Your Guide To The Forbidden Rites Of Norse Sorcery… Harness The Ancient Power Of Rune Magick And Unlock The Secrets Of The Gods With A True Left Hand Pathworking For Diehard Pagans

  • icon-videoViking Magick: Complete video guide to Norse Sorcery
  • closed-book-coverBook of Shadows: My journal of the Nine Norse worlds & deities
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E.A. Koetting

In Viking Magick, you will learn:

  • How to evoke Norse Gods & Goddesses
  • How to soul travel the Nine Worlds
  • The forbidden blood magick of Loki
  • Art of fire magick with the Dark Elves
  • Techniques of Underworld metallurgy
  • Connect with animal spirits & shapeshift
  • How to build & consecrate ritual tools
  • My favorite Rune divination techniques
  • And my 100% No Christianity Guarantee

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Viking Magick Pathworking

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