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Lucifer-Amaymon: The Enlightener, Gatekeeper 2
Humanity’s Official Contact With The Second Demonic Gatekeeper From Outer Darkness…
The World’s FIRST Grimoire Of Amaymon

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  •   Author: E.A. Koetting
E.A. Koetting

Lucifer-Amaymon: The Enlightener, Gatekeeper 2

  • Section 1 - The Lord of Darkness
  • Section 2 - The Serpent's Breath
  • Section 3 - Channeling The Black Sun
  • Section 4 - The Secret Chamber
  • Section 5 - Evocation of Lucifer-Amaymon
  • Section 6 - Blind Sight
  • Section 7 - Mirror Gate
  • Section 8 - Lucifer - Opener of Paths

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Peer Reviews

  • Amaymon is the most obscure of all the Gatekeepers. His name is mentioned scarcely throughout occult history. In modern and classical grimoires, demons’ names have been changed, altered from the original names which were invoked in religious cults that first worshipped them. Who was Amaymon before he was "Amaymon?" If he is another dethroned and demonized god of an overthrown civilization, then what god was he? To receive answers from his very lips, I entered my Temple to begin the ritual of Darkness Communion. In the darkness my Other Sight stepped forth, and I saw the spirit of Amaymon assuming many forms around me, wherefore I channeled his declarations into this Grimoire of Amaymon faithfully.

    E.A. Koetting, author statement
  • The wisdom gotten through the deep workings with Lucifer-Amaymon begins a process of transmutation, a deep inner-development. The Luciferian alchemy transforms a magician spiritually, mentally, and physically. It guides the adept in the deconstructive process of the Black Sun through magickal work known as Via Siniestra. Every man and woman can experiment with awakening the inner fire, but everyone reaches a different result. In this alchemical metamorphosis, we enter the promethean aspect of self-knowledge, enlightened and guided by the spectral light of Lucifer. Through Via Siniestra, we penetrate Lucifer's astral temple and learn how to absorb and interpret his sacred mysteries.

    Edgar Kerval, author statement
  • More and more people are reclaiming their own personal power after centuries of oppression, and Lucifer is leading the way. Lucifer is almost everywhere in today’s society, ranging from a television show all the way to musicians and performers that brandish his sigil, often times not knowing what it means but choosing it because it appealed to them. The Light Bringer is bringing illumination as we move closer to the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Horus. A true harbinger, Lucifer precedes change, personally and en masse, and it is through this we know all we need to know about this being. In short, Lucifer is everything you ever wanted, and everything you didn’t, for the light that helps growth also burns.

    Bill Duvendack, author statement
  • Lucifer has always been the one entity who has fascinated me. I created an experiment that looks at the history and the modern methods of working with "The Devil" and dissects it. The results were amazing. In every mythology you will find the narrative of the hero who defeats the villain. The villain is portrayed as evil, defiant and rebellious whereas the hero is presented as righteous and caring. These beings, Lucifer, Satan, Loki, Baphomet, the Devil, and Iblis are all the faces of the condemned. Gods, Angels, Entities who have been cast away from their leading figurehead god. What if I told you that these Devils actually represented what’s best for humankind? What if I told you they represented love? What if I told you they care more about you than the typical hero?

    Asbjörn Torvol, author statement
  • Lucifer declared: “You will now be shown how to perceive like the Gods. You will see through my eyes. Prepare your body and soul, for you will never be you again.” Lucifer was and is a rebel. His sin was to question authority and to refuse to accept a hierarchy maintained, not by virtue and merit, but by violent threats. Today mankind is on the verge of making a new evolutionary step forward. More and more people are waking up to their true nature as immortal spiritual beings. As we collectively awaken and explore our inner world, commune with the spirit world and maintain a working relationship with inner dimensions, the collective physical experience will reflect that.

    Frank White, author statement

Dear Friend,

I finally did it...

I finally unmasked Lucifer's face...

Or, let me rephrase that — Lucifer revealed his true face to me from behind his last and darkest mask called Amaymon.

To recap this mysterious saga, it has taken:

  • Seven long, exhilarating years in a labyrinth of confusion
  • Thousands of blind evocations, scryings, and meditations
  • Hundreds of history books, grimoires, and discussions
  • Tens of peer reviews
  • And more 3 a.m. wake-up calls from spirits demanding that I leave my bed to perform lunar rites than any human should ever endure

I know. I know. This sounds like the arrogant, incoherent ramblings of a mad scientist. What the fuck am I talking about?

Official: Amaymon Reveals Himself As The Last, Darkest, And Eldest Mask Of Lucifer... The "Light Bearer" Unmasks His Face As His Solar Power Supercharges Human Evolution

This comparison might sound weird, but hear me out. Do you recall that television cartoon Scooby-Doo from the 1960s? Across hundreds of episodes, a courageous group of young detectives called the Scooby Gang fights crime through unmasking villains.

My pathworking of the Black Sun a.k.a. Amaymon often felt like a demonic mystery movie — a long, confused pathworking that required me to faithfully and clairvoyantly follow a trail of breadcrumbs through a forest over several years. To be completely honest, I worried that I had lost my trail halfway into it.

