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E.A. Koetting

In Viking Magick Pathworking, you will learn:

  • How to evoke Gods of the Nine Worlds
  • Uncensored blood magick of Loki
  • Art of fire magick with the Dark Elves
  • Underworld craft of magick metallurgy
  • Animal spirit & shapeshifting, i.e., Fylgia
  • Fellowship with Valkyrie & Frost Giants
  • Consecration of ritual tools, e.g., a drinking horn, war dagger & stone altar
  • Secret sorcery to open the Nine Gateways
  • My ancestral techniques of Rune divination

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Viking Magick Pathworking

Dear Friend,

The Viking Magick Pathworking course reveals all of the secrets of the magick used by ancient Norse Sorcerers.

Whomever Walks In The Nine Worlds Surely Is A God Or Goddess

Old Norse mythology says that there are nine worlds, each inhabited by unique and strange spiritual creatures, each world possessing its own power, each with its own magick. It is said that one who is able to walk in all nine worlds is surely a God.

I can testify to the reality of these nine worlds, because I have traveled to them. I have walked among the Gods and have drank mead with them, I have made friends with the elves, and have made alliances with the Giants. I have learned to use the magick of each of the nine worlds, which I received directly from the beings who live in them.

Now, you can too!

In this video course, you will learn exact methods of opening gateways to all nine worlds, traveling to each one to personally meet and work with the Norse Gods, gaining the fellowship and assistance of astral beings like elves and valkyrie, and even the terrifying Frost and Fire Giants in the outer realms.

You will learn how you can use Runes for divination and for spellcasting, to empower and protect you as you walk the path of the ancient Vikings, and to use in your everyday life. The power of the runes cannot be overstated, and once you have mastered them, you will have unlocked one of the most potent magickal tools known to man!

Every One Of The Nine Worlds Bestows A Magick Upon You

But, learning the runes is just the beginning. Each of the nine worlds has its own form of magick, and I reveal each and every secret that I’ve uncovered as I’ve walked these worlds. I’ll show you show to access these worlds from natural gateways in the world around you, as well as creating your own portals to each of these worlds so you can enter them at will.

You’ll learn how to discover your “fylgia” or animal form, and I’ll teach you the forbidden methods of astrally shapeshifting into your animal self.

Odin and Freyja have shown me simple yet powerful secrets of seeing into the other worlds, which I’ll share with you for the first time ever!

You’ll learn Loki’s blood magick, which can be used to control, manipulate, and even destroy your enemies.

I teach you how to summon forth the spirits of nature – the spirits of the land, air, and water – to empower your rituals and to bring the elements under your control!

You’ll learn the art of magickal metallurgy and fire-magick, which is taught by the Dark Elves who dwell in the underworld. With this magick, you will be able to bring your desires and wishes into solid manifestation in the world.

You’ll also learn the art of Seidr – a prophetic trance in which you’ll be able to see the future and the destined outcome of events, and in the Seidr state you’ll be able to reorganize the web of fate as you see fit!

Inherit The Sorcery Of The Norse Gods… If You Are Brave Enough

Not only will you be able to meet every god in the entire Norse pantheon, developing personal and intimate relationships with them, but you will be given all of their power, all of their weapons, and, if you are brave enough, all of their knowledge.

These secrets of power have been kept hidden for centuries after the violent “conversion” of the northmen into Christianity, but the gods of my ancestors have been patiently waiting for the tides to turn, and they have been calling us to again meet them, to commune with them, and to receive all of the gifts that they offer.

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

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