The archetype of Satan as the primordial adversary encompasses the central dynamics of the left-hand path. The left-hand path is rooted in apostasy and antagonism; the spiritual impetus to become a black magician is seeded when one turns away from the “Kingdom of God.”

    Rose Crowley, Satanic Witch

Dear Friend,

Satan never really impressed me as a young boy due to my childhood religion.

“Oh, you mean the Devil who lost his revolutionary war against the Slave-God of Christianity? Why would I summon a subterranean Fallen Angel?”

Perhaps the Adversary in ancient and medieval time was more frightening, terrible, and dangerous than the Fallen Angel that I learned about growing up.  For example, earlier generations of orthodox Christian sects recognized Satan as a figure of evil so wickedly powerful that the devout were afraid to even think his name. That would have been a Satan I could get behind. That wasn’t the Satan who I was introduced to in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a.k.a. Mormonism.

“Fallen Imp From The Throne Of A Worthless God. Why Would Anyone Waste Their Time?”

When I first discovered magick as a pre-teen Mormon, it confused me why any sorcerer would ally with Satan for freedom and power. In fact, I scathed him in my journal back then, “Fallen imp from the throne of a worthless god. Why would anyone waste their time?”

In a nutshell, Christian dogma had brainwashed me into demonizing and diabolizing Satan, while their fascist cosmic dictator, Yahweh, and his bootlicking son, Jesus, scapegoated the evils of the world onto the shoulders of the anarchist outlaw, Satan.

My Absolute Spiritual Transformation From “Warrior Of Light” To “Sword Of Darkness” Through Guidance Of The Evil Chief Himself

However, my psychology underwent a hardcore transformation as my teenage years passed. I ascended further into demonic black magick, bounced between Satanic orders, and became obsessed with the science of demonic pacts. I “sold my soul” to legions of demons and devils — sacrificing my old false self to the Dark Gods for the rebirth of my new true self. Having finally gained access to the Evil Chief himself, I dropped the pretense of being a Warrior of Light, I left the conspiracy theories to the hopeless, and I leaned into the power that Satan promised, power that was already within me but had been forgotten through generations of slavery.

My new title, The Grimoire of Satan, not only features the breakthrough magick experiences of my three-month pathworking with Satan from 2020, but it features the precious discoveries from nearly 25 years of Satanic Ascent from teenager to adult.

You Can See The Exact Rites Within The Table Of Contents In “Pathworking Of Satan” Below…

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The Real Truth About The Satanic Apocalypse…

Humanity is being pushed forward in leaps and bounds towards the next phase of our incarnation as a species. All of the limitations that we currently behold are but specters, phantoms of our fears, and all of these are being broken. Segments of the human population are waking up.

As a child I had assumed that the apocalypse would be a great war or some sort of mass destructive event, and that in having to survive and push forward to any sort of habitable future the remainder of the population would by necessity need to evolve the way that we think, the way that we act, and the things that we create.

We are witnessing a pandemic, a global pestilence sweeping the land. We are witnessing the revelations of the sins of the elite, and all that once was secret is now being shouted from the rooftops and delivered to our personal devices.

Rather than a mass destructive event, what is now upon us in this great leap forward is a personal event, a personal awakening. One at a time, the godly incarnate are waking up to our own power to our own purpose, and to the sea of changes crashing against the walls of comfort and familiarity.

Now is not the time to turn away from the Darkness. Now is the time to go all in on who you know you are!

This is just the beginning…

Now that I have the power, now that I have the knowledge, now that the Gates are open, now that my path is completely cleared, now that I have sacrificed myself and have been reborn in fire… now I have work to do.

Godlike Power,
Signature E.A. Koetting

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