Like pulling heads off a Russian doll, magicians have "unmasked" no less than nine alter egos of Lucifer alone. For example, two of my favorite authors Bill Duvendack and Asenath Mason documented their historic connexions in their grimoire Awakening Lucifer in 2017.

How To Harness The Chaotic Force Between Lucifer And Amaymon To Fuel Your Eternal Ascent... Their Explosive Connexion Explained

Similar to an electromagnetic force, a chaotic bipolar synergy exists between Lucifer and Amaymon like protons and electrons in an atom.

  • Lucifer: the Sun, the Truth, the Fire, the Enlightenment, the Face
  • Amaymon: the Black Sun, the Hidden, the Smoke, the Mystery, the Mask

This cosmic contrast between these alter egos has surfaced in pop culture. Lucifer has become the most popular demon in the collective consciousness with his own television show, multiple series of romance novels, and more magick grimoires than any other Demonic Gatekeeper — he has literally become a heartthrob of gothic women, often featured in sinister erotica. Meanwhile, Amaymon has barely even been mentioned in occult grimoires, let alone received any Hollywood treatment.

This clear and present disparity logically reflects their godhoods. Lucifer the Light God has become known while Amaymon the Shadow God has remained a mystery, as their names suggest. In my opinion, this tangible, cultural evidence proves their powers.

The Demonic King Amaymon is the most mysterious of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers. As the Hidden God, he has hidden in broad daylight for centuries and dogmatic occultists have negligently overlooked him.

More to this point, the Demonic King Amaymon has hidden in broad daylight for centuries while dogmatic occultists negligently overlooked him. His name scarcely appears in grimoires, and whenever it does, Lucifer's name also appears nearby with the same authority. In hindsight, their connexion seems like a no-brainer.

Historically, Lucifer-Amaymon emerged out of the most powerful civilizations, always as a supreme Dark Solar deity. For example, the Phoenicians worshiped him as Baal Hammon, the ram-headed Sun God; the Egyptians worshiped him as Amun, the Hidden God, the Black Sun, and the Dragon's Eye.

"From The Serpent's Lips Flow Venomous Breath That Kills A Mortal Man In Order To Give Birth To A God In His Place..."

In 2011, I underwent an unprecedented 90-day blood pact with Azazel in which he forced me to perform a ritual evocation of Amaymon. In this notorious group summoning, I inhaled the Serpent's Breath and died in the Lake of Fire... only to undergo rebirth in a soul travel on the god plane. I documented a full account of this journey in The Book of Azazel.

My current pathworking with the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers brings me to Amaymon a second time. In another 90 day blood pact, I have evoked Lucifer-Amaymon into my temple and invoked him into my body and my soul. Every secret that he has revealed to me, I reveal to you in the world's first and only Grimoire of Amaymon, as well as in live video of every ritual, exercise, and meditation that I performed with the Demonic King.

Lucifer-Amaymon teaches the deepest mysteries of Dark Illumination, Demonic Ascent, and of true magickal mastery. All that he is, all that he possesses, he is willing to share with those who open themselves to his Black Sunshine.

As these Nine come together, as they seat themselves in this world, as we open the Gates and bring them through and as they unite in manifest forms, the God-Star will rise and the Prince of Darkness will draw near. — p. 41

Go Beyond Christianity Forever... Discover The TRUTH About The Light Bearer And Undergo REAL Alchemy Of The Black Sun

It might hurt to hear this, but Luciferianism has not evolved much in the last hundred years — in fact, it has regressed. Occultists have used the same Anti-Christian Satanist tropes ad nauseam, and even turned Luciferianism into an organized religion with churches like Satanism did.

Let me say this very clearly: Lucifer's cameo in the Bible is the least exciting and least enlightening episode of his prehuman, extraterrestrial saga — an epic that has spanned the entirety of human evolution across multiple civilizations.

Compendium of Lucifer-Amaymon features six author-sorcerers who have performed ritual magick with Lucifer to receive his light in face-to-face gnosis. These courageous six have scryed, evoked, invoked, channelled, and altogether allowed Lucifer to merge with their souls to become his living embodiment. Their six grimoires do not reiterate Bible tales, but instead they unleash real-time transmission from Lucifer's Lips. When you open this sinister tome, you inhale The Serpent's Breath.

You Can See The Exact Rites Within The Table Of Contents In "Pathworking Of Lucifer" Below...


Let This Hidden Key Unlock The Final Mask Of The Second Gatekeeper For You... The Elder Shadow Of Lucifer Is Demonic King Amaymon

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The light of Lucifer and shadow of Amaymon are mutually dependent and not exclusive. If Lucifer is the highest consciousness of all mankind, then Amaymon is the darkest consciousness of all mankind. And until we can alchemically integrate the seemingly opposite forces of light and darkness, we will never step into the totality of our power.

Journey with us into the nightside of this Second Demonic Gatekeeper known as Lucifer. Learn how to unmask the Elder Shadow called Amaymon and witness the true face of Lucifer for the first time.

Lucifer's solar power has fueled the eternal ascent of humanity for millennia. His infernal presence with us becomes stronger than ever now as humanity enters the singularity of its evolution.

Godlike Power,
Signature E.A. Koetting

Meet The Author

E.A. Koetting

E.A. Koetting authored eight classic grimoires on black magick, and co-created Become A Living God, where he has helped hundreds of thousands of magicians to experience Ascent.